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Melissa stood just shy of five feet two, wore size eighteen to twenty clothes and had the cutest smile I’d ever seen. We’d met on a night out with a mutual friend, it had been lust at first sight, for me at least. Melissa and I had chatted briefly, in between jugs of cocktails and shots of tequila. As the months passed by, Melissa had started to work for my company. Melissa worked in a different department to me, at a small office roughly twenty miles from the one I work in. We bumped into each other on training days and at conferences and got to know each other a little better over cigarettes and coffee during breaks.

As time passed we had exchanged phone numbers and texted each other regularly, just to say “hi” and catch up on life. Innocent text messages began to get a little flirtatious between us, and soon we began to exchange pictures messages, she would send me pictures of herself licking things and sucking her fingers. I would send her pictures of myself in my under ware, or with my hand suggestively covering my cock and balls.

It was a Monday, we had a company conference. Melissa and I stood talking outside the building before going inside. “Cigarette,” I said, offering her the pack of Marlboro.

“Thanks,” she said with one of her beautiful smiles. Her hair was pulled back tight and held in a pony-tail. She wore a low cut top that really showed off her cleavage, probably not the most professional of things to wear but I was pleased and as she took a cigarette from the pack I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her bulging chest. “Hey, I’m up here,” she said with a giggle. “You like this top then?”

“Very much,” I said, a little nervous after having been caught eyeing her breasts.

“I thought you might,” Melissa lit her cigarette, “I wore it for you.”

“Thank you very much!” I said with a smile.

“So you like what you see?”

“I sure do,” and then I was interrupted.

“Hey guys!” I looked around and there was Steve, a tall muscular man with short cropped blonde hair and expensive jeans. “How you doing?”

“I’m good, thank you,” Melissa told him.

“Cool, thanks mate, you?”

“Good, can’t believe we’ve got another bloody conference! It’s all we seem to do now!”

“I know,” I replied, secretly wanting him to go back from whence he came.

“Maybe they could canlı bahis just let us get on with working, I’ve a stack of paperwork to get through by Wednesday,” Melissa said.

“Oh, I think we should go in,” Steve said, “looks like people are making their way in.” He walked off, Melissa and I took a last drag on out cigarettes, stamped them out and headed in after him. As we walked up the slope towards the front door of the building I leaned into Melissa’s ear and whispered, “so, you were saying?”

“Wait till break,” she whispered back to me, “we’ll talk then.”


An hour and a half passed. An hour and half of watching slides and listening to the company director talking about budgets, recessions, graphs and upping the financial return. An hour and a half of thinking about Melissa’s breasts, imagining setting them free from her bra, of taking them in my hands and of licking her erect nipples, pulling on them with my fingers, kissing her neck, loosening her jeans and….

“Hey, break time! Fag?” Melissa’s voice brought me back into the room. “You paying attention? You looked a little vacant there.”

“Uh? Oh, sure, yeah, I was just day dreaming.”

“What about?” Melissa said, leaning forward to give me a good eyeful of cleavage.

“Oh, nothing,” I lied.

“Is that right?”

I stood up, we got a cup of coffee each and went outside to smoke. “So you’re really liking my top? You were fantasising about my tits weren’t you just then?”

“I.. I…”

“Go on admit it, you were thinking about them, about how big they are, what you would do to them.”

“I was,” I said shyly.

“I could tell, you had a bulge in your trousers. Now, shall I tell you what I thought when I saw that?”

“Go on…”

“I thought, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if the director saw that you’d got a hard on whilst he was talking!” Melissa laughed.

“You bitch!” I said, half jokingly, half seriously.

Melissa moved closer to me, grabbed me by the back of the head, pulled me down so that my ear was level with her mouth. “What I really thought,” she whispered, “is how good it would feel to unzip your jeans, reach in, pull your cock out and suck it till you shoot your hot cum down my fucking throat.”

My mouth went a little dry, I wasn’t used to her being this forceful. “You can have bahis siteleri that, whenever you want,” I eventually replied once the initial shock had worn off.

