Mid Morning Snack

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It was a very cold January day that I woke up to, I went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and noticed that it was already nine thirty in the morning. As I inhaled the warm slightly pungent smell of my drink I thought back to the night before. I had come to visit my girlfriend over the New Year’s holiday. God, the night was amazing, the dinner and the crazy party that ensued, we got so drunk and high. Goddamn I have never been fucked so hard in my life, her and her two sisters made me experience levels of ecstasy that I never knew existed without actually being in heaven. Any way, she invited me to stay the night.

She got up early the next morning to go take care of some errands and left me and her sisters at home, seeing we was still drunk off our asses. Her sisters, who were still asleep, one of which some how ended up in our bed. After drinking my coffee I went to crawl back into bed while I planned out the day, but something caught my attention. My girlfriend’s older sister was laying in our bed and her night gown was slightly raised and was showing her ass cheeks. They was slightly hanging out the side of her panties, they looked so inviting, so smooth and tight. They was almost begging me to touch them, luring me to caress them softly and to gently squeeze them. I carefully got on the bed and placed my hand on her ass. The feeling of touching her sister without my girlfriend’s permission was intoxicating, I could swear I felt her pulse quicken slightly.

I gently squeezed and my pulse began to quicken as I ran my fingers across her bare ass cheek. I wanted more, wanted to feel more. I placed my lips gently izmir escort bayan on her skin and kissed her ass cheek, then ran my tongue along it till I got to her panties. Now I could inhale her scent and it drove my mind insane. Becoming a bit more daring, I ran my hand up her thigh and over to her tight pussy. I carefully pressed my fingers against her, feeling the soft, supple mound give in to my intrusion. Yet becoming more daring I lifted her night gown just enough that I could get my head under it, I inhaled her sinful, lustful aroma and slowly extended my tongue toward her inviting mound and took a nice slow lick across her panties. I was getting hard and fast.

I made a quick decision to slip my fingers under her panties and massage her sensual, sin inducing mound, it was so soft and tight. I found her clit and began to rub it slowly. She began to stir ever so slightly and let out a small moan, which made me fully erect. Knowing that I can easily overpower her if I needed to, I removed her panties cautiously. I stood up and removed my sweat pants and boxers, I spit into my hand and stroked my cock a few times. I rolled her over to her back and straddled her, I teased her mound with the tip of my cock, i cautiously slid in the tip. Ready to fuck her, I stopped and thought I would much rather have a taste of her. I bent down and began to lick her ever inviting mound, the taste was so sweet. I flicked my tongue against her clit before slipping my tongue inside her. I licked, sucked, and finger fucked her for about five minutes. She was moaning and stirring in what could only be pleasure.

Confident she was under escort izmir my spell, I straddled her once again and slid my cock all the way inside her. She was so goddamn tight, I began to give slow gentle deliberate thrust, forcing my cock in and out her beckoning cunt. As I got more comfortable with the tightness of her pussy and as my confidence grew, I began to fuck her harder. Her moans begin to get louder until she finally opened her eyes, and to my surprise she didn’t try to struggle. I knew it was because she was already in her own personal heaven. I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Call me your Daddy.” She replied in a somewhat soft airy voice, “Yes Daddy.”

I stopped fucking her, helped her take off her night gown, and I give her a slow, passionate kiss while I cradled her head in my large hands, gently pulling her hair as our lips detached. “Daddy, fuck me.” she said in her innocent voice, and she kissed me again. I told her to get on her hands and knees, then I begin to seductively kiss her firm ass, making my way to her tight asshole. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and flicked my tongue against it, again the taste and aroma ignited my sexual fury even further. I put a finger up to her hole and spit on it, gently I slowly inserted my index finger inside, inch by inch she moaned out a little more. With each moan she whispered, ” Yes Daddy.”

Soon I was ass fucking her with my finger, her moans louder with each movement. “Do you want daddy to fuck your little cunt like the slut you are?” She replied, “Daddy fuck your little slut, fuck me good daddy.” While still finger fucking her ass I guided my cock izmir escort inside her, grabbed her hip and started to fuck her. After a few slow strokes, then increasing the force with which I fucked her. “Yes daddy, fuck me harder.” I slammed my cock deeper into her, grabbing her hair and pulling back on it hard as I drove inside her. She was breathing heavily, gasping for air as she moaned out in heavenly bliss, “Daddy, Daddy.”

I continued fucking her cunt and her asshole at a feverish rate until she was screaming and crying from the pure pleasure she was experiencing. Her deceivingly fragile body was shaking with the tremors of her intense orgasm, her already tight pussy clenched hard around my throbbing pulsating cock as I let out a beastly roar of dominance. Two more hard deep strokes unleashed my load deep inside of her as she screamed, “OH MY GOD DADDY, YES YES FUCK!”

Both of us out of breath, and struggling for air, she collapsed onto the bed, searching for a forgiving breath. I let my body relax down on top of her, holding my weight on my arms, I slowly retreated from her. My cock exited her cum soaked cunt, and as my cock retreated from her small bursts of cum followed, falling onto the bed. Leaning in close to her I said, “You’re such a goody little slut.” Still gasping for air she forced out, “I know Daddy, I love you.”

I raised myself up and she rolled over to her back, I begin to lick her still sensitive pussy, cleaning up my own cum. After collecting a mouthful, I crawled up to her and kissed her, giving her my liquid life. As she smiled and swallowed she asked, “When does my sister get home.” I called my girlfriend to see how much longer she would be, I told her sister, “A couple more hours princess.” Still naked she got off the bed and grabbed my hand, “Let me show you what mommy did with my little sister as a graduation gift.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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