Marissa’s Young Lover

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Marissa used to be adventurous before she got married, she was fun. She would go out drinking, dancing and partying until morning. Her bed was never empty when she wanted it to be but that changed when she met Jacob. Somehow, her whole life had changed to revolve around him and everything that he wanted. She never really knew when exactly her life had changed but somehow bit by bit she gave up the carefree woman she used to be and became the perfect housewife.

That all changed when she found her husband in bed with another woman. She did not burst out in a fist of anger or rage because in that moment she realized that her marriage was not something that she desired anymore. After five years of marriage, Marissa realized she was no longer happy in her marriage. She realized that so clearly when seeing her husband in bed with another woman stirred no feelings at all. Her marriage was loveless and had become only about the kids.

So Marissa and Jacob, both not wanting to separate because of the children, made a deal. Their deal was that they could be with whoever they wanted as long as they did not bring it back home for the children to see. And honestly for them it was the best thing to happen in their marriage since they got married. They stopped constantly fighting about their relationship and focussed all of their time and energy on their children. They were able to lay out parental and household duties in organized charts and neither one of them felt trapped and smothered anymore.

Marrissa had met a hot younger man, Mark who was constantly tokat escort eager to please and full of energy. She was having the best sex of her life regularly meeting up for booty calls at Mark’s place.

Everytime her phone would chime with a booty call her pussy would get wet with excitement. And today was no different as Mark texted her naughty little messages all day. It all started with a text from Mark, “You free?”

“Yes, I’m wet already.” She replied.

“I’m going to eat out your wet pussy until you are shaking underneath me.”

“Sounds amazing. When you are done I want to ride you until you cum in my pussy.”

The texting went back and forth making her more and more excited for them to meet up. With each chime of her phone her pussy throbbed more. She was so horny that she was almost afraid to drive over to his house because of how distracted she was.

Her ten minute drive felt like it took forever and the short walk up to his second floor apartment was torture. Her clit was so aroused that even the motion of her legs as she walked teased her pussy and made her just crave Mark’s touch even more.

When she knocked on the door Mark answered very quickly. He was wearing only a towel on his hips and she could see his six pack ads and the tops of his muscular hips. Quickly she entered and turned and locked the door behind her. She grabbed Mark and kissed him passionately. As she did, moans escaped her mouth and she could feel Mark’s already hard cock press against her as his towel fell to tokat escort bayan the floor.

In one quick motion Mark ripped Marissa pants and underwear to the floor kneeling in front of her as she stepped out of them. Mark pressed his face against her deliciously wet pussy and began to make circles around her clit with tongue. He then slid one finger inside her and left it still inside her. Marissa craved more as she moved her hip so that his finger teased her even more. Mark then added a second finger and he curved them upward just slightly so that the tip of his finger stocked her g-spot. And she moaned, wanting even more, her body began shaking and her legs began to weaken as she grew close to orgasm.

Marissa leaned her back against the door to prevent herself from crumbling to the floor. Mark then began to suck on Marissa’s clit and as he did she screamed out. Her legs shook and she had to grab ahold of the door handle to prevent herself from falling to the ground. “Oh my god, I’m cumming.” She screamed with passion and lust in her voice.

Mark kept teasing her pussy as little after waves of pleasure rolled through her body. She gained control her balance again and became steady on her legs again. She then grabbed Mark by the shoulders and pulled him up to kiss him. She tasted her own juices on his lips as she pushed him back toward a chair that he had just past the entrance way in his living room. She made him sit down and she went down on her knees and took his cock in her mouth. At first she just escort tokat lightly sucked on the tip of his cock, flicking her tongue on the tip. A small growl came out to the back of Mark’s throat. With this encouragement she took his entire cock into her mouth devouring all eight inches of his amazing cock. She deepthroated his cock starting off slowly and as she got quicker Mark pulled her hair encouraging her to go faster and faster on his cock.

She tilted her head back to catch her breath and stood up. Then she took her shirt off over her head and undid her bar. Slowly she let it fall to the floor and stepped over it. Her nipples were large and hard. Her very large areolas that took up about a third of her C cup breast. She placed Mark’s hands on her breast encouraging him to play with her nipples as she mounted Mark in his chair.

She rode his cock slowly at first and worked up to speed. Panting as her clit rubbed against his hips. She could feel her pleasure building inside her as she could feel herself becoming ready for orgasm again. Mark continued to play with her hard nipples until finally he slipped his hand between her legs and rubbed her clit in a circular motion. This sent her over the edge as she collapsed on cumming again.

After a second to recover she continued to ride Mark as widely as she could. Mark grabbed her hips and lifted her up and down on his cock until he came in her pussy. Marissa waited a minute and just breathed for a minute.

Then she stood up and started to search around for her clothes. She quickly dressed. “That was great.” She told Mark. “See you again soon.”

“Yep.” He responded as she headed towards the door. Marissa left statisfied and got in her car. She knew that she was driving back to her boring life but was excited. She was excited for the next time her and her lover would meet up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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