Martin Family Fun Pt. 03

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This is a story about a couple and the wife’s sister have some playful BDSM fun, there’s no contempt or betrayal in it, so if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s not the story you want. This is FANTASY, real life isn’t and shouldn’t be like this, so that said, enjoy!

Late July 2006

CHAPTER ONE: Shopping Trip…

“Ready to go, Sis?” Katie Samms called out, as she finished her list.

“Sure,” the voice of her older sister Joan Martin replied, coming down the steps as she did. “I was just making sure I had turned off the hair curler. I wouldn’t want to burn down the house!”

“Had you?” Katie asked as the two women headed for the door of the Martin house. “Left the curler on, I mean?”

“No, but I’m always a little paranoid about it,” Joan said, brushing her long blonde air down against the flow of the wind as they went outside. “I always have been.”

“Me too,” Katie confessed, as they headed out to the blue minivan that was Katie’s usual form of transportation. “I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who freaks out about stuff like that!”

It was July, and the heat of high summer was oppressive even though it was only nine in the morning. The minivan had been sitting in the driveway for two hours, since Katie had come over to have breakfast with her older sister before the two went on their shopping spree, and the clear morning Sun had raised the interior to a low broil by the time Joan and Katie got inside.

“Gyah! It’s like an oven!” Joan exclaimed.

Katie started the engine and cranked up the air conditioning as high as it would go, in moments a blessed flow of cool air emerged from the vents.

“Give it a minute and we’ll be fine,” Katie promised, wiping at the faint sweat that had already emerged on her face, “I just had this thing serviced, there’s plenty of freon in the air conditioner now!”

“Thank Heaven for that!” Joan said with feeling. “It’s been so hot lately that I feel like I’m half-broiled by the end of each day!”

Katie put the minivan in gear and started them down the road, the mall would be opening up in an hour and both women wanted to make the sales at the start. They’d been planning this Saturday shopping trip for over a week, ever since they’d been sure they’d both be free for the weekend.

“Heard anything from Brea?” Joan asked after a moment.

“She’s having fun, or so she says in her last email,” Katie said with a sigh. “I’m glad, but…”

“But?” Joan asked her little sister. “Why do you sound sad about it?”

“Would you think less of me, Joanie, if I told you it kind of bothers me that she’s having so much fun without me? I mean I’m glad she’s enjoying spending time with her friends, and I know Mr. and Mrs. Avery will take good care of her on the trip…but…I don’t know, it’s just…”

Katie fell silent, blushing a little, but unable to finish the thought aloud.

“It’s just that it’s kind of hard to know your baby is having so much fun without you?” Joan asked gently, as Katie steered them through mid-town traffic.

Katie glanced at Joan for a moment while they waited at a red light, then she sighed and said, as they started into motion again, “Yes, that’s exactly it, Joanie! It’s embarrassing, though, it seems so childish, I mean my daughter is a teenager, I shouldn’t feel like that!”

“You’re only human, Sprite,” Joan advised her younger sister. “And I’ve been exactly where you’re at, three times over. Trust me, it’s a very common reaction.”

“Really? You went through this too?” Katie said, sounding surprised.

“Sure,” Joan replied. “The first time Channa stayed all night with a friend, when she was eight years old, I was a nervous wreck all day worrying about her, I was afraid she’d get scared or want to come home or get in a fight with the other girls or something. I dropped her off hoping it would all go well, and then the next day when she told me how much fun she’d had, all on her own without me, I felt like crying because it reminded me that my baby was growing up and away, even if it was just a little bit. Caught me completely by surprise, I mean I was glad she’d had fun, glad she had friends, but she was my baby and she’d had fun without me and I felt like I was losing something.”

“But you got over it?” Katie said.

“Pretty much,” Joan replied with a grin, “though I get twinges of it now and again even now, like when Channa graduated from university and went out celebrating with her friends, I felt it a little, but you come to terms with it. It’s all part of our kids growing up.”

Katie sighed. “I suppose it was easier with Lisa and Brad?”

Joan smirked and said, “Not a bit of it. With Lisa it was the first time she went away on a band trip, with Brad it was when he started wanting to hang out with the guys instead of his poor mommy, I had to go through it all over again each time. But like I said, you come to terms with it. It’s just part of the gig.”

