Massage School Wife Ch. 03

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Since Abby has started giving massages on Saturday mornings, we have not been able to sleep in, and what morning sex we’ve had has been quick, so that she can get on the road and be to the school in time for the 9AM session. They run 3 sessions on Saturday, 9, 10 & 11. If Abby receives a client in the first two sessions, she will leave and come home from there. Since I do not know her arrival time, I have renewed my Saturday morning golf matches with a couple of buddies. We usually tee off at 8:30, and I’m home by 2PM. Abby and I always make our plans for Saturday, starting around 4, to give us time to relax and maybe a little time for some fun before going out.

We woke up at 7AM, with our normal ritual of showering, etc and I headed out for my golf game, Abby followed shortly to school. There was rain forecast for the afternoon, but it looked as if I would be able to get my round in with no problems. I play with 2 other guys regularly, Bill & Gordon. Bill was my college roommate and he had moved to the Charleston area a few years before me. Well, the weather man got it wrong, and the rain started pouring down when we reached the 11th fairway. We motored (no walking on this course) over to the nearest shelter, and waited for 20 mins for the rain to stop, or lighten up enough for us to resume. Instead it started raining harder, and we saw water collecting in a nearby trap, and on a green. The course was going to be unplayable for a while, so we braved the storm and headed back to the clubhouse. Bill, Gordon & I had a drink, chatted and then headed on to our respective homes.

I walked into our house at about 12:30 and found Abby giving a massage. I never even thought of checking in the window before entering, because I was not expecting a repeat of Thursday night’s events. On the table was Larry, our backyard neighbor. After greeting Larry, and apologizing to Abby for interrupting the session, I grabbed a soda and headed to our bedroom, telling Abby that I was going to be in the shower, then in the office.

After my shower, and checking a few emails on our office computer, I started wondering about the massage taking place in the other end of the house. As I mentioned earlier, the entire back of our house is decked, with windows across the length. Our Master Bedroom and the office has access to this deck, and I wondered if I could go out back and look through the windows into the living room and see the massage. I did not want to take the chance of being caught watching her. It was still light outside, and my presence outside would be noticed. Then it occurred to me that we had a couple of cameras hooked into the home security system. I knew there was one in the living room positioned to see our front foyer, and one pointed in the other direction to see the kitchen door. I decided to check out the cameras and see what there was to see.

The camera pointing towards the foyer, only showed the shadows off to the side; however, the camera pointed at the kitchen door was able to pick up Larry’s feet and as Abby moved around him, she moved in and out of the frame. I left the camera on the screen, but everything looked normal. Sure enough, when the massage ended, nothing out of the ordinary had happened. No touching, no noticeable tenting, etc. Abby left the room, heading my way, and I closed the window on the computer. She opened the door, and told me that massage was over and thanked me for being quiet and leaving them alone. I explained about the rain shortened round, and again apologized for interrupting. A quiet room is necessary for a proper massage, and someone traipsing through the room is hardly the environment for a relaxing massage. She smiled, and gave me a loving kiss. She returned to the living room, to escort Larry out. I followed her out.

I apologized again to Larry, and he said no problem. It is my house after all. He explained that he was at the massage school a couple of weeks ago, and saw Abby come into the waiting room to collect a client. They spoke a little bit then, and when seeing each other while he was walking his dog, Abby told him that she needed volunteers for massage practice, and that she would gladly give him one at no charge. She had called him this morning to offer that massage when she had filled her quota at the school in the first two sessions. It seemed entirely innocent. I shook hands with Larry and told him that he was welcome over anytime. Abby handed him a bottle of water, and we escorted him to our door.

Abby headed for the shower, and I returned to the office, opening the window with the security camera. I reviewed the video from the camera for the last few minutes. I was curious about whether Larry was nude under that sheet. I got to the point where Abby ended her massage, and left the room. Once Abby was gone, Larry removed the sheet and I saw that türbanlı escort bayan he was wearing some boxer briefs. I’m not sure if I was happy or sad, remembering the massage that I had witnessed on Thursday evening.

