Messy Melinda Ch. 04

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Note: This is just a fantasy for fun, in case that’s not totally obvious, real life is never and can never be like this. That said, enjoy!


When Melinda got her breath after her orgasm, she felt herself blushing bright red, the heat of her embarrassment was so intense that she was not sure she might not set her own clothes on fire…assuming she had been wearing any clothes, of course! As it was, the realization that she had just had an orgasm, in front of her closest relatives and friends, was enough to make her want to bury her face in her hands and just vanish into thin air! She had no idea how she would ever live this one down! She spat out the remains of the egg she had just crushed in her mouth, and shuddered in a mixture of humiliation and excitement!

“Are you okay, Mom?” Cathy asked her gently, in a whisper, kneeling beside her. Melinda opened her eyes to see that her daughter had a warm, loving smile on her face, mixed with a certain amusement but not at all contemptuous or mocking.

“I-I guess so,” Melinda whispered back. “I just-I mean I-how can I-?”

“Relax, Mom,” Cathy urged her mother in the same low voice, as she and Neil helped the naked, blushing woman back to her feet, “Everybody saw it, yes, and nobody thinks less of you for it! Relax and go with the flow, and this will be a lot of fun, I promise!”

“Don’t you mean humiliating and embarrassing?” Melinda asked, her sense of humor returning amid the blushing embarrassment, as her son and daughter steadied her on her feet. All three of them were slipping and sliding a bit, of course, their bare feet having trouble getting traction amid the pool of goop on the rubber around them.

“Same thing,” Neil said just as quietly, from her other side. In spite of the fact that this was her own son, part of Melinda was deeply enjoying the feeling of his strong arms holding her steady. Her son was a definite hunk and it was fun to have him stand so close to her, her nude and him nearly so!

Melinda drew a gasping breath, and whispered, “I can’t believe my family-I mean so many things I never-the twins-you and Jean and you in my dresses-!”

Neil grinned. “Just wait, gorgeous! You haven’t seen or heard anything yet!”

Melinda ran a gooey hand through her gunk-caked hair, as best she could, and said, “If you think I look gorgeous right now, son, I’ll have to make arrangements to have your eyes checked!”

While mother, son, and daughter were talking quietly, Tina, Jean, and Steven had been talking, and conferring with the twins and the other guests.

“Ready, Mel?”

“Ready for what?” Melinda demanded, scared to know the answer. “What torture do you have in store for me now, you low-down no-good piece of-?!”

Her words were angry, and she tried hard to sound angry, but somehow, even to her own ears, her voice sounded more playful and amused and embarrassed.

“Target practice,” Tina said happily, an evil smile on her face.

Okay, Melinda admitted silently, maybe making Tina eat all those hot peppers on her birthday wasn’t the nicest thing I ever did, but does she have to take so much pleasure in this now? I mean come on, there is such a thing as forgiveness…yeah, right.

“What does that mean?” Melinda asked with a sour laugh. “Have you decided to put me out of my misery?”

“No, we’re have a little fun with you!” Tina grinned. “If it helps, hon, try and consider yourself a nice new toy we all want to play with!”

Melinda sighed, and said, “All right, already. Let’s get this over with. What new torment do I have to endure now?”

“First of all,” Tina said, clearly enjoying her role as Mistress of Ceremonies, “Cathy and Neil, you two go ahead and take off your undies, they’re so caked you might as well be nude too!”

“Good idea,” Neil said, apparently totally unbothered by being naked in front of everyone. He slid off the remains of his sodden briefs…and as he did his cock, six inches of solid meat, sprung out and stood out at attention, much to the whistling appreciation of the crowd, his wife and daughters included!

“I think Steven and Jean should bare it all, too!” Anne Romane called out after giving Neil a wolf whistle. “Who else things Steve and Jean need to lose their clothes!”

“Now wait a minute-!” Jean protested, and Steven looked like he wanted to, but a general call of approval from the rest of the room antalya escort drowned out the protests. Even Briana and Bethany seemed to approve of the idea of having both their parents nude instead of just their father!

“What do you say?” Tina asked Melinda’s son-in-law and daughter-in-law with a taunting grin. “Are both willing to give the audience what they want? You don’t want to disappoint the guests, do you?!”

“I will if you will, Ms. Stafford!” Jean yelled out, and now it was Tina’s turn to blush, and the rest of the audience called out their approval of this idea too.

“Come on, Tina! We don’t want to disappoint the guests!” Melinda called out, eager to share the humiliation with her best friend. “Take it off!”

Tina looked at the hosts for a moment, laughed, and unsnapped her blue jeans and slid them down, stepping out of them and unbuttoning his blouse. Melinda was surprised, she knew Tina had a wild side, but this caught her off guard. Melinda began to wonder if the wine they had all been drinking was stronger than they realized, or else maybe some of the party goers and imbibed more than usual.

Jean looked a bit surprised, but then she shrugged and started to strip down herself, her bluff called. Steven looked at his in-laws and the undressing best friend of the owner of the house, and at his nude wife, and began to undress as well.

