Massage Therapy Ch. 02

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“Ricky, is your penis…hard?”

These words were the first Janice Davidge had clearly heard when she’d climbed the stairs to see what her kids were up to. She had instantly frozen with one leg raised for the top step, for something of this explicitly graphic nature was most certainly not what she’d been expecting. Just a few minutes before, she had pulled into the garage, thrilled to see that her son’s car was there, meaning he was back home.

“Well…” She had heard her son reply, his voice containing a nervous, trembling tone. Then, to Janice’s further shock and confusion, she’d heard her daughter say, “Oh, Ricky, don’t stop your massage!”

Upon entering the house through the inner garage door, Janice had checked near the front door and confirmed that her daughter, Kristin, was home too: her shoes and backpack were there on the floor. And then she’d heard the muffled voices from upstairs and assumed they were both up there, catching up after Richard’s long absence at college. With a warmth of pure affection in her heart, she had kicked off her own shoes and had begun padding up the stairs to surprise them when the uninhibited dialogue had frozen her in her tracks.

Shortly after hearing those first shocking words from Kristin, Janice had heard Richard begin to explain to his sister, “A man’s thing…his penis…becomes hard when blood begins to flow into—”

Then Kristin had actually giggled: “Silly goose! I don’t mean how does it physically get hard—I learned that already. What I mean is, why? Why is it getting hard now?”

“Well, Kristin, the fact of the matter is, I’m a boy, and you’re a girl.”


“Shh, let me try to explain. Even though what we’re doing right now is to help relieve you of your growing pains, normally when a boy touches a girl’s breasts it is considered much more intimate than when a boy touches, say, the girl’s shoulders.”

And then Janice had heard Kristin ask, “So because massaging my boobs is more intimate than my shoulders, you’re getting hard? Like this is…sex?”

Rick: “Well, not exactly sex…but sexual. If you were just a regular girl, and I was a regular guy, it would be a sexual thing for me to feel your breasts. I love you, Kristin, and you are my sister, yes, but I guess my body…my penis…doesn’t always know the difference. I’m sorry.”

Somehow finding strength in her legs again, Janice had managed to top the stairs and work her way down the hallway to just outside Kristin’s door, for that was where this bizarre conversation had been taking place. At this point, her heart pounding rapidly, Janice still hadn’t been able bring herself to peek into the room. So she had listened.

Kristin: “Ricky, I’m being affected too, you know.”

Richard: “How so?”

Kristin: “Well, you may have noticed but…my nipples are hard.”

A pause, then Richard again: “I noticed.”

“But there’s more,” Kristin had continued. “You see, when my nipples get hard, my…well, I get sort of wet…down there.”

At this point, Janice had known she’d have to make a decision, because while this conversation may have started out innocently enough—and judging by Kristin’s tone, Janice believed this to be the case—it was now heading to a distinctly sexual place that would see these two siblings, her own 18-year-old daughter and 20-year-old son, crossing a line that could never be recovered.

But the fact of the matter was that Janice had been fascinated. In listening to the conversation, she could clearly tell that Richard, the older of the two and the one who should have been more responsible, was in no way provoking or encouraging Kristin to go any further. If anything it was Kristin who wanted more. Poor innocent Kristin was obviously curious and shy about sexual things, but she was clearly quite comfortable with her brother. It didn’t seem to occur to either child that what they were doing could be considered incest.

So Janice had let it continue.

Kristin: “What should I do?”

Richard: “Just…just place your hand all the way around it. Get a good grip. That should do it.”

“Ricky, how do I massage your penis?”

“Like this.”

“Is this good, Ricky? Am I massaging you okay just like this?”

“Yes!” he had blurted in a grunt. “This is just fine, baby.”

At this point, an overwhelming desire to see what was going on had overcome Janice. She finally risked a peek around the doorframe, and there before her had been the most erotic of sights: her daughter, topless, sitting on the bed with one of her tiny hands wrapped timidly around her own brother’s penis.

Richard’s penis! It was huge! And absolutely perfect. Unbelievably erect. Janice had forgotten for a moment that she had been staring at her own son’s cock. Automatically her mouth had started watering, and her vagina had actually clenched in a slight contraction of anticipation. Anticipation? Christ, Janice had thought, did I just get horny for my own son?

