Military School Ch. 02

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This is the story of a late bloomer…..a kid that never had much to do with anything sexual all the way into his late teens. I am sure there are a lot like me out there, but most of us are too embarrassed to admit how long it took for us to reach full sexual awareness. I guess it depends on your up bringing and where you grow up and who you happen to grow up with. I was in Catholic School all my high school years and the Nuns basically scared us all away from sex and sin. In an environment like that you just don’t ask the right questions and ignore any strange urges that might bother you from day to day. For some reason the first 18 years of my life were totally innocent and free of any, shall we say, lustful thoughts. That ended pretty quick when I went to Junior College at a military academy. I hope you enjoy my story…………..

Part 2

My first year in military school ended without much fanfare. My roommate, Joe, shook my hand and asked, “You coming back next year?”

I said, “I probably will, shit my parents don’t give a flying shit about me, they will be glad to get rid of me, and besides, next year we can shit on the new plebes like they did to us this year. That should be worth coming back for if nothing else.”

Joe smiled and said, “I’m gonna request we are roommates again, OK? We sorta go well together, if ya know what I mean.”

He quickly squeezed my hand, reached over and tapped my crotch lightly so that no one noticed. I laughed and said, “Don’t wear it out over the summer, ya asshole.” Joe laughed and we parted to go home for the summer.

When I got home I didn’t have the friends everyone else did that went to the local public school. I felt pretty much out of place and kept to myself for the first few weeks home. I got a newspaper route and spent most of my time either working or watching television in my room. Of course now that I had the ability to jerk off I was perfectly happy to be alone most of the time. My parents both worked long hours so basically I was on my own.

Each week I had to collect for my papers and ride the bus down to the newspaper office to get paid. My home was on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pa. The paper office was in the city and it took me about an hour to ride in one way. Occasionally I would stay in town and go to a movie or play pinball in a magazine store that was next to the paper office.

The owner of the pinball joint got to know me from my frequent visits. He was probably about 30 to 35 years old and played a lot of basketball at the city court a block away. His name was Bill. Occasionally he would ask if I wanted to go with him and watch as they played. I was not sports minded at all, but needed a friend and always hoped he would shoot baskets with me after his games. We became friends.

Since I really had no one else to hang around with I started to show up at the pinball place pretty often. There was a soda fountain there also, so I would often just sit at the counter and nurse a soda and bullshit with Bill as he tended to the store. There were many older guys that used that place as a hangout, so I always hung around to listen to the conversations and waste time.

I had come in late one day, after getting my pay. There were several guys sitting around smoking and bullshitting. I got my normal root beer float and sat down in a chair next to the pinball machines. I noticed a black guy sitting in a booth, alone, across the room. He seemed to be staring at me every time I looked his way.

Bill came over and said, “You know that guy?”

I said, “No.”

Bill said, ‘He’s one of the best pool shooters around. He plays in a league for the newspapers. He asked me who you were and if you shoot pool.”

I laughed and said, ” What the fuck? Tell him I’ll shoot him but I will probably lose”

Bill said, “I’ve known him for about a year. I think he is just lonely, I’ll introduce you.”

One thing that happened a lot in the city was older guys, would often get us beer or liquor if they were sure you were streetwise. Bill wouldn’t buy any for me and it looked like this might be a connection I could make and see if this guy might get me some. I told Bill it was OK to introduce me. It was pretty obvious the guy was watching us and that he wanted something. He was watching Bill and I talk the whole time.

Bill waved him over and said, “Bo, this is Rick. He does a newspaper route in the heights and hangs around here bothering me everyday.” Bill was laughing and joking as he taunted me into shaking hands with the guy.

Bo was a quiet type guy about Bill’s age but seemed very friendly. He looked at Bill and said, “I ain’t got much going and wondered if the kid may want to shoot some pool or see a movie or something. I see him sitting in here everyday doing nothing.”

He looked at me, saying nothing, waiting for a response. I was sorta shocked and a little curious as to why some stranger would want to hang out with a kid my age and go to a movie in the middle of the day. Why didn’t he just go alone? pendik escort

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I don’t know. Why don’t you and Bill go?”

Bill sort of snorted and said, “Who’s gonna watch my store….some of us work ya know.”

