Merry Maids

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Several years ago I was in Atlanta for a family reunion. After my shower, as I dried off and was naked in the motel bathroom, there was a tap on my door. It was the maid.

I cracked the door open. She excused herself and said she would come later, but I told her that she could come in right away. I quickly hopped back into the bathroom and closed the door while she entered the room.

She was awfully cute. Not beautiful but attractive in an exotic sense. I could not identify her accent, but if I had to guess I would say she was from Poland or Russia.

I cracked the bathroom door so I could observe her whereabouts. As I watched her bending over, I gave my pud a few squeezes to express a drop of cum. I carefully arranged the crack in the door to look as if it accidentally had come open. Then I lathered and shaved. All the while I angled myself so that she could see my cock if she walked by the bathroom and I could see her in the mirror.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for her to walk by. She looked quickly then darted on to her supply cart in the hallway. I thought she might leave altogether, but she came back. As she walked by, she twisted her head to inspect me. I behaved as if I didn’t see her, but watching her caused my cock to pulse.

What to do now? I hadn’t planned that far ahead. So I wrapped a towel around myself and walked into the room itself. She made a motion as if to leave the room, but I held up my hand and told her it was OK. Since her English was almost zero, I think all she understood was “OK,” and that calmed her down.

She continued her work while I pretended to select the day’s clothing for myself. The towel came loose as I bent over, and I let it fall. But I quickly rewrapped it around myself so she would think it had been an accident. I didn’t look at her, but I sensed that she was peeking up at my situation from time to time.

Finally I selected my clothes, and I very deliberately unwrapped the towel and displayed my dangling dong. However, I didn’t look at her. I looked down at my clothes as if it was very natural to dress in front of a stranger. I picked up my boxers and gave them a shake, then I hesitated and noticed that she was looking at me and smiling. My cock had hardened significantly, and she took it all in.

I looked down at myself and smiled and shrugged at her. She froze, but she did smile. I don’t know if she felt uncomfortable, but she made no effort to leave.

I walked over to the bed opposite of her and helped her spread the sheet and cover. Her eyes never left my swaying cock. By now it was getting more chubby and starting to split the foreskin opening. She and I pulled up the sheets and bedspread, and then I returned to pretending to pick out my clothes for the day.

I stayed naked while she began to clean the bathroom. I walked in behind her and stood at the sink to shave. Again, I motioned to her that it was OK for her to keep working. I hefted my cock over the lip of the counter and let it flop into the sink. Casually, as if I did it every day, I soaped up my hands and cock and gave myself a good washing. Naturally, this make my cock practically one hundred percent hard.

My friendly maid picked up the towels and practically broke her neck trying to keep an eye turned to my display. As I got more aroused, I looked at her more directly. I thought that any second she would bolt out of the room in alarm. But clearly she was enjoying the show. She stooped to pick up the waste basket and was just inches from my ball sack.

I rinsed the soapy cock and took care to carefully peel back the foreskin and clean everywhere, then I toweled off but was left with a mighty pillar of manflesh. By now I was leaking cum at a steady flow. She looked right at my cock as a big drip oozed out and made a long bead to the floor. I looked chagrinned and apologized for the mess, but she automatically moved a towel under me to catch the drips.

Finally, she shut the door, got on her knees and took my cock in her hands. I moaned as she stroked me with both hands gripped tightly around my dick. If she hadn’t done it, I would have myself to relieve the pressure. I motioned for her to stop while I took a seat in the desk chair. With my legs splayed and her knelling between them, I let my head relax back while she worked magic on my prick. I held back as long as possible and then let loose with a torrent of spewing juice. She dodged the ropes of cum that shot out and milked me down to the last drips.

She tossed a towel at me and turned to leave the room, while I took a deep breath and enjoyed the moment. What I didn’t know was that this was only the beginning of what would become a very busy night ahead.

When I returned from my family visits, there was a note under my doorway. It was written in broken English, but it was clear enough. It was from my maid, and it said, “Dear Sir, we two met another this day at your room. I am cleaning ladie for your hotel. My husband I not speak antalya escort English mush. You have big thing I ever see. Husband want to see. No believe me. 2 other both cleaning ladies I tell. No one believe. Come to show us today. 264-7329 Leticia.”

