Meeting the Needs of My Family

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Meeting the Needs of My Family

A on a Sunday couple days after my 18th birthday, my father called me into his office. He said, “You are a woman now and as a woman you now have some responsibilities to fulfill. Your mother has been gone for a couple years now and we need you to step up and handle more of her responsibilities.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but it did occur to me to ask, “Daddy, does this have anything to do with the looks and smiles that Dan and Dave (my twin 21 year-old brothers) have been giving me?”

He said, “It does in fact have something to do with their behavior. They have been eagerly awaiting you turning eighteen. Let me explain. What you will be doing will happen every Sunday after Sunday dinner. You will come into my office and take off your dress. If you look behind you, you will see a device with a circle cut out in the middle of it. You will lean your head and body through the circle so that your waist is laying right on top of the circle and your head and arms will be on one side and your bottom and legs will be on the other side. I will then come in and rotate this handle which will hold you in place.”

“Once you are secured, I will be pulling down your panties and rubbing you between the legs so that you become lubricated. After you are ready, I will take out my penis and put on a condom from this box on my desk. Once my erect penis is fully sheathed, I will push it into your vagina and thrust into you until taksim escort bayan I climax. When I am done, I will pull your panties back up and leave the room. And then one of your brothers will come into the room and do the same thing. After both of your brothers are finished, I will come back into the room and release the handle that locks you in place. You can then put on your dress and leave my office.”

“I may also choose to take you one other time during the week, but the boys are limited to just Sundays after dinner. If I want to have you another time, I will escort you into my office and have you lean over my desk. You won’t have to take off your dress or panties. I can just push your dress up over your back and slide your panties down. When I am done, I will put your clothes back in place and you can go back to what you were doing.”

“And let me mention one other thing. Because of these new responsibilities, your allowance will increase by $100/week and you can ask your brothers to do any favors for you like running to the store or cleaning something up and they will be happy to help you.”

“Any questions?” I was in a bit of shock at what I had been told, but slowly nodded no.

“Then take off your dress. You can lay it over the chair you are sitting in.

I numbly got up and slowly pulled my dress over my head and put it down. My father pulled me by the arm over to the device with the circle and ümraniye escort bayan gently pushed my head into the circle and locked me in place. I felt a cold wind on my butt as he pulled my panties down.

I flinched as I felt him start to probe between my legs with his fingers. Within a few moments he found my bump that made me feel really good when I was alone in bed and started to rub it. He also put his fingers in my slit that was lubricating. A few minutes later he said, “this will be a bit painful the first time” and slowly proceeded to push his erection up into my vagina. He hit an obstacle and then with a harder thrust penetrated me to the core. I yelped in pain. He continued to slowly thrust into me, gradually gaining speed. My pain diminished and was replaced with a pleasant, full feeling. My father groaned and pulled out, pulled my panties back up and left the room.

I was facing away from the door so I could not see who entered the room next although I did feel a draft as the door opened and closed. Once again, my panties were pulled down below my butt. The next thing I knew, another penis was penetrating me and thrusting away. Whichever, brother was first quickly reached their climax and pulled out. My panties were restored and I heard the door opening and closing.

My last brother (who I soon learned was Dan) came into the room. He came around to stand in front of me (which is how I know it was Dan) üsküdar escort bayan with a finger over his lips. His erect penis was standing proudly in front of him. He slowly inserted his penis in my mouth and started to move it in and out while quietly explaining to me how to suck and cover my teeth.

After a couple minutes, he said, “I am about to come. Be careful and swallow everything slowly”.

I felt a warm, salty liquid squirt into my mouth and started steadily swallowing until it was gone. It did not have a bad taste, although certainly not anything I would have chosen to swallow. Dan then said, “That will help me last longer when I penetrate you”. He walked back around me and slid my panties down and off my legs spreading them widely. I felt a warm tongue begin to lick me. That felt wonderful and I slowly began to wiggle around until I came intensely. It was way better than what I was able to do for myself in bed!

I heard him take a condom out of the jar and he penetrated me easily as I was still quite excited and begin a steady rhythm. I was still sore, but now was fully ready for his efforts. I again felt tension building up in me until I climaxed with a small yelp. Dan continued to thrust into me continuing well past the time that my father had taken. Eventually, Dan also came with a grunt. A few moments later, he pulled out and restored my panties in place and came around to face me and said, “Thanks. That was great. I hope I was able to make it good for you also.”

After he left the room, my father returned and unlocked the device that had been holding me in place. “You can put on your dress now and take the rest of the evening off.”

I went and sat by the river and thought about everything that had happened. I concluded that while I might not have chosen to serve my family in this way, there were clearly positive elements.

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