I was in sort of a tight spot and had no idea why this guy wanted anything to do with me. You can probably guess by now, he was looking to pick me up, but I was too fucking stupid to know anything about that sort of thing. Bill obviously knew by the way he was looking at me, then at Bo. Looking back I have always wondered why Bill didn’t warn me about this type of thing. It wasn’t too many days until I found out.

I ended up saying, “Nah, I don’t want to go today, maybe some other time.”

Bo said, “OK, maybe next time then,” He nodded to Bill and turned and left the store.

I stayed and played several games of pinball and then knew I had to get home. The incident weighed on my mind all that evening. I was too innocent and stupid to realize what was happening. It turned out later, that Bill and Bo were friends and had set this up all along. I didn’t know it, but my life was going to change again, just like it did with Joe.

Two weeks later my parents told me they had to go to a dinner in Jersey. They said I would have to stay home that night and watch the house. I wasn’t supposed to go out. They said they would be home around noon the next day and to be good while they were away.

I couldn’t wait for them to go. I wanted to hang around the magazine shop at night for the first time. I knew that a lot of guys hung out there till late at night and I figured I might be able to get some beer if I was there late.

I was headed to town, about 2 minutes after they left. This was gonna be my first night out alone for a long time and I was excited I had no curfew to worry about. Fuck, I was over 18 years old and still being treated like a little kid!

When I arrived at the shop Bill was surprised and asked how I managed to get out so late. I explained what was happening at home and sat down in a booth to wait for things to start happening. What…..I had no idea. All I knew was it was my first unlimited night out in my life and I was ready.

Nothing much happened for a couple hours and I was getting disappointed. I had played pinball and drank several sodas and wondered if I had expected too much.

At about 11 PM Bo walked into the shop and showed surprise at seeing me sitting there at the counter talking with Bill. He sat next to me and said, “Isn’t it a little late for you?”

I tried to be the big man and said, “Fuck no, my parents are away and the mice will play!”

Bo laughed and looked at Bill. He said, “Well, what do you have in mind? Ya want to see that movie I asked about a while back?”

I said, “Sure, why not, what movie do ya want to see?”

Bo said, “Well there is a horror flick at the Grand and I think there might be something sexy at the Wonderland, but I am not sure they will let you in. Ya have to be 21.”

I had the problem of looking very young for my age but figured if I showed up at a theater that late at night they would assume I was older than I really was. I hoped I could pass for older than my 18 young years. I really wanted to see one of the porn movies but never thought I’d have the opportunity……now was the chance.

I said, “Shit, they won’t even look at me if you buy the tickets. Let’s see the skin flick!!”

Bo laughed and stood up. “OK we can try it……you want to come Bill?”

Bill said, “If ya wait till 12 I will close up and come along, OK?”

The deal was set. We each got another soda and sat down to wait till Bill could join us. I was excited and even had a partial hard on thinking of what I was going to see.

We all arrived at the Wonderland at about 12:30 AM. The theater was sorta run down. A typical X rated place. I had seen these in magazines and felt like I had already been there.

Bill went up to the cashier and bought the tickets while Bo and I stood behind the booth. It turned out that no one cared. No one asked anything and we walked right in with no problem. So much for age limits!!

When we entered the theater it was pitch black with only the light from small lamps at the ends of the rows of seats. I could see maybe 10 or 15 other people sitting in scattered seats. The theater smelled like musky cum. We all sat in the rear of the theater on the side away from anyone else. I was so excited I nearly fell over the seats getting in.

Bo sat next to the wall I sat next to Bo and Bill sat next to me. We all got situated just in time for the movie credits to begin. Before I knew it the screen was filled with a girl sucking a guy’s monstrous cock while another guy was fucking her from behind. I couldn’t believe it!!! The previews ran, one after the other. Each showing various sex acts with loud drumming music. I realized I had an instant raging hard on and sheepishly covered it with my arms. The light was bright enough that maltepe escort you could see pretty well. I could see several people….all men…..slouched down in seats. I could tell some were actually playing with themselves!!!! I was mesmerized.

As the movie itself started I suddenly realized the movie was gay!! I watched as guy after guy appeared on the screen. Eventually the scenes turned into sex scenes with guys kissing and jerking each other off and sucking cock like it would never end. I stared straight ahead, afraid to look at Bo or Bill.

