Marrying Brother

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Life in a city like Chennai may be enthusiastic for many people. But for some young housewives like me it is really boring and monotonous, until I started to have a wonderful time with my brother. Speaking of me, I’m Pratheeba, I’m just 23. I’m 5’6″ and 48 kgs. I have wheatish yet somewhat fair body, with a structure of 36-34-36. I use a 36C bra and a 90cm panty usually. I like to wear chudis, though sometime, I had the courage to wear saris below my navel during my college days.

Being married at the age of 22, I have felt really bad about my freedom being snatched from me. For, in my college days I was one of those jumping and yelling type, a sheer contrast to how I am usually at home. I was one of those types who don’t find it bad to talk about sex between girls at hostels. Though I have shared a number of sexy jokes and bits with my girls, I never had my hands on any of those sex books or even a small sexual experience with guys.

As I finished my degree, like any other girl I got married nicely. Luckily, my hubby is so nice and caring that I never felt missing my home. I was not brought up in Chennai, but ended up living in Chennai with hubby in an apartment. As we had decided to postpone our child we both were enjoying life very much.

I have a brother, his name, Arvind. He had just now finished his college and trying for a job. So, it was obvious that he came to stay in our house with us. He is two years younger to me and has a body of 5’8″. I can’t say ‘best body’, but he has a nice body without any flab. We are very close that we share a lot of things among us. I had never seen him nude, but only in semi-nude condition like a bare chest at the maximum. We had seen a number of English movies and kissing scenes together, and we are very frank that we don’t mind that.

Only after my marriage he teased me a bit more regarding my sex life, like occasionally asking me about how my hubby takes care of me… that sort of things. To that I would frankly quip that saying, you’ll have your turn, meaning his marriage life. It’ll take more than five years for that akka (sister), he would say.

Even my hubby is very close to him. Sometimes, we three of us, go out together. As my hubby is in the Business and Marketing dept. of the company, he’d be out most of the day and sometimes even out of the station. I would feel lonely, though he encouraged me to have chat with friends from the net. Only after Arvind came to stay with us, I had someone to share and speak. Even, he never minds the ‘sweet nothings’ of us as a young couple. I never knew when I started thinking kinkily about my brother. It started just like that, and I had felt guilty about myself for thinking like that sexily about him. Even after that, I just happened to notice his masculinity as I spent most of my time during the day with him. Something in me said, ‘why not tease my own brother?’

So, this is how it started. I began to be liberal in my dress. That is, instead of wearing a dark nighty, I would wear a light nighty that would show my panty lines and sometimes didn’t wear panties so that Arvind could see the crack of my buttocks. This I did voluntarily to tease him. And it served the point that I got him latched his eyes to my medium sized round breasts that he could see along the curves of my nighty. When asked, he would just say, ‘nothing akka’ and he would move out of my gaze. I knew my breasts was doing magic to him.

Sometimes I would ask, how does this new dress suit me, and he would reply saying, it was nice. “Sexy?” I would ask. “Hmm… yes, Sexy…” he would say with a shy smile.

Then he would quip, “Don’t tease me akka… I know you are doing that to me…”

“Why da? Don’t you like my body?” I asked.

“Yes… but you are my akka…” he asked.

“So what… just speak out of your heart just like every time. Be frank…” I would coax him. Then he would loosen up a bit.

Slowly, I felt more and more attracted to him, dreamed a lot about having sex with my own brother. I fantasised a lot, and it never occurred to me that it was a bad thing. And I knew even that he was masturbating thinking of me. He knew that I knew. Even then all that is needed was a small but strong coaxing to her him into the play and I was expecting a chance.

At last, I had a full three days with him from Friday to Sunday, when my hubby had to go to Bangalore for a three day visit. I had made up my mind, to pass signals, yet I was a bit tensed and afraid about how to go with that. The day arrived and Friday morning, I woke up early rehearsing myself about what I was going to do.

I had an early bath… fresh and fragrant from the shower I dressed up for the occasion. I wore just a nighty and nothing else. Usually I would wear my panties as I said before, but now, I didn’t wear any bra or panties, I just wore a plain green nighty in a very light shade. Other than that, all I wore on me were a couple of bangles and metti (sacred ring) on my toe. My thaali (sacred thread şirinevler escort of marriage) was dangling between both my fleshy breasts on my smooth cleavage along with a small gold chain. When I looked up on the mirror, I myself felt that I passed up being erotic yet not overdone.

