Meeting in the Maze

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The night was starlit with a cool breeze floating off the lake, the surrounding mountains, white-capped and cold. The Mage stands at the edge of her terrace, clad in only a thin chemise and summer cloak. Starlight hits the chemise rendering it transparent to all who would dare to look up at the balcony. Most knew better. Barefoot and hungry for the hunt, she watches the servants make their way to the maze, to loose the prey…

She drops a bare arm to her side and idly strokes the head of the cat beside her. He responds with a toss of his heavy head and a playful growl. “Yes, precious one,” she coos, “…soon.” The cat lets loose an eerie wail; anticipation, excitement, frustration, desire. The Mage laughs softly as the servants scurry in fright from the maze. They dislike and distrust her and her cats. So be it. The young emperor keeps them in line well enough. Stroking the cat’s neck, she whisper’s in his ear, “It has been too long for you and I. Let us prepare for the link while the animals relax. I hope that wretched excuse for a handmaid told the emperor of our plans. We wouldn’t want to run into Himself and some of his wenches tonight, now would we?” The cat purred and snapped at her hands, wound playfully around his neck. Together they left the terrace to begin their link for the sacred hunt.

The hall was filled with merriment and mayhem. The young emperor was up to his usual antics, chasing the serving girls up, over and around the tables, chairs and drunken guests. Music rang through the cavernous room as the fires blazed and crackled with a life of their own. Catching two young girls by their aprons, he tied them together and sat them on his knees, fondling their bosoms, pressed closely together between the bindings.

“Take us to the maze tonight Lord,” they pleaded, eyes lit with desire. These two were wild young things, personal favorites of the young emperor and his guard. Many a long night had been spent in that maze with these two. The chase was a particular favorite of his. He loved to bring them to the point of panic and desperation, tracking and hunting them for hours; now just behind them, now just in front. He knew every corner of that maze, it was his lair; except for the intrusions of the Mage. Ah, the Mage. Wasn’t there a message from her this evening? Something her handmaid had wanted to tell him; that is before he bade her raise her hands above her head while he slipped his under her skirts and between her thighs.

Yes, she was lovely and willing and fresh. He must remember to thank that Mage tomorrow. She’ll be miffed, no doubt; he’s ruined more than one of her handmaids. At least he doesn’t feed his girls to wretched beasts that roam his rooms like dogs roam the royal chambers at night. He chuckled at the thought of the Mage and her cats and the girls on his knee took that as a sign that tonight would indeed be spent running through the maze. They wiggled and squirmed with delight, inevitably finding each other’s mouths and kissing deeply as they rubbed their bound bodies together. Their rocking set the emperor off balance and the three rolled back in a tumble to the floor, laughing and struggling to right themselves.

“Come Lord,” they pleaded. “Let us run to the maze, we have a new plan to deceive you. The hunt will be your hardest ever…”

“My hardest ever?” Grabbing the stiffening rod between his legs, the Emperor laughed and in one quick motion, drew his dagger and loosed the girls from their binds. They scurried up from the floor and ran for the maze, stopping briefly by the door to look back and beckon him with heavy lidded eyes. The sound of the drawing dagger brought the Emperor’s guard to his side and without even turning to look, the Emperor raised his hand for an arm-up. The two stood watching the young girls bounding out of the hall.

“The maze tonight, Lord?”

“I suppose,” he responded with a mocking yawn. “Will you be joining us this eve?”

“Not tonight. I have my eye upon the Lady Kyrin. She seems more…receptive than ever before.”

The Emperor looked past his guard to the fair Lady Kyrin. A prize coveted by every man in his court and she knew as much. She toyed with them all, even himself; she was indeed a bold maid, but she would be sold off and married soon; the question remained, would she go to her fate a virgin bride, or let one of her suitors here show her the ways of love first. He chuckled and slapped his guard soundly on the back. “How many times have I heard that from your lips? Well, you keep at it, man. Tonight is as good as any for her submission and you know how those pent-up court-maids are once they get a taste of release. You’ll be lucky if you can walk next morn.” They laughed and parted ways as the Emperor strode towards the door to open field that lay before the maze.

