Memories of A Gay Boy part 3: Vanilla

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In the dark hours of the night, Tokyo screams with noise. Never silent, never peaceful, and never finished.
‘ aishite mo ii kai? yureru yoru ni
aragamama de ii yo matto fukaku
kurushii kurai ni nareta kuchibiru ga tokeau hodoni
boku wa…kimi no…vanilla’ rang through the house. The sound of Gackt: Vanilla sang it’s tempting melody in the hotel room. Translation is ‘ Would it be ok to love, too, in this trembling night?
Just like this… harder, deeper…
At the grind of your lips claiming mine,
I am… your… Vanilla.’. The song is one of my favorites, it knows exactly how I feel. My favorite part of the song ‘ Can I love you? In this trembling night
Do it just like that . . . do it more . . . you are . . .
At the grind of your hips against mine
You are . . . my . . . keeper ‘. A sensual and erotic meaning. I answer my phone “hello?”.

” Tashinaku?”

” Yes, who is this?”

” Mikashi” the voice on the other end said. I felt my heart drop to the pit of my stomach. The room grew darker as the sound of his voice continued with the conversation.

” We should talk about last night”

” why can’t we just forget about it?”

” because”

“because why?”

” I don’t want to forget about you, and I don’t want you to forget about me either”

“oh…” that’s all I could say. My heart sank deeper and a sad overwelming feeling enter my body. Last night should have happened and we both know it. Mat and I are going to stay together, no matter how much I like Mikashi. ” I have to go”
I said because the more I talk to him the harder it is to give him up ” no wait” he ended.

The train ride was hell, bumps and shaking until you feel like exploding. I’ll never ride in a train again. We were invited to stay with my sister and her family, that is if I can learn to behave. I’ve never met my sister’s kids or her husband so I’m feeling a bit nervous. When I arrive at the station I see her standing by my niece who is 3 and my nephew who is 9. Sometimes I feel envious of her life. A women walks past and accidentally bumps into me. ” excuse me” she says. She looks so familiar, her dark hair and eyes mesmerize me. ” excuse me, but do I know you?” I ask. She looks at me and instantly I know she remembers. ” sorry, I don’t think so. Perhaps do you know my ex husband?”

” what is his name?”

” Mikashi Takanori”

” Mikashi?” I asked.

” do you know him?”

” umm..yes..yes we’re close friends”

” oh, well It was nice meeting you. I’m Shikashi and this is my son Tashinaku”

” wow, we have the same name. I’m Tashinaku Mitsimoto” Everything around me seemed to darken. His son and I have the same name. His ex wife is beautiful and his son seems charming, who would want to chance that? Who would be so stupid? ” well I’m glad I had this opportunity to meet you” I said casually.

” me too. When was the last time you seen him?”

” oh, it’s been so long. About two years I think.”

” well, a lot has changed then. especially since the accident.”

” accident?”

” Mikashi was in a wheel chair for….”

” yes?”

” well a little less than two years”

” do you mind if I ask what happened?”

” He went off babbling about some guy he met and he really needed to apologize for something. After a while he went looking for this guy and he didn’t make it home for a while. Even missed Christmas.” she said. I seen sadness in her eyes, a sadness no one can fix.

” yes go on”

” The doctors said he wouldn’t be able to walk again, he was paralyzed from the waist down.”

” I’m canlı bahis sorry”

” the car flipped several times, and they said at the hospital the first thing he said when he woke up was…..’find Tashinaku’… Well, I found you.” a tear streamed down her cheek as she finished the last sentence. I felt so guilty and responsible for his accident. I can’t imagine how she must be feeling seeing my face. Hatred? Anger? ” I am soo sorry” was all I could say.

” He’s dead Tashinaku, he told me that he was gay and that he loved you””

” I-” I began to say, but was cut off by my sister screaming my name. Being a couard I walked away from Mikashi’s family and went over to my sister. ” what was that about?” Mat asked.

” I was close with her husband”

” do I know him?”