Joan fell silent for a moment, then added, tuzla escort “Of course, you might be getting it a little worse since you’re a single mother. You and Brea have been so close for so long that it probably makes it a little harder to see her moving further away.”

“It’s driving me nuts,” Katie admitted after a moment. “Not just the vacation with the Avery’s, but this whole ‘growing up’ thing, part of me wants to scream ‘stop’ and keep my baby a baby. Though another part of me laughs at myself and reminds me that my ‘baby’ is already sixteen, and I’m being silly. But I hate the idea that she doesn’t need me anymore, or won’t for much longer, anyway.”

“Trust me, Brea will always need you, Sprite,” Joan assured her younger sister. “Maybe not as constantly, not quite as intensely, but Brea will always need her mommy.”

“I hope so,” Katie said, slightly forlornly. Then she smiled and said, “Anyway, here we are, let’s get this show on the road, Joanie!”

“Right, we don’t want to miss the early bird sales!”

Somewhere else…

A man lay on a bed, face-down, a number of thoughts going through his mind as he did.

What time was it? James wondered for what he was sure was the one thousandth time. Surely it had to have been at least a few hours??!

He sighed. At least the bed was fairly comfortable, even if the air conditioning had the room a tad chilly. Idly he wished he was not naked…but then again, the chilly air on his bare body was both uncomfortable and at the same time strangely pleasant and exciting.

Once again he wondered what time it was.

Katie and Joan…

“So,” Katie asked her older sister, “as the two of them walked out of the mall food court, slices of pizza i hand, “how are you getting along with Mistress Kate?”

Katie spoke softly, but not whispering, in the noise of the crowd and the music from the mall sound system, there was little danger of being overheard.

In spite of that, however, Joan blushed slightly. She glanced at her younger sister, who smiled impishly at her, and sighed.

“She’s a scary, unnerving bitch. Just look at what happened this morning!”

Katie laughed aloud at what her older sister was referring to.

“But…I have to admit,” Joan added softly, smiling, “that Mistress Kate has certainly made this summer more…interesting…than I thought it would be! I can’t believe I’ve been enjoying being bossed around so much, but I have! It’s actually fun being ordered around by our ‘mutual friend’.”

Katie smiled, both at her older sister’s blushing admission and at the words.

“Okay, then this should make your day,” Katie said with a giggle. “Mistress Kate wants you to take your panties off. Right here, right now!”

“In public?!” Joan gasped. “I can’t!”

“Yes, you can,” Katie said with a wicked smile. “Just raise your dress and slide your underwear down your legs and step out of them! It’s easy! There’s nobody who can see you were we are, at least not right this minute, so if you hurry you don’t have to worry about anybody seeing you do it!”

Joan looked frantically around, there were indeed people everywhere, but then she realized something else: nobody could see her and her sister where they stood! They were in the shelter of a currently-closed mall kiosk, even the ubiquitous security cameras could not see them! For a few moments they did indeed have some privacy.

“But-?! Katie-?!!!”

“I think you just heard Mistress Kate give you an order, Sis!” Katie giggled. “What are you waiting for?!”

Joan looked around frantically, hoping somebody would come by to give her an excuse not to do it. No luck, the coast was clear! For what seemed like the 100th time that summer, she debated with herself using her ‘safe word’…and for the 100th time, her own pride and a little secret thrill caused her instead to obey the order. Even as part of her was mortified, another part was excited as she realized what she was doing!

Blushing, Joan raised her just-above-knee-length summer dress, and slipped her white silk panties down her legs, and when they reached her ankles she carefully pulled them off over her sandals and stood there blushing, holding her underwear in her hand and feeling foolish and nervous.

Katie stood there grinning, knowing her sister wanted to know what she was supposed to do next, and also knowing that her silence made the moment more nerve-wracking for Joan. Joan was blushing a very interesting shade of red, as she stood there holding her panties, looking back and forth and clearly wondering what would happen if somebody walked around the corner and saw them!

“Katie, what am I supposed to do now?” Joan finally demanded, giving in.

“Well, you look pretty silly standing there with a pair of underpants in your hand, Sis,” Katie said. “I’d do something about that before somebody sees you!”

“So I can put them back on?! Great!”