That’s it. That was the message exactly as I read it. Immediately my cock jumped in my boxers and let out a little “yippie!” But it didn’t take long to realize that I had no idea what might be going on here. Did she want to get together with her husband and even with other maids? How safe and how smart would that be? I gave it a few minutes thought, and then decided that I couldn’t lose anything by trying the phone number.

The phone rang several times before a male voice answered. A thick accent said, “Allo.” I asked for Leticia. In a few moments a lovely female voice spoke, “Hello.” When I said that I was from the motel I could tell that she had covered the mouthpiece and was speaking to others in the room with her. There were voices in the background speaking quickly and with excited tones.

“Leticia, you want me to come?” “To see you tonight?” She spoke carefully, but with enough clarity to make me understand, “Oh, I am so happy you call.” “Tonight OK?” “You come to show us?”

I was flummoxed but I was getting very turned on. “Where?” I asked. Leticia replied, “Tonight at 10:00 o’clock at Motel Iberia.” “Boulevard University.” “10:00 o’clock at the office.” “You OK come?”

I hastily wrote down notes about where she told me to go and gave her a quick reply, “OK, I will come.” I heard her say, “Good, good,” as she put her phone down and said something to the voices behind her.

Good God, what had I done? Immediately I felt a flush of adrenaline and a burst of exaltation, but very soon I began to wonder if this might be a set up for trouble. A husband, after all. Would there be more than one husband? It was only 8:00 at the time, so I had some time to think about this.

Luckily, a plan came to mind. I would find this place now and stake it out for a while to see if I could figure out the situation. My motel desk clerk gave me directions to this Motel Iberia. It was across town and from its name I assumed it was not a chain operation. I got to the location just before nine o’clock and parked across the street. It was an older place but nicely maintained, one story with about twenty rooms. The office was at one end and it was brightly lit.

I sat and watched. Nothing. But then about 9:30 a car drove up. Getting out of the car was my cleaning lady, followed by two other females. The drivers’ side door opened and a man got out. He was short and looked chubby. Was this the husband? All of a sudden another car appeared and parked along side. In it were two more males, both smaller than my six foot three inches and both smoking and looking out of shape. All six of them went to the office. In a few minutes they emerged and walked down to the end room.

Well, that was probably all the information I was going to learn before taking the plunge. I shifted my car into drive and pulled away to circle the block to see what else was in the neighborhood and to let me senses cool down. A grocery store was open, so I pulled in and bought flowers, wine and vodka. I figured to be a gracious visitor.

At ten o’clock I parked and entered the office. Sitting there was Leticia, dressed in a lovely dress, her hair and makeup made her very attractive. She smiled at me and said, “How happy.” “Come, meet others.” She ushered me out the door and down to the end room.

Inside the room was filling with smoke and voices were chattering. At our appearance everyone got quiet and looked me over. There I stood, towering over the other men by almost a foot, looking at them with their little bellies sticking out over their belts. Beside them were two more quite lovely ladies also dressed up and looking like Saturday night.

I assumed that Leticia was in charge, but I was going to be very careful until I sized up the situation. I have her the flowers but kept out two blossoms to give to the other ladies. They smiled and stared into my eyes and seemed pleased with the floral gesture. Then I handed the vodka to one of the men. He reached out his hand for a greeting, and we shook on it. The other two men came over to me and shook hands even though they retained serious looks on their faces.

The four men opened the vodka and each took a drink along with a toast that they offered in a language I did not understand. But as each one swallowed he reached down and patted his crotch. So I did the same. The next round, as he swallowed he reached over and patted the crotch of the man beside him! This was evidently some kind of ritual. The man next to me actually reached over and gave my cock a little squeeze through my trousers. I was touched!

I looked back at the ladies, and they were watching us and giggling. Leticia has put the flowers in the ice bucket with some water, and she opened the serik escort wine. By now the men were loosening up and talking in whatever tongue and including me in the chatter with occasional English words.