I joined Abby in our bedroom, and waited for Abby to come in from the shower. When she did, she was wrapped in that towel again. Jeez, is she gorgeous. How did I ever get her to fall in love with me? I asked if she wanted something to drink … water, soda, wine? She gladly accepted the offer of some wine, and I went out to the kitchen to pour us each a glass. I turned with the glasses in my hand to see that Abby had followed me out to the kitchen, having slipped on one of her nighties. We went into the living room, the stereo was still playing some soft music from the massage, and we sat on our sofa, cuddling and sipping our wine.

Jack: “I amazed that you gave 3 massages today and 2 last night. You must really be enjoying this. You’ve told me before that massages are actually hard work. I’m impressed and proud of how hard you are working at this.”

Abby: “Thank you sweetheart, but I have to confess that I only gave 1 massage last night. There were not enough clients for the second session, and I did not get one.”

Jack: “Really? I wish you had told me. I would have skipped my massage and gladly come home early with you.”

Abby: “I think you needed that massage, and I was able to study with Cal for the hour, so time was well served.”

Jack: “I don’t remember a Cal in your class, who is she?”

Abby: “Cal is Calvin and it is a he.” She laughed. “He is a former student that comes in on occasion to help with instructions. He happened to stop by, and he reviewed some of the muscle groups with me.”

Now the remembrance of the slightly different taste of her love juices last night came back to me. I wondered was it possible? Of course, it was possible, but did it occur and did it matter to me? I think that it did matter. I think that I would rather know about it, than have Abby seeking cock behind my back. Who was I kidding? I was getting turned on by Abby playing with other guys and having me clean up the “mess”. While I needed to think this over some more, I was having fun and Abby was having fun, so go with the flow?

Our cuddling continued, and eventually we made love right there on the sofa. There was nothing spectacular about our love making session, so I’ll just tell you that the earth moved and the house was shaking. Of course, that could have been the thunder. It had started raining again.

Nothing of any significance happened over the next few days. Of course, we fucked, and I even ate my cum out of her pussy once, giving her another mind blowing orgasm, but our sex life was pretty vanilla. I was looking forward to Thursday.

THURSDAY EVENING … I had told Abby that I would be home around 11 again, knowing this time that I would be arriving back into town about 9. When I arrived at home, I saw another car in our driveway. Unless he owned more than one vehicle, it was not Steve’s. I went around the back and found that the deck lights were off again, so I would be in total darkness, and could look in the windows without much chance of being seen. As I looked in the window, I noticed that indeed there was a massage in progress, but this time Abby was receiving the massage. The person giving the massage was Andre. Andre is a tall, black man, standing about 6’2 or 3″. He is well muscled. This I could tell because Andre was not wearing his white t-shirt, although he was wearing his “uniform” shorts. There was a considerable bulge (visible, even from this distance) in his shorts.

Andre was massaging Abby’s face. Facial massages are delicate, and it was interesting to see this large man, gently stroking my wife’s face, relaxing those delicate facial muscles. Abby had a sheet covering her body up to the upper swell of her breasts. I cannot see a bra strap, but that would be normal. It is difficult to massage a lady’s back if you need to work around a bra. As Andre finishes her face, he proceeds to work on her shoulders, working out and around the ends of the shoulders, then massaging the front of the shoulders, eventually working a little lower and slipping the tips of his fingers under the sheet.

Since I don’t know Andre’s normal routine, and I don’t know what Abby has requested for her massage, I do not know how much longer they have. This could be the beginning or the end of the massage. Andre moves around to Abby’s left side, and lifts the lower part of the sheet to expose her left leg, doing what seemed the proper tucks to ensure that all vital areas are still covered (this is part of their training). Andre begins working on her left thigh. With Andre between Abby and me, I cannot see his hands, ulus escort bayan so I’m not able to see how high up the thigh he is going. I was watching Abby’s face to try and discern if he was stimulating her at all. Her eyes were closed and there was a contented smile on her face.

