Mike Elliot’s Sex Adventures_Lisa

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Mike Elliot’s Sex Adventures_Lisa
My family took a vacation to Minnesota every summer. In 1990, we went during the first two weeks of June because, during the second week we were having a family reunion with my whole family except my oldest uncle. I met Lisa during that first week.

My family usually stayed in the largest cabin on the lake, however, because of timing, that cabin was rented by Lisa’s family. We first met during check in. I was standing at the counter waiting for all the paperwork to be finished when she walked in with her sister, Kari.

They were an odd pair. Kari was tall, nearly as tall as me. I stood six foot tall with an athletic build, long hair colored red, and green eyes. Kari was about five foot ten, a hundred thirty-five pounds with long legs and big tits, both of which she flaunted. Her long blonde hair cascaded below her shoulders in tight waves. I could smell the product in her hair the moment she walked in. She had intelligent bright blue eyes. She wore a bright miniskirt and a V-neck spaghetti strap top with high heels. She looked like a model.

Lisa, on the other hand, was about four and a half feet tall with a lean muscular runners build. She had small tits, a tight round tiny ass, and skinny arms and legs. I doubt she broke a hundred pounds. She wore baggy umbro shorts and a baggy guys tank top with no shoes. Her shoulder length lite brown hair was pulled up in a high ponytail. She rolled her almond colored eyes as she walked in the door. She had a long angular face, small ears and a long thin nose.

“Oh, balls, Kari you’re being ridiculous,” Lisa said, “What the hell do you need heels for at a lake cabin?”

“Maybe I’ll meet a hot guy,” Kari replied looking at me.

“Oh, balls,” Lisa said rolling her eyes.

“Hi, I’m Mike,” I said extending my hand to Lisa.

“I’m Kari,” Kari said stepping in front of Lisa, “And this is my frumpy sister, Lisa.”

I shook Kari’s hand while looking a Lisa, “It’s nice to meet you lovely ladies. I’m staying in cabin seven.”

“We’re staying in 13 with our cousins,” Lisa said.

“Oh so you’re the ones that took our cabin,” I replied.

“What? That’s our cabin. We stay there the first week of June every year,” Lisa explained.

” Ah,” I said nodding, “That’s why. We usually come up in July. We changed it this year because my grandparents are driving to San Diego after coming here next week.”

“So you do two weeks every year?” Lisa asked.

“Yeah. I like your shoes by the way. Very camp ground.”

She giggled, blushed and looked away. By that point, check was finished and turned to leave. “I’ll see you around, Lisa.”

As it turned out, I did see them later that day and every day after. Lisa and her cousin Nate were the same age as me, while her sister and Nate’s sister were the same age as my older brother. The six of us didn’t always hang out together, but our groups did.

I discovered a lot about Lisa. She played soccer and ran cross-country. She was into gaming of all kinds. She loved to read. She never had a boyfriend. And she said balls all the time. It got to a point with us where whenever she said balls, I said tits, and laughed about it. We played a lot of volleyball. Did some skiing, lots of swimming, and some sunbathing. None of us did a whole lot of fishing.

Lisa and I became close. kaçak iddaa We also became mildly physical. We held hands a lot when no one was watching. One time, we went for a walk, just the two of us and did some making out. Lisa was a virgin though, and while I had recently lost my virginity, I wasn’t the kind of guy to push. She did decide eventually, that she wanted to have sex with me.

Our whole group swam in the lake late on Lisa and her family’s last night at the resort. We wanted to spend as much time as possible with one another before parting, probably forever. We were all floating on a giant inner tube. In order for us all to fit, we had to straddle it. I pushed myself up in front of Lisa, who was facing me. When I did, the flexing tube caused her lime green bikini bottoms to malfunction and I saw her pussy. I got excited, which was slightly unfortunate as I was wearing a tight fitting swimsuit. Suddenly, my bulge was bigger. Nobody really noticed except Lisa.

