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I met Martin at a popular gay bar in town. He was a handsome man in his mid-forties (about 20 years older than I). We shared a laugh over a highly intoxicated couple involved in a heavy petting make out session on the dance floor. He bought me a beer and when I raised to clink my bottle in appreciation, I noticed his wedding ring.

“Does your wife know you are here or do you wear that to scare off the boys?” I asked with a little more snark than I intended.

“I don’t know, depends, are you cruising, trolling or trying to hustle an old guy?” he replied matter of fact.

“I am sorry, bad joke, thanks for the beer,” I responded as sincerely as possible.

“I was joking as well, I guess we are both bad jokers, I am Martin, ” he said extending his hand.

“I am Serge, your comment was actually pretty funny.”

We continued to talk as best we could over the music. He explained he was in town on business, loved his wife, but sometime needed to fulfill his desire for men. I told him that I had broken up with my girlfriend of two years about a month ago, but had had some experience with men before that (one good, one not so good) before that.

“So what made the experience not so good?”

“Well my first lover was gentle and I could not get enough of his cock inside me, my mouth and ass, but I moved after 4 months of great sex. The second guy just pounded my ass into oblivion, I hated it. so I went back to girls.”

Martin chuckled, “You do not look like a sensual vanilla bottom.”

“I know, right!”

“So why are you here?”

“Because when it is done right, I love getting fucked and I enjoy sucking cock. I am just not a slut I guess, needs to be the right guy and all that drivel.”

Just then “Crazy For You” by Madonna started playing and Martin and I simultaneously asked one another, “Do you want to dance?”

Martin grabbed my hand and led me to the middle of the dance floor where we engaged in a tentative escort ataşehir slow dance embrace. As we swayed to the song we moved closer to one another. I wanted Martin. I felt lustful and strangely at ease with this man I had only known for about a half of an hour. Finally our bodies were touching. I felt his erection press against my thigh as we danced and he slowly moved his hands over my bottom.

“You have a nice ass.” He whispered in my ear.

I gulped and replied, “It is yours all night if you treat it right.”

“I am definitely not a pounder.”

At that I ran my hand over his cheek and I gave him a light kiss. He responded with a deep kiss so sensual I thought I might come. My head was spinning with desire. The song ended and we moved to the door of the bar holding hands. We continued to hold hands as we searched for a taxi outside.

We hailed a cab in no time and slid into the back seat. Martin told the taxi driver to take us to his hotel. I could not keep my hands away from Martin and slowly began to caress his upper thigh. Martin responded by lightly caressing my forearm. Then we kissed again. My body tingled and my head swam with pleasure. This was beyond lust, but a soul meld beyond my comprehension. I was acting purely on instinct.

I broke off the kiss and whispered to him, “I need you in my mouth.” He only nodded and slid his pants below his knees. Both of us were oblivious that the cab driver had pulled into a parking lot near Martin’s hotel.

I kissed the tip of Martin’s cock and then took it into my mouth. I lightly sucked his head and then swirled my tongue around his cock head. Martin’s moans indicated his pleasure. I licked up and down his shaft and tried to lick his balls but the angle was wrong. I stroked his cock while I kissed his thighs and then returned to sucking his cock in earnest. I would move my mouth up and down on him a few times and then suck him hard and massage his cock kadıköy escort bayan with my mouth. This did not last very long and I felt Martin harden, twitch and release into my mouth. His release was copious and I struggled to swallow it all. Martin’s load dribbled out of my mouth and down my cheek.

As Martin was shrinking in my mouth I heard a loud groan. The cab driver had been watching us in the rear view mirror, stroking his own cock and was now spraying his load on the steering wheel and dashboard.

“Man that was hot guys, thanks,” said the cabbie.

Martin let out a chuckle that got us all laughing. The cab driver started the car and drove us the short distance to the hotel. During the elevator ride up to the room I felt a mix of emotions from excitement and anticipation about getting fucked, to a contentment with holding the hand of this handsome man who would fuck me. Although I had only known Martin for less than two hours he felt strangely familiar; almost like he was my boyfriend.

Once inside the room, we fell into a deep kiss and slowly undressed one another. Martin caressed my naked bottom as I lightly kissed his neck. Our erections rubbed against each other during our close embrace.

“You have the best ass ever, ” Martin complimented me.

“Let’s take a shower.” I suggested.

“Good idea.”

We went to the bathroom and Martin ran the shower. Martin slowly soaped every inch of my body (pausing often to kiss me deeply) causing me to be so aroused I thought I would explode. My cock was so hard it ached. Martin started to stroke my cock but I stopped him.

“I don’t want to come yet.”


“I want you inside of me when I come.”

I rinsed off and returned the favor by slowly lathering Martin up and teasing him with light kisses. I went to my knees and took his cock in my mouth while the warm water rinsed him. As I held his ass cheeks while I sucked Martin I felt very escort bostancı content pleasing this man, being the object of his desire. Martin pulled me to my feet and we both rinsed the remaining soap off of our bodies.

“Stay here,” said Martin.

I remained in the warm shower enjoying the steam. Martin returned with a bottle of astroglide and a condom. I fondled his tight balls while I rolled the condom over his beautiful cock. Martin teased my asshole with his well lubed finger arousing me to heights I did not know existed. I gasped when he inserted his finger into me. Although I could have let him finger bang me forever, It was his cock I needed in my ass.

“Fuck me.”


With my hands on the shower wall and my legs spread wide Martin inserted two well lubed fingers up my ass. He gently stretched and finger fucked me for a few more minutes. At this point I was desperate for the cock Martin was about to deliver. Martin pulled his fingers out of me and began to rub his cock head up and down my ass crack causing me shivers every time he brushed against my anxious hole.

“Are you ready?”

“Please,” I begged

With one hand on my hip (I love the feeling of a man’s hand on my hip as he is about to enter me) Martin pressed his cock head against my ready hole. As he entered me I winced in pain. Martin stayed still as I breathed deeply and accommodated him. He then slowly moved deeper until he was fully inside of me. I felt his balls against me and moaned. Martin moved his left hand to lightly caress my nipple and stroked my thigh with his right hand while gently kissing my neck. He did not thrust but gently rocked me like this for minutes. I could only moan with pleasure. With his cock buried in my ass Martin started stroking me. He stroked me slowly and deliberately, kissing my neck lightly. It did not take very long and I let out a loud groan and shot ropes of semen against the shower wall.

“Can you stay the night?” Martin asked.

“Definitely.” I replied enthusiastically.

Martin still hard slowly withdrew from me. We rinsed off and dried off and headed to his bed. I kept my promise from earlier in the evening and let him have my ass all night. It was good

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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