Mark, Mom and Mindy Ch. 03

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That night was excruciating for Tammi. Mark lay there with her all night, his weight always pressing into her. He rarely let his mouth leave her breasts and she found herself involuntarily caressing him as he sucked her. She couldn’t talk about it. Not yet. She wanted to ask him to leave, but she didn’t. She didn’t know why. Her mind drifted from thought to thought confused until she drifted off to sleep, her son’s head heavy on her chest.

She awoke the next morning alone. He had left her sometime in the middle of the night, though she didn’t remember it. She was glad she was alone, she needed to collect herself before the day. Before she had to talk to him about the horrible things they did.

She could still smell him on her sheets and feel him between her legs. Her nipples were sore, his constant advances towards them leaving their painful reminder. She rolled over into a fetal position and thought before getting up.

“Mark,” she walked towards his room, “are you in there?”

He wasn’t. Where had he gone? Was he avoiding her? She walked down the stairs and found him sitting on the couch in the living room.

She walked up and pushed the power button on the television remote, turning off the silent TV. She could feel him look at her. It was a different look, a look she’d only seen on men who were about to make love to her. She shivered as she sat next to him, gently putting her hand on his knee.

“Mark,” she looked into his eyes, “we need to talk about what happened.”

Mark looked into her eyes. She looked so vulnerable. He reached his hands to her side and pulled her closer, his hands lingering against her soft breasts, feeling for her nipples.

“Mark stop that,” she tried to push his advances away, “It’s not right.”

“Hi guys, what’s going on?” Mindy walked from the shadows wearing a cheerful smile.

Mark dropped his hands quickly. What was she doing here? She was never home.

“Nothing honey,” Tammi looked away and blushed. She could feel her nipples hard and sore against her shirt. Her face was flushed.

“Is there room for me on the couch?” Mindy sat down next to her brother and leaned back.

Mark was frustrated. Finally he had gotten his life desire. Finally he had his mother’s love within his grasp. Having her full breasts in his mouth all night had driven him deeper and deeper into her spell. He needed her. He shifted uncomfortably on the sofa, his cock pressing hard into his pants. Sitting next to her without being able to touch her was sending him to the edge of madness.

Tammi was frustrated. She wanted to talk to Mark and with Mindy here that was impossible. She could feel Mark’s lust beside her. She could see it in his eyes. She had to stop him. She needed to talk to him. She knew the longer she waited the more his desire would grow.

“Mindy,” Tammi looked towards her daughter, “Mark and I need to talk.”

Mindy slowly pouted. She wasn’t going anywhere. Slowly she had figured out what was happening. When she had convinced Mark that she was mom the other night, she set off a chain of events that led to their coupling. She could see his desire for her and she could feel her mother’s angst.

“Mom,” she feigned a look of concern, “is something wrong?”

“No honey,” Tammi answered, “nothing is wrong.”

Tammi stood up and walked away, leaving them on the couch together. She couldn’t stand being so close to him knowing he wanted her so badly. What was she going to do? She had to find a way to talk to him. Would she be able to convince him he was wrong?

What if his seed finds her fertile? It would be awful. She felt her stomach tighten. What if she was pregnant? The thought was tormenting. She wouldn’t levent escort know for at least a month. What would she do about it? How would she explain it?

She grabbed the railing on the stairs, her knees buckling under her, barely able to stand. The pressure upon her felt unbearable. She started to cry, trying to pull herself up the steps.

“Mom” Mindy stepped behind her, propping her up, “are you okay?”

Mindy felt a small pang of guilt mingled with the power that suddenly was flowing through her veins. Though she loved her mother, she found the pain of her missing father unbearable. She had gotten cynical since he was taken from her. Less trusting in love, letting her mind rule her actions with little conscience. She barely felt what she had done was wrong, only fun.

“Here, let me help you to your room,” she guided her mother up the stairs towards her bed.

Mindy could smell the sex all over the room. Her mother hadn’t had time to clean her sheets or make her bed. It was disturbingly sensuous in Mindy’s nose. Sex she had caused. Sex she was using to control her family.

“Can I get you some aspirin?” Mindy pulled the sex soaked sheet over her mother, “or a glass of water.”

