Mary’s Evolution: Book 08

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This is the latest installment of Mary’s Evolution, in which the formerly portly, and now just slightly pudgy teenager had become sexually aware after 18 years of virtual celibacy. Making up for lost time, Mary had become insatiable, but luckily for Mary there were more than enough people willing to help in that area.


Chapter One: Gerald and Anna.

“OH-OH-OH!” Anna Koutusis exclaimed, letting out an exclamation each time her husband thrust himself into her, his enormous cock practically splitting her open each time it burrowed deep into her womb.

The pain was worth it, Anna thought as she looked up at her husband hovering above her, even though it had become worse over the years as her body aged and she became less moist inside. Tonight seemed even more painful than usual despite having used the better part of a bottle of lubricant in preparation for this Saturday night ritual of theirs.

Above her, Gerald Koutusis saw Anna’s face as she tried to hide the discomfort he knew she was experiencing, and he tried to make himself cum fast. The problem was that he was never quick on the draw, and to be honest, Anna wasn’t as hot as she used to be so the inspiration wasn’t there either.

Oh, she kept herself in shape and all, but there’s only so much a woman can do to hold back the hands of time. The slight wrinkles around the eyes didn’t bother Gerald much, nor did the grey mixed in with Anna’s dark brown hair, but Anna had filled out considerably over the years to where she was now what would be considered a BBW.

Anna was a normal sized girl when they had first met, but had filled out over the years. Many men would have been quite aroused at the changes, but Gerald Koutusis had never been a boob and butt man, and that was where most of Anna’s weight had gone over the years.

Anna’s grunting had become louder, and her facial expression had become more pained as Gerald tried to think of something erotic to make him cum, but failed. Maybe it was the tear that trickled down from the corner of Anna’s eye that did it, but Gerald stopped his thrusting and slowly pulled his cock out of her despite his wife’s protests.

“No honey, please don’t stop,” Anna said as Gerald shook his head and rolled over onto his back. “It was good. So good.”

“It’s okay,” Gerald said with a smile.

“I mean it. I came,” Anna lied, wiping the wet spot from the side of her face where her telltale tear had given her away.

“That’s good, honey,” Gerald said. “It’s not you. It’s me.”

Anna felt crushed, as usual, whenever this happened, and it was happening so often these days that it was becoming the rule instead of the exception. Her fault for mentioning that sometimes he hurt her when they made love. Ever since then, Gerald had been on the lookout for any sign that he was causing Anna pain, because that was something he couldn’t be part of no matter how horny he was.

Kneeling beside her husband, Anna knew that this night was over, but she couldn’t leave him like this, so she ran her hands all over his furry body while saying the things he knew he liked to hear.

“Let me make my big hairy ape happy,” Anna said while her hands drifted down to Gerald’s penis, which was resting on his stomach in a semi-erect state.

“Mmm… my man is still a little hard, and I bet that I can make him really hard fast,” Anna cooed with a giggle as she tried to wrap her hands around Gerald’s huge member, the first cock she had even held in her life.

Growing up in a very strict and religious house, Anna had been forbidden to date until she was 16, and Gerald was the first boy to ask her out after her parents finally relented. From that day on, she was in love, and in love just as much now over 30 years later. When she first saw Gerald’s penis, she didn’t realize how out-of-the-ordinary it was, never having seen one in the flesh before. Anna simply loved Gerald and took care of him the best she could.

Anna’s oiled hands worked vigorously over her husband’s cock, pulling and twisting the shaft with both hands while climbing over and straddling his thigh. The feel of the coarse hairs that coated Gerald’s thighs felt good against her pussy, and when she felt him start to get stiffer she worked even harder.

“That’s it. I can feel your cock getting harder,” Anna said while rocking on Gerald’s thigh. “Oh, you’re so huge. Such a big cock – I can’t even get my hands around it, it’s so thick. I want to suck on it.”

Anna bent over and opened her mouth as wide as she could, trying not to scrape the glans with her teeth as she managed to fit the bulbous head of his manhood in her mouth, getting her lips just over the puffed ridge before pulling back.

Anna ran her tongue along the deep ridge of his opening while her hands still pumped the shaft of the now fully erect member. The skin of the crown was taut and purplish, and as a bead of pre-cum oozed out of the slit, Anna’s hands milked Gerald even more savagely, yanking on his cock the way he liked it.