Drawing in a deep lung full of the cool night air, he stretched to full height, looking at the blazing stars. “No moon and a hunt. That’s reminds me of something earlier…what canlı bahis was it? Something that handmaid said about my Mage. Oh well, if she is out there, she’ll be pleasantly surprised,” he threw back his head and laughed aloud at the thought of his Mage’s face, stumbling upon him and the girls. He knew she had unusual tastes of her own, but her servants feared her power and valued their lives enough not to spread stories through the castle. So be it, she did her job well. His father had handpicked her and sent her for training to be ready for his reign. He would put up with her aloofness and mockery of him, as long as she served him well.

At the entrance to the maze, the Emperor went on full alert. Something was not right. A smell he knew as familiar but could not place; a smell that didn’t belong in the maze. What was it? He crept silently along the hedgerow, as he reached for his dagger. Gone. A cool sweat broker over his brow as he realized he dropped it in the hall and was distracted by his guard’s musing over Kyrin and wanting to get quickly to the maze. The Mage would love to catch him unarmed like this…

A noise to his left caught his attention and he circled around to the right, knowing the next turn would bring him up behind whatever made that noise. He crept swiftly to the hedge behind where he heard the noise and sniffed the air briefly before reaching through and grabbing through a head of long hair to a neck, which he pulled through the hedge, expecting full well to be holding one of his girls. Much to his surprise and delight, he held a very different sort of girl, a woman in fact and not one he expected to find running the maze in starlight.

“Expecting someone else dear Mage?” He tightened his grip as she struggled and tested his hold. She was smaller than she looked at court; he easily held her neck firmly with one hand. She had an odd look in her eyes, apart from the obvious infuriation blazing in them. It was like there was something else there too; another set of eyes or another being. He found himself drawn into her dark eyes moving closer to her face, falling… He shook his head and cleared his mind.

“Nice try Mage. But I won’t succumb to your enchantments as easily as your little boys.”

“Excellent ambush, Lord,” she spit back. “Not many have gotten this close and lived.” Much to her protest, he had managed to bind her wrists with his free hand, while they exchanged greetings.

“You have a practiced hand, Lord. I take it you do this often.”

“I’m a well trained tracker and hunter, Mage. You know that. I can bag and tie my kill quite efficiently. But enough about me, let’s have a look at you.” He spun her around to stand before him, keeping a tight grip on her arm, least she bolt for the hedgerow. She was scantily clad and quite a sight to see. High suede boots covered her thighs right up to the meeting of her legs, which was barely covered by a patch of the same suede, secured up and over her hips by thin strips of leather that reached around to whatever covered her ass. Her stomach was bare and rippled with muscle, leading up to a long strip of the suede again, wound around her back and neck, just barely covering two high, round breasts. Her hair was long and flowing down her back, a thin strip of leather tied ’round her forehead kept it from her eyes. A dagger lay flat against her upper right arm, held by a leather wrap. He made sure not to look in her eyes again, but her could feel the heat and fury radiation from her as he drank her in.

She seemed to relax a bit as his face showed obvious surprise and pleasure at the sight of her. He lessened his grip in response and she yanked her arm hard to free herself…almost.

“Not so fast, Mage,” he pulled her close, and took the dagger from its sheath, laying the tip in the hollow of her neck. She was still rebounding from his grasp and the dagger nicked her lightly; a drop of blood formed at the tip. He glanced at her face; she was fuming, but was perfectly still. A thin lipped grin spread across her mouth and she seemed to change then, from furious to calculating. He struggled to maintain control.

“You take some very foolish risks, Lord,” she growled.

“Its my youth, as you are so fond of pointing out.” He traced the tip of the dagger between her breasts and down her stomach. She drew in a quick deep breath but didn’t move. He traced it back up and made her an offer.

“I’ll release my grip on you if you promise to be good and stay here with me, Mage.” He let her consider for a moment; not long enough to plan anything, just long enough to decide. He pulled her up close again and pressed in the dagger. “Well, precious?”

Precious. She called to him from deep within the maze. He was in a bloodlust, rending and tearing, gnawing and slurping. It was hard to get his attention in his reverie. He growled and snapped a bone in his mighty jaws. He obviously perceived no danger and was content to keep eating. Typical male, bahis siteleri she thought wryly.

