Michael and Nicole: Jeremy

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“You look great babe,” Michael told his girlfriend Nicole as she checked herself out in their full length mirror.

“Are you sure?” Nicole asked, sounding anxious.

“Absolutely,” Michael said as he stood up and wrapped his arms around her from behind, kissing her gently on the cheek. “We don’t have to do this,” Michael added reassuringly.

“I want to, it’s just the first time. I’m always going to be nervous the first time no matter when we do it.” Nicole told Michael.

“That’s true, I’m nervous too if it helps.” Michael told Nicole as he returned to sitting on the edge of their king size bed.

“It does,” Nicole said, turning to face Michael with a smile on her face.

Michael smiled back as he admired Nicole’s beauty. She had long, dark brown hair that extended down her back to the middle of her shoulder blades. She had beautiful hazel eyes and a cute button nose. Her lips were full and Michael loved kissing them. She was taller than any other woman Michael had dated before, standing five feet ten inches. Nicole was also the most health and fitness focused woman Michael ever dated, which suited her career as a personal trainer. Nicole loved strength training and has a lean, strong body. Her muscles were something she enjoyed showing off, usually wearing a sports bra doing workouts so she was only covering her full B breasts. She typically wore tight leggings which Michael really enjoyed since it showed off Nicole’s powerful legs and pronounced, curvy butt.

Nicole walked over to Michael, wearing tan shorts and a forest green tank top. She was barefoot and slid onto Michael’s lap, his arms wrapping around her to hold her steady. Michael was a few inches taller than Nicole at six feet two inches and had more of a lean, runners body when compared to Nicole’s strong, muscular body. Michael was strong as well, but preferred running and yoga to weight lifting.

Nicole leaned forward, kissing Michael gently on the lips as her hands ran along his back. Michael ran his hands over Nicole’s legs, sliding them up to firmly take hold of her butt. Nicole slid further into Michael, feeling the bulge in his black workout shorts push against her.

“Would be rude to start without him,” Nicole said, leaning back from Michael’s lips.

“Good point,” Michael said, smiling back at Nicole.

Nicole moved off Michael’s lap and back onto her feet.

“He should be here soon,” Nicole said.

The he Nicole was referring to was Jeremy. Jeremy was a man the couple had met online after discussing their mutual interest in having a threesome. Michael was bisexual and the couple had many conversations about how they’d want to incorporate Michael’s sexuality into their sex life. Nicole was very open minded sexually, but had little experience beyond traditional sex before meeting Michael. Michael didn’t have a tremendous amount of sexual experience outside of traditional sex before meeting Nicole, but had plenty of sexual interests.

Jeremy had messaged the couple a few weeks ago after taking a look at their profile. The couple, after taking a look at Jeremy’s profile, started a back and forth with him. After meeting a couple times for coffee, all three agreed they were ready to take the next step and have a threesome.

Jeremy was shorter than both Michael and Nicole at five feet eight inches, with sandy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He had a strong, stocky build and based on his online profile pictures a sizable cock. Michael didn’t have a small cock, six inches and fairly thick, but Jeremy had an eight inch long cock and was five and a half inches around.

The couple had made their way to the living room, sitting on the couch to wait for Jeremy to arrive. They weren’t sitting there long before they heard a knock at the door.

Nicole jumped up and made her way to the door. Despite being nervous about having a threesome, both Nicole and Michael really enjoyed Jeremy’s company. They had all three even said if the threesome thing didn’t work out, they’d still like to spend time together.

Nicole opened the door to and greeted Jeremy by saying “hello, come on in.”

Jeremy smiled and replied “thank you.”

Jeremy entered the house and saw Michael walking toward him, extending his hand.

“Hey man, how are you?” Michael asked as the two men shook hands.

“Doing well thank you, you?” Jeremy replied.

“Great thanks, I think we’re both a little nervous.” Michael said.

“I get that, me too.” Jeremy said.

Nicole walked up and put her arms around Jeremy in a big hug. Jeremy returned the hug and some of the tension in the room seemed to ease.

“Nervous but excited,” Nicole told Jeremy with a reassuring smile.

Jeremy and Michael relaxed a bit knowing that Nicole was excited. There was a brief moment of silence before Nicole took Jeremy’s hand and started leading him to their bedroom. Michael followed Nicole’s lead and entered their bedroom with Nicole and Jeremy.

Jeremy was wearing khaki shorts and a white t-shirt having slipped his flip escort ataşehir flops off when Nicole took his hand. Nicole had already turned to face Jeremy at the foot of the couple’s bed, and was running her hands along his rock hard abs through his shirt. Jeremy leaned in and placed his lips gently against hers. Nicole returned the kiss, her hands sliding from his abs to the lower part of his back.

