Mi Vida Loca: Office Heat

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Special thanks to Privates1stClass for editing the story, which is based on an actual incident, and making it even hotter. Thank you!


It was basketball season and the Heat were in town. My boss had season tickets to the Heat at American Airlines Arena, and when he was taking clients to a game, he usually took a date. Now that he was divorced from his wife, he was even less inhibited about fucking his date after the game. He frequently invited me to help entertain clients, but mostly I was ‘eye candy.’

A curvy Cuban-American, in my late 30’s, I always dressed like most female attorneys in Miami, wearing a suit with short slit skirt, heels, no hose, and silk blouse. Today my bra and panties were black and sheer. No reason for wearing them, other than a girl never knows when she might get some cock during the work day. As usual, my dark brown hair was in a bun and I wore a small amount of makeup, mostly eyeliner and lipstick. My olive skin, dark hair and dark brown eyes, coupled with my curvy figure and tight suit made for a very fuckable attorney. Of course, my boss knew it well.

How did he know? That’s a story for another time, but the short version is that I had gotten divorced several months earlier and had moved back home to Miami. No longer married, in my 30’s and horny, there was little to hold me back from fucking and sucking any man I wanted, or who wanted me. And I did—often. After all, what guy can resist a hot, willing pussy?

After returning home, I went through my share of men in the service industry—mostly waiters and bartenders, but also the cable guy, my hairdresser, and auto mechanic. A hungry wet pussy has a need to be filled, but it has no more conscience than a stiff dick. As I settled into the law scene in Miami and took the Florida bar, I felt more confident and moved on to attorneys. Well, OK, I fucked other guys too, including my ex-husband, but mostly I fucked my boss as well as a few of my clients and co-counsel. Was I being used as a fuck toy? Probably. Did I mind then, or do I mind now? No. And maybe I was the one using them, not they using me.

Anyway, it was late in the afternoon when my boss called me into his office.

“Do you have any plans for tonight?” David asked

“What do you have in mind? Some Scotch in the Grove and then back to my place?” I asked.

“I was thinking we’d end the evening at your condo, but I’m meeting our new clients at the Heat game tonight and I’d like you to meet them. Can you make it?”

“Of course. Do I have time to freshen up before we go?” I didn’t care much for basketball, but I enjoyed the company (and the fucking afterward).

“If you want. We’ll leave from the office in your car after work.” If was going to drive, he was planning coming over to my condo tonight. And that meant one thing…

The rest of the afternoon went by uneventfully. One by one, people left the office. Before I realized it, everyone else in the office seemed to be gone. I walked down the hallway towards my office and saw him at his desk. I passed through the threshold of his office and he motioned me in. With hand motions, he indicated that I should lock and close his office door.

With a sly smile on my ataşehir escort bayan face I complied. I sauntered over to his big, paper-strewn desk and slipped out of my office pumps. Just a few weeks earlier I had sucked off my boyfriend and co-counsel Richie at that same desk. I wonder what my boss would think of that, if he knew. At least he had wiped off the hand prints from the top of his desk from the time he bent me over the desk and fucked me in the middle of the day that same week that Richie had been in town.

Cupping his hand over the mouthpiece, he hissed, “Suck me.” as he swiveled his chair towards me and unfastened the tab of his pants before unzipping them. Of course I was going to suck that fabulously thick and long cock of his. Just holding that lovely cock in my hands was enough to make my pussy throb and my juices begin flowing.

Now, I’m pretty sure most male partners don’t call their female associates into the office late in the afternoon and say to them, “Suck me,” but David would and often did. And if he wasn’t asking me to suck him, he was asking the office manager to do so. He had a thing for Latin women. So, why me? I love to suck cock and I loved my boss’s cock, though I couldn’t stand him. It truly was a monster and I couldn’t think of anything else whenever I was near it. Yeah, I guess you could say I’m a size queen. I love the feel of a big, thick cock splitting me in two. When David felt like getting me off before he came, I never had a better lover, certainly not one with a bigger dick, and I’d had a lot of really big dicks before I gave up “la vida loca.” Of course I was going suck him off. And I was going to get off too, if I did it right. And I always did.

I could see his cock stirring as I dropped to I knees, my eyes locked onto the thick, heavily veined surprise awaiting me underneath the fabric of his boxers. With a look in my eyes that told him how hungry I was for his cock, I slowly removed the silk blouse and bra I was wearing so that I wouldn’t get semen or a saliva all over them when I finished him off later. I could feel the cool draft from the air conditioning in the office on my perky breasts, and my thick, pencil eraser-sized nipples hardened, sticking out like sewing thimbles. He fished his cock out of his boxers before kicking off his shoes and dropping his pants to his ankles, never pausing from his phone conversation.

Kneeling before him, I pulled them off of his feet so that I could nestle between his legs.

I knew where this was going and how it would end. I needed no encouragement. With my blouse and bra removed, he could see my nipples proudly standing off my breasts and my areolae puckered from my desire. Staring at his cock, I licked the shaft up and down to lubricate it with my saliva, which mixed with the pre-cum that had been leaking out of the tip of his cock. A trickle of pre-cum oozed out of the tip of his cock. Looking him in the eye, I caught it with the tip of my tongue and then licked my lips with his sweet cock juice. Then, I dropped down and began sucking on his large, heavy, hairy balls. His musky, masculine scent wafted into my nostrils, giving a pleasant compliment to the sweet smell and taste of his pre-cum..