“Well precious?” he jerked her again and another drop of blood beaded at the tip of the dagger.

“Ok, ok. Just take the dagger away from my throat. I don’t need visible marks for the court lady’s speculation.”

“Fair enough Mage,” he stepped back and released her arm. She pulled herself away, visibly shaken by the ordeal. She hung her head and shook it lightly, as if she was trying to compose herself. He was touched by her vulnerability and reached out to lend her some comfort. As he lifted her chin, her hair parted to reveal her face and he saw a look of triumph as he felt her boot kick the blade from his hand. Another swift kick knocked the wind from his lungs and he fell to his knees.

“I’m bound not to harm you Lord, but neither will I put up with your insolence.” Before the words were fully from her lips, he had recovered and snatched her legs from under her, landing her squarely on her ass and holding her legs high in the air at the ankles.

“Nice view,” he quipped. “That wasn’t nice Mage. You’ll suffer more of my insolence now, I’m afraid. Perhaps you’ll even like it.” He held her tightly as she struggled to break free. He lost his grip for a second as he reached for a leather thong to tie her legs; she scrambled to get away, but with her hands still tied behind her back she was at a disadvantage. He regained control quickly and bound her ankles, laying her on her back and straddling her stomach. He sat down hard, knocking the wind from her, to return the favor. She saw it coming and did her best to steel herself, but he was heavy. She let out a vicious growl and snapped at his arms as he leaned in to pin her shoulders.

“Careful Mage, be nice or I’ll have to muzzle you. A practice you should consider for your cats sometime. I hear tell they are a bit spoiled, eating servants and all…”

“Leave my cats out of this,” she spit, as she lifted up her knees to slam him squarely in the back and roll him off her belly. As they landed on their sides, she scrambled to get away, but he tightened his legs around her thighs and held her firmly in place. After a bit of a struggle, she lay limp, hoping he would loosen his grip.

“Fool me twice, shame on me, precious,” he chuckled with good humor and rolled her onto her stomach. She kicked and tried to squirm away, throwing a string of names at him that were very unbecoming to an Arch Mage. He was enjoying this thoroughly. He was up and over her again, grabbing her hips and holding her in place. He reached for her dagger lying beside them on the ground and grabbed her by the back of the halter she wore, pulling her up to her knees and against his body. Wrapping an arm tightly around her waist, he leaned in and nibbled on her neck as he whispered in her ear, “Settle down, Mage. I won’t hurt you. I just want a little taste of what you’re hiding in that dark tower of yours.”

“So this is your legendary, seductive prowess, Lord? Interesting technique.”

“Most women succumb to my charms long before this level of force is necessary. You present somewhat more of a challenge than I’m used to and I must say, I like it. But then you are a trained fighter and I’m not in the habit of seducing my fighting men.” As he spoke he traced the dagger down her belly, around her waste under the suede covering her ass. She flinched as he rested the dagger on the small of her back and struggled against his attentions. She was heating up and would become truly dangerous if he didn’t turn her soon. Then something changed. She went stiff and something else took her attention. She was no longer with him; that, he could tell.

The link with the cat had been re-established. He was on the hunt again and very close by. She couldn’t imagine what he was hunting; the servants were instructed to loose one deer, no more. Then she caught the scent: the Emperor’s girls. This will not be received well. She tried to warn the cat off the scent, but his bloodlust was high and he wanted fresh game. The girls were exuding genuine fear; their Lord should have been there by now and they could feel the predator’s gaze upon them. The lure was irresistible to the big cat; there would be no turning him off their trail. He was so close; she was being overwhelmed by his primal energy. The ritual hunt had been interrupted and the link was still strong and binding. She was loosing herself to the instincts and desires of the cat. Soon she would no longer be in control. She cried out in desperation as she felt the cat coiling for the pounce. The Emperor’s hand was caressing her ass, as the other still held her tightly by the waste; it was hard to breathe. Some part of her mind marked the irony of the situation; to loose control so near the one she was sworn to protect and teach some modicum of restraint.