I smiled and tried to look more comfortable than I felt. Leticia caught my eye, and I moved over beside her to get a better look at her lady friends. I assumed that they had come to see my cock, but I had to remind myself of this because the whole affair seemed so weird. Leticia put her arm around my waist and talked casually with her friends. I could catch them staring down at my pants as they tried to gauge what Leticia must have told them earlier.

The men settled into chairs in one corner of the room and called over to Leticia. She answered them and then spoke to the ladies. Soon the ladies found places to sit and Leticia asked me, “Today, I see you.” “Tonight you show friends and husbands, OK?” “You go now and show.”

I was on. Before me sat three wives and three husbands. How would this work out, I wondered? Again, a plan came to me. Block out the men. Perform to the wives. Enjoy them and see if any of them will show you pussy in front of their own husbands. That was my objective for the night – make the wives show pussy while the husbands watch. A noble goal. My peter was already responding to the challenge.

With no delay, I unbuckled my belt, kicked off my shoes. The husbands slugged beer and joked around between themselves while the wives watched me with interest. By the time I got down to my briefs, even the husbands were leaning forward a bit.

I outlined by coiled cock with one finger, which stimulated me enough to cause the briefs to tent seriously. I folded my hands behind my head and jutted my hips this way and that while my package giggled forcefully down below. All eyes were fascined on my bulging briefs with its barely contained weight bouncing left and right and up and down.

I reached down and pulled the briefs upward, allowing my balls to spurt out one on each side. Plop, they fell down to the “Oooos” of the onlookers. The wives were transfixed while the husbands smiled with approval at the display.

Then I pulled the briefs downward ever so slowly. First my pubic hair and root came into view, then an inch of cock shaft. Another inch and another. I stopped from time to time and mugged for the audience. There I was standing in front of the wives and husbands with my cock half exposed and the briefs half way to my knees but still covering the last few inches.

I stopped to play with myself with little touches and strokes so that I was good and hard. As my pucker of foreskin came into view and the last of my cock was revealed, up it sprang and slapped against my stomach and chest. It waved up and down in front of me for a few seconds before settling at just about a ninety degree angle from my frame. Already my dickmeat was drooling. At the tip of my cock little bubbles of cum popped and tiny threads of cumjuice stringed their way to the carpet.

The wives and husbands both broke into exclamations in a language I did not understand. They looked at each other and back at me. Leticia held out her hand beckoning me to come to her. She gently caressed my cock and used both hands to pet it like it was a kitten.

Suddenly the room was filled with chatter as the wives accosted their husbands with a flurry of sentences. The husbands argued and seemed concerned, then one by one they too started to disrobe. Unceremoniously they pulled off trousers and boxers until all three were naked with their little nubbins of cocks poking out. I’d say I was larger than all three put together and multiplied by two.

To compensate them, the wives hugged their husbands and rubbed their cocks to full erections. Then I could see that they, too, were leaking. Obviously there was to be fun and games for them tonight as well as for me.

One of the wives unwrapped a motel plastic cup and held it under her husband’s dick while she milked him. Everyone watched as the husband was pumped and drained into the cup. I slowly stroked myself as I watched, and occasionally one of the wives would heft my dick and give it a squeeze.

One after the other, all three were milked into the same cup. When they finished, the wives set the cum cup on the desktop beside me and pointed to it as they motioned to me and unwrapped another cup. Gradually I understood that they wanted me to empty a blast into the new cup. I surmised that they wanted to compare my load with their husbands. Who was I to question their weird request? I was enjoying the experiment and I was more than happy to oblige.

It was awkward for me to hold the cup at the end of my dick because it was quite a long stretch. So I motioned for a wife to help me. I sat in a chair while one of them knelt between my legs and held the cup. Leticia and the other wife sat on the bedside and watched while the husbands relaxed on the beds and side escort muttered something among themselves.