” no, let’s just forget about it”

” well if you want to talk about it-“

” just forget it” I said and flashed him a short smile. My sister’s husband was attractive, Korean, wealthy, and he seemed like a nice man. Mat and I felt a bit uneasy around them, like we were being judged. On the way to my sister’s house it started to rain and my mind started playing tricks on me. Mikashi’s face was in the raindrops on the window, a tear fell from my eyes. One single tear for him, that’s all he deserved. Though after that one tear I couldn’t stop the others from falling. I felt a hand on my thigh, I look over and Mat was rubbing my leg in his sleep. Pulling a blanket over the two of us I slip my hand on his growing harden. My hand rubs his bulge through the fabric of his jeans as he leans over and kisses me. The backseat was getting a bit hot with the two of us. I look up and see my sister’s husband staring at us through the rear view mirror. I continued with our playing and let him watch, he seemed curious. Something in me changed and I started looking at him as Mat licked and sucked at my neck. I flicked my tongue against my teeth and started seducing my brother in law as my sister sleeps by his side. Luckily the kids were sleeping too. Mat unbuttoned my pants and lowered his head to my lap. His lips circled my cock and he began bobbing his head. I licked my lips and slid my hand in the back of Mat’s pants. I played with his puckering ass whole. Once again I looked up at Him with lust filled eyes. Not once did he look away or seem discussed. After I filled Mat’s mouth with my hot load we kissed. It turned me on to know that he had just swallowed my cum. I wasn’t going to tell Mat that he was watching, he never would have gone through with it.

When we arrived at my sisters house I felt envious once again. A large cabin style home sat in the mountains with large tree’s and snow covered mountains. Fuck it was cold. I hoped the house had heating, but they use fire places. Instantly my nose turned red and I started shivering, but because Mat is close with my sister he helped with the bags instead of tending to me. Suddenly I felt warm and noticed my sister’s husband gave me his coat. Japan’s weather is so fucked up, raining one moment and freezing the next.
” What’s your name?” I asked.

” Park Shin Young”

” nice to meet you”

” yeah I heard a lot about you, your sister talks about you often”

” really?”

“yeah, she’s really proud of you. She thinks you’re making the right decisions in your life” when he said that I couldn’t help but feel happy. That’s the first time someone has been proud of me. ” Tashinaku! Come see your room!” she yelled. The room we were staying in was amazing. Hot tub, big windows, a large bed, beautiful bathroom, the decorating was astonishing, and view was indescribable. They were bahis siteleri so lucky to have something like this. Mat seemed excited about the hot tub mostly, but me I’m all about the bed. Once I laied down and closed my eyes I seen images of Mikashi, this man was haunting me and I still can’t believe he’s dead. I can’t believe he died trying to find me. The guilt was unbearable. Mat laied next to me and smiled. ” you ok?” he asked.

” yeah”

“doesn’t seem like it”

” I know, I’m just tired and I can’t fall asleep”

” I can fix that” he said sounding so sure. He rubbed my head and began singing to me.

‘In your heart, if I disappear along with all these snowflakes
I want to bloom [in your heart once again]
Don’t forget the warmth of us being close together, and hugging
Don’t forget even if you love someone else
I’ll never let go [of the memory] of when I heard your voice last and so
..I just want to fall into a deep sleep’ he isn’t the greatest singer, but I love that song(Gackt: last song *translated from Japanese*). My eyes closed and I drifted off.

Never Look Back:

When I woke up and walked around the house I notice no one was there. Mat must have gone into town with everyone, so I was here alone. I stripped off all of my cloths and walked into the kitchen, I kept thinking about Mat and I in the car so I was growing a bit hard. I bent down a bit to get something out of the fridge when I heard something behind me, I slowly looked back and seen Shin Young looking at me. ” I’m so sorry I didn’t know anyone was home”

” It’s fine I just was working and I got a call saying I should check up on you”

” I should put some clothes on”

” no need”

” what?”

” you’re staying here, you should be as comfortable as you please”

” thanks but I’d prefer to be dressed around you”

“like I said, no need” he dropped the bag in his hand and walked up to me. I felt exposed and a bit ocward. He pressed his lips against mine and kissed me with great passion. I soon pulled away. ” what are you doing?”

” don’t tell me you don’t remember me?”

” what are you talking about?”


” how do you know that?”

” Aiden, it’s me Kashima. We were friends when we were little.” he explained and I clenched my eyes shut and thought back to my childhood. A big white house, two teenage boys, and soon they were taken over by lust grinding and kissing. My mind took me back years ago, when I was a virgin and straight. ” Kashima?” I said finally.

