Maria is initiated part 5

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I waited up until twelve thirty in case Maria phoned and then when she didn’t went to bed, I decided to sleep in our spare bedroom because we have a king size bed, and thought with any luck Maria would bring at least two guy’s back therefore she would want plenty of room on the bed.
I wedged our bedroom door open, I wanted to hear the action, I knew Maria would understand and not close it.
I left the door of the bedroom I was in open too, because I was so excited I thought that I wouldn’t go to sleep.
However I did go to sleep, I woke during the night, I looked at the time, it was three o’clock, Maria wasn’t in bed, at first all was quite, I thought Maria was still out looking for guy’s, then I heard Maria giggling,she sounded as if she was enjoying herself,then she let out a low moan , it was the sound she makes when she is enjoying being fucked.
The moaning got louder until she was crying out loudly, I knew she would cum soon, she did with a very loud yell.
I lay quietly waiting to see if she was finished, she wasn’t, she was soon moaning again.
I left the bed quietly and went to the our bedroom ,I stood in the shadow coming from the room,hoping I wouldnt be seen.
The bedside light was on and I saw there were three guy’s with her, one guy was lying on his back with Maria straddled across his hips, her cunt was impaled on his cock, another guy was having his cock sucked by Maria, the third one was playing with her tits, this was the first time I had seen Maria being fucked by three strangers in our place, I liked it, it was enough to make me cum without touching my cock.
Maria started to enjoy herself even more,she started thrusting her cunt up and down on the guys cock,repeating over and over that she wanted to be fucked senseless.
She told the two guys not fucking her to bite her nipples,when they did she let out a wail,she told them not to stop.
Suddenly she rolled off of the guy she was fucking and lay on her back with her canlı bahis legs open wide,she told the guys she wanted to be fisted,first one guy fisted her and then the others.
All three got their hands in her cunt up to their wrists,Maria was squirming around moaning in pleasure,she kept urging them to get their hands in even further,she was by then really making a loud noise,one of the guys told her to be quieter,he said I would hear her,Maria laughed and told him he didnt have to worry because she could do what she wanted,if she wanted to be fucked by a football team Im couldnt do anything about it,the guy laughed and asked her if she would like to be fucked by a football team,Maria laughed and said she did,my cock went hard again.
Next Maria knelt on all fours,still with one of the guys hands in her cunt and said she wanted her arse fucked at the same time.
First one and then the other fucked her arse until they came,then the third guy fucked her arse and came.
I thought they must have finished but Maria wasnt ready to finish just then,she told them she wanted to be licked into orgasm.
The three guys took it in turn to give her orgasms with their tongues,I counted Maria cumming twelve times,the guys were ready to fuck her again.

I continued watching for a long time,they did every depraved thing they could do to Maria,she loved every minute of it, until eventually they had finished.
I quietly went back to bed and waited to see if Maria would come.
I didn’t have long to wait, I heard Maria talking quietly followed by muffled men’s voices, I heard Maria laugh, she was obviously happy, then I heard the stairs creek and the front door being opened and closed quietly.
I heard Maria go to the bathroom and have a quick shower, then she got in bed and snuggled up to me, I turned and cuddled her.
Maria knew I wasn’t asleep and kissed me long and hard, I asked her what that was for, she said it was for being the best husband in the world, I asked her bahis siteleri how I was the best husband, she replied because not many husbands would let their wives enjoy themselves the way she had that night.
I said that I was the lucky one, not many wives would be so unselfish and do what she was doing for their husbands, she giggled and said that was true, she asked if I wanted her to continue being so unselfish, I said of course I did, but even more so, she sighed in pleasure.
I wanted her to commit herself so asked if she would keep on doing it for me, she said of course for as long as I wanted her to, I said she didn’t have to ask, of course i wanted her to do it ,and for ever, but even more often than she had been,ideally I would like her to fuck or be fucked twenty four hours a day seven days a week, Maria giggled again and said in that case she wouldn’t bother asking me if it was alright for her to fuck other guy’s, I said of course she didn’t have to.
She giggled even more and said I was insatiable, but she would try even harder for me, I said she had to promise she would fuck different guys at least twice a day every day,she promised she would,I was happy then.
We fucked several times during what little was left of the night.

In the morning I asked Maria if she had bought any guy’s back with her, she smiled and said that I knew she had, I asked her how I knew, she said because I had watched them, she knew I would that is why she had left the light on.
I didn’t deny it but was amazed that she knew. She said that she could sense me there, especially after she had heard me cum.
She asked if I had enjoyed watching, I had to admit I had,she said in that case she would try and put a show on for me later,I made her promise she would.
Maria said that she had waited for me to come and watch for a long time, I asked her how long, but she didn’t know, only that the guy’s had fucked her at least once each before I arrived.
She said she had bahis şirketleri chosen three guy’s as her ‘punishment’ for not obeying me, as I had told her to, she knew I would enjoy seeing her being fucked by them, and from now on she would do the same, whenever she could ,I asked her if she still intended to, she said after last night definitely, she said that she enjoyed groups to individuals , she asked if I preferred her bringing groups or individuals home, I said groups of course, Maria said I was right again she did need to fuck at least two guy’s, it wasn’t a quick fuck and then goodbye, what she liked was the way the guy’s tried to surpass each other.
I had to agree,but said sometimes she should fuck individuals,as an act of kindness,Maria giggled and said perhaps she would fuck individuals between fucking groups.
I asked her how her dress had gone down at the club, she said it had been amazing as soon as she had walked in she had been surrounded by guy’s,she had teased them all, and told them that she was looking for at least three guy’s to take home and fuck, she took her time choosing who she would fuck, she said that she loved the power she had over guy’s.
I asked if she had fucked any guys at the club,she said she hadnt,but had sucked a few off,because she felt sorry for them because she couldnt invite them all home,I laughed and said she was very considerate.
I asked if she was going out again that night to find more guy’s, she said she didn’t think so, she wanted a rest,I thought she had only said that to provoke me into saying something.
I said i would have to think about it, I might insist she went out, she said she would leave it up to me to decide.She also said that she would like me to set her tasks to perform,I asked her what she meant,she said for example I could tell her to strip off in public or fuck on a train or anything,she said it would be exciting.
I thought for a moment and then said I would but with one proviso,Maria asked what it was,I said if I set her a task she had to carry it out without argument and to do it exactly as I demanded,she smiled and said of course she would.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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