Mary’s Secret Winter Orgasms Ch. 04

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I’m bored with winter stories.

On a sweltering hot summer afternoon, in a non-descript Midwestern American city, I sat naked on the couch with my stepsister and now wife Mary.

Shortly after the wedding we moved to the city to get away from our disproving family, I still remember the day they caught us making love in the tree house when we were just kids, things have been much better since we left that awful little town.

A large thunderstorm was rolling in and the TV kept interrupting reruns of the Simpson’s to inform us of the impending downpour.

Anybody who has spent any time here in the hot summer months, looks forward to, but also fears the violent summer thunderstorms. They never really seem too dangerous because the tall buildings and skyscrapers act as lightning rods so the earthshaking thunder is scary but generally harmless.

A bolt of lightning shot across the sky and Mary snuggled closer as she wrapped her hand around my cock and looked out the window at the ominous green sky rolling in. “Are you thinking of making another drink?” She asked sweetly.

I wasn’t thinking about drinks, or doing anything that indicated, but Mary wanted one, and was apparently too lazy to make it herself.

I looked at her perfect naked body and knew I would do anything she asked.

“Sure, I could make us some drinks.” I said while she expertly pumped my cock.

“Thank you.” She smiled and kissed my cheek.

“No problem.” I smiled back.

As I stood up Mary let go, and without taking her eyes off the TV she opened her mouth… I recognized it as a familiar invitation so I slipped it past her soft lips.

She slowly pushed it deep into her throat while I watched the clouds roll in, “This storm is going to be crazy.” I said right before a thunderclap startled us both.

“Mary let out a little gargled, “Uh-Hu,” In agreement while she slowly slid me out of her body,

She had a thick line of spit running from her bottom lip to the head of my cock that slowly thinned out and drizzled down her naked stomach as she pulled away.

“Yeah, it’s going to be crazy,” She smeared it down her smooth little belly and slid two slippery fingers between her legs to casually masturbate while I made us some drinks.

For the past few years we try to spend at least one weekend a month completely naked and having anything goes marathon style sex all day until we pass out, I trusted Mary with my body and I knew she trusted me with hers. I would say that allowing ourselves to occasionally violate each other with no restriction has really helped our loving marriage stay strong.

Our roommate Boots was out of town for the week and we were taking full advantage of having the whole house to ourselves.

We have been keeping each other on the verge of orgasm all morning and my cock has been in varying stages of hard for hours, right now it was bouncing around as I crushed the mint for a pitcher of mojitos.

The white lace curtains danced as a warm gust of wind blew the scent of burning ozone and fresh mint throughout the whole apartment, I looked over and smiled at Mary while she was casually masturbating and watching me work.

She smiled back and asked, “Do you want to put those in a to-go bottle so we can take them to the beach and mess around in the rain? Nobody will be there and it’s sooo hot in here.”

“Sure… Should we ride bikes?”

“Yeah, let’s ride, I heard there is a patch of woods at Montrose beach that the guys from boy’s town go to hook up, apparently it’s a pretty well-known place for dudes to go off and fuck.”

“Oh yeah? Well than we shall fuck there too!” I said triumphantly.

I poured the mojitos into a couple of big mason jars and I heard the rhythmic, “flop, flop, flop,” sound of Mary’s fingers gracefully but vigorously pounding her sweet pussy as we talked.

“Are you going to wear a skirt?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ll wear a short skirt, and I want to cut the pockets out of your swimsuit so I can secretly play with your cock whenever I want.” She said as she slinked into the kitchen.

Mary had a very specific walk when she was super horny, it was kind of an orgasmic silky smooth motion that drove me crazy, she would shift her hips in a way that suggested her pussy lips were dripping wet and gently sliding together with every step.

“Ok, but not my good swimsuit, cut up to the old one.”

She slithered up my naked body and slipped her slimy fingers into my mouth while I stirred the drinks. “let’s stop at the Safeway and grab a big sandwich and a bottle of wine for later.” She said while contently smiling and gently kissing my lips.

“Good idea, I’ll bring a few zip lock bags to keep our phones and sandwiches out of the rain.” Mary had her arms tightly wrapped around my neck and while I shuffled over to the cabinet, her toes dragged across the tile as she refused to end the naked hug.