Then I woke Arvind, calling from the kitchen. Just as he came out of his bed, I dropped the vessels in the kitchen and with a sharp painful sound I laid myself on the floor.

“Akka, What happened akka?” as expected he ran into the kitchen and found me on the floor. With careful gasps, I said I had a cramp on my left thighs. I had already hiked up my nighty just above my knees and showing of my legs. I saw his eyes gaze over my small sexy legs and then to my eyes. He then scooped me up, and just in time, I positioned and held his neck in a way that my breasts and my nipples pressed on his taut body. I could feel his pulse going up and his face reddened as he laid me on my bed.

“Arvind, could you please get the pain cream for me and massage me a little?” I asked innocently.

“Ok. Akka. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a minute…” saying so he went back to get it from the medical kit. It just gave me time, to lay back and spread my legs wide. Lifting my nighty again just above the knees, I just made sure that when he entered the room, he could get a glimpse of my beautiful cunt. My nighty had a zip in the front and I opened up a bit that some of the soft mounds of my breasts peeked out.

Then I laid back as if I rested. As he entered the room, Arvind stopped for a second at the door, I should say, he stumbled at the scene of his own sister opened up herself innocently for him. Then he came near me and sat on the bed.

“How do you feel akka?” he asked.

“Now it’s somewhat better da, massage that cream on the legs…” I said still laid back.

Hesitantly, yet excitingly he scooped up some cream and asked, “Where is it paining, akka?”

“Just near the knees…” I asked and slowly moved my nighty still up over my knees. My legs were not laid straight on the bed. So as I moved the nighty up one side, I slid back and fell back to the thighs, revealing most of my thighs and most importantly some of my hairy cunt. I tried to be calm at this moment as I felt myself stirring at the thought of showing off my cunt to him. The only person I ever showed my cunt till now was my hubby. I tried to breathe hard. I was sure my cunt wouldn’t miss his eyes. I could see his breathtaking look, yet he didn’t say a word about that.

He slowly pressed my knees with his fingers and checked for pain.

“Not there Arvind, above that… yes… a little more up that place… Yes… move a little up… yes… aaaahhhhh… its paining Arvind” I said with a groan sound. His palm was just halfway on my wheatish soft thighs between my hip and knees feeling the supple soft flesh of his own akka.

I could feel the sweat on his palm. Slowly, he started massaging my thighs, with his eyes not leaving my half revealed cunt. At times, he even tried to hike my nighty still more so that he could get a full view of my cunt. But I was not going to let that happen, I tried to cover my cunt with the nighty and as I closed my eyes I slowly tickled my nighty covered cunt with two of my fingers. Obviously, he noticed that too. When I opened my eyes, he had stopped massaging, but his hands were still on my thighs and I saw his penis standing up like a rod out of his lungi.

“Is it still paining akka?” he asked me caressing my forehead, like a caring person.

“Its ok, Arvind… I’ll be fine.” I said.

“Shall I massage your legs akka… it’ll get you relaxed a bit more…” he was trying more on me. ‘Why not let him a chance…’

“Ok. Arvind, massage the legs…” I said with a painful smile. Most of my lower body was now bare with my nighty hiked up. It showed off my soft fleshy thighs to him. I didn’t mind to cover my legs intentionally, just for him.

He tried to cover my legs by pulling the nighty down. “Just leave it up Arvind, Don’t cover the legs… Let the air flow…” I said to him with a wicked smile.

“But akka…” he hesitated and was trying to say something.

“What Arvind? What happened?” I asked.

“Nothing akka. Your nighty being above your knees gets me distracted…” he said.

“Why… is that very sexy? Seemed you are very much tensed seeing me half naked. Hmmm? Don’t worry, Arvind. I’m your sister. You can feel free with me.” I coaxed him.

“Yes akka… I’m a bit tensed… I have never seen a girl naked before, even half-naked like this…I have seen only in the books” he said.

“Come on Arvind. We have shared a lot among us. We are very much frank to each other. Don’t get tensed. Wait… I have an idea…” I let that idea trail a bit on him and then continued, “Why don’t you just remove my nighty of my body and then make me nude so that you can look at a girl, your own sister, şişli escort fully naked as much as you want…” It was really a bolt on him. He didn’t expect that from me.

