Midnight Desire Pt. 03

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Upon midnight Brenda, Marion, Bill and John slowly removed their clothes. This was the first time the top floor pool/sauna complex of their apartment block was used for the purpose of exhibiting, golden showering, masturbating and getting off.

Brenda laid on one of the deck chairs. She was the first to golden shower herself. Marion quickly laid beside her on the wide deck chair to golden shower Brenda and herself.

The men soon added their piss fountains to the kissing and masturbating lesbian women. Then both smiling ladies allowed hot thick semen to splash over their pretty faces. The babes cum swapped for their male admirers.

This venue was perfect for fun and frivolity. Their new masturbation den was both secluded and secure. Brenda, the feisty and rebellious landlady, began to think how she could make money from this private location. She pondered on creating an exclusive business men’s and women’s retreat in the heart of the city. Marion’s balcony was not used again for exhibiting.

John’s wife arrived home from a business trip. She could smell the scent of a woman on him. Their sex life and dried up years ago. Suddenly she became more than interested in what he was up to while she was away. ‘Have you been womanising in my absence?’ she demanded.

He loved his wife as much as he loved sex and always answered her truthfully. ‘Yes’ he admitted, remembering they enjoyed a foursome with another couple on more than one occasion in the past.

‘Was it that nice thing living above us, who talks to you?’

‘Yes’ he replied.

‘The landlady is another good looker. Did you fuck her too?’

‘Yes’ he replied.

‘I can’t live in this block knowing you prefer those sluts instead of me. I’m moving out. You can stick with me or stay here.’

John advised Brenda they were moving güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri out. He appeared at the masturbation den one last time, where the girls took turns at deep cock sucking him before offering their pussies to fuck all he wanted. He thou rally enjoyed his final engagement as a player.

Next morning the cleaner reported he found pools of urine under a poolside deck chair. Brenda proudly replied. ‘I did that and it may not be the only time. This is my property and I can do what I like.’

The senior gentleman promptly said he would rather work for someone else and put in his notice.

The following midnight Brenda golden showered Marion and Bill with carefree abandon and insisted that her playmates make her cum first. After that moonlit evening of debauchery, Brenda announced she was going to advertise for the position of apartment cleaner.

‘We need a cleaner and handyman to be John’s replacement.’ The landlady advised, ‘The three of us will conduct the job interviews and advise applicants of job requirements. If we find someone suitable I will sack the handyman and pay the new employee to fill both positions.’

The first three applicants lacked sex appeal. The fourth stunned the girls and Bill. It was Freddy, Marion’s ex boyfriend, the man who introduced her to exhibitionism and water sports. Here was the man responsible for the relocation of the masturbation den from Marion’s balcony to the pool and sauna complex.

Bill was speechless. Brenda thought for a moment then uttered. ‘We will do this interview. It might just work out if we all agree.’

Marion always loved the feel of Freddy’s athletic physique but she couldn’t handle the way he took photos and videos of their sex and displayed them online. Freddy was well built, tall and lean with short black güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hair. His fit appearance made him a suitable candidate as long as Marion could tolerate his behaviour.

The players acknowledged Freddy was a natural voyeur by the way he gazed upon Marion’s balcony with a telescope in a similar way as Bill had done when gazing into Marion’s balcony. The pretty green-eyed blonde felt a rush of excitement with the prospect of once again exhibiting for her former lover. She agreed to let him in on the condition he curtailed the pic and vid posting.

Freddy was fascinated to learn about the masturbation den and Brenda’s plans for it. He explained that he secretly kept and eye on Marion’s masturbating with a telescope from the time they separated. The reason for his voyeurism was because he simply loved watching her masturbate.

Bill asserted, ‘You’re not the only one. Any man would.’ Brenda smiled at the idea of herself and Marion performing for men who would pay well for the privilege.

Brenda invited her former tenant to the masturbation den that evening. The peeping Tom from over the street watched in awe as the naked players golden showered themselves by the pool. The happy piss soaked exhibitionists invited Freddy to shower them for his debut performance.

Marion spread he legs and parted her pussy lips with her red nail fingers and masturbated just for Freddy. It felt like old times for both of them as Freddy positioned his cock head at her pussy lips then purposefully slipped inside. Bill and Brenda cold see they were happy and comfortable to be fucking again.

Bill gestured by circling his cock head around Brenda’s pussy lips, ‘Let’s join them?’ Masturbation acts were forgotten. Tonight Marion welcomed Freddy back to her body with sensual, deep güvenilir bahis şirketleri and glorious fucking. Brenda and Bill could feel the passion.

The next day Freddy was working for Brenda as the new apartment cleaner, handyman and security guard. His first job was washing piss and cum from deck chairs and floor tiles. A rule of the masturbation des was: No piss or cum in the pool as the pool would have to be emptied and cleaned out every time.

His second job was to rewire the security access to the pool/sauna complex so only residents or special quests could gain access. Freddy took to his job with gusto and Brenda payed him insider wages as part of her future plans for the masturbation den.

The sauna room was newly completed. Residents could now use it and the pool anytime up to 11pm. There was another room beside the sauna currently being used as the handyman equipment store. Brenda had grand ideas of converting this room into a porn theatre for future VIP guests.

For the first time the players tried the sauna. The seats and floor were made from stylish timber. There was a deep bath for five or six adults. On the walls were pleasant pictures of the countryside and seaside. At midnight Freddy trialled the new coded security door to the complex and soon the players were stripping beside the pool to enter the sauna naked.

The boys slipped into the bath and felt the invigorating bubbles on their naked arses as the girls started masturbating with spread legs draping over each other. Freddy and Bill watched intently from the water as the girls took delight in exhibiting in the new surroundings. The boys sneaked up to them and started fingering the wide open babes.

Sounds of sex filled the steamy room as the perverts dutifully finger fucked the sirens until they unreservedly started cumming in each others arms. The horny guys stroked their big cocks for the fuck loving girls to admire before delivering creamy loads over their boobs and faces.

The players celebrated the first sex scene in the sauna by opening a bottle of champagne and relaxing, on the deck chairs, under the moon and stars.

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