Meeting Malia

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It wasn’t going out until I got the call. I can’t say why, but I just decided not to. About 10:40 or so some friends called from a bar and asked what I was up to. Since they called, I thought what the hell. My friend Dan told me that his girlfriend Tracey was up from Pullman and brought Malia, one of her sorority sisters, up with her to party. Dan has always been willing to hook a brotha up – and based on the things she’d told him before they left his place, he had a pretty good idea that Malia was looking to put out and, because he is a nice guy, he really didn’t want to send her home with some stranger they met at the bar and really wasn’t trying to have some stranger come over to fuck in his living room. I can respect that. So I guess after the third guy pushed up, he asked her about the kinds of guys she likes and, after hearing what she had to say, told her she should meet me.

Initially, I really didn’t have any plans for going out. I met some friends for dinner and drinks earlier in the evening, but was back home by 9:00, reading a little, and trying to decide if I wanted to go downtown to brave the crowds. In all honesty, it wasn’t an appealing thought. I’m more of a house party guy or party with friends guy than going out on the town guy. And it’s snowy, icy, and cold out here. Finally, while it’s a lot easier on New Years Eve, the thought of paying for drinks and putting in work for sex just wasn’t appealing to me tonight. Especially with the crowds. I told Dan if he could get me in the Spark without a cover or compelling me to stand in line, I was game. He called me back in five minutes and told me to go to the front of the line.

The drive down was rather cold. I didn’t really give my truck much time to warm up and wanted to get there to check this girl out. He told me that he thought I’d like her, and was sure that she’d like me. Of course, he also said that she was drunk and intent on getting laid. And the more she drank, the more she wanted to fuck. Apparently, she’d been dumped by her ex over Xmas for some other sorority chick. It made me glad that I wasn’t in Pullman anymore, really, as that whole scene really boggled my mind.

It took a few minutes to find a place to park, but by 11:30, I had parked and amazingly gotten in the door. A few folks in line were given the bouncers shit, but Ant, one of the bouncers I’ve known for a few years, gave me a slap on the hand and told me to have a good time as I walked through the door. They didn’t even charge me the cover.

No sooner was I in the door than Dan was heading my way with a rum and coke. “Good to see you, man. Look, we have the table over there. Malia is the one with the little blue outfit on,” he said, pointing over to the make-shift vip section.

“Cool, thanks,” I said, taking the drink from his hands, taking a sip, and following him back. I couldn’t help but to be a little awe-struck. She was hot as fuck. She had kind of dark caramel skin, which I later found out was because her father, who was from Brazil, had a Brazilian father and Pakistani mother. They met in college here in the US and stayed. She was about 5’6″, but at least three of those inches were from her shoes, and she had long kinky-curly hair pulled behind her neck. She was wearing a sleeveless blue dress that had sequins sewn into it and it ended about half way down her thighs. As we got to the table, all I could think about was leaving with her.

Dan introduced me to her and I extended my hand, she took it, held on to it, and asked me to dance. So with no other words, we hit the floor. Now I’m not that in to dancing, but I figured what the hell, it’s almost 2008, so I might as well shake my ass a little. The music sucked, but it had rhythem and a good beat, so I followed her lead. In no time, I was sweating, unbuttoning my shirt, and having a good time. She was canlı bahis into close dancing and was all up on me, facing away with her ass on my crotch, turned towards me with her hands exploring my chest and stomach, and I returned the favor. As she rubbed her ass on me, my cock responded appropriately. I was initially embarassed, but she seemed into it, so I grabbed her hips, sometimes running my hands up her sides, one hand reaching around to caress her from belly to boobs, the other playing in and pulling on her hair.

At 11:55, the DJ announced the last song, a slow song, before the final countdown. We hadn’t spoken more than 5 words to one another and were embracing each other, kissing, and groping each other on the dance floor. My hands roamed over her ass and I slid her dress up far enough to allow my hand to slide between her legs from behind, only to discover that she wasn’t wearing panties. I can’t say I was surprised, but I ran my middle finger between her lips, then let her dress fall again as the DJ announced it was almost time for the countdown. We made it back to the table with Dan and Tracey as the 30 second countdown started with the DJ counting over Dick Clark, who didn’t sound all that hot anyhow, recovering from the stroke and all.