“Ok, I’ll go pack a bag and cut those pants while you finish making drinks.” She gave me a little pat on the butt and pranced into pendik escort the bedroom.”

I sealed the mojito jars tight and set them on the coffee table to start a little pile of supplies we will need for the adventure.

“Could you roll a few joints so we don’t have to do it in the rain?” Mary yelled from the bedroom.

“Sure, I’ll roll some up; I’m bringing three packs of cigarettes and the wine opener, you should grab a vibrator just in case you wear me out and I need a break.”

“NO BREAK FOR YOU!” she jokingly yelled back.

I sat on the couch and flipped through the channels looking for something to watch while I roll.

“I’m not even going to bring panties with me!” Mary yelled excitedly.

“You’re going to get sand in your vagina.” I cautioned, as we have been through this before.

“I’m sure your tongue will do a wonderful job keeping the sand out.” She laughed.

I finished rolling joints and put them in the big zip-lock along with the wine opener, a lighter and three packs of smokes.

When Mary came back into the living room she was wearing a light cotton tank top with the neck cut out so big that when she leaned forward her breasts were clearly visible, and it was so thin I could easily see her perky nipples rubbing on the inside of the soft fabric, the cute little skirt she was wearing just barely covered her naked butt and I knew she wasn’t going to be able to do much bending over in public.

“God damn you’re cute!” The words uncontrollably escaped my lips as she walked in.

Mary smiled sweetly and tossed me the altered swimsuit. “Here, try these on.”

I put them on and she slipped her hands into the cut out pockets and expertly pumped my cock as a test.

“It works!” She smiled, kissed me on the lips and spun around. “Let’s see if you can have sex in them.” She slipped my cock through the unbuttoned fly and slowly sank it deep into her pussy as we stood in the hallway. “And this works too!” She said excitedly.

She bent around and lovingly kissed me as she climbed off of my cock. “And you can hide your raging boner by tucking like this.” She tucked the head of my cock in the elastic waistband of the swimsuit and gave it a little pat. “There you go, now nobody will notice.”

“This actually works pretty well.” I said.

Mary grabbed the tightly sealed jars of mojitos and gingerly put them in her bag, when she bent over her cute naked butt was peeking out from under her soft little skirt and I just couldn’t help myself.

I knelt down and slowly slithered my tongue up her inner thigh and gently tongued her dripping pussy lips from behind as she rummaged through her bag.

“I think that’s everything we need, are you ready?” She asked as she slid down my face, pausing for just a moment when my tongue slipped into her tight little asshole.

“Yup, I’m ready.” I slowly licked my way through her soft smooth butt cheeks and up the small of her back until I eventually reached her neck.

I gently nibbled her ear and kissed her neck while she giggled, “Quit it, I’m going to cum right here if we don’t chill out.” She smiled as she slipped her hand into my pocked and gently squeezed my cock one last time in private. “Ok, let’s go.”

We put on our shoes and headed out the door through the dark and muggy hallway, we stepped into the ancient rickety elevator and Mary waited for the doors to close before jumping all over me.

She took full advantage of the small amount of time before the doors opened again; she slipped my hard cock out of my thin swimsuit and slid it between her legs while slowly grinding me as we passionately kissed.

On the ground floor our neighbors the Swenson’s were waiting to get on, and having plenty of notice before the doors opened Mary and I were nonchalantly standing at opposite sides of the elevator.

“Are you guys going for a swim?” Mr. Swenson asked observing my swim trunks and naked torso.

“Yup… in the rain!” Mary drunkenly answered.

Mr. Swenson laughed, “Well be careful out there, you crazy drunk kids.”

“Weee wiiiil,” Mary sang as she danced me out of the elevator.

Out in front of the building I could feel the heat rising from the sidewalk and the whole city had that familiar smell of summer rain and steaming blacktop. I unlocked both of our bikes so Mary didn’t have to bend over and expose herself, while she took a big drink from the Mason jar.

She got a handkerchief and some Purell out of her bag to clean off her leather bike seat, “You have me so wet I’m going to be sliding all over this thing.”

“Well I’m trying to ride with a giant Mary induced boner, so don’t complain to me.” I laughed.

She giggled and slipped her hand into my pocket to give my cock a loving squeeze before we left, “Well I’m sure it will go down as we ride.”

“That’s doubtful, especially if I’m staring at your cute butt bouncing on that bike seat the whole way.”

