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She was incredibly beautiful and sexy as she walked past me wearing a tight black skirt and form-fitting top. Her body was exceptional and her dark hair framed her magnificent face. Every man noticed her as she entered moved through the crowd. She sat alone and seemed to be waiting for a companion to arrive. She checked her watch and then looked around anxiously, then ordered a drink and waited.

Sitting at the bar I turned in her direction. Her full, breasts pushed provocatively against the thin fabric of the top making her nipples obvious. Her lips were bright with deep red, glossy lipstick and were as inviting as her body. Her skirt rose high as she crossed her sexy legs. The black fabric was pulled taut over shapely thighs as I admired her nylon-clad legs down to her opened toed black stiletto heels. I could see that she wore thigh-high stockings rather than pantyhose. Her toenails displayed red nail polish. My cock stirred. Her beauty and sexual aura captivated me and I couldn’t stop my admiring gaze. As she glanced around the bar, her eyes made contact with mine and then looked away. I wanted to meet her but was content for the moment to simply observe and drink in her beauty. Over the next twenty minutes, other men went to her table but were quickly rebuffed. She had no interest. It was obvious to me that she was waiting for someone. Offers of free drinks were not accepted and sent back. I thought that she possessed a total confidence mixed with a sensual aloofness. I liked what I saw: elegance, sensuality, sophistication and sexuality.

She was on her second martini when canlı bahis her cell phone rang and she quickly brought it to her glossy lips. The exchange was brief but punctuated by her hanging up and taking a long swallow of the clear cocktail. The lady was obviously pissed. I watched her lovely leg begin to pump up and down in an anxious rhythm. She seemed to be lost in her own angry thoughts.

She ordered another drink and then more openly examined the people in the restaurant. Our eyes met once more and this time I saw more interest as our mutual gaze was held for several seconds. I smiled and tipped my glass to her. She smiled thinly in return. I motioned that I would like to come to her table and she shrugged her shoulders. Up close she was even more stunning; her beauty was devastating and I was immediately aroused.

She wasted no time and her directness was exactly what I expected from her. “Did you come over to buy me a drink, buy me dinner, or something else,” she said as I looked at her luscious lips. Her sexy eyes looked straight into mine. “Something else,” I replied as I returned her direct gaze. “That’s what I thought,” she replied

She surprised me when she said, “I have to go, someone is waiting,” and abruptly started to get up from her chair to leave. As she rose I reached out and grabbed her wrist, an led her toward the rear of the restaurant, “No one is waiting for you. Come with me.” She allowed me to take her down the stairs to the restroom area. As we approached the door to the ladies room, I turned to face her, pressing her back to the cold wall. I came to her bahis siteleri and pressed forward. Our lips met and instantly the heat and passion intensified. My hand grabbed her hair tightly as I pulled her to me. Our mouths devoured each other as our tongues explored and lips crushed together. She pulled herself free and pushed past me to the ladies room. I watched her tight ass disappear behind the closing door. Without any invitation, I smiled to myself and followed her inside.

The door to the end stall was just closing as I entered. I walked to the end and opened the stall. She had pulled her skirt up over her sexy ass; her thong was pulled to the side exposing her waiting cunt. Her hands were out and braced against the wall as she waited in that position. I was instantly hard as I dropped my pants and shorts and moved toward her. My cock felt the wet lips of her pussy surround the swollen head. I was about to push slowly into her when her ass came back quickly, forcing her pussy over my entire cock as she began to fuck back at me. Her demanding ass was met with my stiff cock as I pounded her cunt with all I had. I could tell she wanted hard sex and that’s how I wanted her. She gasped as I slammed into her. I loved the erotic grinding motion of her ass.

“Fuck me hard,” she gasped. We attacked each other and were grunting and moaning like animals. My hands grabbed her hair and pulled it back to give me more leverage to fuck her. Suddenly she began to scream in muffled tones. She erupted in orgasm and her wet pussy moved on my dick with a fierce need. I began cumming in her, feeling bahis şirketleri her tight muscles grab and milk my cock. Finally, when the pleasure began to subside, she moved forward and my cock sprung free. Cum began to drip out of her into the toilet below. She turned her beautiful face toward me, then squatted down and began to suck my cock. I was still partially hard and very wet. She licked me and then went fully down on me. Her hand held my balls as I held her hair and watched. I fucked her face wildly with my cock remaining hard.

She kept up this exquisite mouth fuck and then stood up and bent over to brace her hands on the wall. Her ass was pushing toward me and she said, “I need you to fuck me again,” she said. Her hand pulled my ready cock to the tender opening and then she pushed back until I was again inside her tight cunt. I slowly pushed deeper and loved the way her ass went back at me. She liked getting fucked and knew exactly how she wanted it. I again started to fuck into her as she told me to do it hard. I didn’t need any coaxing and gave her exactly what she wanted.

Her muscles squeezed me with each stroke. She was moaning and humping as I fucked her hard. And then she was cumming again and my cock could feel her spasm in orgasm. With one final hard stroke, I erupted again and filling her with more cum. I held her hips in my hands as her cunt gripped and contracted around my cock. It was some time before I pulled free. I leaned back against the stall door to catch my breath as she stood up and pulled down her skirt.

She turned to me, stroking my cock a bit more, with those red painted fingers. She stood just inches in front of me, smiled and began applying more red lipstick. When she was done she smiled at me, “I better get home to my husband. I enjoyed meeting you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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