Michael could feel the bulge of his cock stirring in his pants as he watched Nicole and Jeremy kiss passionately. The couple had a pair of comfortable chairs in their large master bedroom and Michael took a seat as the two continued kissing.

Nicole guided Jeremy to sit on the edge of the bed and helped him pull his shirt off over his head. Jeremy clearly worked hard on his body as his pecs stood out and his abs were cut deeply into his stomach. Nicole took hold of the bottom of her shirt, pulling it over her head to reveal her black bra gently pushing up her full B breasts.

Jeremy reached out and unbuttoned Nicole’s shorts, helping her slip them off to show her matching black thong. Michael’s cock stirred more in his shorts as he had a great view of Nicole’s sexy, sculpted ass.

“Join us,” Jeremy said to Michael.

“I’m enjoying the show, I’ll join soon.” Michael replied.

Nicole turned to Michael and he wordlessly reassured her with a smile. Nicole also noticed Michael’s clear arousal and was happy to put on a show until her boyfriend joined them.

Nicole turned back to Jeremy and slowly moved to her knees. She moved between Jeremy’s legs, which he was happy to open to give Nicole better access. Nicole leaned in to kiss Jeremy’s neck as her hands moved to undo his shorts. Jeremy was enjoying the attention from Nicole and let her do her thing as she kissed down his body until she was kissing his abs.

“I’ve been waiting to see that cock of yours in person,” Nicole told Jeremy as her hand playfully slid over Jeremy’s large bulge.

“I bet you have,” Jeremy replied as he sat up a bit so Nicole could slide off his shorts.

Jeremy’s large, semi-hard cock popped out as his shorts and boxer briefs came down. Michael, despite having been with a few guys before dating Nicole, had never seen a cock so big in person and Jeremy wasn’t even completely hard yet.

“Wow,” Nicole said softly clearly, never having seen a cock this size in person either.

Jeremy just smiled as Nicole tossed aside his shorts and boxers, her hand sliding along his length.

“You’re not even completely hard yet,” Nicole said as she started to stroke his cock.

“I will be soon if you keep that up,” Jeremy said.

Nicole made herself more comfortable before slipping her hand to the base of Jeremy’s cock as she leaned forward to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock. Michael was getting very excited and removed his own shirt, shorts, and boxers. Michael, unlike Jeremy, was fully erect and was ready to join in. He moved behind Nicole as her head slowly moved down, taking Jeremy’s cock into her hungry mouth. Jeremy leaned back onto his elbows as Nicole took him into her mouth.

Michael reached out and took a hold of Nicole’s thong and started to slide them off. Nicole twitched slightly, not having noticed that Michael had moved behind her, but returned her full attention to Jeremy as she realized what Michael was doing. Keeping Jeremy’s cock in her mouth, Nicole adjusted herself as necessary to help Michael get her thong off.

Michael tossed Nicole’s thong to the side and slid himself underneath her. He could see that Nicole had already started getting wet from her play with Jeremy, and he was ready to amplify her excitement even further. Taking a gentle hold of her backside, Michael guided Nicole onto his face as he began to orally pleasure her pussy.

Nicole moaned gently onto Jeremy’s cock, as he was now fully erect in her skilled mouth. Jeremy ran a hand through Nicole’s hair and took a hold of it so it was out of her way, and he had a clear view of her mouth moving up and down his cock. Jeremy thoroughly enjoyed watching his large cock disappear and reappear into Nicole’s mouth.

Nicole began to take Jeremy’s cock deeper into her mouth, the head poking at the entrance to her throat as Michael’s tongue increased her arousal exponentially. Michael was always happy to eat her out but the heightened sexuality of the moment had his tongue working with extra vigor. Michael’s attentive tongue brought more moans from Nicole that sent gentle vibrations down Jeremy’s cock.

“Your mouth feels incredible,” Jeremy moaned out as Nicole was able to take him almost to the balls.

Nicole enjoyed the compliments and was really wanting to get Jeremy’s meaty cock inside her. Michael was doing an excellent job of getting her ready, the work of his tongue driving her close to her first orgasm. Michael tightened his grip on Nicole’s ass and swirled his tongue around her clit. Nicole shivered with pleasure and, keeping one hand on the base of Jeremy’s cock, took hold of kadıköy escort Michael’s hair with the other.

“Right there, yes baby.” Nicole moaned out as she slipped Jeremy’s cock from her mouth, a strand of saliva connecting her lips to Jeremy’s cock. Her hand started stroking his cock to replace her mouth, her eyes closing as the pleasure washed over her.

