Memory Of A Friend 2

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Memory Of A Friend 2
The next day we went shopping down to Swansea all day in Aunt Megs car. On the way home she suggested we stop for a drink. We walked in the pub and from the greeting it was obvious she knew the Landlady well. We got the drinks and sat on bar stools at the bar while Meg chatted intimately to the Landlady, obviously a close friend. While we sat there the pub’s big Alsatian dog came around the bar to us, jumping up and making a huge fuss of both of us, but mainly Aunt Meg, who he obviously knew well. From the Landlady’s conversation I learned that evidently he boarded with Meg whenever the couple who owned the pub went abroad.

“I daren’t let Kim out by here because of the main road but he loved it running free up the valley at your Aunt’s place, you didn’t want to come back home again did you Bach?”

‘No I bet you didn’t’ I thought, stroking his head. ‘I can guess why, if only you could talk!’

My mind was working overtime now, after yesterdays events and knowing what Meg liked dog’s to do to her I gave an involuntary shudder when I saw him blatantly try to stick his nose into the crotch of her jeans. It was turning me on, let alone her! She noticed me looking and reprimanded the dog sternly. The dog backed off, looking puzzled and went to lay down.

The pub was very quiet that afternoon. We stayed a while drinking cold lagers, free I noticed. The second time I visited the toilet I noticed that the dog had got up and followed me down the long passage to the ladies and I took my chance. I was by now in a state of sheer total “excitement” about my Aunt’s kink for sexy dogs and a little giddy after the free drinks.

I quickly glanced over my shoulder, then quietly let him into the toilets behind me. I was shaking as I pulled my loose knickers aside and blatantly exposed my now very wet naked pussy an inch in front of the dog’s nose. He lept at me instantly and almost knocked me over in his eagerness to get his tongue at my cunt.

‘My God, I knew it, he’s another experienced woman licker’ I thought as I let him get at me and lick away frantically for all he was worth. It was gorgeous and it felt incredibly sexy.

It was obvious he was just as experienced at licking human pussy as Bill had been with my Aunt. I wondered if he had licked her cunt too? Surely he had. I almost fainted with sheer excitement at the thought and also what I was doing myself when I looked and caught sight of myself in the wall mirror. Here I was, laid back on the sinks in a public toilet with a strange dog licking at my cunt for all it was worth. The thought that anyone could walk in and catch me initially excited me but then suddenly frightened me as I heard a noise from the pub, it sounded like they had noticed the dog missing and were calling him. The realisation of how close I was to being caught and branded a total pervert sobered me up from my excitement.

I reluctantly pushed him away to stop him licking me, I ushered him out and then had far more than a pee behind that locked toilet door! I was horny as hell, I came in minutes.

When I walked back into the bar and sat on the bar stool I made a joke about the guard dog following me to the toilet just to make sure I didn’t nick the toilet roll and everyone canlı kaçak bahis laughed. Embarrassingly the dog now started making as much fuss of me as he had of Aunt Meg and she looked at me thoughtfully as I had to now keep stopping him “getting” my own crotch … I wouldn’t say she was suspicious but as she definitely “knew” dog language well she fully realised he was treating me far differently than he had just 15 minutes earlier!

She looked at me thoughtfully a few times … and the dog.

We got back home eventually, around 5 pm. After a meal my Aunt asked me if I wanted to come to bingo with her. She didn’t keep drink in the house but I’d seen that she was quite fond of her lager when she was out socially. She spent a lot of evenings up at the local miners welfare club. I usually went too but I declined to go this time, saying I had a slight headache. My brief sexual encounter with that randy pub dog had wet my appetite, I had other plans…

She eventually got changed and set off but had hardly got her car to the end of the main drive before I had brought both the Lab’s in, taken off my knickers and started experimenting.

I started by showing them each my naked pussy in turn, just to see what transpired! Their response was instant and somewhat dramatic! Even more frantic that Kim the Alsatian’s had been in the pub toilets earlier that afternoon.

They almost fought over me, the older dog Bill was at my mound like a shot and licking me for all he was worth. I had never been licked there much before, David, (my partner) would do it if prompted but I knew he didn’t really like doing it much and that put me off. The brief tonguing I’d had from Kim that day had been far better than David, Kim had obviously loved licking human pussies and now it felt exactly the same my aunt’s dog. He was quite clearly turned on sexually and doing it so enthusiastically that it felt fantastic. Far from doing it under sufferance like David did he was obviously getting himself into a sexual frenzy as he licked away feverishly at my cunt, bucking his hips and thrusting his hardening cock away fucking nothing except “fresh air”. I stared in shock realizing my cunt was really turning this dog on.

Although all this was exciting me tremendously I started to get frightened at Bill’s intensity, especially when after licking me hard he tried forcing his nose up into me as he had my Aunt. Being stood up I fell over backwards onto the couch. He immediately jumped up and tried to mount me, frightening me to death. I felt Bill’s wetness rubbing on my bare legs and as I glanced down saw that his red cock was coming right out of its sheath. I realised with a shock that this dog was now making more than a serious attempt to physically screw me. Ben, the younger dog kept getting his head in and sniffing at my pussy experimentally too but Bill kept growling at him fiercely, finally snapping at him and physically forcing him away.

He quite obviously meant literally, “My bitch, go away, I’m fucking her first”

This now really frightened me, the two dogs were fighting over me like a bitch on heat, just as if I wasn’t in charge, it was almost like an attempted ****.

His obvious sexual intimidation was panicking me because he casino oyna was now definitely fully intent on fucking me, humping my thighs and any part of me he could get his hard cock up against.