Blinking and shaking her head to stay focused, Janice kartal escort had kept her head around the door, and she had watched the rest of the scene openly, for it was clear the kids were quite distracted by their own actions. After several more moments, Janice had managed to pull her gaze off of her son’s cock to study his face. She had realized she had begun anticipating his orgasm—actually wanting his orgasm—hoping to see it erupt soon. What was getting into her?

At this point Richard had been saying, “Listen, Kristin, this is important.” He was panting now. “The massage you’re giving me is going to cause my penis to ejaculate. Do you know what that means?”

Continuing her steady stroking motion, Kristin had said, “Ejaculate? Is that when a man’s sperm comes out?”

“Yes! Yes! Exactly.”

“You mean I’m going to cause your sperm to come out?”

“Only if that’s okay with you, Kristin. But you need to decide now. Very quickly. Now!”

“Is it going to make you feel better?”

“Yes! But…it will make a mess!”

“Will lots of sperm come out?”

“Yes, Kristin, yes!” His hips started to rise up. His buttocks tensed, his toes began to curl. “Please!” he screamed, “Kristin, please decide whether you’re okay with this!”

Janice had been amazed. Throughout this entire episode, Richard had actually kept to his senses and was still looking after Kristin’s well-being. Even though the poor boy had probably been ready to cum several minutes ago, he was fighting to hold himself off until he was absolutely sure his younger sister would be okay with this.

Janice had watched her daughter glance left and right. Clearly she had been considering what to do. Finally, understandably, poor Richard had grown impatient: “Kristin! Please! Either stop stroking me or go FASTER!”

But Kristin had made her decision: “It’s okay, Ricky. You can let it happen now. It’s okay, Ricky!” Janice could see that her daughter had started stroking her Richard’s cock faster.

“Oh Jesus yes thank you!” Rick had bellowed.

Janice had watched with open amazement as Kristin angled Richard’s penis straight up in her quickened stroking pace, and then the first eruption of his sperm had shot out. There followed what must have been six or seven more very powerful spurts that simply thunderstruck Kristin as the white semen flung and splattered all over the place. It had taken a good thirty seconds for the autonomic convulsing of Richard’s spurting penis to settle down. Janice couldn’t believe her eyes. And to her even greater surprise, she felt a fresh flush of moisture in her pussy.

Staring at the aftermath, Kristin had simply said, “Wow.” Janice, trying to bring herself back into some sort of focus, had studied Kristin carefully at this point, concerned that the girl would fully realize what she’d just done for her own brother. Incredibly, Kristin had smiled and said, “Feel better?”

And Richard had smiled back. “Oh, yes. Thank you.”

Kristin: “Gonna have to clean you up now, Ricky.”

Richard: “Sure thing.”

This was now the moment, when it would become known just who had witnessed this entire episode. Janice, licking her lips and trying to figure out how to handle this on the fly, noticed the extra towel on the floor near her. At the moment Richard turned to see her standing there, Janice held out the towel. “Looking for this?”

Everyone froze in stunned silence for several seconds. So many levels of emotions permeating from everyone’s expressions that Janice realized it would be up to her to control whether this would become a horrifying nightmare for all, or something that could be dealt with rationally.

So she immediately stepped forward and said, “Richard, be quiet and lie back,” when she’d seen him finally sit up in the bed and open his mouth to speak. “You just stay there,” she commanded. And to Kristin, “You come with me.”

Meek as a mouse, Kristin pulled her semen-covered hands from her brother’s softening penis, which dropped over to one of his thighs with a little wet slap. Slowly, Kristin stood up and reached for the towel Janice was presenting her.

“Let’s step into my room,” Janice instructed her daughter. Kristin lowered her head and moved for the door while wiping sticky sperm from her hands and forearms. Richard had made a noise of protest but Janice cut him off once more: “No, son, just stay there until I come for you. Stay there.” In defeated obedience, Richard did just that, reclining back on the bed, closing his eyes in shame.

Just before heading out of the bedroom with her daughter, Janice stepped forward and bent to scoop up Kristin’s now-frequently discarded shirt. In doing so, Janice’s head came almost level to her son’s midsection as he lay on the bed, the other towel still spread out beneath him. She could actually smell his semen now, its pungent fragrance, and she couldn’t help but once again secretly admire at how much seminal fluid he’d produced—it pooled and dripped around kurtköy escort his groin and thighs.