Melinda thought her head would spin, but she was definitely getting a kick out of this, after all, if she had to go naked, why shouldn’t other people share the ‘pleasure’?

A few moments, later, six naked people stood in the center of the room, Melinda, her children, their mates, and Tina Stafford. Melinda allowed herself a moment of smugness, she was three years older than her best friend, but in her opinion she had the better body. Tina looked okay for 53, she certainly had a figure, but Melinda was privately sure hers was better.

“Get their clothes, Beth,” Briana directed her twin, who was already gathering them up. Then Briana announced, “New party rule: Once something comes off, you can’t put it back on until the party is over, no matter what! Anybody who takes it off has to stay that way until Monday morning!”

Melinda expected protests, but instead this meant with general acceptance.

“All right, now that that is settled,” Tina announced, trying to regain control of the party, “let’s get on with the fun! Mel, you’re pretty grungy.”

“No, you don’t say!” Melinda replied sarcastically, gesturing down at her nude body, covered in egg-goo. “Wherever did you get that idea?!”

“And the rest of you aren’t much better,” Tina added, gesturing at Steven and Cathy, and Jean and Neil. “So we need to get you cleaned up, and the best way to do that is a little game of water-balloon target practice!”

“What?!!” Melinda exclaimed. “Is this a joke?”

“Don’t you get tired of asking that, Melinda?” Jean said with a giggle.

“I keep thinking I’ll eventually wake up and the dream will be over!” Melinda replied.

Tina had pulled a huge wheeled bin out of a corner, and in it were dozens of small balloons, and they looked to firm to be full of air. There was a faint mist above the pile of water balloons, too!

“The five of them are going to line up against the wall,” Tina explained, gesturing at one wall where the rubber sheet that covered more of the floor went all the way to the wall. “It’s like dodge ball, the five of them try to dodge the water balloons. If you hit one of them, they have to assume whatever position you want and hold still and you get a second throw that way!”

“Goody,” Steven muttered. “That’ll be fun!”

“Stop whining, Honey,” Cathy advised with a snicker. “Your little soldier is having fun even if you aren’t!”

Melinda looked over and sure enough, her son-in-law was as erect as her son! He was not quite as big as Neil, but it was definitely a pleasant sight for the 56 year old.

“Everybody gets a turn,” Tina said. “There are plenty to go around, the twins are ready to make more if we need them. If you hit them on a first throw, you get a point, if you miss, you get a demerit. Five demerits and you have to strip naked, five points and you can pick out anybody still dressed and make THEM strip naked, and they have to do it! There are no points for hitting on the second throw since they can’t dodge…but if you miss under those conditions, kemer escort it’s naked time! Everybody ready?”

When the fourteen people waiting for their fun confirmed that they were indeed ready, the nude mistress of ceremonies turned to their hosts and ordered, “Up against the walls, folks!”

Gulping, Melinda walked over to the wall and stood with her back to it, a thousand memories of playing dodge ball in high school PE coming back. Of course, back then she hadn’t been naked, hadn’t been accompanied by her equally naked children and spouses-in-law!

“One more thing, Mel,” Tina called out. “Just to give you a little extra motive to dodge, the balloons are full of ice-water!”

“What?!” Melinda and her daughter exclaimed in perfect unison, getting a laugh from the crowd and even from the other three ‘targets’.

“When was that added to the plan?” Cathy demanded, then she looked her at Briana and demanded, “Bri?!”

“Sorry, Mom,” her daughter called back, “I couldn’t resist!”

“Paybacks are a bitch, my dear,” Cathy muttered as we took our positions.

“Ready, set, THROW!” Tina called, and the first line of five contestants hurled their ice-cold

projectiles at their naked targets! Everyone tried to dodge at once, Jean, Steven, and Neil managed it, the balloons aimed at them splashing against the wall instead, but Cathy caught one across her belly and Melinda on her hip, both women gasped in unison once more at the shock of the icy-cold water as it blasted across their bare flesh!

“Anne Romane and Dan Romane,” Tina announced, “you get a point each! What positions do you want your targets in for the bonus throw?”

Husband and wife conferred happily, while Cathy and Melinda exchanged nervous glances.

“We want ’em both on their hands and knees,” Dan said after the confab, “foreheads on the floor and asses facing us, we’re going to try and splash their fat fannies!”

“My fanny is NOT fat, Dan Romane!” Cathy yelled angrily.

“Is too!” Neil said from where he was watching at the wall.

“Your turn is coming, Little Brother,” Cathy warned him.

“Into position, ladies,” Tina ordered, and blushing, mother and daughter turned to face the wall and got down on all fours, about six inches apart, and lowered their foreheads to the rubber and lifted their bare bottoms up to make acceptable targets for their tormentors. Melinda could not have explained how she felt in that moment if she had tried, it was an incredible combination of humiliation, embarrassment, amusement, excitement, and other emotions, tangled together in a whirl. She glanced sideways at her daughter and saw that in spite of their position, Cathy looked as if she were hiding a grin, though it was hard to be sure with their faces pressed into the floor!