“Ha!” She laughed and kissed me long and hard, the sky was an ominous üsküdar escort green and it started to sprinkle on our overheated bodies.

I strapped her bag to my rack as Mary slid her naked legs over the saddle and mounted her trusty steed.

We rode in the bike lane on a quiet street and as I followed her I stared at her cute naked butt that was occasionally exposed when the wind lifted the back of her skirt.

Her wet little pussy sliding around the warm leather saddle was driving me mad, and the rhythmic pedaling of my bike with the cool rain was causing my cock to slip and slide around my stomach in a way that was so pleasurable I wasn’t sure if I could make it the whole way without accidently having an orgasm.

I looked down at the head of my cock peeking through the waistband of my swimsuit and thought that if I did cum, at this angle, it would probably shoot right in my own face.

I remained steadfast and fought through the pleasure as I know how disappointed Mary gets if I cum anywhere outside of her body.

We stopped in a busy intersection so I pulled next to her and gave her a kiss while we waited for the light to change. We were surrounded by the thick exhaust of heavy traffic, and Mary was doing these cute little thrusts while secretly grinding her clit on her soft leather bike seat.

When the light turned green she leaned forward to stomp on the pedals and her tiny skirt lifted momentarily exposing her tight little asshole to the world, it took every ounce of strength not to slip my tongue inside right here in the street.

When we arrived at the park I locked up the bikes and we ran through the sand until we reached the water, the sky was bright green and there was thunder and lightning off in the distance over the lake.

There were still quite a few people swimming and after we were deep enough to cover our shoulders, Mary secretly slipped my cock out of my swimsuit and used it to pull me close.

She wrapped her body around me like horny little squid and slid me between her legs, she put her arms around my neck and we slowly danced as we kissed.

“This is so nice.” She said while she shifted her hips secretly grinding my cock under water.

I smiled, gently kissed her ear and agreed, “It really is.”

I squished my feet into the sand to keep my footing as the waves splashed our faces and after quite a while of comfortable aqua snuggling I noticed everybody getting out of the water.

“Everybody is leaving.” I whispered in her ear.

“Good… When they’re gone we can go up to the golf course and you can fuck me in my ass.” She whispered back.

“Did you bring that lube?”

“Of course I did.” She smiled.

“Watching your pussy slide around on that bike seat almost made me cum in my pants on the ride over here.”

Mary looked at me wide eyed and said “OH MY GOD! That would have been so hot!”

“I kissed the top of her head and giggled, “I thought you would like that.”

“If I’m ever being so sexy that it makes you uncontrollably orgasm while you’re riding a bike, I want you to let me know immediately so that I can watch you cum.” She said through a serious smile.

“HA! Ok, I will let you know… and you do the same.”

“Ok… it’s a deal!” She shook my hand under the water.

“And… umm,” I continued, “the way my cock was tucked into my pants… if I did have an orgasm, I would totally cum in my own face.”

“OH MY GOD, now THAT’S the hottest I have ever heard!!” She yelled while she was grinding on my cock.

Obviously overcome with the thought of this embarrassing scenario, Mary grabbed my head and angrily whispered in my ear “Let’s get back to shore so you can fuck the shit out of me.”

“We should wait until some of these people leave.”

“Pffft, ok fine… stupid other people.” She joked.

“Mary, I can see right through your shirt when it’s wet… just so you know.”

Her shirt was clinging to her perky breasts and her hard nipples were clearly visible.

I reached up and gently squeezed them and Mary just melted into my hands, she was thrusting quickly and rubbing her clit on my cock under water.

“Come on, let’s get out or I’m going to cum right here,” She threw her head back and closed her eyed as she held my shoulders and quickly slid up and down.

“It kind of looks like you might have already past your point of no return.” I laughed and slipped my hands

Over the years I have come to know Mary’s body really well, she was determined to hold off her orgasm but I knew better.

“NO, I’m not going to do it yet, I… want… want… to wait until were on the beach with wave’s c… c… crashing over us like on the cover of a cheesy romance novel.”

I kissed her forehead and watched her facial expression change as she begrudgingly accepted the orgasm.

The warm wind picked up and lightning peppered the sky as a girl in a tiny white bikini swam past us. I held Mary tight and she quietly moaned into my bare chest anadolu yakası escort while she shook and stuttered in orgasmic bliss.