“But akka… I didn’t mean that way.” He blushed.

“It’s ok Arvind… I’m just your sister. There’s nothing wrong in that and I’m only helping you with that. “Do as I say… Relax and just remove my nighty for me and make me naked. Now, after seeing your lungi, frankly I myself want to be buck naked in front of you. Let us not waste time. Make me nude. We’ll speak about other things later.” I said to him.

Now, he was shrewd enough, to bring up the courage and ask, “Is it ok, akka?” again at me.

“It’s ok for me. It is up to you. “I said with an encouraging smile.

Slowly and gingerly I could feel his fingers roll on my thighs, bringing up an incestuous tingling sensation within me, that I got goose pimples all over my body within seconds. As he grasped the ends of my rolled up nighty that was on my hips with his fingers I encouraged him a bit by lifting my buttocks above so that he could pull my nighty above my hips, revealing my cunt fully as a feast to his eyes.

My cunt is usually covered with bush-like dark curly hairs. I had never thought of shaving my cunt at any point of time in my life, just like that. So, now, my hairy cunt was letting out a musky smell. He was so engulfed at the sight of his sister’s cunt that he stopped halfway removing my nighty.

“Hey, Arvind… don’t get lost… remove my nighty fully.” I compelled with a smile . He came back to his senses and slowly pulled up my nighty up above my stomach showing off my navel. Let me describe my nave here. My navel is somewhat deep and medium oval sized vertically. Then as my nighty moved up, my large soft flesh mounds of my breasts came into view showing off my gold chain and my thaali along the groove between my breasts, at the cleavage, followed by light brown nipples surrounded by brown areolas. My nipples are not that big and not that small, yet, my hubby says it is very sexy. He loves to play with them very much.

Now, I helped Arvind to take off my nighty fully along my neck. As he kept the nighty beside, there I was… fully nude on my bed, right from head to toe, without a single piece of dress, no sari, no petticoat, no bra, no panties, no nighty, no chudi, not a single cloth to cover this full grown female body, just the same way as I was when I was born, but now with a hairy cunt and large breasts.

All I wore now were some gold ornaments like the bangles, gold chain, metti, and thaali, and as I was fresh from the bath, the fragrance of the Lux soap had not worn off yet, I had the hair neatly arranged and plaited. My forehead bore the Saffron kumkum in a small round shape and also some saffron at the bifurcation of my plaited hair above my forehead, just like any other married South Indian wife. To any south Indian guy like Arvind such a sight would really make them cum just at seeing a naked fully grown female just as I had described.

I could see his constricted and tensed face as his eyes bore on my naked body. I didn’t do anything to seduce him; I just put my hands on my side on the bed, letting him enjoy the full fledged view of his naked sister.

“This is not fair, Arvind” I said to him.

“What? Why do say that?” he jumped at my comment.

I smiled at him and then said, “It is not fair that I alone should be nude here. Remove your dress too Arvind. I want to see you naked too.”

With hesitation he removed his baniyan and his lungi, becoming fully naked. His penis was long and thick, and throbbing in sensation. I gulped in my stomach looking at the size. It was 7 and half inches long. Definitely larger than my hubby! And the thickness was more than an inch in diameter. Now I was comparing it with my hubby. For it was the only penis I had seen till now. My brother’s penis was much larger than my hubby in all terms. ‘Oh God! I fit ever goes inside my cunt it is going to tear about just like in first night!’ I thought.

“Akka…” he called me.

“What?” I asked him.

“Can I touch your body with my fingers?” he asked me.

All I could do was put up a big smile. “Go on… feel your sister’s body as you like.” I said. I took his hand and placed it in between my thighs on my hairy fired up cunt. It was hot and steaming. I myself felt much juiced up.

Slowly I could feel his fingers tracing my cunt lips and I shivered at the thought my own brother’s hand there. I’ve played a number of times with my fingers on my cunt, yet I never felt like this before even with my hubby. Just as he touched my clitoris, I jumped and let out a squeal and moaned with a gasp.

“Don’t stop… go on…” I whispered. All I could do was whisper, as the feeling had sucked out all the sound from my mouth.

“Arvind… Please don’t stop…” I was saying.

“Akka… can I massage your breasts?” he asked.

“Do it as you suadiye escort like…” I was pressing. He moved his hand from my cunt lips and slowly traced my supple breasts. Within moments I felt both his hands covering the whole of my round breasts. Both his hands were moving slowly on my breasts and nipples. His soft graze on my nipples again made me let out a gasp for air.