Eventually Bill leaned over and said, “Shit Rick , I wasn’t aware this was a gay flick. Do you want to leave?” Bo was looking our way, listening. I didn’t know what to do. I knew I couldn’t stand up. If I did my hard-on would be bulging out for everyone to see. I glanced down and noticed a large bulge in Bill’s pants!!!! He wasn’t really trying to hide it. I couldn’t help but turn and look at Bo. He had a bulge too!!!! Holy shit!!!

I stammered, “Fuck, I don’t know. What do you guys want to do?”

Bo said, “Hey kid, if it don’t bother you its fine with us. We see these flicks a lot. Does it turn ya on?”

I was getting scared and mumbled, “I guess a little. I liked the previews a little better though.”

Bo laughed and said, “Hey kid, don’t be embarrassed we all get it on every once in a while, right Bill?’

Bill put his hand on my knee and said, “Fuck Rick, the best blowjob I ever got was from a guy. Guys know just how to do it.”

As he said this he moved his hand up and felt my hard-on!! I jumped and Bill said, “Whoa…..don’t worry about it we are all friends here….right?”

I squirmed a little and was almost out of breath. Bill kept his hand on my hard-on and Bo joined in and put his hand on me too.

Bill said, “Hey I tell ya what….you have been asking me for beer for weeks. If this place ain’t your cup of tea let’s go. I’ll buy the beer and we can go to my place to drink it.” He squeezed my cock as he said this.

I knew then what was happening. The problem was I was so turned on from the movie I knew I wanted to see what they had in mind……maybe they would give me a blowjob or do something together for me to watch. I stammered a weak….”OK”.

With that Bill got up and led the way out of the theater by way of the side door. It was a good thing cause I could barely walk with the hard-on I had.

We walked about three blocks to Bills apartment. Bill let us in and said, “I already have some beer so sit down and get comfortable……I have some tapes too if ya want to watch em.”

I sat on the couch in front of a large screen TV. Bo obviously had been there before. He opened a cabinet and selected a tape. Before Bill came back with the beer Bo had the movie running. This time it had both girls and guys in it. The men had the biggest cocks I ever saw and the girls were great!!! I starred at the large screen as a girl swallowed a monster cock. The guy was fucking her face while another guy was eating her pussy from below. Another guy was sucking that guy’s cock and sticking his thumb in the girls’ ass. I was getting so hot I couldn’t sit still.

Bill came back with several bottles of beer and laughed at me squirming around trying to hide my raging hard-on. “Shit Rick, come on we all get turned on by this stuff….have some beer and relax. I am sure Bo will be jacking his cock any minute now…..look at the pecker tracks on his pants!!!”

I looked and saw wet spots forming at the top of Bo’s obvious hard-on. We sat there drinking the beer watching all sorts of suck jobs and even several cum shots all over the girls face. I drank my beer as a diversion from watching Bill and Bo both rubbing their cocks through their pants. I knew they would eventually start jerking off or something.

I drank three beers and was starting to get a pretty good buzz. I realized I wasn’t as embarrassed as I was before. Bo had opened his pants and had his cock out. He didn’t jerk off or anything. He just sat there drinking his beer with his rather big cock sticking straight up as he leaned back in his chair. Soon Bill did the same thing. I was feeling so hot and high I started to realize…..what the fuck……they are OK with this why should I worry. I had done all this with Joe at school so why not here.

I slowly leaned back and started to undo my belt. Bo and Bill were watching the movie. I opened my pants and pulled them down enough to let my cock spring out. When I did this I realized both Bo and Bill were beginning to stroke their cocks and were looking directly at me.

In unison, they both got up and each sat beside me on the couch. Without a word Bo leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. Bill started to fondle my balls. It only took 30 seconds before I said, “Holy shit…..I’m gonna cum!!!!!”

Bo never stopped sucking me. I exploded in his mouth and he moaned his approval. Bill held my balls firmly and felt the contractions of my cum. kartal escort

After what seemed like forever Bo sat up and smacked his lips and smiled. “Rick that was the sweetest load I’ve had in a year.”

Bill said, “Hell you’ve been eating my cum for months and never told me it was sweet.!!” Bo laughed and said, “Oh, don’t be upset….yours is good too.”

