Married, But Not to Each Other

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Dedicated to the lady who I met on the forums with whom I exchanged a far too brief correspondence but inspired me to write this selection.


Frustrated, I left my wife alone in bed and logged on to my computer. Here it was halfway through the year and we had sex a handful of times. At first all I did was read some erotica and pleasure myself. But, that didn’t quite satisfy me. So, I went to the personal sections and read and posted personal ads.

After several nights of repeating the same routine I got a reply from a lady who lived a couple of towns away. She had seen my postings and told me that she was also in a loving marriage but also like me a marriage virtually without sex. The Emails and private messages began to flow rapidly between us.

In less than 48 hours we both admitted to needing sex very badly. The only question was whether we would cheat on our spouses and meet. Megan said she was 5′ 4″ with 34C tits and wore size 6 underwear. She sounded like a “wet dream” come to life and I didn’t understand how any man could refuse to have sex with her.

Then the moment of decision came when I got a note from her that she would be in town for an education meeting at the university. As a responsible professional she had to attend all of the sessions but wondered if there was a chance to get together. Looking at her schedule I asked if she could sneak an extra day away from home to meet at her hotel.

The next thing I knew I was requesting vacation time from my government job and the arrangements were made. At age 50 I was going to meet a 42 year old lady who like me had been married for half of her life and never stepped out on her spouse. We both admitted to extreme nervousness as the idea of cheating was new to both of us.

However, it was clear that neither of us was going to change our minds as we had both been denied sex too long. In my case I hadn’t fucked my wife in more than two months. Megan and I hadn’t even talked on the phone and the only pictures we had exchanged were of our faces as the need to be discrete around our home was so great that we couldn’t exchange nude photos. The next three days seemed to drag by.

It was the day before the conference and the hotel seemed desserted except for the folks getting things ready for the next three days activities. I saw her across the lobby and she was even hotter than I had imagined. We gave each other a slight nod and walked toward the elevator like strangers.

I was afraid of someone seeing me with another woman and it somehow getting back to my wife. Repeatedly we had agreed that our getting together was only about the sex as neither of us had any intention of leaving our spouses as they were wonderful outside of the lack of sex. No one else got on the elevator with us.

Megan pushed the button for the sixth floor and smiled seeing the erection obvious in my pants. I had thought over and over about my first move but my mind was empty. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck. She pushed against me as I lifted my hands to cup her breast while I whispered, “Oh gawd, I need this so bad!”

“Oh yes, me too,” she replied huskily as she spun around in my arms. Our mouths met hungrily. Tongues flying all around as Megan squeezed my ass cheeks. Our bodies ground together passionately. We had forgotten were we were when the bell rang and the elevator doors opened. Calmly we walked out as strangers.

I followed the sexy sway of her ass to her hotel room. We hadn’t said more than ten words when the door swung open. Megan kicked off her shoes beside the bed as we embraced once again. Our bodies were on fire as our hands travelled all over one another. I struggled to get my shoes off as I fondled her ass.

We yanked off each other’s shirts as we fell to the bed. Megan didn’t disappoint me one bit as before I had a chance to think about what we were doing she had her hand inside my trousers and was stroking my cock as she slipped the pants and underwear to my knees. We had discussed recovery time as she wanted to try everything possible with me.

Therefore, there she was stroking my cock as she moved into position to give me a blow job before we even had a chance to strip. This way we figured I could recover enough to please her in other ways. With one hand stroking my cock and the other fondling my balls she gently slipped my mushroom head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my piss hole as I let out a soft moan.

Breathing through her nose Megan slowly worked my entire shaft into her mouth. My hands busily explored her body through her remaining clothing. As my hips gently came up to meet her sucking mouth I unfastened her bra which she shook aside and off her round melons. Gently I played with her tits as her sucking became more intense. I was moaning loudly as I felt like I would explode in my lover’s mouth at any second.

As she continued kızılay escort her wondrous vacuuming job I ran my hands across her thighs and over her ass until I reached the crotch of her pants. I ran my hand up and down the hot zone between her legs. Seconds later I came hard right into Megan’s mouth. I unleashed two hard jets of jism causing her to gag.

