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I had flown out to the US on business and had arranged to meet a lovely woman I had met on line at a hotel in New York just off Broadway. She was a bit older than me, full figured, blonde and sexy as hell. I had booked a room on a high floor to try and get a view. Sure enough the hotel didn’t disappoint, I arrived by Taxi from JFK and the bell boy came out to the taxi to collect the bags. The hotel had a huge marble reception, elegantly laid out and when I went to check in the receptionist told me that Mrs G… was already in the room.

A little confused, (as she wasn’t meant to be arriving until later, let alone that you told them she was my wife) I entered the lift up to some ridiculous floor number that just made me go dizzy at the thought.

I found the room and let myself in I nosed around the room but she didn’t seem to be there only her bag sat on a chair, then there was the sound of rushing water as she switched on the shower. She obviously wasn’t aware that I was there yet so I stripped naked and slipped into the bathroom, I peered around the edge of the door to the shower, she had her back to me, I watched as the soap bubbles washed down over her buttocks and down her legs I watched as the bubbles washed down passed curve of her breast, my cock had grown rapidly and was now standing tall and proud as I watched her washing her legs.

I watched as she rinsed the bubbles out of her beautiful long blonde hair, traced the bubbles down as they washed down her back and between those glorious buttocks. I couldn’t take any more, I needed to touch her, kiss her, hold her, so I snuck up behind her and slipped my hands around her waist and kissed her shoulder. She gave a little scream and turned around rapidly almost knocking me over. She looked at me wide eyed for a moment taking me in and then stepped towards me and pushed her body against me.

Looking deeply into my eyes she kissed me vigorously. I took her into my arms my dribbling cock bostancı escort rubbing against her tummy as our tongues darted against one another as we kissed, I placed my hands on her jaw as we kissed before letting them slip down her soapy body over her breasts stopping briefly to play with her nipples before slipping down over her hips and onto those ample buttocks.

As we kissed she gently rubbed her tummy against my cock, letting the pre-cum gently spread over it. Then she broke the kiss looked at me with a mischievous grin and turned around such that my cock rubbed against her buttocks. She gently ground herself against me as I wrapped my arms around her again. With one hand I played with her left breast as the other gently stroked down over her tummy pausing to tickle her naval and then gently down towards her smooth shaven crotch. My fingers toyed in her shaven bush before slipping down gently to glance over the outer lips of her pussy. I kissed her deeply as the water ran down over her breasts and tummy. Her buttocks grinding against my cock as our tongues played, I wanted to be in her bad.

My finger slipped into her pussy finding her dripping wet and not just from the shower, my finger slipped into her as my other hand played with her nipples. My fingers were soaked with her juices as I gently rub them against her swollen clit, we were kissing deeply as I gently lowered my knees until my cock slipped effortlessly between her buttocks. I lifted her knee gently and placed it on the edge of the side as I guided my now dribbling cock to her beautifully wet pussy. We were kissing deeply as my cock gently slipped into her pussy, I gently pushed it in letting it slip further and further into her until my balls rested against her. My fingers played with her clit and traced across her tummy occasionally circling her nipples or dipping into her naval as we gently fucked. Her clit was swollen against my finger as I gently rubbed it. Her ümraniye escort bayan breathing quickened, and she pulled away from our kiss, I kissed her neck and sucked her earlobe as her orgasm raced through her, her knees started to buckle **** her weight down on my cock as I continued to play with her.

As her Orgasm started to subside she begged me to stop playing with her clit and pulled my hand from between her legs. We kissed deeply and she turned around to face me, kissing me vigorously, my cock slipped from her pussy as she turned spreading our juices over her tummy as we kissed. She pulled me out of the shower, I grabbed a towel off the rail and wrapped her in it. I quickly dried the worst of the water off her but she obviously had other plans and pushed me onto the bed. She started to kiss down my body, gently kissing my neck, across my chest and nipples and then the tip of my cock before licking down my length, and running her tongue around one of my hairless balls. She gently sucked it into her mouth sucking gently slipping her tongue along the underside, then she sucked them both into her mouth, before gently licking up my length, taking the dribbling head of my cock into her mouth. She could taste a mix of our juices as she gently sucked me.

Her mouth slipped gently up and down my length as she looked into my eyes. I was loving it but couldn’t wait to taste her so pulled gently on her bottom gesturing it towards me; she took the hint and straddled my face still sucking my cock and playing with my balls with the tips of her fingers. I ever so gently started licking along the length of her pussy her clit was very sensitive from her orgasm so I had to take it oh so slowly. As I licked her I could feel my orgasm building but I didn’t want to come yet. I tried to pull her off my cock but it was no good she was on a mission, so I accepted it and continued to lick her. Quickly I reached the point of no return and my cock started kartal escort to shoot hot cum into her mouth. To my surprise and great pleasure she continued to suck until my orgasm had subsided and my flaccid cock fell from her mouth.

She turned around and kissed me, tasting faintly of my cum as our tongues touched. As we kissed my hand slipped back to her hairless and crotch and my fingers toyed with her dripping pussy. I gently rubbed her clit occasionally letting my fingers slip into her. I kissed down her neck with my fingers still inside her , I kissed her nipples and tummy letting my tongue slip into her naval before thrusting my tongue into her pussy.

I kept licking her sweet tasting pussy. I lapped gently at her clit occasionally letting my tongue run through her pussy to her tight puckered hole. I gently swirled my tongue over it, I could hear her enjoying it, so I carried on lapping, varying my attention between her clit and anus, as I licked her one hand caressed her breasts while the other caressed her tummy toying with her tummy button and stroking her smooth pubis. The sight of her enjoying herself so much was a huge turn on and I realised that my cock was rock hard again. I kissed back up her body to kiss her mouth as my cock gently slipped into her wetness, she groaned gently as it slipped into her and she kissed me deeply. I guided her hand down to her clit so that she could rub herself as we fucked, I so wanted her to cum again before I was done. I licked and kissed her nipples, watching her gently rub herself, and my cock slipping in and out of her beautiful smooth pussy. I slipped my hand underneath her and gently ran a finger around her moist anus. Taking some of our juices from my cock as it slipped into her I pushed my finger gently into tight little bum, I gently rubbed it against my cock as it slipped in and out of her pussy. She was getting close to orgasm again, her moaning and breathing was quicker, I could feel her pussy grasping at my cock, it felt so good I couldn’t stop myself and shot again into her pussy, as our orgasms subsided I collapsed on top of her kissing and panting until my flaccid cock fell from her pussy.

Spent we lay together my head resting on her shoulder and slept…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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