Twenty minutes later, we’re all getting out if the water to go our separate ways. They were leaving at the ass crack of dawn so need to get packed before sleeping. Everyone said goodbye, while Lisa and I lingered, looking at each other.

“Would you to just kiss and get it over with,” Kari said exasperated.

So we did. I took her into my arms and gently pressed my lips to hers. Her lips parted ever so slightly and I slipped my tongue between them. The tips of our tongues met in her mouth and slid around each other as she stuck hers in my mouth. We did a little dance with our tongues, before drawing them back. Our lips lingered, locked together tenderly, before ending the kiss with a very heartfelt embrace.

“I’ll be out here at midnight, if you wanna go for one last swim together,” I whispered in her ear.

By 11:15 that night, I was sitting on the beach. The just past full moon hung high in the sky lighting up the lake in front of me. I sat on a towel, naked with a second towel d****d over my shoulders. I stared off in the distance.

I felt someone approaching before I heard her say, “Mike, is that you?”

“Yes, darlin, it is,” I replied as she walked around me.

“I managed to get out,” she began, “Oh balls, are you naked?”

“Yes I am.”

“Why are you naked?” she said averting her eyes.

“What’s the point of wearing day swimwear during a night swim?” I asked.

“Well if you put it that way,” she acknowledged. She wore a pair of loose fitting cotton shorts over her neon green bikini bottoms and her bikini top.

“So shall we go swim?” I said.

“Yes,” she said dropping her towel next to me, “You know I’m a virgin right?”

“What’s that got to do with swimming? I asked smirking.

“Just checking,” she answered, blushing.

I stood up, dropping my towel and headed for the lake. The water was cooler than I hoped, not too cold. I did a run and dive to fully submerge myself quickly. As I surfaced, facing the lake, I heard Lisa run and dive as well. I surfaced in an area that was waist high on me, which would put it at just below her ribs. I dropped down in the water, sitting on my feet on the bottom. Lisa walked over to me ducked down so that the water covered most of her tits.

Kneeling in front of me, she asked, “So what do we do during a night swim?”

“What do you want to do?” I kaçak bahis asked her suggestively, putting my hands on her shoulders.

“What I want to do,” she started, shyly, “I really shouldn’t do.”

“Do you think you’ll regret doing it?” I asked her.


“Ok, will you regret not doing it?”


“Well my philosophy in that kinda situation is do the one you’ll regret the least,” I told her.

Well then, maybe I should do the opposite of that,” she said smiling. She lifted my hands off her shoulders and put them on her waist. She moved forward and locked her hands around the back of my neck, her knees touched mine. By this point, we had been kissing with some lite fondling occasionally for the last four days.

She tilled her head, which I discovered was her way of indicating that she wanted to make-out. I leaned in, kissing her lips tenderly. After three or four slightly open mouth kisses, she slipped her tongue into my mouth and tightened her grip around my neck. I shifted my hands from her waist to her firm round butt cheeks, and added my tongue to the kiss. She started a little when I grabbed her ass and she lost her balance. She pushed me back some, but I held us up.

The kissing continued, becoming more passionate, containing more need. My dick started growing. When it was fully erect, standing up against my body, I lifted her by her ass and set her on my thighs with her knees on the out side. Her chest come up out of the water some, exposing her tits to the top of her areolas. I could feel the heat radiating of her twat.

I moved my hands, caressing her ass cheeks briefly, to her thighs just below her hips. She shifted with pleasure in my mouth. I left my right hand on her leg, using my left to explore her upper body. I caressed the soft skin of her lean belly. I moved my hand across her stomach lightly, slowly moving up her torso. She shivered with excitement and anticipation. The water around her crotch warmed up slightly.

I stopped kissing her mouth, moving on to other parts of her body. I kissed down her jawline to her ear. I sucked on the lobe of her ear, sending tremors through her body. She ran her finger tips down my neck causing me to quiver. My dick jumped forward touching her belly. I suck-kissed down the side of her neck. She tilted her head to the side, granting me better access.