She cooed as she swallowed all of it down as she turned back around to look me in the eyes. Dropping my flaccid cock she kissed me passionately as I rolled her over and laid on top of her hot body. It was now my turn to please this sexy woman as I shoved my pants and underwear to the floor nibbling on her neck I whispered, “I want to kiss every inch of your body; I am so turned on!”.”

“Then just do it; I’ve wanted this for so long,” she cooed almost panting. Grabbing my head she aimed my mouth right for her left nipple. I sucked it into my mouth ravenously. Megan ran her hands through my hair as I worked from tit to tit as she squirmed slightly under me. My legs slipped between hers as I continued suckling on her melons.

Now I could feel her pubic bone rubbing against my stomach. Gradually I moved to the underside of her breasts and on to her flat stomach. I paused briefly at her belly button; kissing and nibbling on it before moving along. I didn’t stay there long as I wasn’t sure if it would be a turn on for my lover. I found myself with my face between her legs with only one problem, her pants were still on.

Softly, I ran my hands over the crotch of her pants. The heat rising from her secret spot was amazing especially when accompanied by the wonderful aroma that was being emitted from this special place. Placing my hands on her ass I kissed all over her lap for a couple of minutes. Then, sliding my hands back around to the front side, I unfastened the snap to her pants and very slowly unzipped them.

Before pulling away to remove her garments I shoved the pants down as far as they would go with her legs apart. My heart was beating wildly as this revealed her silky purple bikini panties. I was thrilled that she remembered that purple was my favorite color. I slid off of the bed and Megan lifted her hips as her pants seemed almost to melt off of her. The crotch of the underwear was soaked in her juices.

Quickly I reached up and caressed her through the undies. Starving for the taste of honey I couldn’t hold out any longer and gently removed her last garment. Before my eyes was a beautiful forest of gorgeous brown hair split only by her hot pink pussy lips. I swear that the lips seemed to twitch at me, as if winking an invitation.

Megan parted her legs wide as I slid back up into position. Wrapping my arms around her thighs I looked up into those hazel eyes and then began kissing her belly just above her forest. Placing her hands on my head once again she gave me a subtle push toward her sweet heat. Lightly I grazed the tip of my tongue over her clit eliciting a soft moan from deep in her soul.

Moments later I was licking and sucking all over her clit and pussy. I worked my tongue up and down her lips stopping at her clit each time to suck it in between my lips as my face worked deeper and deeper into her inner lips. Megan pushed her hips up to meet my mouth and allow me to enjoy her tasty treat even better.

Gradually Megan’s breathing got louder and more erratic as she dug her fingers deeper and deeper into my hair. It had been so long since I had kissed my wife’s pussy that I had almost forgotten how wonderful the sweet nectar that flowed out tasted. I licked and sucked on it like a fine ice cream cone. I could feel her body shudder and spasm over and over again as she came and came.

Using my tongue like a scoop I tried to catch every drop of honey that she had to offer me she clamped her legs around my back. Her heels were digging into my spine as her thighs seemed like they might crush my head. Then releasing her grip Megan softly whispered, “I think it’s time to put your condom on; I’m so ready for you!”

In seconds I was scrambling around on the floor looking for my pants and rummaging through the pockets until I finally found my rubbers. Megan let out a small laugh seeing me scurry around in desperation. She was now kneeling on the bed and I got a full appreciation of her lovely body with her proud breasts sticking out and the gentle curve of her luscious hips.

Dropping two of the three condoms on the nightstand I stepped toward her as I opened the remaining package. As I slid it on I asked, “So, how do you want me?”

“Lay down,” she dryly responded motioning for me to lie on my back. I had always thought it was selfish for the guy to choose the position as he will cum easily regardless of who is in which position but it tends to be a bit more complex for women. Besides, the more a lady enjoys what is happening the more she will help me to enjoy it as well. It kızılay escort bayan is a true win-win situation.