Tammi could smell it too. It was everywhere. The smell of the previous nights sex filled her nose. She knew Mindy could tell. She almost wanted to tell her what happened, to have someone to talk to, but she didn’t trust her daughter. In the back of her mind, she knew that she was involved in all of this. She just didn’t know how.

“I don’t need anything but some rest right now,” she rubbed her daughter’s hand lovingly. She did still love her after all, just didn’t trust her.

Mindy walked towards the door.

“Honey, can you close the door,” her mother called out.

Mindy smiled, her mother hadn’t closed the door in two years. Little things can make you feel in control too, she thought. She walked down the stairs.

Mark couldn’t contain his desire. He grabbed his swollen cock and squeezed it. He wanted it to go away for a while. The constant ache was driving him mad and the only way he knew it would go away was her.

His mind couldn’t lose the thought of her soft breasts in his mouth. Her caress as he lapped them in and out, finding both extreme comfort in the act and insane desire. He felt torn between the want of his mother’s maternal love and his desire for his mother’s womanhood. He wanted to crawl out of his skin.

She had been so soft so warm and so different. The first night she felt so strong and controlling. I felt as if he had been seduced. He remembered her walls strong against him, almost emptying of his seed. Pinning him below her, unable to do what he thought was right. What he knew was right. He shouldn’t have released inside of her, but now that was all he could think about.

“Mark,” Mindy walked back into the room. “What’s wrong with mom?”

Mindy smiled. She could see the bulge in his pants. A bulge she was sure was indirectly her doing. She bit her lip. He looked so sexy sitting there, squirming in his pants. He was unable to contain his lust, he was wearing it on his shirt

“Maybe she isn’t feeling well,” Mark answered, his sister’s gaze making him uncomfortable.

He looked at her. She looked so much like their mother. That was part of her allure to him. The same ample chest, the same soft curves. That’s why he thought she was so attractive, but other men did too. Did she know?

“Is that why you were rubbing her breasts when I came down?” Mindy raised her eyebrows. “Is that why you have a huge lump in your pants?”

“I was rubbing her arms, she looked shaken,” Mark looked at maltepe escort her. He felt the blood rushing from his face.

Mindy knew what he was doing. He was groping his mother. She knew now that those breasts were his mad desire. That’s why every girl he dated looked almost just like his mother. That was what he said to them that made them uncomfortable. She knew his secret.

She sat on the couch next to him and grabbed his knee giving it a light squeeze.

“You hot for mom?” she squeezed him again. “A lot of boys are hot for their mother’s you know. It’s natural. Freud talked a lot about it.”

Mark felt uncomfortable. She could tell. Of course she could tell. He wasn’t able to hide it right now. When he was anywhere near his mother his eyes couldn’t leave her, his cock constantly arced against his pants.

Why was she doing this though? She didn’t have to ask him. He could feel her hand squeezing him with a gentle relaxing rhythm. He finally felt his manhood relaxing, losing its ache. Her hand massaging all the pressure out through his knee.

Mindy wondered what she would do next. She didn’t want them to stop. No, she wanted them to try to keep their secret from her. She wanted them to be constantly on guard. Tiptoeing around sneakily. It was such a fun game to her, thinking about how they’d have to constantly think of her. How to keep it from her.

She looked at her brother. She could see he was in the throes of her terrible torment already. She knew he couldn’t stop thinking about his mother, about what he had done. She didn’t know if he felt any guilt but she suspected he only felt desire and lust. He didn’t care that it was their mother, he only cared that it was his desire.

“Maybe I could help you Mark,” Mindy looked into his eyes and offered another of her concerned looks. She was good at looking concerned, it came with being a waitress. She had learned early that it gave her better tips if she stroked a mans arm or leg and looked concerned while they told their story of woe.

“What, what do you mean?” Mark answered frightened. His sister had a way of making him do things. Things he was unprepared for. The way she said she could help sounded suspicious. Sounded like she was planning something.

“I’m not hot for mom,” Mark tried to sound convincing. “So stop it.”

Mindy bit her lip and turned away, doing her best to hold back a big smile. Yes, he was hot for mom. She knew it. He had to know she knew it by now.

“I could,” she whispered, “you know, pretend to be mom.”

Mark gulped. What was she saying? Was she offering to play his mother in a role play? A role play with his sister. He felt sick.