Gerald eryaman escort liked his balls played with as well, but she needed both hands to work his cock, so she rubbed her knee gently into his huge pouch that hung between his legs. Gerald groaned with contentment and looked at Anna with glazed eyes.

“My man’s going to cum soon,” Anna said. “I can’t wait to watch you shoot your load.”

Indeed, that was something that turned Anna on, but for Gerald there was something else that was getting him excited, and it wasn’t the result of looking at Anna’s pendulous breasts that hung down to her waist, even though he was staring in that general direction.

Gerald was fantasizing about other women; that tiny wisp of a female he had savored repeatedly during that business trip to Thailand a couple of years ago, or that girl with braces who worked at that ice cream stand back in his youth and took his virginity like he took hers.

Tracy Mullin – now that was a piece of ass, Gerald thought, as his mind went to the wife of his golfing buddy. That slender little blonde was supposedly one of the biggest sluts around, and he had wanted to nail her from the moment he had met her. Gerald had even suggested it to Mullin one time, but the guy had laughed it off like he was kidding about swapping.

Not that Anna would have done it, Gerald admitted to himself, but it was enjoyable to think of that pouting blonde’s expression if she ever got a look at what Anna was yanking on right now. Those little titties that he had gotten a glimpse of that one time when Tracy had bent over in front of him while she was wearing on low cut blouse had launched more that one ejaculation in the past, and it was that image that caused Gerald Koutusis to arch his back and let out a loud wail, as his orgasm surged through his loins and erupted out of his cock.

Anna cried out too, having started to cum herself the moment she felt Gerald’s cock surge with the flow of semen, and the sight of the first of several stringy ropes of cum flying into the air only made her orgasm sweeter as he rode her husband’s thigh to orgasm.

Anna yanked wildly on Gerald’s cock as her man became a human Old Faithful for a few more spurts, the milky spunk splattering all over his hairy chest and stomach. When the cum flow slowed, Anna went down on Gerald again, rubbing her tongue over the tip of his cock while pulling on what was becoming a flaccid hose until she was sure he was drained.

“You and me-Good thing Mary wasn’t here,” Anna said as she climbed off of Gerald thigh, her hands and wrists with strands of cum all over them, and as was their custom, Anna dutifully licked up all the semen from her husband’s hirsute torso while he rested contentedly and watched.

Gerald chuckled at the thought of Mary hearing what had just gone on, although the amusement came with a considerable degree of guilt attached. No, Mary was at the Mullin’s again tonight, and Greg Mullin was probably banging away at his wife Tracy, with that cock-hound probably taking it every way possible.

Her ass, Gerald mused while Anna licked the cum off of his chest. Tracy Mullin’s ass was probably still as pert and firm as ever, and Greg was probably sticking that pecker up that brown-eye whenever he wanted.

A feeling that Gerald realized he would probably never experience, unfortunately. If that little Thailand hooker wouldn’t let him no matter what the price – hell, that was probably the only time she had ever even used the word no.

“Was that good for you, baby?” Anna said, looking down at him after licking him clean, her udders hanging down onto him.

Mary’s breasts were probably just as big as hers, Gerald noted, if that quick glimpse in the kitchen was any indication, and it was just his luck to be the only guy in the world not thrilled to be living with women built like them.

“Great. It was really great,” Gerald lied, letting Anna snuggle up next to him as he let his fantasies get him to sleep.


Chapter Two: The secret is out.

Colin had dropped Mary off down the street from her house the next morning, and to her great relief she was able to get upstairs without being noticed. Exhausted after what had been an eventful evening, Mary started to undress in front of her dresser mirror.

After taking off her shorts, Mary toyed with the stray hairs that peeked out from the sides of her panties, remembering that Johanna had told her later in the evening that she was supposed to trim her down there but had decided not to, telling her in that sexy accent how much she liked her just the way she was.

Mary started to undo the clasp at the neck of her halter top but paused as she did so, checking herself out in the mirror. That had been so sexy, Mary recalled, the way that Johanna had shaved her underarms. Such an intimate act, and it made Mary wonder what it would have been like if she had shaved her pussy as well, and how that would have felt.

Even though it had only been last night, Mary noted escort eryaman that her armpits, so incredibly smooth 12 hours ago, were now coated with a five o’clock shadow of sorts. The tiny dots that filled her gently sloping underarms was a reminder that she would have to go back to that daily ritual now that Colin wanted her this way.