I escort kadıköy looked up at him to see how was responding. His closed eyes and the soft caresses from his right hand against my left breast told me that he was pleased. Eventually, his thumb and forefinger found my nipple, which he rolled between them. My pussy was throbbing and already leaking like a sieve.

I leaned in and engulfed his thick cock with my mouth. Before I could work his cock properly, I needed to coat the shaft completely with saliva and pre-cum. With sloppy wet kisses, I covered his shaft completely and then I went to town. My hands were now wet and sticky with our combined bodily fluids. I hoped he would cum quick because it almost always hurt my jaw when I sucked him off. Not that I minded.

“OK, my associate and I will see you at the game. She and I have to wrap up something at the office, but we should be there soon.” Saying goodbye, he hung up the phone and turned his attention to me.

With a cock like his, there is little a girl can do but work the head with her mouth. She’ll need two hands to work the shaft properly, and that is what I did. Maintaining steady suction on his head, I tickled his frenulum, while I applied firm yet gentle up-and-down pressure to his massive shaft. He liked it, so much so that his ass tensed up and I could tell his cock was close to erupting when the phone rang. As he often did with me and other women, he took the call, even though he was being sucked off. He didn’t care. I didn’t either.

I was feeling his cock swell even more and knew it wouldn’t be long when the phone rang. “Well hello, dad. How are you?” I heard he sometimes shared women with his father, who was divorced from his mother. The old man often leered at me when he visited my boss at the office.

“Of course, I have a few minutes to talk. I’m going to the Heat game tonight.” He said. “Yes, she’s coming with me too. She’s been a good associate and I owe her something special.” That something special’s heavy bulbous purple head was in my mouth right now.

I didn’t stop sucking him. I never stopped sucking him when he took a call flagrante delicto. He had even fucked me from behind at his desk and in my condo while talking on the phone. And once I started, I rarely stopped. And I certainly wasn’t going to stop now even when my jaw was sore and my hands were covered in cum and saliva.

As if the call wasn’t enough, someone knocked at the door. Placing his hand over the receiver he called out to the person, “I’m on the phone. Can I call you later?” I didn’t stop or even change speed. The thrill of someone on the other side of the door excited us both, and as long as they didn’t come in, which they wouldn’t since I locked the door, there was no need to stop, let alone hide.

“Of course,” was the reply.

It sounded like one of the other partners. I had heard he had been asking the secretaries about me and my boss. I guess the secret was out that we were fucking. All the while, I continued to suck and got wetter doing so.

Funny thing was, he didn’t want to get off the phone with his father. He was on long enough that he became semi-hard. My jaw was aching from sucking bostancı escort that fat, semi-hard sausage, and I tried everything I could to make him cum and lose control while on the phone. I cradled his balls and gently tickled the frenulum. I ran my French manicured nails up and down the inside of his thighs. Nothing would make him cum. I knew he wasn’t nervous. If anything, I was nervous that he would probably brag to his father later about getting sucked off while on the phone.

“OK, dad. I gotta go. Yeah, she’s patiently waiting for me. Down on her knees, in fact, begging me to get off.” He looked down at me and smiled as he said that. “OK, goodbye, dad.”

Without saying a word, he pulled my head off of his cock, stood up, removed his boxers and dropped to the floor, lying down on his back. At his side, on my knees, I finally had his attention. My face was covered in saliva and his pre-cum as I began ministrations in earnest on his cock. I was glad I had taken off my blouse and bra, because past experience taught me when he came, he’d shoot gobs of cum all over me. Working the shaft with both hands, gently moving the skin up and down as I sucked and licked the tip of the cock, I knew I had him.

I felt both his warm hands cupping my breasts, his fingers feeling for my nipples. When he tweaked them between his fingers, it felt as there was a direct connection between my nipples and my clit, causing it to throb.

“Oh, god. You are a tremendous cocksucker.” He hissed. His cock surged in length and girth and when it was stiff again, his thick, hairy hips thrust up at me, pushing his fat cock deeper down my throat. My gag reflex nearly made me choke on that fat cock of his.

His hips began thrusting faster and his cock swelled in size. The heat of his body, coupled with the sheen of sweat on his balls and thighs meant my senses were overpowered with the muskiness of the man. I had absolutely no thoughts in my head, so attuned to the shaft in my mouth, but I knew what came next. His scrotum pulled up tightly against his body. Then his cock swelled, twitching violently before shooting gobs of cum into my mouth and down my throat. Without slowing tempo, I continued stroking the shaft as I drank as much of his cum down my throat as I could. His low, drawn-out moan as he ejaculated told me I’d done a good job.

I reached between my legs and inserted the middle finger of my left hand in my vagina. That’s all it took. My orgasm hit without warning—my heart raced and my body shuddered.

My clit throbbed and my pussy contracted as I came. A waft of my sexual arousal drifted in the air, mixed with the odor of his cum. Looking up at him, cock in my mouth, I could tell he was pleased. When I had licked him clean, I got on my knees and reached over to his credenza and grabbed tissues to wipe off my hands, face, and chest. My inner thighs were soaked, as were my panties.

“I can smell your pussy, and you taste wonderful,” he panted as he sucked the same finger I’d just had inside me. “I think you enjoyed this blow job as much as I did.”

When I was done, I put my blouse and bra back on, excusing myself to freshen up before the game. I headed immediately to the restroom to wipe up all that pussy juice between my legs. I was glad I wore a dark skirt today so any seepage wouldn’t show through easily.

He remained on the floor a while longer. I’m sure he was doing the same thing I was, thinking about the game and what would happen afterwards.

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