Swallowing, Janice turned away from Richard without another look at his eyes, fearing he’d detect the sudden hunger she had for a taste of that fluid—Jesus, what was wrong with her? Never before had she even remotely lusted for her own son, but after witnessing such an open, almost peaceful example of how two blood-related family members could please each other sexually, it was as if something had suddenly been triggered within her, right down to her quivering core. Yet somehow she managed to regain her authoritative composure by the time she joined her topless daughter in her own bedroom. She looked at Kristin, who had sat upon the corner of her mother’s bed, her hands folded in her lap, her full breasts heaving with a sigh.

“Put this on, please,” Janice said, handing Kristin the shirt. She waited while the girl put it on. She wasn’t surprised to see that Kristin had a hard time getting the buttons clasped. Just as Janice’s had when she’d gone through puberty, Kristin’s breasts were simply growing too fast for her wardrobe to keep up with.

Janice decided to sit next to her daughter. She placed a hand on her shoulder and asked plainly, “Do you realize what you have just done?”

Kristin turned and looked at her, here big blue eyes open wide with pleading. “Oh, Mom, listen, please! It was all my fault. I caused it all. But you have to understand—I know how it looked, what we did—but it wasn’t really what you think. I mean—I mean, oh please, please don’t be mad at Ricky!”

Janice waited for her daughter to get all this out in a rush. She was amazed that Kristin was willing to take all the blame and defend her brother. She listened to Kristin’s explanation of how her breasts had been aching so much and how she had asked her brother to massage her, the way Janice had taught them, to relieve the pain therapeutically. Janice didn’t recall ever teaching her children how to massage breasts, but she couldn’t argue with the logic of the whole situation, objectively speaking.

Whatever the logic, how the hell had a breast-massage turned into a hand-job? Trying to remain calm, Janice asked, “Then how did you end up…pleasuring your brother?”

Again, Kristin desperately begged her mother to believe that she had wanted to do it, that Richard had actually been reluctant. Kristin had been happy to make her brother feel good. To Janice’s amazement, her daughter did not feel the least bit uncomfortable, only concerned that her brother would get in trouble.

But things had to be made perfectly clear. She looked her daughter straight in the eye and said, “Kristin, you are telling me that you are totally an completely okay with the fact that you helped own brother achieve ejaculation.”

Kristin nodded.

“And you were perfectly okay with him massaging your breasts?”

Kristin nodded again, then said, “It was very nice, Mom. Ricky is so wonderful, and all he wanted to do was help me. I’ll admit, lately I’ve been much more curious about…sexual things, and it was very nice to have someone I can trust show me his penis.”

Janice leaned back a little, studying her daughter’s face. Janice had always tried to raise her children in a loving, honest and very open environment. Clearly her daughter had taken this directly to heart so that there was literally now no subject that was taboo, including incest.

After a moment, Janice asked, “You’re very curious about sex?”


Janice sighed. “Well, I suppose it was inevitable. I mean, you’re eighteen now, and most girls your age these days are already quite sexually active.”

“I know, Mom. I’ve been very good. I’ve stayed out of trouble.”

“Until now!”

Kristin actually blushed at this, looking down. “Yes, until now.” Then she looked back up. “I’m sorry, Mom. It’s just that this sex thing has been really consuming me lately, although I’d suppressed it pretty well, until now, as you say. But this afternoon with Richard I suddenly realized that I could explore and learn more…with someone I love.”

Janice studied her daughter’s face again, but there was nothing but total sincerity in her eyes. She asked, “Were you planning on having more of these…sessions with your brother?”

“I hadn’t thought that quite far ahead, but now that you mention it…yes. That would be very nice.”

“You mean you would want him to teach you more about sex?”

Kristin nodded. “Yes.”

Janice thought for a moment. Again, trying to think of this purely objectively, what better way for her daughter to learn more about the “birds and bees” than from a close family member would be utterly and completely trusted? She made a decision.

“Wait here,” she said. “Don’t move a muscle.” Leaving Kristin waiting on the bed, Kristin left the room to go find Richard.

She found him exactly as she’d left him, still lying back on Kristin’s bed. The only noticeable change was that maltepe escort he had taken one end of the towel under him and had wiped the semen off his body. That end of the towel now hung down again, moist with his sperm. He had taken the other end of the towel and had covered his penis and one hip. Otherwise he was still quite naked, and Janice couldn’t help but note that even while flaccid his penis made quite a bulge in the towel.