Heading to the bathroom, Mary couldn’t get the image of Johanna out of her mind. She had looked so strange at first, dressed like a man, and that wrapping she wore to make her chest flatten out was certainly something different as well.

Her breasts – it was hard to believe that a woman near sixty could have sexy breasts, but Johanna certainly did, and just the thought of the way it felt when she had rubbed their breasts together sent a tingle through her body.

A sensation that almost made Mary forget the aching between her legs, but not quite. The thought of having sex tonight was out of the question, even though she wanted it badly. Like every night, Mary noted ruefully. What was she turning into?

The image of Johanna with that dildo, pounding into her like a man, only with those wonderful breasts hanging down was doing a number on Mary despite her discomfort. And that hand – that fist. It hurt so bad yet it felt so good at the same time, and as Mary replayed the evening in her mind, she let her hand slip between her legs and gently begin to stroke her clitoris as the spray from the shower soothed her aching bones.

Mary went to bed, hoping to get at least some sleep before tonight, when she would be going out with Brianna. After that, there would be the matter of dealing with Greg.


Chapter Three: Night moves.

The bitter taste of the semen the Japanese pre-med student had deposited in Mary’s mouth was still lingering when she got to Brianna’s house an hour later. Not a great night by any means, Mary noted with discomfort, because her pussy still ached and she was tired as well.

The guy that Brianna had set her up with to double date was alright, but once they started to get intimate in Bree’s boyfriend Jeff’s van, Mary realized she wasn’t in the mood, and it was just as well as it turned out.

Seems that Ken, the boyish looking student who had turned out to be 25, was disappointed when he went exploring under Mary’s blouse. Oh, he liked the tits alright, Mary recalled, but he looked crushed when Mary felt his hands slide off of her breasts and slip under her arms.

“What’s wrong?” Mary asked, looking at the crestfallen face, faintly illuminated by the dashboard lights as his fingers rubbed the sandpaper-like surface of her moist armpits. “Am I too sweaty for you?”

“No, it’s not that. Jeff told me when he was describing you that you – well, he said that you had hair under your arms,” Ken said as he continued to stroke the moist cavities, and he bowed his head a bit with embarrassment. “I like that very much.”

“Sorry,” Mary said, shaking her head at the way guys passed around information. “You missed it by 24 hours. Don’t I have anything else that interests you?”

As it turned out, Ken liked playing with her tits, and when she went down on Ken in the front seat he did not complain when she sucked on his modest-sized stem. Instead, he just reclined as best he could and let Mary get him off, all the while rubbing his fingers under her arm.

It had not been a good night for Brianna either, with Jeff and her getting into a fight over her flirting and his roaming eyes. Mary sensed that the end was near with those two, as the relationship was showing the same signs of strain that Brianna’s other ones had gone through.

Bree was just too damn flirty for her own good, Mary concluded as they got undressed for bed. Then again, Mary reasoned as she looked over at Brianna stretching her lithe body before slipping on a plain white nightie, she was in no position to criticize Brianna or anyone else. When was the last time she said no to anybody about anything?

“How did you like Ken?” Bree asked as they settled into their respective beds and spoke to each other int he relative darkness.

“Eh,” Mary said. “Alright I guess. He wasn’t too pleased when he found out I shaved my armpits.”

“Did you?” Brianna asked.

“Yeah, but I mean, like why did Jeff go and tell him that I had hair under my arms?”

“Duh, it wasn’t like it was a secret or anything. Besides, what do you think we say when we set you up with guys? Stuff like, she’s really smart? Dudes don’t care about that. They want to know about the bod, so I’m sure that Jeff said you had these awesome tits, and probably the hair just came out. I know Jeff told him you sucked a mean dick too. Guess it’s from watching you from the back of the van.”

“Yeah,” Mary said, feeling uncomfortable about the truth of that matter, having given Jeff one of her patented oral exercises in that parking lot a couple of weeks ago.

“Guys don’t seem turned off by the hair though,” Brianna continued. “It never seems eryaman escort bayan to scare guys off though. Either it turns them on or once they here about your bodacious ta-tas they don’t care about anything else.”

They both giggled at that, and they continued to chat for quite a while, which was unusual lately. Mary was normally eager for Brianna to fall asleep so that she could join her father downstairs, but she was dreading having to face Greg after everything that had gone down lately.

