Meeting Daddy in the Past Pt. 03

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The next morning, after I shower, I head downstairs for breakfast.

Dad’s leaning over the island counter, munching an English muffin, reading the paper. He’s still in the black t-shirt and sweats he wears to bed.

He’s really a good-looking man. Fit from years of squash and cycling. Dark hair that sweeps to the side neatly. Dark eyes that give nothing away when he notices me come in.

“Morning, daddy.” I head to the refrigerator to get the milk.

“Morning,” he says gruffly.

“What are you up to today?” I ask innocently.

“Got a squash match against Bradley,” he says grinning. “This’ll break the tie.”

“Get him, dad.”

He laughs. “You know I will.” He finishes his breakfast and cleans up after himself. “What are you doing today?”

I swallow. “I want to get over to the mall with Angela. She says they’re having a big sale.”

He nods, happily accepting the lie. “Good. Get some nice new things.”

I sigh when he leaves the kitchen and manage to finish my cereal.

Then I head back to the lab.

Dr. Samuels is thrilled to see me. She already has another mission for me in the past. “This is trickier,” she warns.

I wait, intrigued.

“I need you to steal something.”

“Steal?” I frown.

“Don’t worry, it’s something that’s rightfully mine anyway.”

I sigh. I’ll do whatever it takes to go back. “Tell me.”

“February of 1995, my grandmother gave my little sister her Irish wedding band. It should have gone to the oldest, me, but sis got engaged first.” The doctor frowns. “Not right is it?”

“Unfair,” I humor her.

“She’ll still be living with my mom, but all of us went on vacation the summer of 95 and I know for a fact she didn’t take the ring on the cruise.”

“So, break into your parent’s joint, get the ring.”

“Yes. And even though it’s small, I still need you to mail it. I don’t know what will happen if you try to bring it back with you.”

She loads me into the time machine with more 90’s clothes and bills and presses panels almost frantically. The power is really going to the Doctor’s head.

There’s the flash and I find myself on the bench outside the lab. 1995.

I head back to my usual hotel.

“Hi again!” the desk clerk says when she sees me. “I’ve got a room waiting for you.”

She’s not much older than me, so maybe she thinks we can be friends. I smile at her. “Thanks.”

“I really like your style,” she gushes. “So eclectic. Like, what you’re wearing now? Where did you get that?”

I look down at my rainbow-striped, one-piece jumper. It’s a few years old to me, but to her, it’s futuristic. “Oh, my friend made it for me,” I lie.

“Good friend!” She checks me out more.

She’s seen me bring daddy back to the hotel twice. I wonder if she thinks I’m a slut.

I get in the room and swap my outfit. This time, the doctor’s packed me a jean dress and a matching headband. I frown at it. I wish I had time to shop, but I just don’t. Her current task will take too long and I need to see my daddy.

I sigh, my nipples tightening. Daddy.

You know, my dad is no stranger to breaking the law. I wonder how he’d like to help me with a little B&E.

I head for the alleyway where my dad hangs out with his thugs and I’m surprised to see him, leaning against a building, waiting for me.

My heart flutters. “Dad?”

He looks up with a pleased grin.

My heart thrashes. Is daddy falling for me?

He runs a hand through his thick, black hair. “What’s up, princess?”

“I need your help, daddy.”

He pulls me into a tight hug, obviously relishing the feeling of my breasts squashed against his chest. He inhales deeply in my hair. “Anything for you, baby.”

Yess, I want to moan. He’s into me. I’m immediately wet, ready for him.

I snap myself out of it. Suddenly, I’m wary. How will he react to my request? “I need you to help me steal something.”

He pulls back to look at me and what I see in his eyes isn’t offense but excitement. Not just thrill excitement, either. I can feel an erection grow between us.

Daddy’s dirty. I blush as he grins. He knows I feel it.

“What are we stealing?”

We head to the address Dr. Samuels gave me and stare up at the gorgeous house.

“Act natural,” he murmurs, and pulls me around back, through the gate and into the overgrown garden. As we walk through the plants, he reaches back and pinches my tit—the one he fucked yesterday. The memory floods me, making me gasp.

He turns his head and I see his wicked smirk.

Where was my future daddy when I got into the time machine? Where will he be when this memory hits him?

“I think it’s working,” I tell this young daddy. “I think we’re making your future self think naughty thoughts about me.”

He looks back to glare at me. It looks like jealousy in his eyes. “Oh yeah?”

I swallow. “He kept looking at my boobs.”

He turns to shove me against a trellis. “He wants to fuck them,” he growls nastily. “He wants to put his dick on my titties.”

His titties? God, I’m wet. How is he so jealous of himself?

“Will you want to—” I swallow kozyatağı escort hard. “—do that twenty years from now?”

He grimaces, yanking hard on my dress. “I want to fuck that tit every day of my life until I die.”

