Max , The City Ch. 03

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The characters in this piece of literature are all sexually active personages being fictional consenting adults, of course entirely for literary enjoyment and/or sexual arousal by non-fictional ones. Graphic narrative depictions of homosexual activity are presented. Any reader’s personal aversion to such behaviour should likewise avert same FROM READING ANY FURTHER. The author will take no responsibility for any readers irresponsible attempts to imitate the fictional personages or fictional situations or fictional ideas portrayed herein in their actual personal lives. © 2010 Copyright subsists. All rights reserved. Subject to the terms and conditions of

Chapter 3

Max laughed, “Ah look what he’s doing!”

“I can’t see any more at this angle,” said Scott.

The passenger of the other vehicle was now lying with his tools exposed to the sun while he bobbed the driver’s knot.

Scott’s truck had moved along next to the red Corolla with the three horny guys in it; he wound down his window and leaned out. “Hi, guy. What’s your destination?” he bellowed down to the passenger in the back seat who was now craning out of the window, his cheeks flushed with demure excitement.

Max couldn’t hear his reply, but Scott said, “Excellent! Sandton City sounds just about right!”

Perfect! Max’s destination was sure to be on the route.

Max picked his bundle up from the footwell and was about to alight from the truck when Scott grabbed his arm. He looked up into Scott’s friendly grin; “Hey, good luck!”

“Thanks, Scott,” he smiled back.

“For the interview too!” he laughed.

Max laughed back, waving as he slammed the truck’s door shut and scuttled up to where the other vehicle had come to a hazard-lit halt in the emergency lane. He gave Scott a last smile and a wave before withdrawing into the other car.

Scott followed Max’s new lift-club back into the flow of traffic. Max and the other three boys introduced themselves to each other, freckled red-head Bernard driving, fair-skinned, dark-haired Stephen’s head in his lap and Roy wanking a broad, circumcised cock with lots kartal escort of hard ridges on it.

“Yeah, baby! Take it off!” chuckled Scott as he saw Max shuck his sweater and T-shirt, and turn his body in toward that of the man he now shared the back seat of the red car with. They touched each other’s bodies and kissed. Scott laughed heartily and hooted on Max’s behalf – Max was sure to have a very entertaining trip to Sandton!

Scott indicated to slip off the motorway and head back home.

“Ay, man. Your mouth tastes like dick,” said the man in a low tone in Max’s ear as he groped Max’s crotch.

“Correct,” he giggled.

“Oh! Hahaha!” Roy’s olive-green eyes smiled into Max’s face. “The trucker dude?”

Max laughed and nodded. “Tell you what! I’m so horny now!”

“Yeah?” Roy kissed him on the cheek and gently pressed his chest that he might lean back and relax into the seat.

“Yeah,” Max reciprocated, slipping his sweat pants off over his shoes. “This is so hot, I just can’t believe it’s happening to me!”

“Jesus! Look at Max’s body,” Bernard said to Steve.

Roy stroked Max’s chest, tummy and thigh while he watched Steve’s face break into a grin of appreciation, “Mmm! Very hot! That’s an enormous rod! How old are you Max?”

“Eighteen. I just left school.”

“Oh!” said the driver. “You got a girlfriend or anything?”

“No…” Steve headed back for Bernard’s dick. “I was a virgin yesterday… Aah!” he broke off as Roy’s mouth on his cock seemingly robbed his brain of the ability to voice words.

Bernard seemed to be driving calmly enough, though the traffic was slow too, but his groaning and interjections of delight betrayed his control. Roy was sucking Max’s cock as though Max was making the noises; his sucking and Bernard’s moaning grew in urgency, in tandem.

Bernard had retreated from the vehicles queueing ahead of him, and reduced speed to just below the average the traffic was travelling. He took the car out of gear to free his feet up for the orgasm surging in his groan and let out a low roar as he squeezed the life out of the steering wheel. Roy and Steve sounded maltepe escort bayan like they were enjoying themselves as much as Bernard, but Steve proffered a condom and those beautiful olive-green eyes implored him, “Please fuck me, Max?”