Climbing in beside her I laid my head on the pillow and gazed up into her eyes and back down to those marvelous breasts. Gracefully Megan straddled my hips. My cock landed right between her pussy lips causing her to rest her clit against the side of my erection. Slowly she moved her button up and down on my stiff cock. She was very deliberate as she worked my cock sending tingles through my body.

We smiled shyly at each other as we were both still just a bit nervous about cheating on our spouses. Lifting up her hips Megan rubbed the head of my manhood against her now swollen clittie. We both groaned at this touching. As she aimed my cock for her twat I whispered, “Megan are you sure you want this?”

There was no spoken answer as she surrounded my cock head with her warm folds of flesh. She moved down on my member very slowly wanting to enjoy every second of this elicit fuck. The folds of her tight pussy seemed to give way very reluctantly as I strained to fill her up. After a few more strokes I was all of the way inside of her.

We paused for a moment savoring the sensations. Then her pussy seemed to relax welcoming its visitor. Reaching for her I caressed her stomach and chest softly. Megan then pulled up almost the full length of my member and then slowly slid back down squeezing my cock with her muscles as she did.

Within a minute we were in a rhythm as my hips came up to meet each of her downward thrusts. After a couple of minutes I moved my fingers to her clit to pleasure her but she moved them to her boobs as she replaced them with her own fingers. Our pace got quicker and quicker as I ran my hands all over her body paying special attention to her breasts and rump.

Our breathing became very shallow as we got closer to the edge. Suddenly her mouth was in front of mine and we were passionately kissing as she continued to bounce on my cock; grinding her hips against me each time she hit bottom. Then wrapping my arms around her in a bear hug I exploded load after load of spunk from my member.

Megan’s back arched as she let out a guttural moan and then collapsed on top of me. We were both panting and trying to catch our breath. It was a solid minute before either one of us could speak. Then, with her head on my shoulder, she said, “Why don’t you go to the bathroom and throw that thing away? When you get back I have something to show you. And, besides I need to have a soda.”

Wasting no time I scurried off to the bathroom and removed the condom and urinated. As I walked away she suggested that I put back on my under shorts so we could sit in the chairs while we recovered for another round so that we wouldn’t get anything nasty on them. Megan followed me into the restroom hiding something behind her back as she went in.

While she took care of business in there I put my undies back on and poured us each a soda. I had just sat down in one of the easy chairs when Megan emerged from the bathroom. My jaw dropped when I saw her. She cooed sensually as she spoke, “I was planning to put this on for you before we did anything because I know your love of purple; but better late than never.”

This 42 year old lady was the hottest thing I had ever seen. She was wearing a calf length purple nightgown that gave the illusion of being transparent. The silky material clung to her skin as she floated across the room toward me. It had one inch shoulder straps that held up the garment showing off a deep cleavage. The material was drawn in under her breasts and their was a slit up her left thigh that went to the top of her hip.

My cock was already beginning to twitch at this sight. Sweetly she agreed to do a model’s twirl for me revealing that more than half her back was exposed showing off her silky smooth skin. As she stood beside my chair having her drink I gulped and ran my hands over the material gasping, “You look absolutely amazing; my fantasy come to life!”

After I lifted up her gown and got my first good look at her nude ass my lover climbed on to my lap and we resumed smooching. As I nibbled on her neck she gave me some bad news. She would have to put a halt to things to make a ten minute phone call. But, she reassured me that we would resume and that I should look at it as halftime.

She also rationalized it would give my cock more time to recover and I was welcome to massage her while she talked as long as it was nothing very erotic. As she talked with someone about conference plans I started out by sitting behind her and clumsily fondling her boobs. Maybe it was that I wasn’t sure what I was allowed to do or that I was just being stupid. But, Megan quickly helped me out as she stretched out on her stomach.

Taking the cue I straddled her thighs and began rubbing her backside. Starting out I kneaded her shoulders escort kızlay and worked downward until I was playing with her ass cheeks through the silky material. I hadn’t realized my cock had fallen out of the fly of my undies until I felt it settle into her ass crack.