“Fuck…yes…mmm baby I’m cumming.” Nicole moaned out, her hand gripping tightly in Michael’s hair.

Jeremy’s cock throbbed slightly in Nicole’s hand as he watched her cum onto her boyfriend’s face. The muscles and veins in her neck tightening, her face becoming slightly pink as she let out her orgasmic moans. Her orgasm was so raw and pure, and Jeremy knew he wanted to be responsible for bringing her to that heightened pleasure again and again.

Michael slid out from under Nicole, licking her juices off his lips. Nicole reached behind herself and undid her bra, her perky breasts at full attention, as she tossed her bra to the side. Nicole moved onto the bed, positioning herself on top of Jeremy as he slid back completely onto the bed.

Michael returned to the chair as he watched his girlfriend straddle Jeremy. Nicole’s hand took hold of Jeremy’s cock and she teased herself with it. She slid the head along her pussy, the thickness sending tingles throughout her body. Jeremy had never been with such a fit woman, and watching with this strong, powerful woman tease herself with his cock was incredibly hot.

Nicole’s teasing had Jeremy’s cock slick with her juices and that was exactly what she wanted as she repositioned herself so the head of Jeremy’s cock now rested against the entrance to her wet pussy. Nicole relaxed her body and began to lower herself onto Jeremy’s cock. She couldn’t believe how full she felt even with just half his cock inside her. Nicole started to slowly move herself up and down half of Jeremy’s cock, getting her pussy accustomed to his size.

Michael watched as half of Jeremy’s cock slid in and out of Nicole. He had his hand on his own cock, gently stroking himself as Nicole started to take more and more of Jeremy’s cock inside her pussy. Jeremy noticed how much Michael seemed to enjoy watching and ran his hands along Nicole’s toned legs, finding her ass before tightening his grip.

Nicole could now accommodate Jeremy’s entire length and the attention of his hands on her ass increased her arousal. Although she enjoyed Jeremy let her go at her own pace, her desire to really feel the power of Jeremy’s cock was growing. Michael was a very attentive lover, but rarely took control. Part of their interest in threesomes included finding men that might be willing to take more of a dominant role.

“Spank me,” Nicole moaned out to Jeremy.

“Are you sure?” Jeremy asked, a little surprised.

“Yes, I said spank me.” Nicole moaned out.

Jeremy needed no further permission and swatted Nicole on the ass.

“I said spank, not slap.” Nicole said as she began increasing her speed.

Jeremy smiled mischievously and really let Nicole’s other ass cheek have it with a hard smack.

“Mmm yes, again.” Nicole said as the hard smack brought her intense pleasure.

Jeremy obliged, smacking her hard on the other ass cheek.

Michael couldn’t believe what he was seeing as Nicole commanded Jeremy to spank her. He knew Nicole wanted a bit more domination in the bedroom, but was curious to see how much more she really wanted.

“Turn around,” Jeremy said, his tone changing a bit.

Nicole slid Jeremy’s cock from her pussy, it now coated in her juices. She turned around so she was facing Michael and slid Jeremy’s cock back into her pussy. Jeremy slid his hands down Nicole’s back and smacked her ass hard again. Michael could clearly see the effect this had on Nicole, as he had a clear view of her face now.

Jeremy was now looking at Michael too, who was clearly enjoying watching more than being involved. Jeremy continued to smack Nicole’s ass as she was enjoying feeling the strength of his spanking and Michael was obviously enjoying watching it.

Jeremy kept one hand smacking Nicole’s ass and with the other took hold of her hair, pulling it back just enough that it forced her head up so she looked up at the ceiling. Nicole wasn’t expecting it and the sensation of Jeremy taking control and his cock deep inside her drove her to the edge and she began to orgasm on his cock.

Jeremy moaned hard as Nicole’s pussy tightened around his cock as she orgasmed. Jeremy let Nicole ride out her orgasm before he smacked her ass again and told her “on your hands and knees, face your boyfriend.” Jeremy said, his tone more dominant.

Nicole obeyed, sliding off Jeremy and directly facing Michael on her hands and knees. Nicole looked right into Michael’s eyes, his hard cock firmly in his hand, as she let this other man take control of her. Nicole was more aroused than she anticipated and was glad to see Michael was clearly enjoying himself.

Jeremy brought his hand hard onto Nicole’s maltepe escort bayan ask, eliciting a moan.

“You like when I spank your ass?” Jeremy asked, definitely settling into his new role.

“Yes,” Nicole said in a breathy, aroused tone.

Jeremy smacked Nicole’s ass again and asked “do you like my hard cock in your tight, wet pussy?”