“I’ll let you, daddy.” I peer into his eyes, hoping future daddy pays close attention to this memory, wherever he gets it. “I’ll let you put your dick anywhere.”

He bites his tongue. “Promise?” He looks threatening.

I stare back, feeling cold on my neck. “I promise.”

He nods, his mouth open. His eyes scan my body, searching for places to penetrate. “Yeah, anywhere. I like that.”

I catch my breath. Now! I want his fat cock on me now!

His eyelids droop lustfully as he takes in my expression. “Such a naughty, little slut, Danielle. Craving your own sweet father’s cock.”

I lean into him with a needy moan.

He chuckles cruelly as he holds me back. “We have to steal this ring, or your scientist won’t let you come back in time anymore, baby,” he croons, mockingly.

“Dad!” I scold.

He just bares his teeth. “This way.” He pops a screen out of the kitchen window and pushes up on the pane. He grins when it slides up easily. “Ladies first,” he says, holding out his hands to boost me.

I step up and slide my top half through the window. I pull one knee up, pulling my dress up so I can spread my legs and step on the counter inside.

I feel my dad’s face press into my panties. “Mmm,” he hums, vibrating my pussy and ass.

I yelp and almost fall forward onto the counter, but he grabs me around the waist, holding me in place. He runs his hot tongue along my panties. “Oh my God,” he murmurs. “You’re leaking.”

My arms wobble on the sill, but he doesn’t let me fall.

“Why are you so wet, baby?” His lips move on my pussy the vibrations making me weak.

“Because of you!” I moan helplessly.

“What do you mean?” He croons innocently. His tongue darts out, nudging my clit with the tip.

“Ohh, daddy, you know. You were talking earlier.” My jaw drops and my eyes roll up in my head as he gently bites my clit through my panties. I squeak.

“What did I say, Danielle?” he murmurs with authority. “What part got you so wet?”

“You—you claimed my titties, daddy!”

He rumbles into my pussy. “Yeah.”

“You want to put your dick all over me!”

“Mmyeah,” he moans and I hear the thump of him thrusting against the side of the house below me.

His face leaves my panties and he helps me safely onto the counter. When I look back, I see him climbing into the window, his dark eyes peering into mine hungrily.

My heart jumps crazily. He wants me so bad.

I jump down from the counter and his eyes take in the streak of juice and spit my ass left on the smooth surface.

He scrambles down and off the counter. His hands flex and he licks his lips as he stares crazily at my tits.

“Daddy?” I whimper, feeling kindof scared.

He grabs me by the waist and throws me over his shoulder.

“Daddy!” I cry.

“Shut up,” he snaps.

I gasp, he’s never in my life told me to shut up.

“Anywhere I want, you said,” he grates, hefting me up the stairs.

“What?” I ask, eyes wide.

“You said,” he growls, “I could put my fat cock anywhere on your body.”

My cunt throbs so hard, I wonder if he can hear it.

He kicks open doors until he finds a bed.

He throws me down on it.


“Shut the fuck up!” he roars, eyes tight with determination, flipping me over onto my hands and knees.

I whimper quietly, feeling scared now.

I hear his zipper. “I’m gonna fuck you from behind.”

He lifts my dress and pulls my panties aside. A shock stuns me as his fat cock plunges into my tight pussy. My breath heaves out of me.

“Tight,” he grunts. “Wet. Very good, baby.”

My mouth falls open. Thank God he sounds kindof normal again.

He pumps in and out of me long and slow, making pressure build inside me. I moan happily. It feels so good!

Suddenly, he pulls out and I whine in protest.

“Shut the fuck up, or I won’t let you cum.”

My mouth snaps shut.

“I’ve never done this before,” he murmurs.

Never done what? I dare not ask. I pout. I want to cum.

He shifts my panties again and I feel his wet cockhead probing at my asshole.

I start to sputter a protest.

“Anywhere!” he reminds me roughly. “You promised.” His head pushes in and I bite down on the pillow so I don’t scream. It doesn’t exactly hurt, but it’s so strange, I can barely stand it!

Farther and farther into my ass daddy plunges. I hear him gasp. “Hot,” he moans in a higher voice than I’ve ever heard him use. “Dear God, Danielle. Your ass is so fucking hot inside. Uh. My dick is gonna melt!”

His words make my clit ache, even though his big cock is in a very bad place.

He moans and doesn’t stop as he starts moving inside my asshole.

Feeling horribly ashamed, my hand reaches down to my engorged clitoris. I twitch.

“Fuck,” he says in that higher voice. “You’re squeezing me.”

My fingers küçükçekmece escort tug at my clit, then plunge into my pussy.

“Yeess,” he groans. “Your ass is gooood.” He pumps in, panting.