Behind them, the Romane’s, old friends of Melinda’s who had gone to high school with her, took careful aim at the two bare female fannies about ten feet in front of them, and threw! Anne’s balloon struck Melinda’s bare butt dead center, exploding in a shower of icy water that sprayed over both women, but Dan’s missed and blasted into the floor, only a little mist struck either Cathy or Melinda!

The room broke up in laughter, and Anne giggled and said, “You never could throw a baseball, either, Hon! Come on, get your clothes off, husband of mine!”

A few moments later, Anne took her now-nude mate by the hand and let him back to the back, while the next set of five contestants took their places and Cathy and Melinda got to their feet, shivering and wiping at the water helplessly.

“Ready…aim…THROW!” Tina’s voice called out, and again a wave of water balloons crossed the space, but motivated by the cold water already on her body, this time Melinda managed to dodge! Jean and Steven also managed it, but this time Cathy and Neil dodged into each other, got tangled up, and were both splashed by a single balloon, thrown by Janet Keller, a 48 year old single mother who was a friend of Melinda from work.

Points and demerits were totaled up, and then Tina asked Janet what position she wanted her two victims in for the bonus throws.

Janet looked at brother and sister with a thoughtful and slightly evil smile, and said, “Neil, sit on the floor, legs out, that’s the way.”

After Neil obeyed, Janet turned to Cathy and said, “You sit in your brother’s konyaaltı escort lap, and hold his cock between your thighs, that’s the way!”

Blushing, brother and sister assumed this rather lewd position, and Tina handed Janet two water balloons. She took careful aim, and threw the first one, and it caught Cathy squarely across her bare boobs, bringing a shriek from the 34 year old as the icy water splashed across her vulnerable body! Neil looked as if it was all he could do to maintain his self-control as the cold water came across his body as well, and his naked sister twisted and squirmed in his lap, his hard cock trapped between her strong thighs. Melinda watched in nervous fascination, wondering what would happen if her son lost control…

Janet took the second balloon, and aimed it at Neil’s bare legs. As it exploded against them, this time it was Neil who twisted and wiggled from the cold, and Cathy who looked nervous!

Resuming their places, the five waited for the next volley. There were five contestants left, counting Tina herself and the twins, and the twins had matching evil grins on their faces as they lifted their balloons and eyes their parents in the line, everyone knew where they were going to aim! Tina looked meaningfully at Melinda, and the other two contestants were Tim and Lisa Keller, the 22 and 24 year old children of Janet Keller.

Since Tina was a contestant this time, it was Anne Romane who called out, “Ready…aim…THROW!”

Five water balloons arced through the air. In spite of desperate efforts, this time all five contestants were struck solidly, soaked instantly and thoroughly, to the applause of the audience.

“All right, ladies and gentleman, what position for the bonus throw?” Anne asked, in her temporary role as mistress of ceremonies. Tina, Briana, Bethany, Tim, and Lisa conferred together, an interesting site as the little knot of people consisted of two clothed 19 year old identical twins, and a clothed guy and clothed girl in their early 20s, and a stark-naked widow and modestly hot grandmother of 53!

“We’re gonna do the same thing Anne and Dan did,” Briana announced when they finished. “We want all five of you to line up, asses in the air, just like Cathy and Grandma did earlier!”

They made the five soaking-wet human targets line up, Jean and Stephen at opposite ends of the line, next to their mates, Melinda in the center. As the five of them assumed the position, faces on the floor and bare bottoms held up as targets, the five contestants lined up for their bonus throws, and cast another set of five ice-cold water balloons at the temptingly presented posteriors! Four of the five impacted solidly, only Lisa’s balloon missed Cathy and cost the thrower her shorts and halter top and sandals!

The ice-cold water had left the victims pretty much clean of egg-residue, but they were shivering and covered in goose-bumps! Still, the cold water seemed unable to drive down the erections on the guys, and Melinda was shivering with more than just the cold! She looked around and saw that a lot of the audience was playing a bit themselves. Anne Romane, for example, had kicked off her shoes, and her nude husband was sitting on the floor in front of her, licking and kissing her feet right there in front of everyone!

Meanwhile, Tina had totaled up all the points from the game. The throwers had points if they managed to get any water on any target, not just a full hit, but only one person had managed to accumulate five points, and thus the right to make anyone strip, and that person was Tim Keller! His last throw had managed b some miracle to splash everyone, according to the witnesses watching the game.

“So, Tim,” a grinning (and already nude) Tina asked the 22 year old, “you can make anybody still dressed bare it all! Who is it gonna be?”

The youth looked around the room, there were stills several women fully or nearly full dressed, many of them either attractive youths or milfy elders, but his eyes rapidly came down to two women, specifically Anne Romane and his mother. Everyone could see him going back and forth, and both women were blushing and obviously anxious, until he finally grinned and said, “Mrs. Romane, I think I’d like you to show us some skin!”

“Thanks, Hon!” his mother called out in relief, while the 52 year old Anne Romane stood up, watched in appreciation by the audience and her already-stripped mate, and began to undress in front of the entire crowd. At first she was blushing and clumsy as she fumbled with the buttons on her blouse, but then she began to get into it, and proceeded to put on a small show for the party as she stripped naked!


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