Mark , Shauna Ch. 02

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The weekend came and I prepared by shaving all of my hair from my genital & anal areas, cleaning out with an enema, and stretching out with a butt plug. I then drove out to Mark & Shauna’s house.

I arrived to find Shauna waiting for me at the door. She was dressed in a pool robe and, as soon as we were inside the house she closed the door and asked me to lean against it. I placed my back to the door, my eyes already riveted to her body that was now being exposed as she let the robe fall to the floor. My eyes dropped to her pelvis as I realized that she was already strapped and ready to go. I could feel my penis throbbing with desire as I looked upon her. I managed to ask, weakly, when Mark would be joining us. Shauna told me that Mark bailed at the last minute, not wanting to watch her fuck me. I asked if they were ok with us proceeding to which she answered by walking over to me, placing her hand behind my neck and pulling my mouth to her breast while her other hand began undoing my pants. I helped her to remove my pants, soon followed by the rest of my clothes. Once we were both naked we hugged each other close and I felt the press of her breasts against my belly and the coolness antalya escort of her strap-on against my legs.

She then took me by the hand and led me up the stairs to their bedroom. Climbing the stairs I could not pull my eyes away from the curves of her body nor the sway of her strap-on. My own penis is six and a half inches long and an inch and a half across. Her “cock” seemed to be about the same thickness, but an extra inch or so longer.

She sat me on the bed and began to suck my cock. My cock was so engorged with my arousal that every stroke of her tongue or touch of her lips sent shivers throughout my entire body. As she brought me closer and closer to the edge I reached down and held her breasts in my hands, lightly stroking them and teasing the nipples into erections. Shauna began to work my cock in earnest and I could feel pre-cum dripping freely into her mouth. Suddenly my balls contracted and I felt the beginnings of the largest orgasm that I had had in recent memory. In that same instant Shauna stopped pleasuring me and yanked hard on my scrotum. I yelled in pain and my orgasm was stopped in its tracks. Shauna, then slapped me in the face and told me to flip alanya escort over on my belly. I turned over, complying more out of shock than anything else. The moment I did, Shauna drove her tongue into my ass and slathered it with saliva for a good few minutes. She then pulled out a pump bottle of lube from a nightstand and pumped it straight into my ass…cold. This was quickly followed by her strap-on. Incredibly happy that I had warmed up with a butt plug before driving over, I was able to take half of her length on her first stroke without too much pain. She began to work her cock in and out of my ass, and after about six strokes she had bottomed out. Without a pause she began pounding my ass, screaming and yelling like she was possessed. The shock and the sensations were overwhelming and I lost my erection.

Suddenly I was surprised to hear a moaning coming from the far corner of the room. Looking up I saw a slender woman sitting legs spread, completely naked, on an easy chair. She was watching us intently while one hand plied her clitoris and the fingers of her other hand curled in and out of her pussy. I could see her fingers glistening alanya rus escort in the light as she breathed heavily and continued to moan and mew. Watching her brought my dick back to life and this, in combination with Shauna’s anal assault, soon had me on the edge. The mystery woman began to wail and quiver her way through an orgasm and I could feel my own orgasm building strongly. Just as I was about to cum, Shauna pulled out and again pulled and squeezed on my balls, turning the tide. My legs were shaking as I began to stand up. Shauna began to giggle, with tears in her eyes, and she apologized for being so rough. “I must have needed that” she confided, “I am sorry for taking it all out on you. Do not worry, Melissa and I will take good care of you”. With that Melissa came over and I was able to see her fully. She seemed to be about 30 years old, with a slight but athletic build, pale skin, and long dark hair. Her small, A breasts each had a barbell horizontally piercing her nipples.

She knelt down and took my dick into her mouth and began one of the best blowjobs I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. At the same time Shauna began to suckle one of my nipples while putting the middle two fingers of one hand into my mouth. After a few minutes Shauna pushed me back on the bed and Melissa followed. While Melissa continued to work me over with her mouth, Shauna joined us on the bed, spread my legs and then slowly began to re-enter me with the strap-on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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