Andre covered the left leg and moved around to the opposite side, folding, tucking and working on her right thigh. Now I could see where his hands were going, and while I thought they might be sneaking under the edge of the sheet, I could not quite tell. After finishing the right leg, and staying on the opposite side of the table from my location, Andre had Abby flip over, lifting the sheet, allowing me a view of my lovely wife, bare ass naked. It was a quick glimpse, but it answered a question that I had. Andre’ inserted the face extension in the table, and had Abby scoot up the table to rest her face in there. As she did, she raised her body up enough so that I could tell that Andre’s got a good look at those magnificent orbs, and Abby was able to take a good look at the bulge in his shorts. That contented smile broadened, and she laid her face into the face rest.

Andre resumed the massage. One of the first areas to work on was Abby’s back. He lowered the sheet to her waist, and proceeded to do a deep massage of the muscles in her back. Once he was done with the back, it would have been normal if he would cover her back again. Well, this was not going to be a normal massage, and he left her back exposed, and moved to her right leg (now the leg closest to me). I saw he leaned over and spoke with her. She raised herself up a little, and said something back to him, before lowering her head to its rest. Andre folded the sheet over to expose the leg, but this did not seem to be the normal fold. After a moment I realized why. Andre was massaging Abby’s glutes. I remember Steve asking me if I wanted my glutes massaged in my session on Saturday.

This must’ve been what Andre asked Abby. I never did ask her about this. I’ll have to remember to do so. Andre finished with the glutes and her leg. As he worked on her calf muscles and feet, I got a good view of my wife’s bare ass (such a beautiful ass). When Andre finished with her feet, he went to cover he right side up again, and Abby again raised up, a little higher this time and twisted around, saying something to Andre. I got a good view of her breasts, and I am pretty certain that Andre got a view as well, but after speaking with Andre, Abby just reached down and slid the sheet off her body entirely. When Andre moved to the other side, to work on her left leg, etc, he kicked the sheet away. For the next few minutes Andre played, I mean, he massaged my wife’s ass, thigh, calf and foot. The massage was about to end, and Abby was still laying with her face in the rest.

As Andre moved to the top of the table, I saw him hook his thumbs in his shorts and push them down. Again, no underwear. I never realized that massage therapists have the no underwear option. Once the shorts were off, I saw what was causing the bulge. Andre must’ve been 10 inches and his cock was much darker than his caramel coloring on the rest of his skin. He walked to the top of the table, and stooped down a little bit, and proceeded to guide his cock through the bottom of the hole in the face rest. While this is not the best way to get oral, Abby got the idea and raised her head, as Andre stood up and proceeded to feed his cock into her mouth. Abby lathered that cock the best she could. While we had never gotten into a long discussion about her sexual exploits before we met, I knew that she had experienced a variety of cocks.

Somewhere along the way, she must’ve come across a cock this big. It certainly didn’t intimidate her at all. While Abby worked on his cock, I saw Andre remove the head rest and toss it aside. Then he had Abby flip over onto her back and he drew her towards him enough so that her head dangled over the edge of the table. He proceeded to feed her his cock, now being able to drive it a little further into her throat. He reached over and started playing with those glorious breasts. Once again, I am on my back deck, watching my beautiful wife have sex with another man. This time it was a tall, black man, with broad shoulders, a great looking ass, and strong looking legs (why is he not playing football?).

Andre then leaned over a little more, and started fingering her pussy. I think he tried to lean further to get a taste of her pussy, but when doing so, I believe he shoved too much of his cock into her throat, gagging her. I saw her shove at his pelvis, and he jumped back. I’m sure he was apologizing, as he bent down and gave her a kiss. He then moved to her side, and picked her up from the table, and carried her over to our rug. He laid down on yenimahalle escort bayan his back, and maneuvered her so that they were in a 69. She dived down onto his cock, and he proceeded to lick her pussy.

