Mile High Mom

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The Drakes were on their way to Australia for their annual family vacation. Carol and her husband Jon were proud parents of three teenagers. There was there son Mitch, 18, and their 16 year old twin daughters Kate and Allison. The family would be spending the next twelve hours in an airplane and because Jon was a very wealthy man, he always flew his family first class. As they reached their seats, Carol turned to her husband with a loving smile.

“Sweetie, why don’t you keep the girls in this row with you. I better sit in the next row back with Mitch. You know nevous flying makes him.” She said.

“Good idea.” Jon said.

At 39, Carol was a striking woman, with shoulder legth brown hair and long thin legs. Her friends always told her she was a striking image of the actress Susan Surrandon, and indeed she was, with tits and ass to die for.
She took a seat next to her handsome son Mitch, who sat by the window. Their row was at the back of first class, with nothing but a wall behind them. The seats were large and Carol couldn’t even see the heads of her husband and daughters, who were in the row in front of them. This, along with the fact that the Drake family were the only ones in first class, made Carol and her son Mitch’s row the most private on the airplane. This satisfied Carol a great deal, for she wanted nothing more than to comfort her son privately.
The plane left the ground around midnight. Sitting in the middle seat next to her son, Carol held her baby’s hand and rubbed his shoulder as the jet rocketed into the air. Ever since she could remember Mitch had been afraid of flying and like a good mother, she wanted to be there for him.

When the plane reached altitude and the fasten seatbelt sign came off, Mitch felt a little more at ease. Carol looked her boy in the eyes.

“Sweetie, how are you doing?” She whispered.

“Okay, I guess.” Mitch answered.

“Why don’t you undo your seatbelt and lay your head on mom’s lap.” She said lovingly.

He did so and looked up into the glowing eyes of his mother. But from his vantage point, the major focal-point was his mother’s big pillowy busoms. Carol’s twin mounds stretched the fabric of her blouse, hovering like big balloons over her son’s face. Kevin, of coarse, was just like most teenaged boys who dream of getting between their mother’s legs while their fathers are at work. Which meant that the large matronly breasts izmir escort bayan were a feast to his eyes and sparked a wave of blood to rush to his young cock.

As Carol stroked her baby’s head, a beautiful stewardess, about Carol’s same age, arrived at their row.

“Everything okay here?” She asked.

“Fine. My son just gets a little nervous whenever we fly.” Carol answered.

The stewardess smiled, gaping down at the young man on his back.

“It’s okay, sweetheart, I have a boy about your age who feels the same way about flying. Like you, he knows there’s no safer place than his mother’s arms.” She said.

Carol and the stewardess share a meaningful smile. They both understand a mother’s sacred duty to her son. They both understand that secret bond that only a mother and son can share.

“The captain’s going to be turning off the cabin lights here in a few minutes, can I get you a blanket?” The stewardess asked.

“Please, thank you.” Carol responded.

In a few minutes the lights shut off, nearly darkening the first-class cabin. Carol and Mitch’s row was now a dark private corner behind a sea of mostly empty seats. The stewardess returned with a blanket and a stack of pillows. She placed them on the empty seat on the ile.

“There you are.” She said.

“Thank you.” Carol said kindly.

“Of coarse. I take it that’s your husband in the next row up.” The stewardess asked.

“Yes, it is. Is he asleep.” Carol asked.

“Not yet, would you like me to let you know when he is?” The stewardess whispered.

“Could you? I’ll go ahead and say goodnight.” Carol said.

The stewardess left and Carol stood, barely able to look over the seats at her husband and daughters.

“Sweetie, Mitch and I are gonna get some sleep. You and the girls okay.” She asked.

“Yeah, we’re fine. I think we’re gonna get some shut-eye too.” Jon answered.

“Good idea. Sleep good, love.” Carol said and returned to her seat. She looked over at her teenaged son.

“Why don’t you take off your sneakers, we’ll get comfy.” She said.

Mitch did so and Carol propped a few pillows back behind his back. She took off her sandals and opened up the king-sized fleece blanket. She clicked off the overhead light and their row was drench in near pitch blackness. Carol lifted the arm rests creating a literal sofa for her and her son to share.

“Lay escort izmir one leg behind me, then lay the other one on my lap.” She whipered.