The sound of Greg’s footsteps went up and down the hall a couple of times as the two of them chatted, and when they started to get tired, Mary simply shut her eyes and fell asleep. It was a short snooze, however. One that was interrupted by the hiss of Greg Mullin’s voice in her ear, not too mention that handful of hair Greg had hold of as he lifted Mary’s head off the pillow.

“Downstairs,” was all Greg said.


Chapter Four: Midnight confessions.

“How’s my favorite little slut?” Greg said far too loudly as he moved Mary against the wall of the den, his hand on Mary’s collarbone as he towered over her.

“What’s wrong?” Mary asked as she tried to move away from Greg in the murky light of the basement. “You’re hurting me.”

“Too tired to come down and play?”

“Yeah,” Mary said. “We got talking and – I don’t feel too good either.”

“Too much fucking last night?” Greg asked, his hands all over her; tweaking her sore nipples and putting his knee between her legs while Mary tried to fend him off.

“What? No, that’s not it at all,” Mary responded, but Greg was relentless.

“What was the fucking limo for then?” Greg badgered. “Heath sent it, didn’t he?”

“Limo? I – what are you doing? Following me?”

“I was down the street watching when I saw the limo,” Greg snapped. “That was all I needed to see. You went up to the cabin last night and fucked him didn’t you? What, Heath and Lloyd and maybe the limo driver too? Everybody but me now?”

“It’s not like that at all,” Mary protested.

“Colin Heath is a lying sack of shit politician,” Greg said in a voice that was part rage and part whine. “He’s married, for crying-out-loud!”

“So are you,” Mary said defensively.

“Without me you would be nothing,” Greg insisted. “You would still be a tubby little nerd who plays wing girl for her best friend and takes whatever leftovers she doesn’t want.”

“I was never nothing,” Mary snapped. “Don’t say that. Why are you acting like this? I thought that we cared about each other?”

“Get that nightie off,” Greg said, and when Mary was slow in reacting he roughly assisted her.

“What the…” Greg said as he caught a glimpse of the bare skin under Mary’s upraised arms. “Who said you could get rid of the hair?”

“My body,” Mary said defiantly. “My choice.”

“You fucking slut,” Greg snapped, dragging her over to the couch.

“Please,” Mary whimpered. “Not like this.”

“As it was in the beginning,” Greg declared, recalling their first meeting at the couch that Mary found herself bent over, and he was sounding like a demented preacher as he shoved a couple of fingers up Mary’s ass.

It wasn’t the hair that incited Greg so much, but more of what it represented, which was his control over Mary. Control that had apparently evaporated, and it was that reality that made Greg feel like his perfect little world was crumbling.

“You’re just like Tracy,” Greg snapped as he shoved his cock into Mary’s non lubricated ass, enjoying the way Mary cried out as he buried himself deep into her cavity. “Lying cheating whore.”

It wasn’t love, that much was for certain, as Mary chose to accept what Greg seemed to think she deserved. Draped defenselessly over the back of the couch; the only sounds being made were

the slapping of their skin, Greg’s obscene muttering and Mary’s grunts caused with each deep probing of her.

Greg eventually came, a few minutes after Mary had, despite herself. After sending a final load deep into Mary’s bowels, Greg pulled his cock out of Mary, sobbing as he did so.

“Sorry,” Greg whimpered, his shame complete as he looked down at Mary. “Sorry. I’m so sorry. I …”

Greg went up the stairs, leaving Mary to pull herself up onto her feet. He couldn’t believe what he had just done, and knew that if his relationship with Mary wasn’t over before, it certainly was now.

As for Mary, she was embarrassed as well. Feeling bad about betraying Greg, and ashamed for having cum during that last violation that left her ass as sore as her pussy was. She made it up the stairs slowly, just as the Lexus that Mrs. Mullin was piloting pulled in the driveway.

That would have been the final straw, Mary figured as she made it into the bedroom just before Tracy Mullin came up the stairs. Having Brianna’s mother witness her husband fucking her in the ass would have been the worst thing imaginable, or so Mary thought as she closed the bedroom door quietly behind herself.


Chapter Five: Everything is revealed.

The bedroom was dark when Mary entered it, but she could sense the presence of someone standing by the dresser, even it was only a murky shape. As Mary’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw the form come toward her.

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