We were sitting next to each other, my arm around her, and I think we counted down to about 15 together before she bit my chin. I kissed her forcefully, first biting her lip, then pulling it into my mouth, pulling her closer to me as I did, my right hand behind her and in her hair, my left under the table on her knee, then up her dress, then pressing on her clit, then inside her. We continued to kiss and grope at one another as the DJ played some techno version of Auld Laung Syne. My middle finger was moving in and out of her as we kissed passionately.

As Auld Lang Syne came to a finish, I broke our kiss, looked at Dan and Tracey and said, “I think we are gonna get outta here. You two sticking around?”

“Naw, we’re heading home,” Dan said, his hand somwheere under the table on Tracey’s lap. I assumed he had been doing just as I was, as Tracey was breathing hard and her face was flushed red. “Malia, do you need your stuff? I think it’s in my car, otherwise Kyle can follow us to my place and you can grab it.

“Yeah, I think it’s in the back seat,” she said, looking at me, “we going?”

I got up, held out my hand, and she clutched it tightly as we manuvered out of Spark, following Dan and Tracey. We walked to Dan’s car, got Malia’s bag, then to my truck, a block away. Dan offered us a ride, but it didn’t make sense to me. Of course, I wasn’t trying to navigate the icy sidewalk in 3 inch heels, but Malia didn’t mind.

Sweat rose off her body as I opened the door to my truck for her. Watching her climb up into the cab was a little funny. My truck is a Dodge Ram 1500, 4×4, with a 3 inch lift kit. She climbed it like a ladder, and I stood behind her in case she slipped. With on knee on the seat, however, she slipped a little and I caught her, my hands on her thighs. She placed the other knee on the seat, but didn’t move.

I looked around to the left and right, only saw a few folks wandering around, and slowly slide my hands up her thighs to her ass, her dress sliding up with my hands. She kneeled down on the seat and her pussy was inches from my face. She was bare and beautiful and without a second thought, I put my mouth on her sweet mound and pushed my tongue between her lips. My left hand slid over her ass and I pushed my index and middle finger inside her from behind as I ate her pussy, then licked over her asshole, and licked back between her lips and clit. I almost stopped as I heard folks walking behind us, but said fuck it. If they wanted to watch, more power to em.

It took less than 5 minutes for me to make her cum, which was quite the noisy bahis siteleri event, and by that time, my celly was buzzing. As she lay on my bench seat breathing, I shut the door and answered the phone, nodding to a guy and his girlfriend who watched me bring Malia to climax. He was giving me the thumbs up, and the girl he was with had a look that expressed desire and disgust at the same time. As the dude turned away, I gave her a wink and purposely dropped one of my cards. As I started the truck, I watched her break away from him as he walked into the Ridpath, walk over, and pick the card up. I wondered if she’d call as I called Dan back. Apparently Sam, a chick he worked with, was having a house party and he wanted to see if we were game. Unfortunately, I had other plans.

As I pulled off the curb, Malia was across my lap working on my belt and the top button of my jeans. Payback, I guess. We were half way to my apartment as she finally got my cock out of my pants and held it while sucking and licking on the head. It was hard to concentrate on the road as she went down on me, but I managed. Something was missing, however, as I like a little more than lips and tongue when getting head.

“Don’t stop what you’re doing, Malia,” I told her firmly, “and don’t try to draw blood, but I want to feel your teeth too.”

She started bobbing her head up and down on my cock, her teeth softly scraping my shaft and head, torturing the underside of my cocks head, as a hand slid into my jeans to fondle my balls. It made driving home hard as fuck. I tried to focus on the road and, although it was hard to stay in the lane and I thought some cop was going to pull me over for drunk driving, I made it back to my place and parked the truck on the curb, throwing my head back as my hands moved from the steering wheel to Malia’s hair as she worked her mouth over my cock. She was taking me deeper into her mouth now that we’d stopped driving, and I almsot cum when I felt the head of my cock hit her throat. She gagged slightly, causing her throat to close a little on my cock, but she stayed at it and about the third time she did another gag and closed her throat on my cock, I felt the surge. As she pulled her lips back to the head of my cock, I lost it in her mouth.

My orgasm was something of a surprise to her. I tend to not be a noisy lover, so she didn’t have much of a verbal indication, and she was so focused on what she was doing to me, I don’t think she noticed the tension in my cock. She struggled to keep up with the cum that was shooting into her mouth. I don’t know why I came so much. I’d just jacked off that afternoon and had gotten off a few nights ago while talking with someone on the computer, but it was as if my cup ranneth over. After about the fourth spurt, it subsided. She kept sucking on my cock as it went half-soft, then let it fall from her mouth and looked up at me.