“Mindy!” he pushed her hand from his thigh, “you’re my sister. Again, I am not hot for mom.”

But his body wasn’t listening to his words. He felt his manhood jolt to attention as she had finished her sentence. Just like he did with his mother. Somehow he started to lose the thought of his sister as a sibling and started lusting her as if she were only a beautiful woman.

“I mean,” Mark’s tone softened, “I might be a little smitten with her, but it’s just something I think about to get turned on, not something I want to do.”

He didn’t know what else to say. He knew she could tell that he wanted their mother. It was too obvious for him to think otherwise. After all, no matter how much he tried to deny it, she had caught him with her breasts in his hand.

“Why did you grab her breasts then?” Mindy shifted her body so that she was facing him. She wanted to feel more like she was confront him. “Would you like to touch mine too?”

Mark gulped. His mind looked into her, the eyes were mecidiyeköy escort so inviting. He tried not to look down but he couldn’t resist. She had pulled her shirt up over her chest leaving her bare breasts in plain view. They were so full, so much more firm looking than their mother’s. He salivated.

“You can call my mommy,” Mindy leaned into him and whispered in his ear. She could feel her breasts pressing towards his chest, his hands hesitantly reaching out to her, finally grasping her gently. Something came over her, the thoughts of power long diminished, she was lustful for him.

Mark couldn’t resist. The sight of his sisters breasts and the thought of her invitation to him combined with his twelve hours of lusting over his mother was unbearable. He lowered his head and took a breast to his mouth.

“Oh mommy,” he moaned, the nipped sliding around his tongue, “I love you.”

Mindy straddled his lap. She cupped her breasts and gently guided his head to her, caressing his hair. She started relishing the role. Her body dripping with excitement each time he mutter the words mommy and pulled her nipple in deeper.

Mark could feel himself ready to release. He wanted to stop. He didn’t want his sister to feel him like this but he couldn’t stop. A steady stream of warm seed began oozing into his pants. He was unable to hold back his hips, thrusting them up against the warmth between his legs. He pressed harder and harder until there was no seed left to spill.

“Did you come honey,” she bent down and kissed his cheek, her chest tight against him.

Mindy felt the power come back. Whatever lustful feeling she had fell away as his lust spilled against her thighs. She was in control. He had to hide a secret from both his sister and his mother. Soon he would crack and she could do what she willed with him. With them. They’d both crack, she was sure of it.

She lowered her body and unzipped his pants, pulling them down past his hips.

She leaned in to him and let her breasts touch his soft cock.

“Do you want mommy to rub you with these,” she squeezed her breasts around him.

Mark nodded yes. His tender cock not wanting to be touched, but the softness of her breasts made him was rekindling his desire.

She looked so good, Mark thought. Those breasts rubbing his cock made his mind go crazy. He was already with his mother, now his sister was inching in.

He thought of all the women he had been with before. How they didn’t understand his fantasy. It turned them off if he asked to suck their breasts and call them mom. Why? It was a game, he thought. Just something to turn him on.

He looked at his sister. This wasn’t a game though. He was acting out on his sick fantasy. He felt ashamed but couldn’t resist rubbing his hands through his sister’s hair.

“I love you mommy,” he moaned and thrust his cock between her breasts. He was getting hard again. He wanted her.

“I didn’t come yet, honey,” she smiled and straddled him again.

She rubbed her sex against his sticky cock until she burst in ecstasy. She bent down and her mouth enveloped his, her tongue pressed deep within him exploring. She felt his hands feeling her breasts, touching her like he had the other night.

Mark felt his own excitement budding and his cock, soaked in her wetness started thrusting towards her. He couldn’t find her opening, she pressed him too tight to his belly. His juices oozed free.

“Oh honey,” Mindy moaned in his ear, their writhing slowly subsiding, “that was so sexy.”

Mark felt used. Why didn’t she let him use his hand, or his mouth. Why did she crawl back on top of him and smear herself over his tender spent cock to make him hard again? He was embarrassed he let her do it. That he didn’t say no. She had always manipulated her like this. Always made him question everything around him.

Mindy collapsed on top of him. She could still feel his hands fondling her. She smiled. For the first time in a long time, she felt strong.

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