On the shore everyone was packing up their big umbrellas and coolers getting ready to leave, and we were soon the only ones in the water.

I kissed the top of her head and said, “We should probably get out, that lightning is getting closer.

“Nooo, let stay for just a few minutes, it’s so comfy in here,” She danced around a little and I could feel the warmth of her peeing on my cock while she slid it around her clit.

“Did you just pee?”

“Yeah… everybody pees in the lake.” She said sweetly as she buried her head in my chest.

I just laughed and kissed the top of her head; no matter how many years I spend with this girl she always finds a way to surprise me.

We held each other for a few more minutes before Mary slipped my cock back into my pants and we held hands as we trudged out of the lake.

Once on dry land we sat on a park bench smoking and watching all of the people leave.

“Oh! We forgot to get sandwiches and wine!” Mary remembered.

“Oh yeah, wait, I’ll just have them deliver it.”

“YES! Do that!” She said relieved we didn’t have to leave.

I placed the call and Mary quickly had a solid supply of food and drinks in her bag.

“We have everything we need.” She said obviously comforted by that thought. “Come on; let’s go into the forest so we can fuck.” She said excitedly.

The rain was picking up and as we walked down the path I put my arm around her and she snuggled close, she slipped her hand in my pocket and was sliding her rain soaked fingers up and down my cock as we walked.

A bright flash of lightning and a thunderous BOOM startled everyone on the path and here were many people walking the opposite way. We were the only ones on the tree lined walkway that were actually going into the park.

Mary squeezed my cock really hard as we both caught eyes and smiled at a beautiful jogger passing by.

She laid her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Could you put two fingers in me and gently tickle my clit while we walk?”

“Sure,” I giggled and hugged her tight.

I slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and let her legs guide my thumb sliding around her slippery pussy with every step.

“Oh, yeah that’s nice.” She slowed her pace and was very deliberate with her steps as she guiding my hand with her movements; she slowly pumped my cock to the same rhythm.

The rain was pouring down and we walked like this for quite a while, smiling and nodding to people exiting the park while secretly pleasuring each other under our clothes.

There was a momentary break in the foot traffic on the busy path so I sat on a bench and pulled her into my lap, she arched her back as she slowly sank my cock deep into her warm body.

Mary quickly slid up and down until we were both on the verge of a very public orgasm, but I knew she was trying to hold off and would stop bouncing before we were actually pushed over the edge.

With little warning a scruffy old man rounded the corner and was coming up the path, it was already too late to pull myself out of Mary’s perfect little body so she just waved as she casually sat on my lap.

When he was out of sight Mary kissed me while she climbed off, she slipped her hand back into my pocket and secretly held my slippery cock as we continued through the park.

We stopped to take a quick break in the middle of a baseball field and the pouring rain drenched our overheated bodies, we sat in the soft grass while we talked and sipped mojitos from the Mason jar.

Mary stood up and slid her dripping wet pussy up my nose demanding I tongue her clit while she held the jar and tried to light a joint, the warm unrelenting rain made it difficult but she eventually got it lit.

“Did you request those vacation days off yet?” She asked in a deep voice as she held in the smoke.

“Yeah, I got them off, I really had to fight for it though, Mr. James is a real dick… Is Boots still coming?”

She sat down across from me Indian style and passed it over while I shamelessly stared at her smooth pussy pressed into the wet grass.

“Yup, she already took the days off… oh, I can’t wait,” she smiled as she took a sip from the jar, “Let’s order the tickets as soon as we get home.”

We hung out in the sopping wet field talking and occasionally going down on each other for quite a while before continuing down the busy path.

Mary secretly held my cock while I gingerly tickled her clit under her light and breezy skirt as we pushed through the crowd of people trying to escape the downpour.

Eventually Mary could no longer take it, she twirled around and looked into my eyes as the rain washed over her face and flowed between her breasts like a little sexy river, “I need to cum right now.” She whispered into my ear.

She kissed me and slipped my cock between her rain soaked thighs; she stood on her toes and let out a gentle sigh as she slowly sunk my cock deep into her body.

As we slowly danced and kissed the path was alive with activity, people flooded out of the park to escape the rain.

Mary had her head on my shoulder and was making quiet little squeaking sounds in my ear as we secretly fucked.

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