I know he’s about to cum. I have to hurry. I work my clit, then pussy, then clit. And I bite down harder on the pillow as a huge orgasm blasts over me. “Uuuhh,” I groan into the pillow ashamed, but awash in ecstasy.

He jerks, and I know he’s cumming in my ass. “Danielle!” he cries. “Fuck, you fuckin’—ugh. God, yeah.” He pulls slowly out and I cup my pussy, still throbbing.

I wonder what he was about to call me when he came. Surely something extremely nasty, but I kindof want to know.

Dad wipes his dick on the blanket and looks into my eyes. “I’m sorry, baby.”

“It’s okay, I…kindof liked it.”

He smirks slowly. “Damn, you’re a slut, princess.”

I bite my lip. Maybe he’s right.

I fix myself up and we find the ring, right where Dr. Samuels said it would be.

“I have to ship this,” I tell him.

He nods. “I’ll straighten up here. Fix the screen and everything. Cover our tracks.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“I’ll meet you back at the hotel.”

I ship the ring as quickly as possible and run to the hotel. I really don’t think I have much time left.

Dad is waiting in the lobby and he smiles, almost gently.

In the room, he says, “I don’t know if I can go through with it, you know, getting with your mom.”

I stare. “You have to! If you don’t, I won’t be born! I don’t know what will happen but it won’t be good.”

He sneers at the floor. “Fuck.”

“What’s wrong? You said she was pretty. And she’s got bigger boobs than me.”

He examines my chest. “No she doesn’t.”

“They must get bigger when she gets pregnant, then. Because in my time, her boobs are gigantic.”

One of his eyebrows rises in interest. He shakes his head. “I only want you now.”

I know I’m grinning. “Oh daddy. You have no idea how happy that makes me. But you just have to, or I won’t exist. Please.”

He takes a deep breath. “She won’t do the things you do for me, baby.”

I stare at his handsome face. “I bet she will. You can convince her.”

As I watch him, I realize I have to stop this. I’ve messed with something important so recklessly, it’ll be a miracle if it can be fixed.

“I promise,” I tell him. “Just like I promised before. I’ll reward you twenty years from now.”

He pulls me close to him. “Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye?”

Suddenly, I want to cry. “I don’t want to. But if I don’t, you’ll never get together with my mom. Who knows what that would do to our lives?”

He kisses me fiercely, his cinnamon tongue stroking mine. Is this the last time I’ll ever kiss daddy? My heart hurts at the thought.

I feel that strange pull and he says, “Goodbye, baby.”

The light flashes.

Dr. Samuels stares into my eyes excitedly.

I hold back tears and nod to her. “I sent the ring.”

Dr. Samuels begs me to come back tomorrow, but I tell her I’m taking a break from time travelling.

As I head home, I wonder if she’ll find a new guinea pig to go back and do work for her in the past.

I’m feeling so down as I pull the car in.

I trudge to the front door. I love him. I love him and I’ll never be with him.

Tires squeal and my neck jerks to see my dad’s black convertible racing dangerously up the driveway.

Before he even gets out, I can see the rage in his eyes. He’s staring furiously. At me.

I yelp and fumble with the key in the lock.

I throw the door open, terrified of my dad for the first time in my life. He’s never hit me. Never spanked me. But right now he looks like he wants to beat the hell out of me.

“Danielle!” he roars, running up to the house. “Danielle, you stop right there!” His voice sends a cold shock down my spine. No way am I stopping.

I run up the stairs. “I’m sorry, daddy!” I scream. “I’m sorry! Don’t hurt me! Please!”

I head for my room. I’m fast, but he’s faster.

I run through the door, and slam it.

But daddy catches it and steps through my doorway.

He’s breathing hard from running. His eyes are dark slits of rage. “Danielle,” he growls. “You disobeyed me. Again.”

I cower and back away from him, bumping into my writing desk.


“I told you to stop,” he growls angrily. “I told you to stop but you just didn’t fucking listen.”

“I know. I know, daddy. Just listen. I’m sorry. I’m never going back, I told Dr—”

“Enough,” he cuts in with a roar. He steps forward, large and intimidating, glaring down at me. “I’d buried this, but you just couldn’t leave it there, you greedy, little cunt.”

I wince. He’s never called me anything so foul before. “Daddy,” I whimper with pain. He hates me now. He hates me and it’s all my fault.

I tremble with fear as he reaches me. His head tilts to my ear. “That reward?” he rumbles, low and sneering. “I’ll take it now.”

Fear and surprise war within me. I gaze up into his eyes, filled black with lust. “Huh?” I kurtköy escort ask. My nipples tighten, but the fear still grips me.

“Oh yess,” he hisses into my ear. His hand circles my neck. “You can do exactly what I like.”

My pussy throbs violently. Oh my God. Daddy wants me. This daddy. This forbidden one. The one who loves me.