“So, tell me, what were you thinking about in there? I bet I can guess, you were thinking about my tits, thinking about licking and sucking my nipples, well you know what? That makes my pussy wet, it’s wet right now…”

“Guys!” Steve said.

Not now, fuck off I thought to myself and then out loud said “Steve, Christ this mornings session was dull.”

“I know, you seemed engrossed though.”

“Well, when our lord and master speaks… I listen and obey!”

“You fucking liar!” Melissa said, “you were daydreaming! You’ve no idea what he said.”

“That wouldn’t surprise me,” Steve retorted, “In all the years I’ve know you, Mark, I don’t think I’ve ever known you to pay any attention, ever, to anything, other than women and your gadget-toys!”

“Shut up, Steve, you tosser!” I said.

“Caught out! He’s got your number!” Melissa said with a little smirk on her face.

“Time to go back in!” Steve said, sounding strangely excited about the prospect. I’d not even had chance to light a cigarette, what with Melissa’s admission and Steve’s interruption.

Back inside for more droning from the director, various members of upper management, more slides and more… tedious boredom.

Lunch finally came around at one pm. I loaded a plate full of egg sandwiches, crisp and quiche. I went to sit on the floor at the back of the room, I’d had enough of the plastic chairs, they were uncomfortable and hurt my back. Melissa came over, her plate loaded high with food. “So, you were saying?” I said with a grin.

“What was I saying?”

“About my cock…”

“Oh yeah, well, we need an evening together. What’re you doing tonight?”

“I’ve no plans.”

“I do,” Melissa said. She paused before saying, “I’m riding your cock, I’m gonna slide my pussy up and down your cock until you cum inside me, then I’m going to sit on your face and you’re gonna lick my cunt until I cum in your face.”

My cock was hard, my heart racing with excitement. “OK, your place?”

“Damn right, follow me home from here.”

We sat in silence for a while and ate our lunches. Melissa got up and went to the bathroom. Minutes later my phone buzzed bahis şirketleri in my pocket. I took it out, pressed the “new message” button and seconds later a picture of Melissa’s shaven pussy popped up on my screen. Wow, I thought. I’d always had a thing for fat women with shaven pussies, I don’t know where it had come from, but now that I knew about Melissa’s smooth cunt, It was going to be even harder to concentrate for the rest of the day. Melissa came back from the bathroom and sat next to me again. “Enjoy the picture?”

“Now, I want you now.”

Melissa just laughed, “wait, Mark, wait, you’ll get it all tonight.”

The remaining hours passed very slowly, all I could think about was getting back to Melissa’s flat and ripping her clothes off of her beautifully curved body, having her sit on my cock, watching her huge breasts and stomach fat bouncing up and down as she rode me. Damn, all I was getting was more management speak, more slides and more and more frustrated, at this point I was so horny that I could’ve cum in my boxers at any minute.

Finally the conference wrapped up. I walked to my car, Melissa walked to hers. “Follow me,” she said with a smile and off we went.


I parked behind Melissa’s car, got out, walked up behind her, grabbed her, span her around and kissed her hard on the lips. She pushed me back, saying “boy, you are horny, wait till we get inside.”

We walked up the path to the block of flats that Melissa lived in, through the front door, up the stairs to the second floor and into her home. “Take a seat,” she said, “I’ll be out in a minute.”

I walked into her living room, took a seat on the sofa, took my shoes and socks off and flicked though a magazine whilst I waited. Anticipation burnt through my body, each second felt like an hour, I had wanted this to happen since I had first met Melissa, first seen the way she looked in that green dress, seen how it clung to her curves, how she jiggled as she moved.

“How do I look?” Melissa entered the room in a see through negligée, her hair down around her shoulders, her breasts resting on the top of her stomach under the black mesh of her top. Her stomach hung over her waist a little, enough to turn me on, not enough to cover her shaven pussy.

I looked her up and down, my eyes bulging almost as much as my cock. “You look amazing.”

Melissa beckoned me over to her. I stood up and she lead me to her bedroom, pushed me down on to her bed and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back, running my hands over her body…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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