Richard made to sit up when she entered, but she held a hand up and he settled back down. She sat on the bed beside him, at his midsection. She could feel the side of her hip touching his, the naked one.

She looked him directly in the eye. “Richard, be absolutely honest with me: did you seduce your little sister?”

He swallowed but matched her eye contact. “Mom, I swear, I didn’t set out for this to happen. I know I should’ve known better, but—”

“That’s not what I asked, Richard. I asked, did you seduce her?”

“No, Mom, I swear.”

“And are you okay with what you and she did just now?”

He glanced away, thinking, then looked back at her. “I…I’m okay with it. I thought it was wonderful. But only if Kristin is okay with it. I don’t want to hurt her, Mom.”

Janice studied her son’s face closely. She knew him well, and she could see the sincerity in his eyes, just like his sister. He truly meant no harm. It was clear the siblings adored each other. She told him, “You know you have aroused a strong curiosity in her now?”


“Yes. She wants to learn more about sex now.”

“Oh…I see.”

“With you.”

At this Richard sat up on his elbows in surprise. The movement made the end of the towel slip from his hip, exposing his penis. Trying to maintain the seriousness of the moment, Janice refrained from looking down at it, even though she could see the fleshy monster in the corner of her vision.

She said, “Listen to me, Richard. Listen very carefully. I am trying to recover the from the shock of seeing my son and daughter fondling each other in a sexual way, but I am going to try and come to grips with this and help you two deal with it. If I yell at you or try to punish you, or keep you two apart, I know I’ll not only risk alienating both of you from my life. You’ll also certainly find ways to be together when I’m not around.”

“Mom, Kristin and I would never hurt you, you know that.”

Janice smiled, again seeing the true devotion and respect in her son’s face. “I believe you, Richard. That’s why I’m going to suggest an arrangement.” She turned slightly, allowing herself to glance, finally, down at her son’s penis. It was very nice, even in its calm state. She called out, “Kristin, dear, come in here, please.”

Kristin entered and both mother and son looked at her. She was wearing her shirt once more, the buttons straining in front of her chest.

Janice said, “Dear, come over here and sit down on the other side of Richard.” Glancing back at Richard, and his crotch, she said, “Honey, why don’t you cover that up again. We’ve all seen it now, but we’ll try a bit of modesty while we have this serious conversation.”

“Sure, Mom, sorry.”

Janice waited until they were both on the bed. She glanced at Kristin, “I was just explaining to your brother that I am prepared to deal with the fact that you want to explore the nature of sex with him, but I must insist on a few ground rules.” They waited, and Janice explained, “First, you are never, ever to discuss with anyone else on this planet what you have done…or are about to do. To the outside world, this is incest, plain and simple. Understand?”

They both nodded.

“Good. Second, you are never to do this again without my direct permission and supervision. Whenever you are planning to practice something sexual, I want to always know first, period. Got it?”

They nodded again. Janice’s heart began racing, realizing what she’d just authorized, realizing where this would lead for her son and daughter.

“Well I guess,” Janice said after a beat, “the next move is up to you, Kristin.” She turned to her daughter. “You’ve seen a man’s penis now; you know what it looks like soft, erect, and when ejaculating. What else would you like to know?”

Kristin blinked a few times, a bit amazed. She probably hadn’t expected us to jump right into it, Janice thought. But for reasons that were becoming more and more personal, more selfish even, Janice wanted to take advantage of the situation.

Her daughter didn’t let her down. She said, a bit quietly, “I…well, I sort of…want to know what it…feels like.”

“What what feels like?” Janice inquired.

“You know…it.”

Richard knew what she was getting at, because his penis actually gave a slight twitch under the towel.

Janice said, “Honey, if we’re going to explore the nature of sex, we had better get used to saying the terms directly, or at least the slang. Are you talking about intercourse?”

Kristin nodded.

“Good. Then call it like it is. You want to have intercourse, or sex. It’s okay.”

Kristin smiled at her brother, then looked at her mother. “I want to have sex, Mom.”

Janice turned to Richard. “What about you?”

He was grinning from ear to ear, and the towel had tented. His answer was obvious.

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