“I love it,” Nicole replied and both men believed her.

Jeremy got himself aligned behind Nicole, teasing her wet entrance with his swollen cock.

“Beg for it,” Jeremy commanded.

“Please give me your cock,” Nicole replied, the teasing driving her wild.

Jeremy smacked her ass hard again and said “come on, you can do better than that.”

“Please fuck me with your massive cock,” Nicole begged your desperation clear.

Jeremy said nothing, but took hold of Nicole as he slid his entire length into her pussy. Michael watched his girlfriend’s eyes roll back as she was filled with Jeremy’s cock.

“Oh…fuck…yes,” Nicole moaned out as Jeremy fucked her from behind.

Jeremy’s strong hands were gripping Nicole’s hips as he pounded her pussy. Michael knew he had never fucked Nicole like this and by the look and sound of it, nobody ever had.

Jeremy slid his hand into Nicole’s hair and pulled it back so she was looking up at Michael, her pleasure clear on her face.

“Tell him his good I feel,” Jeremy commanded.

“Mmm he feels…so mmm…fucking good,” Nicole moaned as she looked into Michael’s eyes.

“Tell him you love big, thick cock.” Jeremy ordered.

“Oh baby, I love Jeremy’s big, thick cock.” Nicole said.

Michael couldn’t hold back any longer, his hand had started moving faster and faster on his cock. Before he knew it, his cock throbbed and started to shoot his hot, sticky cum back onto his own chest and abs.

“Look at him cum on himself, he loves watching you get fucked.” Jeremy said to Nicole as he quickened his pace.

Nicole couldn’t believe how much Michael enjoyed watching, his orgasm turning her on even more. Jeremy’s increasing speed was driving her own orgasm closer to the surface, her hands gripping the comforter tightly. Jeremy threw his head back, the feeling of Nicole’s pussy and watching Michael cum bringing him close.

“Cum in me,” Nicole moaned out. “I want to feel you shoot your load inside me,” she moaned.

Jeremy knew she was fine with him cumming inside her, but hearing her ask for it drove him over the edge. With a deep, powerful thrust he drove his length into Nicole as his balls and cock tensed, shooting his cum into Nicole. Nicole felt Jeremy’s cock throb and his seed fill her up. The feeling was intense and rocked her body as her orgasm felt like it radiated throughout her whole body. Jeremy kept his cock buried in Nicole as her orgasm milked Jeremy’s cock very every last drop of his cum. Jeremy shivered with pleasure as it felt like Nicole’s pussy was working to drain his balls of every last bit of his essence.

Once everything relaxed, Jeremy slid his cock from Nicole’s pussy. Jeremy’s cum started to slowly leak from Nicole’s pussy, but she didn’t care as she laid down and let the mixture of her juices and Jeremy’s cum start to lightly soak the bed.

The three sat in the afterglow for a few moments before Michael said “you’re welcome to our shower.”

All three smiled briefly before breaking into gentle laughter.

“What a practical thing to offer,” Jeremy said, eliciting some additional laughter.

“Figured something practical would break the post sex ice,” Michael said with a smile.

“Well it did, and I appreciate the offer. I hope you both enjoyed yourselves. I know I did.” Jeremy said.

“Definitely,” Nicole replied.

“Absolutely,” Michael said.

“I’m glad, anyone else want to shower?” Jeremy asked.

“A shower does sound nice,” Nicole said. “I think Michael needs one too,” she said, pointing at the cum on his torso.

“That’s true,” Michael said.

The three stood up and headed to the large standing shower in the master bathroom. While there was some light groping and kissing, the three managed to mostly clean themselves up in the shower. Once they dried off they got dressed again and sat in the living room.

They chatted for a few moments before Jeremy had to leave. They said their goodbyes and all felt like they’d need to do it again sometime. The couple closed the door behind Jeremy and Michael wrapped his arm around Nicole.

“How are you feeling?” Michael asked.

“Great, I really enjoyed myself.” Nicole replied.

“It seemed like it,” Michael said with a smile.

“Are you good?” Nicole asked, wanting to make sure Michael was still okay with everything.

“Absolutely, I enjoyed watching you two even more than I expected.” Michael replied.

“I’m glad, because I really do want to do that again.” Nicole said, excitement clear in her voice.

“I do too,” Michael said, also excited at the idea.

Later that night Nicole received a text from Jeremy.

Really enjoyed our time together today, and definitely want to do it again. I noticed how much Michael enjoyed watching, and think you should look into cuckolding. I am going to send you my buddy Randy’s number, I think he might be able to help you two explore that.

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