Mature Fun

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Mature Fun
I come over to talk to you. We had e-mailed and you told me of and electrical issue you had with the hot water heater, and I told you to call me tomorrow, and I’d come take a look because I was handy with stuff like that. So the next day you had called me and told me it was still giving you fits, and I said, let me grab a few tools, I’ll be there in an hour. When I get there, you are quite attractive, curvy and busty. You are in your 60’s and about the same age as me. I say “Hello Anne, nice to meet you in the flesh.” We shake hands and then you offer me a glass of tea, and take me though your house and we are in the kitchen at the table chatting, and I knock my glass of iced tea over and it goes in my lap. I jump up, it’s ice cold. You get me a towel, and then you say, “put this towel on and take off your pants and underwear, I’ll wash and dry em for you.”

“Just put the towel on, I won’t look” you say. You can’t believe that you are doing this. So, I think, what the hell. So as I get my pants off, you look away, but as I reach for the towel, you turn around and get a good look. Your eyebrows raise. I blush. I take stuff out of my pockets and hand you my pants.

But you reach under my towel and start fondling my cock and balls. “I don’t get to see much cock around here” you say , as you bend down and give my cock a kiss, then you stretch him out because he’s short and soft and you lick it. Your tongue is going in circles around my cock head. Of course my cock begins to grow. You suck him deep into your mouth, sucking him good, feeling him grow hard in your mouth. You suck him harder, as your hands grab the cheeks of my ass, and your head bobs back and forth on my cock, pulling him deep as you can, without gagging.

You come up for air, and pull my cock, saying “come here” as you drag me by bet siteleri my cock into the laundry room where you put my pants in the washer and turn it on, never letting go of my hard cock. Now you go back to sucking my cock, pushing the tip of your tongue into my big pee hole. Massaging my nuts as you stroke and lick my cock. You asked me how come my pee hole was so big. I told you that I’d been shoving things in my cock since I was 11 years old. “Put the tip of your baby finger in it”, I say. You do, and are amazed that it goes in my cock past the first knuckle. You are pretty excited by now.

You pull out your tits so I can play, sucking your nipples like candy. Your nipples are hard, erect. Your breasts are full and heavy, each lick and suck makes your pussy wetter. I am so pleased to have your tits in my hand and your nipples in my mouth. I lightly bite on a nipple and tug, and hear your sharp intake of breath. “Do you like it Anne?” I ask.” Oh yeah”, you tell me. So I go from nipple to nipple, sucking hard and tugging and twisting your yummy nipples.
Soon you are too hot to take it anymore. You pull off your jeans and panties, and grab an armless chair in the corner of the laundry room. You have me sit, and you straddle me, facing me, guiding my cock to your tight, wet pussy. You sit on my cock, your face contorting with pleasure as my short cock slides into your pussy.

I suck and tug your nipples as you finger your clit and manage to cum right away, I feel your wetness on my balls. You begin to raise up and down on my cock, raise up, then let go and slam him deep into your pussy. You grunt and moan with each slam onto my cock. Your tight pussy feels so good, I lift you up, and turn around and you bend over, hands on the chair and I guide my cock between your legs and thrust. I slam my cock into pinbahis giriş your neatly trimmed pussy, with my eyes gazing at your ass; I pound my cock in and out of your pussy. You are so tight, thinking you’ve not been laid in a while. I cannot hold back. I pull out, and you stand, and lean forward. Your tits are hanging there, inviting me, so I jerk off, my cum going all over your tits.

I rub my cum into your nipples, you moan, and when I am done, you bend down and lick and suck my cock some more, tasting both our juices, you are not done with me yet. You want to show me your bedroom.

Once inside your bedroom, you instinctively get on all fours allowing me the freedom to touch you as I please. I swat your beautiful round ass with my hand, and you moan. I look for anything else to use. “Anne, so you love a bit of spanking? What else do you have?” You pointed to the drawer with your toys and a flogger. I got the flogger and swatted each cheek in turn. You yelp with pain, but beg me for more saying “Don’t stop Dan, I’ve been bad” So I turn your butt cheeks red, a criss cross of red marks

My hand goes between your legs, feeling the soft, puffy lips of your pussy, feeling the bald pussy, and an abundance of wetness. My finger teases open your lips and find you even wetter with desire. I push one, then two fingers in you, and you push back. My other hand grabs the closest nipple which is rock hard as I tug it and roll it between my thumb and finger.

Your hips move back, you stop sucking, and my two fingers slide deep inside you. “Oh gawd, I need that” you say as I slide my fingers in and out of you. I push and twist, sliding my fingers in and out of you, your pussy only getting wetter as your desire builds. My thumb is pressing on your clit and you moan loudly.

I get out your online bahis longest toy and ram it in your sopping wet cunt. I go so damn deep that you tell me not so deep, as it’s buried between your lips. My thumb pushes it hard, stretching you as my other hand slaps your ass with the phone cord. You are bucking and crying out as you cum, and cum hard. I pull the toy out of you and flop on the bed.
I say “Anne, I want you to sit on my face” and I scoot a bit lower on the bed and you lift your leg over me and lower yourself to my face. I put my hands on your ass, and hold you up a bit as my tongue laps at your outer lips, your thighs and up to your pink pearl of a clit. I lick and lap, sometimes licking your asshole before plunging my tongue deep into the wetness of your pussy. Your pussy reeks of musk and sex, and is so damn wet. I pull out and I lick with fast flicks of my tongue upon your pink pearl, as it emerges from within the folds. Once again I plunge my tongue deep in your tasty, wet, pussy.
“Gawd Dan” you say as my tongue enters you, I let you down sitting on my face my tongue deep in your pussy, and you rub your clit on my white Santa beard on my chin, rocking your hips, moaning. All the while the tip of my nose is rubbing your ass hole. You bend over my big belly to suck on my cock, and you rock your hips, moving your clit and moving your ass across my nose. You moan with delight, and the vibrations of your moans are felt on my cock in your mouth. As you rock, I often feel my nose graze against your asshole. I am hoping my cock will end up there today.

You are about to cum again, I am amazed, and as you do, your hand and mouth furiously work to make me cum at the same time. “Oh fuck Anne”, I holler, “Fuck I’m gonna cum” and gobs of cum in your mouth, on your face and you try to suck me more, but I say “wait” in a raspy voice, “I’m too sensitive right now”. In a second you lie beside me and stroke my cock and suck him dry. We are exhausted, and need to rest. I’m thinking that your electrical problem can wait for an hour or two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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