Once again, our living room was a wrestling ring. They moved around to the couch, back to massage table, back on to the floor. Needless to say, Andre penetrated her and Abby was thrashing around constantly. With his larger size (much larger than me, and I believe Steve as well … who knows about Cal?), I am sure that he was giving her clit more stimulation than it’s had in a long time. I realize that all of the female nerve centers are in the lower half of the vaginal canal, but like every other male, when I see a large (LONG) dick, I have to believe that it is causing more pleasure than my average size cock.

I am sure that you are wondering whether I have pulled my dick out and started stroking. Really? You have to question that? I’ve had it out since Andre dropped his shorts. This time, however, I am stroking gently and slowly. I am hoping to cum when I see them cumming. The scene in front of me is so erotic though, I am not sure that I can last that long. Andre is a stallion, and Abby is his mare. He is working his magic on her body. I believe that I’ve seen her orgasm at least twice already, and Andre is still going strong. I looked at my watch, and I see that its 10:50. Abby is expecting me at 11, and Andre is still fucking her. Is she planning on me catching her or has time just gotten away from her? I see Abby speaking to Andre, and I swear she tells him that if he’s going to cum, CUM NOW! In the missionary position, I see Andre make a couple of powerful strokes, and then hold his position. I knew that he was filling my loved one with his magic potion. I saw Abby respond as if she was having yet another orgasm. I responded with an orgasm of my own.

After zipping up, and doing a final check in the window, I return to my car. Today, I decide to block Andre’s car in the driveway before he leaves, so I just pull around the corner and into the driveway. I proceed to walk in the back door, and spy Abby in her massage uniform (talk about quick changes) and the massage table set up in the living room. I greet her with a big kiss, and ask who’s car is in the driveway? She tells me that Andre has come over to exchange massages with her. He is in the guest bath. She offered him the shower to clean up before he leaves. I said “cool”, and asked her if she would like a glass of wine. She accepts, and I return to the kitchen to pour us each a glass, asking her if she thinks Andre would like a glass before he leaves. She tells me that she doesn’t know, but will check with him. I don’t hear her shouting through the guest bath door, so I THINK that she has entered the bath and asked him. She returns and states that he would love to join us for a glass, but only one.

Andre comes out of the guest bath, dressed in his complete massage uniform (white shirt and shorts) and accepts a glass of white wine from me. Abby and I sit on the couch in the living room (the same couch that they shared, even if only briefly, just a short time ago), and Andre took one of the chairs. While I had met him after classes, I had never really conversed with Andre. I found out that he was 30 years old, and had been in the marines for 4 years, before attending college for a couple of years to attain an associate’s degree in physical therapy. He decided that he wanted to get his LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), to further his physical therapy practice. By that point, he had finished his glass of wine and told us that he MUST leave. Since I was blocking him, I had to go out and let him out of the driveway. When I returned into the house, I found Abby waiting for me. She gave me a big kiss, and told me how much she loved me. She made mention of the fact that I had seemed so interested in Andre’s story. What she didn’t know, is that I was fascinated by Andre’s body.

Abby led me into our bedroom. She told me that I needed to fuck her NOW. Who am I to say No to such a request, so I attempt our normal routine of eating her, and then mounting her. Abby insisted that I fuck her first, and then if I really wanted to eat her out, I could clean her up after I came in her. Who was I to argue with that. I knew that I was getting sloppy seconds, and I had just cum 30 mins before, but Abby had me so horned up, that I had no problem with giving her what she needed (wanted) and I came in less than 15 minutes. Being offered the chance of cleaning her after our love making, and knowing that my swimmers were mixing with Andre’s, of course I took the opportunity of cleaning all of the spunk out of her love canal, mine and Andre’s.

After bringing Abby to another “mind blowing” orgasm, I laid beside her and fell to sleep, contented to believe that she loved me, and I knew that I loved her, and if I had to share her with other men to keep her satisfied, I was happy with that … as long as I was able to clean her up afterwards. My biggest concern was what would happen if she were to learn that I had been watching her.

I would soon find out.

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