Ah, he thought, as he caressed her ass and slid his hand between her thighs. She is giving way, finally. A bit desperate, bahis şirketleri that little cry, but a better response than before. He loosened his grip on her waist, as he perceived her trouble breathing. There was something happening here, something other than sex with his Mage in the maze. Her energy had turned primal and infected him with an urge so powerful, he hardly noticed he was tearing away what little covered her and ripping away his own coverings. She was on her knees, arms still bound behind her back; he cut her loose and she steadied herself, hands on the ground, as she raised her ass up to receive him. Her lips glistened in the starlight and he moved closer to meet them with the tip of his head. He held himself just under his head and pressed against her lips, parting them slightly and rubbing up and down her slit. She moaned and rocked her hips, pressing closer to him, trying to gain deeper penetration. He held himself to just the tip and teased her more.

She bucked and thrashed as she moaned and growled. In her mind she felt the cat pounce on one of the cowering girls. Strong jaws closed around the slight neck and snapped it in two like a twig on the forest floor. The other girl jumped up and tried to run, but the cat sprung and caught her with a mighty paw, slapping her to the ground and landing on her with savage fury. Her neck was snapped like the other and he lay in a daze, face covered in blood, panting heavily.

In her body she felt a heat rise, swelling a desire to rival the cat’s own craving for blood. She cried out as the cat snapped the first girl’s neck and reached behind her to the Emperor’s hips, slamming them against her, forcing deep, hard penetration. His hand slammed against her tender opening before giving way to the deep folds of her inner lips. She cried out again as the second girl met the cat’s powerful jaws and the thick swollen flesh inside her bit deep and hard against her limits.

The Emperor was taken with the same hot desire that took his Mage, but he did not know why, or care. He grabbed her hips, rocking and swaying her, tipping up a bit as he sought the spot to make her wild. She matched his every move with a counter of her own, also seeking the illusive point of no return. They moved in harmony and fury; she was pawing at the ground, growling and moaning, he was hammering away, grunting with the effort and holding her ass tight against his hips. She reached down between their legs and took his balls in her hand. She pressed them gently up against his body and massaged the thick, swollen flesh behind. He responded with a deep moan and a hard bucking that made her cry out in earnest. On some level he knew he was hurting her, but she was meeting his every thrust and he couldn’t have stopped even if he wanted to. It was a wild ride; they were moving beyond their bodies and into another state of being. Energy swirled around them as they exploded together in a wave of desperate orgasm; their bodies wracked with pulsating pleasure, their minds given over to their senses.

As they slowed, she took over the motion to give him a rest. She rocked and pulled and swayed her hips, squeezing tight, deep inside, to keep him with her as long as possible. Eventually, they fell apart and collapsed on the ground beside one another. Their breathing found a harmonic rhythm as they rolled into each other’s arms, recovering from their frenzy.

They lay entwined for a while, when a heavy crashing through the hedgerow wakened them. The Emperor was up and ready in seconds, the dagger in his hand, his body in a fighting stance. The Mage rolled lazily to the side and laughed as the cat burst though the hedge in mock ambush. He bared his fangs and growled deep in his throat as he leapt for the Mage. The Emperor dove to intercept and sent the cat spinning off to the side. The Mage jumped up and cried out as the cat easily righted himself and turned to attack in earnest. The Emperor was ready and met the cat head on as they leapt towards one another. They scrabbled in the dirt; the Emperor gained advantage, and raised the dagger to strike, but a hand held his wrist with astonishing strength. He looked back over his shoulder, wincing in pain, to see the Mage, calmly holding him back; she expended no effort and was fully recovered. She easily forced him to drop the dagger and raised him off her cat, who rolled over playfully and pawed at the air.

She set the Emperor gently on the ground and smiled sweetly. He towered over and wondered at her size and strength. “He’s bound through me to do you no harm, Lord. Please forgive his instinctual response to your attack. I’ll take him back to my rooms if you’ll bid us leave.” His mind was spinning. How did she do that? She has powers far greater than he imagined. With strength like that she must have been willing to let him tie her…she was willing to let him tie her. The look on his face as that realization hit must have been quite comical; she was laughing merrily.

“You’re a clever man, Lord. You’re Father would be proud. Now, bid us leave and we’ll be off. The night grows old and we have much to do tomorrow. I have new girls arriving from the isle. They’ll need quarters…”

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