Meanwhile, my left hand continued to caress her torso, slowly moving upwards. By the time my mouth reached the base of her neck, my hand brushed across the bottom of her small round tits. She inhaled sharply, jerking slightly back. A slight moan escaped her lips. I squeezed her thigh with my right hand causing her to squeal softly. I adjusted my right hand, lightly brushing my fingers up her inner thigh. She tensed her legs as my hand reached her hip. I turned my hand palm out, gently covering her labia and pubic region. Her soft flesh was warm.

Her eyes widened with surprise. I met her gaze, suspending all movement with one hand covering her crotch and the other cupping her tit. We looked into each other’s eyes for moments that stretched to infinity. Finally, she closed her eyes and pushed her pelvis against my hand. I engulfed her tit with my hand, massaging her nipple with my thumb. She grinded up against my hand with her güvenilir bahis pelvis. I slid my hand up and down her pussy lips, slipping my middle finger between them. She moaned, digging her fingers into my shoulders. Lake water mixed with pussy juice as I drew my finger up to her clitoris. I massaged it lightly in a circular motion.

Her hips moved instinctively. I moved my finger down to her pussy hole, rubbing it across the threshold in time with her hip thrusts. She yelped when I pushed my finger inside her. Her pussy was very wet, tight and hot. She slowed her hips and locked her lips to my neck. My finger gradually slipped in her pussy up the last knuckle. Her whole body shook as I worked my finger inside her, in and out, around, wiggle, all the while massaging her clit with my thumb.

“Oh, Balls, that feels good,” she cried out.

This continued for several minutes, my dick getting hard by the second. She increased her movement slowly until she was splashing water into my chest. Her cunt tensed up and I pulled my hand out of her crotch. She whimpered. I grabbed her ass and pressed her twat against my cock. The pressure of my dick on her clit spurred her movement to continue. She leaned back and slid her pussy up and down my shaft.

She decided she wanted more. She grabbed my dick and lifted herself up on her knees. She positioned the head in her opening.

“This will probably hurt,” I whisper in her ear.

“I don’t care,” she replied breathlessly, “I want you inside me.

I still held her ass. I pulled her cheeks apart as she lowered herself onto my dick. The head slipped into her pussy easily, but resistance stopped it just inside. She inhaled sharply. She bit down on my shoulder, pushing her his down. I felt her twat give little by little as she shoved her pussy onto my cock. She stopped when her thighs touched mine. She rested momentarily, catching her breath. Her pussy was so tight around my dick it was nearly painful. Luckily it was incredibly wet as well.

She started moving slowly. She wrapped her arms around my neck, clasping her hands to her upper arms. I held onto her ass to help support her. She moved up and down slightly, at first, then as her pussy stretched, she increased her speed. She quickly went from whimpering to moaning. When she started moaning, I got more aroused and matched her timing.

“Oh balls, o balls, oh Balls!” she cried.

I still held her by the ass cheeks. I adjusted my grip while maintaining my rhythm. I lightly massaged her anus with my middle finger. She jerked slightly at the touch, but maintained her timing. We were both getting close to climax. She slammed herself down on my cock with such force that my finger slipped into her ass hole to the second knuckle.

“Oh Balls, fuck me!” she moaned rising up my shaft and slamming down hard again and again. I worked my finger in her as her pussy suddenly gushed fluid. She moaned rhythmically. I started to cum just after her with an explosive release, I pounded my cock deeper and deeper with each ejaculation.

When it was finished, we sat in the lake holding each other. We didn’t speak, no words were needed. We stayed like that for some time, my dick relaxed and slipped out of her pussy. At some point we both just decided to get up and head for shore. We dried off and dressed. Before parting, he embraced warmly, kissing each other tenderly.

“I’ll never forget you,” she sobbed.

“And I will always remember you,” I replied. We parted ways on that beach knowing we’d never see each other again

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