Mitch did as his mother told him and he was now almost laying on the seats with only his head and shoulders propped up on the cushy pillows. Carol layed her legs on the seat too and was now resting between her son’s legs. She scootched in closer to his midsection and layed her chest on his, pulling the blanket up over the top of them. She could feel his erection through his flimsy shorts. She could feel it throbbing, pulsing against her stomach. She knew the feel of her soft breasts flattened against his chest was driving him insane.

“You like to cuddle like this, don’t you sweetie?” She asked.

“Yeah.” Mitch responded.

Carol waited for about ten minutes before her informant arrived. The stewardess stained to see into the darkness of Carol and Mitch’s row. It was like a dark secret cove hidden from the rest of the world. She smiled as she discovered mother and son snuggled together, like lovers in their own private bunk. The stewardess looked at Carol’s husband, then back at Carol and knodded. It was a secret communication from one wife and mother to the next. It said non-verbally. “Your husband is asleep. You are safe.” Carol smiled back and the stewardess left.

Carol ran her hands under her son’s shirt and across his muscular chest. She lightly scratched his nipples with her fingernails and could hear his heavy breathing. Jon was nervous yet excitted as he found himself under the contol of this matronly beauty he called mom. He could feel her unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his bare chest.
Carol then moved to her blouse, pulling the buttons apart until her bra covered busom was exposed. This all took place under the blanket of course, in a dark little space, a private womb-sack for a mother and her son.

Carol slid up her sons chest, pulling the blankets over their heads as she brought her lips to his ear.

“Unclasp my bra.” She whispered.

Mitch did so and he could feel his mother’s creamy tit-flesh spill out onto his chest. Carol dropped her bra onto the floor. She worked her son’s legs together and straddled them. With one leg now one each side of him she could feel the mound of her sex resting against his frigid staff. She worked her hands down and up the legs of his shorts. Working her way under his briefs she found izmir escort her meaty target. Mitch bit his lip as he felt his mother’s dainty hands knead at his cock and balls. Carol’s hands stoked up and down her son’s thick shaft, pulling and milking at a dick so much larger than her husbands. She knew what she wanted. As Mitch had once nursed on her so she needed to nurse on him. She needed to suck the milk from the balls of her baby.

Carol moved down and gobbled the mighty cock-steak into her warm soft mouth. She used her tongue to swipe the dribbling precum from the tip of his knob, then rolled her pink snake around and around his purple plumb. Mitch was in heaven as he felt his mother fuck his cock with her mouth and flailing tongue. He could feel her gag reflex as his cock slid into her hungry gullet. It wasn’t long before Carol’s lips were resting against her baby’s balls. Then she began to snake and slurp her new fuck-stick in and out of her loving mouth. Mitch couldn’t believe his luck as he felt his own mom’s lips glide up and down his swollen member. He felt a hand on his foot. Startled, he pulled the blankets down over his head and the stewardess greeted him with a smile.

“How are you doing, sugar?” She asked.

Moms head was clearly bobbing up and down under the covers, yet the stewardess seemed to think nothing of it. Indeed she didn’t. The stewardess had a teenaged boy of her own and she knew all about the special love-bond between mother and son. The rush of having a son dip his wick right under the unsuspecting nose of a loving husband. She suddenly wished she were home, with her own son between her legs.

“I’m gonna cum!!!” Mitch muttered, his eyes rolling back.

Carol worked her lips faster and tighter and the stewardess crawled over next to Mitch, placing a hard piece of plastic in his mouth.

“Bite down on this, love.” She said.

Carol felt the ropes of semen splash against the back of her throat and run like a river down into her gullet. She milked her son’s fucker, tugging and slurping, her tongue rolling and flailing across the engorged mushroom tip.

Mother and son were only an hour into their flight. Mitch had the kind of teenaged cock that could go all night and as for Carol, she felt her wet pussy lips quiver and pucker. They too wanted a thick meaty prod to splay them open, a long blood-engorged baby-maker to scratch the itch in a mother’s most secret place. So in their dark little corner, under their private tent, mother and son began to buck and hump like young lovers. And as Mitch felt his nob nudge against his mother’s womb, he was grateful that he had a mile high mom.

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