My head turns toward his and he grips my neck, forcing me to kiss him. It’s not gentle. His tongue rams into my mouth. “Awww, this taste,” he grunts. His dark eyes focus on my breasts, straining against my dress.

Then his eyes meet mine. “Daddy?” I whisper.

“What the fuck do you expect, Danielle?” he asks roughly. He digs his fingers into my sides. “You let me fuck you, let me cum in you. You let me lick you. You let me in your ass! You think I can get that out of my head?”

His words light in my chest.

He drags me to my bed and makes me sit. “Let me see my titties,” he demands in my ear.

I take a shuddering breath. His titties.

“Let me see, baby,” he says, changing his tone, lighter, but his eyes are still dark, his lids still low.

My promise. Daddy’s reward. I lick my lips continuously, bouncing so I can pull my dress out from under me then over my head.

A long hiss comes from daddy’s mouth as he watches my bare breasts bounce into view. He falls to his knees in front of me and his mouth dives for my tit. He holds it with both hands and swirls his tongue around my nipple, making me gasp. “My fuckin tit,” he murmurs to it. He remembered.

He turns to the other, grabbing it lovingly with both hands. He takes this nipple into his mouth and sucks, rolling it around with his tongue. “Mmm. Slapping titty. I’m gonna slap you today, baby.”

I moan, finally unable to contain it.

As if he can’t stop himself, he thrusts his face between my breasts, pulling them close to his cheeks with his hands. “Aaaaaah,” he moans shamelessly. “You did something bad, baby.”

He’s talking to me now. His eyes accusing me.

“You seduced your father. A dirty thing.”

My heart sinks. “I’m so sorry.” Nothing is worth his disappointment. It hurts so much.

“But I still love you.”

Joy returns as I look down at his smirking face between my tits. So close. “Daddy,” I murmur.

“I loved you back then, too.”

My heart fills with happiness. “I love you too, Daddy. Now and then.”

He swallows suddenly… nervous?

“Take me to your bed, daddy.”

Anger flashes for a moment, but I’m not scared anymore.

“You’ve been so good, for so long, baby,” I croon.

His eyes narrow darkly. I’ve never called him that before.

I lean close to his ear. “Don’t you want your reward?”

He surges to his feet, lifting me over his shoulder once again. He barges down the hallway and kicks open his door. He tosses me to the bed and starts to crawl on top of me.

“No, daddy,” I say, pushing him back with my hands. “Let me.”

My big, muscular dad lets me push him onto his back.

“Let me see if I remember what you like best,” I tease.

I watch him swallow.

“Let’s see. What was first? Oh, yes.” I pull open his fly.

“Danielle,” he murmurs.

“Don’t you remember what comes first, daddy?” I grab the waist of his pants and tug, forcing him to lift his hips. I pull his pants off, his large, stiff cock springs free.

His throat is dry as he asks. “What comes first?”

“Well, first,” I say, licking my lips. “First I have to get you nice and wet with my mouth.”

His chest heaves. “Yeah, baby.”

I gather saliva in my mouth and open so he can see the little pool. He grunts his approval.

I bend before him, making sure he can see the sway of my large breasts. A drip of spit falls from my mouth onto one tit. My hand wraps around daddy’s fact cock and I slap the head against my lower lip, causing saliva to splash.

He sighs and his cock twitches.

I wrap my wet lips around him, letting the saliva spill down his dick. I suck gently before lifting away. “What comes next?” I ask myself, listening to daddy pant. “Oh, yes, I remember.”

I reposition myself, bowing over his waist, letting my breast swing and smack his cock.

He moans almost painfully. “Oh God.”

The sound makes me want to touch myself so bad, but I don’t. I swirl his cockhead, wet with my spit, around my nipple.

“Baby!” he cries. He thrusts, trying to stab into my tit.

God, I want this cock inside me so bad. But this is daddy’s reward. “Daddy, do you want my titty on your cock?”

“Yess,” he hisses, trying to fuck my tit again. “Don’t tease. Let me in, Danielle,” he demands.

His dick leaks as I push my nipple against his little slit. My teeth grind and I shudder. So naughty.

He grunts, grabbing my tit with both hands, pulling the tender flesh down around his cockhead.

Oh, it hurts, so why does it feel so good. “Daddy?”

“Yes, baby. Oh my dear fffucking God!” he curses maniacally, squeezing my boob flesh around him. “Thiss,” he hisses. “So fucking good, baby, your titty. Please, please, don’t make me stop.”

My mouth hangs slack watching my dad, crazy with lust, cramming his dick where it shouldn’t go. “Oh, daddy,” I moan. “Fuck my tit.”

He whimpers, jerking against my nipple. “Uh! Uh!” he cries as hot cum shoots into my boob. “Oh God,” he murmurs hoarsely as his dick drags his cum aross my tit. I offer him my other tit and he gasps, slapping his cum covered dick on that nipple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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