I did briefly get him down once but as soon as he licked me again he got horny and jumped straight back up to try to mount me again. I even felt him coming, I felt it hot, all over my legs. It scared me but also felt incredibly sexy, the sheer fact I could make even a dog come.

Half of me did want him to stop, but my sexy ‘wicked slut’ side wanted him to carry on, even keep trying to fuck me, I don’t think I would have gone so far as to let him but I just felt so sexually powerful knowing I’d aroused him so much sexually, the shuddering thought was,

“God, I’m giving off such strong sexual vibes I’ve even turned a dog on. He can tell how much I want sex, I’m a bitch on heat to him. He knows I’m horny and just wants to fuck me!”

Suddenly it dawned on me that Bill was a highly trained dog, he wouldn’t have ‘dared’ show me the aggression he was doing unless it was part of a usual sexual routine that he knew.

He wouldn’t suddenly decide he wanted to fuck me, I realised he must have done it before!

I remembered that as I had watched through the window he had tried to jump up once onto my Aunt and she had just stopped him with her normal “wait” signal. This was right hand outstretched, palm down. (up was palm up.)

The thought hit me hard that one or even both her dogs had probably fucked my Aunt! Possibly even the pub Alsatian too! He’s been there over a week! Oh no, My God, Help.

I tried to tell Bill to get down but he was a heavy dog and pinning me down on the couch, he just wouldn’t obey me. I tried the signals, calling his name sharply as my Aunt did and gave him the palm down with my right hand. Thankfully he obeyed. He stopped trying to hump me and just stood still. I managed to grab and release his paws gripping tight round my waist and push him away from me as he relaxed his grip and jumped down.

He began licking himself and I curiously looked his penis, now throbbing and swollen. It was fully out of his sheath and still dripping the thin come he had just spurted all over my legs. I realised with rather strange satisfaction that I had made him come by letting him thrust against me and suddenly feeling safe now and back in charge I massaged his penis gently as he squirted his come in dozens of long squirts until he finally stopped coming. I could feel the wetness in my hand and bizarrely even rubbed some of his come onto my pussy. I had excited him by letting him lick me and touching him and the weirdest thing was I felt sexy about it all, like I would with a man. I had made this male “come” with my body. So sexy.

I managed to get Bill back in the yard after a struggle, with his swollen cock hanging down like a donkey, I prayed no-one would see him but no one ever passed by, it was so remote.

I then coaxed Ben into licking me, which he did very gently and it was exciting, I was half hoping he would try to fuck me as Bill had but he didn’t seen to want to try, even when I gave him the up command he just jumped up but didn’t really seem to know why he was there even when I rubbed his dick to canlı casino siteleri see if he would get sexy too, but he didn’t, except to thrust a bit.

I finally put him out with Bill strangely disappointed that he had not even wanted to try to mount me like Bill had, (not that I would have let him but I felt, well “spurned” … turned down by a dog! “I bet Kim would have wanted to fuck me,” I caught myself thinking. How crazy?

I realized with a shock that Bill’s wet come was all over the rug and I soaked it in the bath, leaving a note to say I had spilled some milk on it.

I had a shower and finally went to bed having fantasies about thick red dog cocks! I just kept imagining what would have happened if I had just turned over face down when he tried to mount me. I kept imagining I’d just let him jump up onto my back and guided his thin red pencil cock up into my pussy to let him fuck me. As I masturbated I imagined I could feel the hot sperm he’d shot over my thighs earlier that day flooding into my pussy. I imagined Bill shaking as he ejaculated and pumped his hot seed deep into me with that swollen red cock.

As I thought about it I just kept on and on just wanting to go back downstairs and let either or both of them screw me. A FUCK, I just wanted a FUCK. If a naive “puppies” thought had not stuck in my mind I’m sure would have gone downstairs and done it too. I wanted it badly.

I was now more than ever convinced Meg had been fucked by some of the many dogs she’d trained. She had won loads of awards at Fete’s, obedience shows and sheepdog trials with dogs she had owned, all had been highly trained. It excited me unbearably now to know that they had probably all learned a trick Aunt Meg didn’t perform in public, like fucking her!

I never got chance to repeat the experience with the dogs in Wales, Law school called but the “fantasy” on that night stayed with me, I thought constantly about being fucked by dogs myself. I mentally built up my masturbation fantasy into a full feature epic. I re-lived and elaborated on my one dog sex night perhaps a thousand times in my fantasies, with both dogs screwing me one after the other for hours, even my Aunt coming home and joining in!

I did resume sex with David but our relationship didn’t last long, we eventually separated just a few months after I went back. I do remembering him wondering and being jealous of why I had suddenly developed a liking for sex from the back, “doggy fashion”. He was convinced I’d had sex with someone in Wales like that because I’d not been “into” it at all before… (nearly right David, nearly… ) He was very straight laced, it’s a good job he couldn’t read my mind as he was fucking me or his hair would have curled. “Say woof David, go on, just bark”

“Who was this bloody Bill guy in Wales who’s name you keep moaning?” I never told him anything about it, or anyone else for that matter until I met Pete, my (now) ex husband.

I never did anything else physically with a dog either from that Summer in South Wales to several years later until I met Pete, although I thought and masturbated about it a hell of a lot!

In pillow talk we eventually told each other of our secret masturbation fantasies. Pete’s was seeing me lick another woman’s cunt and her lick mine in a sixty nine. Mine was telling him this true story and my fantasy of being fucked a big dog myself too, just like my Aunt had.

A year later I had done both, but that’s yet another story. I’ll continued if you wish!

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