With each upward stroke of my hands my cock also traveled upward in her ass crack. As soon as she hung up the phone we were rolling all over the bed. The recovery time hadn’t been near as long as the both of us had intended. Her body looked and felt so sensual through the gown but it soon disappeared along with my briefs.

Then, suddenly before my eyes was her sweet firm ass. It was by no means a big ass. In fact, Megan’s was small compared to most women I know but it seemed to fill my entire field of vision at that moment. I made soft and gentle love to her ass cheeks with my mouth and hands. I pretended several times to be going into her crack before actually parting her cheeks and swiping my tongue up and down the entire length.

Her ass seemed to come to life as I kissed, licked and nibbled as I used my hands to fondle and caress it. Wildly her ass was grinding against my head. As I tongue fucked her rectum a tube of lube suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. I knew this was coming as Megan agreed she wanted to try and fill all three of her holes.

My tongue was quickly replaced with first one and then two fingers. Then getting to my knees and helping her to her knees I squirted some lube on her ass hole and pushed the slippery stuff inside of her bowels. Then, I liberally applied it to my cock. Megan exhaled loudly as soon as my cock touched her rosebud in anticipation.

I took her ass very slowly as neither of us had a lot of experience butt fucking. The last thing I wanted to do was turn her off of the idea for the future as my limited experience had taught me how great it could be. Each push was slight sometimes as little as a quarter of an inch. She was moaning and groaning loudly but saying nothing.

After I was just over halfway in she began to push back trying to capture more of my member. It seemed she had adjusted to the initial assault on her backchannel. Finally my balls slapped against her pussy and my hips struck her rump. Even though it felt like I might loose some skin from my cock I felt like I was in heaven.

Suddenly, I realized I forgot a condom. Like a dummy I brought this to her attention. Thankfully, she demanded that I not stop now that it was too late. Encouraged I slowly built up speed until my cock was pounding furiously in and out of her back door. Harder and harder I rammed my cock in and out of her tight butt hole.

Her fingers were flying over her clit and my hands squeezed and caressed her ass and titties. It didn’t take long for us to cum again as I delivered a small load of jism into her deep shit hole. It wasn’t near as big of a load as I had given her pussy or mouth but was just as rewarding. After falling to the bed once again we spent the next half an hour exploring one another’s bodies.

While juggling my balls Megan finger fucked my asshole. It felt strange but sensual to have her three fingers up there. For my part, I kissed and caressed virtually every inch of her body from her fore head to her pinky toes. Looking at the clock we noticed that our adventure was coming to an end so we decided to get dressed.

Megan had no more than put on her bra when we began kissing again. Her tits felt exceptional through the bra causing my cock to twitch against her belly. She shoved my cock down so that it was pointing toward her crotch causing it to hit against her clit. I lustfully demanded, “Oh fuck Megan, I must have you one more time!”

My lover slid down my body as if about to give me a blow job. I didn’t see her reach for the condom on the table which she deftly rolled on to my erection. Then, taking the two steps to the bed we fell on to it as she spread her legs wide. I was on top in a hurry. My cock had no trouble finding her pussy and easily slid inside of her.

We were thoroughly possessed as we fucked hard. She wrapped her legs around mind and dug her nails into my back. I used her bra covered boobies as hand rests as my cock quickly moved in and out and in and out of her pussy. For the first time I was glad I had taken my 100 mg of Viagra just before entering the hotel.

As it was my cock was beginning to get a bit tender. But, this didn’t stop me from fucking her full force as our hips crashed together until we both came in a thunderous orgasm. After recovering for a couple of minutes we kissed tenderly and got dressed. We didn’t have much to say except, of course, expressing mutual thanks.

We made no decisions that afternoon as to whether there would be a future get together. The only sure thing that we decided and restated was that we would keep the relationship sexual only with no strings attached if we did get back in bed. Neither of us would ever voluntarily leave our spouses. But, it was the best afternoon I can ever remember. Something tells me that I’ll be sending her another private message real soon. I don’t know if anything will come about with it due to our busy lives but Megan is truly worth keeping in contact with!

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