I had been aroused and hard for long enough that I was able to maintain the erection even with lots of stimulation. So I played out the drama. I took the cupholder’s other hand and placed it on my shaft and encouraged her to pump. She did a swell job, and I let me head roll back and dropped my arms to my side to enjoy the sensation. Back and forth she went, making my bulb disappear under wrinkles of foreskin then reappear looking like a purple plum. With each backstroke my pee hole spread open like an angry eel reach to feed on a helpless morsel.

As she stroked me I eyed the other two wives. My eyes traveled up and down their bodies, appealing for them for help. Leticia understood, and she moved her knees apart so I could see up between her legs. Her friend followed suit and began to unbutton her blouse. Leticia kept going. My juices were bubbling as I gazed directly at her panties that were the only thing hiding her sweet pussy from my eyes.

She teased me mercilessly as her neighbor showed off her bra. I was smiling and cruising on autopilot. Dick stimulation, A-OK. Visual stimulation, A-OK. Anticipation of pussy sightings, A-OK.

I relaxed and started to allow the inevitable involuntary convulsion to take over my mind and body. Slowly I turned over all stimulation and control to the wives. I anticipated their joy and watching a huge cock gush its load. I was enjoying them enjoying me.

I took over my own firehose. The catcher wife intently positioned her cup. I paced my strokes rhythmically. With my eyes half closed in pleasure, and with wives on display I was ready to release. Just then Leticia pulled her panties aside and my eyes fascined on her crease. Pow! Jets of squirtum plastered the little cup. More like blasts. “Arg, Arg!” I emoted as I forced spasms of fluid into the target. Stroke after stroke produced stream after stream of white goo. It was in the cup, on the catcher’s hands, on the floor, everywhere.

After fifteen strong pumps I was exhausted and let go of my grip. My spent member flopped downward, bounced off the chair seat and rested dangling over the edge with a low volume drain of cum still flowing.

The cup was almost full of fluid, and the wives marveled at the comparison with their husbands’ contributions. Of course, it wasn’t a fair comparison because I was super stimulated by their wives whereas they were just popping off a routine load. I imagine if they were in front of new pussy, they too would cum up with better results.

Leticia dropped her skirt to cover her legs, and her friend buttoned her blouse. As for me, I was in a lather and needed a rest. I grabbed a beer and joined the husbands on the other side of the room. We smiled at each other, and they seemed to like my company well enough. One even took my cock in his hand and lifted it up and whistled. That made me wonder about the ultimate nature of this get together.

Leticia said to me, “You tired? How long? You do again?” I held up my hands and took a deep breath. She smiled and said, “Few minutes, OK.”

With that, the three ladies went into a striptease. On after the other undressed until all were as naked as the men. Their show revived my interest, and before long my cock pole was pulsing back to life.

What beautiful pussies were before me. Well trimmed. One had prominently protruding inner labia that looked so delicious and vulnerable. I couldn’t wait to split those lips with my dick handle. Leticia took out a bottle of lubricant and oiled my cock with great care and skill. That’s all it took to restore my might. And she was first in line for a fuck.

I mounted her, traditional style, on the bed and eased my dickhead into her slit. She spoke to her husband, and he came around behind me and used his hands to position my cock just right for the plunge. I pushed into her with little motions, withdrawing and entering a little at a time. Eventually, I was a good half way up her pussy. I called it quits there because I was bumping up against her limit.

I motioned for the next wife to take her place, and we repeated the penetration. I rocked back and forth inside her for fifteen minutes, then called for the last pussy. Each was very snug and tight because they were only used to their husbands’ cocks. It became difficult to restrain myself because the pussies pressed on me so much.

After I poked each wife, their husbands mounted them for a pleasure ride. Then after the third wife, Leticia returned for more dicking. We made the rounds over and over. I tried to give each wife ten minutes of fucking before switching, and we changed out positions to alter the angles of penetration. My favorite was sitting on a chair while one by one they put their back to me and squatted down on my prick. This gave a great view to the watchers.

Soon all seven of us were having at it at a furious pace. Every husband fucked every wife, and I tapped husbands on the shoulder when I wanted to break in. At one point the wives were all doggie style on one bed, lined up with asses and cunts ready for action. I poked each one for three strokes then moved to the next, up and down the line.

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