She started to return her atalar escort underwear to its proper place, only to have Katie gesture her to stop and say, “Mistress Kate said to take them off, Sis! She never said you could put them back on!”

“But you said I needed to do something before we get caught!!”

“Yeah, I did, but Mistress Kate says you can’t put them back on! So I guess you’d better throw them in the trash can or something!”

“What?! But they’re brand new!”

“What’s your point, Sis?”

“But-I mean I paid-do I have too?!”

“Well, Mistress Kate did say you can’t put them back on,” Katie pointed out. “So I guess you’ll either have to carry them through the mall or throw them away, it’s up to you!”

Joan looked down at the silky new panties she was holding in her hand, and back at you evilly smiling younger sister. She licked her lips nervously, acutely aware that someone might come around the corner at any second and see her standing there holding her underwear in her hands, looked back at Katie, and then sighed and walked over to a trash can nearby and dropped the panties into the slot!

With a sigh, she looked back at Katie and said, “Satisfied?”

Katie walked over and hugged her sister for a moment, and said, “Come on, let’s finish our pizza and do some more shopping!”

“I can’t believe I just did that,” Joan muttered, as she picked up her pizza and took a huge nervous bite, blushing scarlet. “I mean I just don’t do things like that!”


Was that the sound of footsteps? James wondered nervously, but also with a strange mixture of relief and dread. Are they finally home?

After a moment, the blindfolded man decided it had been his imagination. Once again he wondered where his wife and sister-in-law were, had they decided to eat dinner out too?! He was sure they had been gone all day! His cell phone had not rung where it sat on the table beside his bed…or did it? A sudden thought struck him, had Joan and Katie really left the cell phone on the table?

Katie and Joan…

“I can’t believe I’m walking around with no underwear on!” Joan said, still blushing. “Can you imagine how scandalized Mom would be?!!”

They had been shopping for some hours since she had taken off her underwear, and Joan was sure that not once in all that time had she entirely ceased blushing!

Katie giggled. “I know, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? Just think, Sis, everyone can see you blushing and nobody knows why! I mean it’s not like anybody can tell by looking at you, your dress covers everything, but still!”

Joan shivered, Katie was right, of course, her dress did cover everything that needed to be covered, there was no way anybody could tell by looking that the normally proper and mature 44 year old wife and mother had nothing on under her dress. But she knew! Just the knowledge of it, the awareness that she was walking around the huge mall with her pussy and ass uncovered under her light dress, was mortifyingly exciting and arousingly humiliating!

“Wait here, Joanie!” Katie ordered, leaving her older sister standing in the food court. “And don’t buy anything while I’m gone, I’ll be back in a trice!”

Joan stood there in the food court, feeling foolish and blushing at the knowledge that she had no panties on under her sundress, it was hard to avoid feeling exposed and embarrassed even though there was nothing to show anybody else that she was bare down there. That was just not something people like her did!

Her stomach was growling, it had been hours since they ate the pizza and the slices had been small, but Katie had said not to buy anything, so she just stood there feeling exposed and foolish and waited, for about ten minutes, until Katie finally returned.

Her younger sister had a smile on her face that made Joan very nervous! She was carrying a little bag with the logo of the one of the makeup stores on it.

“Come with me, Jo!” Katie instructed.

“Where are we going?” Joan asked anxiously as she followed her sister.

“The little girls’ room,” Katie said.

Sure enough, a few minutes later Joan found herself in a stall in the women’s rest room, along with Katie, who locked the door and said in her ‘mistress voice’, “Mistress Kate wants you to bend over and flip your dress up, Joanie! Show me your fanny!”


“Now!” Katie snapped, and Joan, filled with a mixture of embarrassment and sexual excitement like nothing she could recall in ages (at least until this summer!) obeyed, turning around, flipping up her dress to present her naked posterior toward her little sister, and bent over with her hands on her knees.

Why does obeying Katie make my pussy wet?! Joan wondered for the hundredth time at least. I just don’t understand why it’s so exciting!

“What are you doing, Sis?” Joan inquired as she saw Katie take out a tube of lipstick and open it, raising the contents with a twist of the cevizli escort tube.

“Writing a message on your disgustingly pretty rear end,” Katie absently replied, as she began to apply the tip of the lipstick to the bare flesh of her older sister’s butt.