Max ridiculed the internal arguments that tried to take wing inside him, but Roy was already stuffing his cock into the rubber. He rolled onto his stomach with the corner of the seat between his knees and pointed his ass into the air. Max’s chest fluttered with excitement and fluidly positioned his hips to present his cock with its first mancunt ever!

Steve was ready with a glob of lube and plastered it all over Max’s cock, while Max wiggled his knees this way and his ankles that, in an attempt to make his position less awkward. One or two people in neighbouring vehicles seemed to Max to be getting a little too curious about what he was doing without clothes on – well, all anyone could see was his bare chest, and there weren’t any vehicles close-by with higher vantage.

Steve had Roy’s bum-hole oiled up, and Max steadily sank his big tool into the tangle of legs that were his and Roy’s. He was overwhelmed with intensely pleasurable sensations that he had never experienced until this day.

“AAH!” wailed Roy. “Just fuck it straight in, boy!” he said, a little annoyed at Max’s rough, inexperienced roadside manner. Max missed the sarcasm, and relaxed his straining legs a little, resting his weight on Roy’s body, his angry-hard cock probing as deep as it ever would.

“AAAAH!” wailed Roy again. “Easy soldier!”

Max groaned while he fumbled around in his clobber to extricate a dress-shirt he had packed for the interview – he figured the people in the nearby vehicles could just see a man putting clothes on in the back the car – a not entirely peculiar vista – which would hopefully distract them from the actual shenanigans going on below the level of the window pane.

Roy’s ass was complaining bitterly about the assault, clenching Max’s dick very tightly. Max whimpered while he fumbled with his shirt buttons. His hands felt like ghost hands, and it felt like there were escort pendik twenty of them. His orgasm caught him by surprise. He yelped and fell forward upon Roy’s back, his pelvis gyrating involuntarily as he squeezed his seed into the condom.

Roy’s red face turned to and fro on the seat, moaning articulately from the hard ball of Max’s cockhead pushing against his innards.

“Keep going, Max,” he managed to murmur. “I’m coming,” and then he roared into the footwell as his body tensed up and he ejected a wad of splooge all over Bernard’s car’s back seat.

Max just felt hands touching him all over – Bernard had an arm over the seat and was gently caressing his buttocks and it felt fantastic. Steve was fondling his testicles, and that felt fantastic too, and tickling his back with his other arm, and Roy was caressing his thighs. It all felt so good, he just lay on Roy, basking in the attention everyone was giving him.

Max had peeled himself off of Roy, and they dressed.

“Do you guys always do this in the mornings?”

Bernard offered, “Steve sucks me off behind the wheel every time Roy’s not in the car with us. Today was the first time he did it with someone else in the car!”

“So what do you guys do?” asked Max.

“I’m a manager at Inside Out, a camping equipment store,” said Bernard.

“I’m a para-legal,” said Steve.

“I’m a programmer,” said Roy. “And you?”

“Well, I’ll be going to Johannesburg again on Wednesday and Friday for interviews, and I’ve got a couple next week too.”

“Oh, what kind of work you looking for?”

How was Max really to know? He was green as the grass, and didn’t know what the future held. “I’m going to an agency in Birdhaven about a call centre position today. Wednesday’s job is for a driver. Friday is a telesales thing…

“Hey, Bernard. Can you drop me on Corlett Drive please?”

“Sure, where on Corlett Drive?”

“Melrose Arch.”

“Ok, no problem. I’ll take you right there.”

Steve said, “Listen take my email address and send me your resumé. Maybe I can help with a job too.”

“Hey mine too”…

Max took the boys’ contact details down in a pad, as well as Bernard’s number. He offered to give Max a ride between the farm and Johannesburg as often as he was able to. He shook hands all round before stepping from the car onto the streets of gold for the first time in his life.

• o O o •

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