With that Bill got up and stood in front of Bo. Bo immediately started to suck him as fast as he could. I was mesmerized and spent, but the beer was keeping me horney. My cock was limp but never went all the way down. I watched as Bill fed Bo his load. Bo seemed to love eating cum!!! I didn’t have any aversion to it as far as touching it and smelling it but I had only tasted it once when I had jerked off one night and shot clear to my face. I had a globule of cum across my lips and had licked it without thinking.

After Bill had finished shooting his load in Bo’s hungry mouth we all just sort of stopped and looked at each other. Bo reached over to the end table and pulled a silver metal tube out of the drawer. I watched as he took a little cloth covered thing and cracked it and then slid it into the metal tube and closed the end. I watched as he put the tube to his nose and inhaled deeply. Then he handed it to me and said, “Try this Rick, it will help get ya going again. Don’t worry it won’t hurt ya. Honest….try it.”

I held the tube in my nostril like Bo had done and breathed in deeply. In a few seconds my whole body reacted to a warm rush that felt almost like I was cumming. It was Unbelievable!

I breathed in again and Bo took the tube and handed it to Bill and said, “Whoa….slow down…….how’s it feel? Would you like to try a little cock with your popper?”

Bo laughed and held his cock toward me. He must have been at least 8 or 10 inches. He was uncut like Joe and was covered in precum. He just sat there waiting, and said, “Come on Rick it is not as bad as you might think……in fact you may just like it a lot. Come on kid suck me just a little and see what it’s like…..cock is good…..come on…”

I was so turned on with the beer and the popper he had given me, my head was spinning. I had gotten back my hard on and felt like I had to do something. I leaned over and very tentatively licked the tip of Bo’s cock. It tasted salty but not bad. I started to take the tip of his cock into my mouth, when he placed his hand on the back of my head and pressed me down….giving me no alternative but to engulf his cock in my mouth. The head hit the back of my throat and I gagged heavily.

Bill said, “Christ Bo, give the kid a break….let him get used to it. Shit he’s never sucked a cock before….especially one like yours!!!”

Bill probably saved my life by saying that. Bo let me up and I coughed and spit and had tears running down my face. Bo had his hand on the back of my neck and urged me to start sucking him again. I had no choice….I said, “OK God damn it….let me do it myself…..your too big for me.”

Bo smirked at me and said “OK kid, go ahead I won’t fuck with ya…..come on cocksucker get to work.”

I started sucking his giant cock as well as I could. Trying to mimic what I had seen in the movie. Bo moaned and said, “Fuck Bill, he is getting the hang of it already…..this should be a good night.”

“Just take it easy on him.” Bill snipped. I could see Bill jerking his cock as he watched me suck Bo. I was starting to worry about Bo shooting his load in my mouth. I wasn’t sure if I could take that.

Bill tapped me on the shoulder and said, “How about me?” I looked and he held his cock toward me and I leaned over and started to suck him as I stroked Bo. Bo’s cock was slippery and Bill was starting to moan in only a couple minutes of my sucking.

Bill said, “Oh fuck Rick….here comes your first load!”

Bo put his hand on my head and would not let me off of Bills’ cock. I knew I was trapped. In a few seconds I felt Bill’s cock head swell and the shaft started to pulse. I felt a warm flood fill my mouth and heard Bill say, “Oh God ….take it kid …take it.” I tried to swallow as much as I could. It seemed like he would never stop shooting cum…..blast after blast. Cum was running down my chin as Bo held me in place. I swallowed and swallowed.

Finally Bo let me off and I coughed and spit until I could finally breath again. I had cum coming out of my nose and all over my face. “Damn Kid …that looked good…..come on one more time ……”

Bo guided me toward his waiting cock. I knew I had no choice so I figured I would get it over as soon as I could. I really started to suck Bo in earnest. I stroked him as I sucked and massaged his balls like I knew Joe liked. It seemed like it took a long time till I heard Bo start to make those familiar sounds. In seconds he was shooting his load and holding my head down fully on his cock. I knew I had to swallow or drown. Bo shot rope after rope and I managed to swallow almost all of it. Some ran down his shaft and into his pubic hair and on to his balls. When he was done shooting he let me up. I was out of breath. “You ain’t done kid……clean me up… slobbered all over me…..get down there and lick me clean.” I knew he meant it so for the next 10 minutes I licked Bo clean.

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