“What akka?” He asked.

“Nothing… don’t stop…” saying so, I pulled his naked body over me so that both his legs were on either side of my body with him sitting on my stomach. I smiled at him as he saw me. He smiled back, yet continued to massage my breasts. “Yes, Arvind… Do it harder…” I was saying. The touch of his hot penis on my stomach added to my sensations and I even within this short period of time I was gearing up for my first orgasm. His hands just played hard with both my mounds. With every hard squeeze from his hands I was inching towards my orgasm.

With my hands I was slowly playing with his penis, but I was careful not to let him cum. I wanted to feel it inside me. Then, I held his face with my hands and bringing it close to mine, gave a light kiss on his lips. I never mastered the art of playing with the tongues, as everyone says, that perfect English kiss was out of my bounds. The best I got was my hubby biting my lips in excitement. Even that simple act got me sexed up.

As I gave him a kiss, my breasts and nipples touched his hairy chest. We both could hear our heart beat faster at that moment. I felt as if my fleshy breasts were being mashed between his body and mine. It was really a strange sensation when it comes to my brother being above me. “Kiss all over my body…” I whispered looking at his face. He moved out of my stomach and then slowly kissed and traced the line of my neck, shoulder and then my breasts.

Lick each of them with your tongue, and then suck my nipples…” I said as he reached my breasts. I felt my body stir and gasped as he sucked my nipples hard for a few seconds.

“Oh my god! I was mumbling in between the gasps. “Don’t stop… continue… suck them, bite my nipples… hard… yes… ahhhh…. Like that yes…” I was moaning and gasping. The next moment I felt my world whirl around my and my body was bucking up and down fast as my fingers worked upon my clitoris in that hairy cunt. I grasped the bedsheet beside me harder and I moved towards my first orgasm form my brother.

It took me minutes for me to come back and relax in this real world. Arvind was still licking and sucking my nipples. My breathe became slower and back to normal and I realised that this was the first time in my life that I had cum to orgasm so fast even faster than by my hubby, just by my brother still sucking my breasts. But it was not long before my slackened breasts became hard again.

After his momentous effort at my breasts, it was me who was pleading to him.

“Arvind… would you lick between my thighs?” I asked innocently. My hubby likes my cunt to be hairy but I was never sure of my brother.

“Do you like what we are doing?” I asked him. “Yes, akka, but I’m little bit afraid about this…” he said.

“Don’t worry; we will have it to ourselves…” I was coaxing him with a smile.

He then moved down between my thighs and then finding my cunt in that hairy area, he opened my cunt lips with both his hands meticulously and slowly moved his face to it. “Do you like the smell?” I asked him. There was no answer but I could feel his wet tongue lap my juicy cunt that was already watery now. “Gawwwwd!” I gasped at that first spell of his tongue. I grabbed both my breasts and squeezed them with my hands. With every lick from his tongue, I let out a loud squeal and then punctuated with a sharp gasp. My heart was beater faster ever by now and my clitoris was throbbing and yearning for a finger. I was surprised to get my clitoris with his tongue, which was much more than what I had wanted at that moment.

He went on licking my cunt spicing it up. Damn! I was going to have my next orgasm. I couldn’t do anything to avert it. It all came like a whoosh! I latched my legs around his body and at the same time bucking up my body for the perfect orgasm. I massaged both my breasts in a frenzy that within the next few seconds I went into the orgasm. Oh, my God! It was never so good… I was having my second orgasm minutes after my first one. This is going to be better and better.

Again I was relaxing for a while. But he could never wait and was continuing my splashed up cunt. In the next few moments, I saw him getting up and then placing his hot penis over my cunt and rubbing it along my cunt lips, occasionally touching my clitoris. “Ohhhhh… Arvind… Don’t stop… do it…” I was saying.

“Akka… can I put it inside you?” he asked with hesitant.

“Why are you hesitating?” I asked.

“Akka you are married…” he was saying. Only then I felt the weight of my marriage in the form of my thaali in between my breasts.

“I don’t care… I just want it… whatever…wait… will you be my hubby?” I asked.

“What??” he asked perplexed.

“Just remove that mangalsutra from my neck and tie it again with your hands. Be my husband from now. Let me now have two husbands…” I said with a giggle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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