Michael Found His Discipline

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Michael was a 40 yo man who stumbled across an app designed especially for those with kinky interests. He located a profile that peaked his interests. Mr. S was 71, 6’5, stocky, hairy chest, hairy back which was silver/white. In his profile pic, he wore a leather harness, leather jock strap, and leather hood and held a paddle in one hand and flogger in the other. His specialty was providing spankings. Although Michael had been given spankings as a child, he hadn’t received them as an adult or in a role-play setting. After chatting for a few days, a meeting was arranged. Mr. S had given very specific instructions for Michael to shave any hair on chest, stomach, pits and ass cheeks. He was to shave his pubes bare and his balls smooth. He was also told to shave as much of his hole and crack as possible. He was to wear a t-shirt, ball cap backwards, gym shorts, a jock strap and black Nike tube socks.

The situation would be one of realism. He was to arrive at Mr. S’s apt at 7:30 pm. All during the day, Michael had been nervous with butterflies. After work, he went home completed all tasks assigned to him and began the hour drive south to Mr. S’s apt. Arriving and knocking on the door, Mr. S answered wearing his black leather hood, a leather harness that had a metal o ring at the stomach area with a leather thong attached to the ring, and black leather boots. He reached out his hand and introduced himself as Mr.S or Daddy S. He invited Michael inside and told him to have seat. There was a brief exchange of small conversation and establishment of limits which basically was no blood or permanent marks and a request of no marks outside areas covered by clothing.

With formalities taken care, Mr. S slipped into a dark, demeaning, sadistic tone dominant. He instructed Michael to remove his shoes in the living room and walk down the hallway to the third door on his left. Michael opened the door and felt his stomach sink. It was dark lit only by a single red light bulb. On the wall hung straps, floggers, paddles, belts, gags, restraints, plugs and things pendik escort he didn’t recognize. Mr. S entered behind him, closed the door and slid three latch locks in place. Mr. S told him he was there of his own free will and had consented to whatever might take place. He informed him that he was there due to money mismanagement and continual work problems for which he sought help.

Michael was instructed to turn and face away from Mr. S. He felt a leather face mask being placed over his eyes, then leather wrists restraints being placed on each wrist and ankle. Then the first slap on his covered ass by Mr. S’s hand. Michael winced and stumbled forward. His new master led him to a chair where he was bent over the back of it, the ankle restraints locked to it and his wrist restraints locked as well. Mr. S announced there was no turning back now and his program of discipline would commence. He swatted him twice. This would continue eight more times until he reached 10. At that time, Mr. S unhooked the restraints had Michael stand facing him with legs slightly spread. He pulled his t-shirt off and began to inspect him for previous injuries and compliance with instructions. S was pleased thus far. Michael still blindfolded was unsure of surroundings and what was to come. S then grabbed the bottom of Michael’s shorts and swiftly yanked them down to his ankles leaving Michael in a black jock and black Nike socks. He stepped back to admire the specimen he was about to break.

Michael could feel the presence of Mr. S on his left side then suddenly with no warning a pain came across his buttocks. Mr. S had used full force to smack a wooden paddle across his cheeks. Mr. S leaned down and whispered I bet you thought I would start slow and build up but that’s not my style you’re here for discipline. All Michael could muster was an ouch before another blow struck. This would continue on until it reached 10. S then unlocked the restraints and told him to stand up straight. Standing in just a jock and Nike socks, S took the opportunity to grab and squeeze maltepe escort the crotch. He then walked around to the rear and commented how nice the redness looked on his ass cheeks. Standing directly behind Michael he placed a hand on each shoulder pushing him forward causing Michael to bend at the waist. S instructed Michael to grab each of his ankles. S moved the chair and sat in it now positioned directly in front of Michael’s ass which had a slightly separated crack due to him being bent over. S placed one hand on each cheek and said we hadn’t discussed any more than spanking but a nice hole does turn me on and I wanna check yours out. Michael responded with a soft yes sir. S pulled open Michael’s cheeks to reveal a very tight puckered hole with nice deep purple lips. He took his left thumb and began to poke at it some. Then abruptly said we will come back to this now on to your punishment. S pulled out a sawhorse that had been fitted with some extras. He guided Michael to it and bent him over it long ways. With wrists locked in to each front leg of the horse and legs to each back one. He leaned completely over Michael’s body so Michael could feel S’s hard cock through the jockstrap. He told him to open wide and placed a gag which had a small knob on it in his mouth and fastened it in the back.

S told Michael some of the worst was about to commence and that needed to get in the right frame of mind and power through. S took a pair of scissors and snipped each leg of Michael’s jock and the back of the waistband then snatched it of. Michael was now strapped to the bench with only his socks.

S walked over the wall let out a loud hmmm then selected a 3 inch wide leather belt. He snapped it in the air several times each time making Michael cringe. S said you’ve been contacting me for three weeks and at least twice a day. So 3×7. = 21 and 21×2=42. I will administer 42 strokes with this belt over your buttocks and upper thighs. You’ve consented to the punishment so we will end when I reach 42. With that, Mr. S unleashed a fury kartal escort of smacks that hit from the top of the buttock to the thigh region. There was no variation in intensity. He started hard the last ended hard. Michael was jerking at the restraints, yelling through the gag, tears running down his face. After the last swat, S tapped Michael’s ass and said he did good and his ass was a beautiful red color. Michael thinking things were over miscalculated Mr.S’s session. S pulled up a chair and sat in front of Michael’s exposed red ass. Placing some lube on his finger he began to prod at the hole. Soon he worked his index finger in to the knuckle. Michael had a death grip on it. S kept telling him to relax that clinching only made it hurt more. He then unfastened the gag and told Michael to open up. He slide a plug in his mouth and had him suck it as he slid it out and in his mouth. S then squirted some lube in his crack and began to rub the plug around Michael’s hole. He told him to count to three but as soon as he said two S buried the plug all the way inside him. Michael began to jerk and cry out through the gag. S just completely ignored Michael’s reaction and continued to pull the plug all the way and in and twist and tease his hole with the plugs girth. Michael was making all kinds of noises but S refused to acknowledge. He then buried it all the way in and told Michael to squeeze it in. He then took a rubber band and pulled Michael’s nuts down and tied them off with the band. They instantly became a deep purple. S then took a washcloth twisted it up and began to snap Michael’s tied off balls.

Coming to conclusion, S walked up to Michael’s face, removed the gag and told him he needed to show gratitude and thanks for his punishment. S slid his own jock down to his ankles and stepped up to Michael’s mouth telling him to open wide. He slid his hard sweaty uncut cock in Michael’s mouth until he gagged him. Placing one hand on each side of Michael’s face he face fucked his mouth. Drooling and slobbering everywhere S continued his assault on Michael’s throat. Finally reaching climax he shoved his cock all the way in as he unloaded streams of cum in his throat. S pulled up his jock, removed the rubber band, pulled out the plug, unfastened Michael and told to him dress and leave he was dismissed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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