“Wh-what are you writing down there?!” Joan demanded. “Katie, I don’t know about this! What are you putting on my rear end?!”

Even as she was saying it, Joan blushed anew as she realized that there might be someone else in the stalls next to them who could hear it! That thought made her shiver in embarrassment at the possibility…and left her pussy soaked!

“I’m not gonna tell you!” Katie sing-songed. “I’ll just let your imagination take care of that!”

In actual fact, she had written, ‘World’s Best Big Sister!’ in bright red lipstick on her older sibling’s bare ass, but she knew that was the last thing Joan would guess. She finished writing, gave her older sister a mild playful slap on the unmarked part of her bare rear end, and directed her to lower her dress.

Somewhere else…

James had been remembering some of the thing he, Joan, and Katie had been doing over the previous few months, and the result of that little trip down memory lane had been a hard-on that felt like it was made of steel under his stomach. Part of him wanted badly to rub his hard cock against the bed, but he also knew that if he got carried away and ended up coming on the bed, it would be Big Trouble when Joan and Katie finally got home…whenever that might be.

Also, he might very well break his very special bonds if he did that, and if that happened…no, better to think about something ‘safe’ and let his cock soften.

Katie and Joan…

“Lift your dress a little, Joanie,” Katie instructed her older sister, “when you get in the car I want your ass touching the leather!”


“Joanie!” Katie said with a grin, raising her voice just slightly as if in warning. “Mistress Kate just told you to do something, better do it!”

“Won’t I get your damned lipstick on the seat?!”

“Don’t worry, it’s dry by now! Worse things than lipstick have touched that seat, Sis!”

“Now you tell me,” Joan said dryly. Then, with a grimace, Joan climbed into her sister’s minivan, and adjusting her dress as ordered, she settled her bare, unprotected bottom onto the sun-heated leather of the passenger seat.

“OOWWW!” she hissed, the leather was hot and definitely uncomfortable under her unprotected cheeks! But then, after a moment, a grin crossed her face as the sensation changed. The hot leather cooled a bit, and actually felt good!

“I knew you’d like that,” Katie said with an evil smirk. “It only hurts for a moment!”

“I-it’s…I don’t know, the warmth feels so good…” Joan said with a sigh. “Damn it, Sprite, I should have tried something like that a long time ago!”

“Just remember, it doesn’t feel quite so nice on a freshly-spanked rear end,” Katie said as she climbed behind the wheel and started the engine.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Joan said nervously, as they pulled into traffic. She still couldn’t believe how strange and embarrassing and hot it was to be running around with no underwear on, or how hot and nice the leather seat felt under her bare buns!

“So where do you want to have dinner, Joanie?”

“You mean it’s up to me, Sprite?” Joan asked wryly.

“Sure,” Katie said. “I’m asking as me, not Mistress Kate. I’m hungry so pick a place, Sis!”


In spite of everything, he was beginning to think he might just fall asleep if Joan and Katie did not return soon! He would never have believed it possible, but he had been where he was for a long time, and unable to leave or move much, his initial nervousness and alter excitement had gradually given way to a strangely comfortable calm. It was still a little chilly, with the air from the vent blowing on him, though!

What really worried James was what would happen if he fell asleep and ended up moving too much, his special bonds were not all that substantial, after all…

Katie and Joan…

“This chicken is delicious,” Joan enthused, “I can’t remember that last time I had a chicken Monterey that tasted quite like this!”

“It’s the pepper,” Katie opined, as she dug into her own dinner with relish. “It adds a little heat to the sauce!”

“It’s good, anyway! I’d love to have the recipe!”

Katie and Joan were sitting in a quiet booth in the back of a local steakhouse, enjoying their evening meal and talking about anything and everything. Joan, for her part, had become sufficiently absorbed in their conversation and the delicious food that she had almost managed to forget that she was sitting bare-bottomed on the leather of the booth seat.

Still, Joan mused ruefully, at least I think I’ve managed to stop blushing!

As the desert was brought, the conversation turned, once again, to the ‘games’ the two of them and James had been playing over the last couple of months. They had the restaurant mostly to themselves, since the dinner hour was passed, and there was little risk of being overheard as they ate their deserts, interspersing discussions about their ‘games’ with rueful comments about the calories in their food.

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