” Yeah, but it’s Shin Young now”

” why did you change your name?”

” I could ask you the same thing”

” work”

” same here, I found my father and inherited his business”

” congratulations, but……are you?…umm…gay?”

” Bi actually”

” oh, does Xira know?”

” of course not, are you crazy?”

“we can talk when I’m dressed”

” no need” he said once again and kissed me, this time there was more emotion. The kiss lasted longer than expected, I felt my stomach do flips. I’m acting like a child. He’s my sister’s husband and I’m with Mat. He pushed me against the counter and I felt his hand caress down my back. I was so thin compared to him. He was tall and husky, almost intimidating. His tongue slid past my teeth and danced in my mouth as his hand gripped my hardened cock. He began stroking it making it hard for me to breathe. Without thinking I started unbuttoning his shirt and pulled it off of him. His body was so defined and his skin was so tan and sexy. My lips moved down to his neck and chest, he shuddered a bit when my bahis şirketleri tongue flicked over his nipple. He bit his lip when I kissed down his abs and around his waist line. Seconds later my lips were sliding down the shaft of his cock, it grew so much since the last time I seen him. My tongue rolled around the tip and I slowly slid his entire length down my hot throat. Gripping and milking his tool made me so hot. I couldn’t wait to feel him in my ass. Wait! This is so wrong! I’ve only been here for a day and I’m already on my knees for this man? I pulled away quickly and ran upstairs, slamming and locking the bedroom door behind me. I left him hanging, but I couldn’t do that to Mat again. Besides he was the one that suddenly disappeared when we were younger. Out of breath and tired from running I calm myself down and think of what to do. Mat comes in and looks at me. ” Is anything wrong?” he asked. I can’t reply, I just rush over and kiss him. I’m so happy to see him, that way I won’t have any temptations. His hands run down my sides and rest on my hips. He lifts me up by my ass and lays me down on the bed. We kiss passionately as his hands run down my body and tweak my nipples. I pull away from the kiss and nibble on his neck. It’s starting to get heated. He pulls away from me and goes down a bit further, kisses my feet and slides my toes in his mouth. It tickles but somewhat erotic. He kissed up my calf and my thighs. A moan escapes my mouth as his lips kiss just inches away from my sweet spot. I’m now standing erect. He kisses the area around my cock and the tip. I can’t wait to feel his warm mouth close around it. His tongue flicks that sensitive spot right below the head, making me cringe a little. Then he slides my cock into his mouth, his hot waiting mouth. My own mouth began to water as he sucked and slurped away at my manhood. The way her rolled his tongue and swallowed my length was making me so hot. When he was finished he pulled up closer to me and kissed me maddeningly. He was so hard resting against my leg and I would do anything to have it inside me. I was flipped over and he kissed down my back. Slid his tongue between the crack of my ass and slipped it into my tight whole. The wetness of his tongue felt so good in my sexy puckering ass. He tongue fucked me so good my toes curled, but suddenly he stopped and got in front of my face. ” I’m on bottom tonight” he said. I was so shocked, he’s never been a bottom. I kissed his ass and licked his sweet whole. My tongue slid in easier than I thought. Was Mat seeing someone else? I put that thought away from my mind and continued eating his sexy ass. I pulled him further down below me and slowly pushed in my head. After the head entered the rest just slid inside, as if he’s had sex recently. He may have just warmed up for me. I once again dismissed it from my mind. I began fucking his ass. Deep and hard, fast and nasty. He pushed back against me and gripped his ass against my cock. I sped up and grabbed his shoulders, shoving in and pounding against his Gspot. ” FUCK! SSSSS DEEPER! HARDER!” he moaned loudly. I was afraid my sister and her family would hear so I pushed his face into the pillow and plowed deep into his gut. He began grunting into the pillow and biting it. I reached around and grabbed his cock and started to jerk it. His groans got louder and roughly thrusted his ass up at my cock. I pushed in and exploded my hot sticky cum inside his ass. His cum maid a little puddle on the bed. Once again though I was with man, Mikashi entered my mind. I forgot about it when Mat rolled over and I seen the puddle, I couldn’t help but stick out my tongue and lick it up. I swirled it around in my mouth and showed him, then swallowed the load of cum and kissed him. Out the corner of my eye I seen someone in the window. It was my nephew.

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