“Grab your bag. My house is the cream one – the stairs are around the right of the house,” I told her.

Without saying a thing, she grabbed her bag off the floor of the cab and got out of the truck. I slid my cock back in my boxer-briefs then buttoned and zipped my pants. I didn’t bother with the belt, as i didn’t expect my pants to stay on long, but I didn’t want them falling down in the 14 degree weather.

I followed her up the stairs and as we got to my door, pressed my body into hers and reached from behind her to unlock and open the door. She squirmed a little, her ass pressing against me again, and as the door opened, paused for a moment before slowly stepping away from me. She walked to the back of my couch, threw her bag to the ground, and held on to the couch as she unfastened her shoes and kicked them away. She had really sexy feet, and her toenails were painted to match the blue of her dress. I slid behind her after closing the bahis şirketleri door, pulled her hair to the right, baring her left shoulder and neck, and bit her shoulder, then neck, then ear. She tried to move her hand behind her, to top of my pants, but I took them and put them on the back of the couch, then pulled her left earlobe between my lips, my hands moving to her hips. She tried again to move her hands to my pants, pushing them between where my hardness was pressing against her ass, and I grabbed her wrists a little harder this time, moving her hands to the couch.

I released her earlobe from my lips and sternly whispered, “Keep them here. If I want you to move them, I’ll tell you to.” She was a little shocked, as funny look flashed across her face, but i think the orgasm I’d given her earlier left her wanting more. She obeyed. In reflection, I think she has also been a little more used to being in charge. Fraternity boys are kind of punks, and I tend to be a little more in control.

My lips moved back to her earlob and I let go of her wrists, leaving her hands planted on the back of my couch. My own hands moved up to the back of her neck, unzipping her little dress. “Let it fall off you,” I told her. More of a command than a request. She complied, lifting her hands from the couch to let the dress slide down her sexy body, then replacing them on the couch. She was wearing a thin-strapped bra that I unclasped and told her to let fall as well. Again, she complied. I stepped back, took off my own shirt, then admired what was in front of me.

‘Bend over some,” I told her. Again, she complied and I admired her perfect ass. I like a nice ass, and hers was nice. I walked around her, from side to side, inspecting her. She had a nice pair of caramel b-cup breasts and what looked like the beginning of a little… pouch belly. Sexy, though, with curves in all the right places. Standing behind her again, I slid off my own shoes then pushed my pants and boxers down and stepped out of them. She turned her head to look at me, my cock already hard, and I stepped behind her and slapped her ass with my open palm. “Look straight ahead,” I told her, “out the window.”

She gave a slight yelp and turned her head, looking out the window, as I stepped behind her. My cock was rock hard and already leaking precum. Holding my cock in my left hand, I let it touch her skin at the top of where her ass cheeks met, then slid the head of my cock between her cheeks and slid it over her asshole and to her pussy. Standing behind her, I pushed my head between her lips, past her opening, and rubbed her clit with it. She was so wet it was crazy. Then I slid back to her opening and pushed part-way inside her. Malia was tight, very tight. I moved my hands to her hips and held on. pulling her to me as I trust completely inside her. She gave a moan of pleasure, and I started thrusting in and out of her. In less than a minute, she’d cum, and was shaking and moaning as I continued to pound into her from behind. Her fingers dug into the back of my couch as she struggled to hold herself up, her knees shaking, her pussy drenching, and me slamming into her from behind, my balls slapping against her with each thrust.

We fucked like that for about a half an hour, and she came about three more times, before I finally came, pulling myself from her and shooting my load on her back and ass. I know it wasn’t smart to fuck without a condom, but I wasn’t going to be really stupid and cum insid her.

“Come on,” I told her, lets get a towel.

She followed me to the bathroom, I threw a towel at her and she asked if I minded if she take a shower. Nodding, I left her in the bathroom and opened the adjoining door to my bedroom.

No sooner did I fall asleep, it seemed, then was I waking, about to cum. She woke me up with a blowjob. I was impressed.

We fucked, made love, and fucked, alternating, moving, and sexing until about 4:30 this morning. And at the moment, she’s making me something to eat in the kitchen. We’ll have to see where things go with this one.

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