Marcia Spies on Daddy

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Once again I feel the need to write to you, Daddy and let you know more about me and some things I did that I am not too proud of. You will most probably never get to read this because I am afraid how you will react to it. My sweet love, my dear father I want to tell you something else I have kept secret from you for fear of causing harm in what I hope will soon be a relationship as father\lover-daughter. Now that you know I want only you to take my virginity and confessed my love for you, I do not think you will be upset when I tell you about some things I did after Jean and I made out with each other. I had just turned 18. It was about four years after mommy left us. Daddy, I was putting away folded laundry trying to help you with all the chores that needed doing now that mommy has left. That is when I made the first of several discoveries that would change my life.

I had had an unusually busy week what with band practice Candy Striping at the hospital and day to day homework. The laundry had gotten backed up quite a bit, and I wanted to keep my promise to you to help out so I skipped going to the mall with Jean and Mary to catch up. You were working that Saturday trying to finish some important project you were in charge of. You were pleased when you left that day because you were going to get paid a big bonus by your company for finishing the project a whole month early. I had an extra big stack of your underwear. As I was trying to make room in your top drawer for the clean, folded boxers, I came across something buried in the bottom of the drawer I am 100% sure I was not supposed to find.

It was a pair of women’s panties that had been wadded up and stuffed in the drawer. I was so surprised to find them that it took me a few seconds to absorb what they were and, more important, what they meant by being in your drawer. For one, they weren’t just any panties, but a pair of black satin bikinis. For another, they weren’t just any woman’s panties; they were mine, a pair that had gone missing several months ago. I thought they got lost like so many socks that just disappear during washing. The most surprising thing about them though was that I noticed that the panties were stiff and crusty, completely covered with what I knew was dried semen.

I knew that because Jean told me how her younger brother would sneak her soiled panties from the hamper and masturbate in them. One day when her parents and brother were out shopping for some football gear for him she took me into his bedroom. Opening the bottom drawer of Roberts’s bureau, she moved some stuff around until she pulled out a sexy thong that was hers. Jean said, “Feel them. See how it looks like someone blew their nose in them a hundred times. That isn’t snot. That is my brother Robert’s cum. He uses my panties to get off in.” She went on to tell me she once watched him through his partially opened bedroom door burying his face in her worn panties and inhaling deeply.

Jean said she saw he had his cock out and it was much bigger than she remembered it. She had not seen him avrupa yakası escort naked for about 2 years and was surprised by its size. Jean watched him as he wrapped the panties around his swollen member and pumped away furiously, calling out her name until he clenched up and came in them. Jean told me she got hot from watching Robert jerk off and from knowing her brother was fantasizing fucking her. She was so worked up she went into her bedroom and played with herself until she had a huge climax, thinking about fucking her brother the whole time.

Daddy, the realization of what I was holding in my hand and more important, what it meant caused my knees to go weak and I had to grab the dresser for support as the full impact of my discovery hit home. I knew what it meant; it meant that my father, my shy, my sweet, my sensitive father was masturbating, and using my underwear as a prop.

Suddenly, from nowhere, I felt a hot flash; felt myself get wet between my legs at the mental image of you, Daddy stroking yourself and shooting your hot cream on my panties.

After my evening of play with Jean almost a year and a half ago I knew what I was feeling in my pussy was sexual excitement. The mental picture of you smelling my panties after I had worn them kind of shocked me. I buried my face in my hands and tried to sort out all the thoughts and feeling running through both my head and my body.

Daddy, that was the first time I saw you as not just my father, but also as a sweet, kind and very sexy man! I never told you that Jean, Mary, Patty and several others of my girlfriends told me they thought you were very hot and would fuck you if they could.

I never put much into what they said because we all knew it was a fantasy and would never happen. They said it was fun and sexy to think it just the same. Daddy, I realized this was different. Daddies are not supposed to lust for their daughters. I knew that was very wrong but at the same time I was hot thinking about what it would be like to make love to you. I was very confused about what would be right and wrong.

The problem for me was that my pussy seemed to have a mind of its own. It did not care if you were my father. My pussy wanted to feel you shoot your hot juice in her and not waste it in my panties. God, Daddy; I actually had a small climax just thinking about your hard cock cumming inside me. I didn’t even touch myself; I just came.

I was not sure of what I should do. I had enough sense to replace the panties in the top drawer, and with my hands trembling, I shut it and walked swiftly out of your room. I thought I was going bonkers; I must be going crazy, I thought. I can’t be thinking about that; about fucking my father. I went down stairs and sat at the kitchen table, poured myself a glass of juice and sat to think how I could make this happen and at the same time trying to decide if I really wanted it to happen.

As I sat at the table thinking about what I had found, the thought of you pumping your big cock was making me crazy with lust for you. bakırköy escort Yes Daddy, I knew you had a big cock. I had seen it several times by accident. I knew it was much bigger that the boys I dated. I had already seen a few boys’ cocks. My dates, on three separate dates with three different boys had pulled their cocks out of their pants and asked me to suck them or to play with them. I did touch all three, and one boy just shot his load of cum from my simply wrapping my hand around it. Thinking about your cock, blood filled and swollen in my hand, gave me a strange thrill, and I had to shake my head vigorously to get rid of the haunting, delicious images that were swirling around in my head. I want you to know Daddy; your cock was the first and still the only cock that I have ever allowed in my mouth.

I really felt you sensed something different about me when you came home from work that day Daddy. I was distracted, and tried to look away whenever you spoke. I know this puzzled you because usually I like to hang on your every word. When mommy left I promised myself and made a commitment to do everything I could for you and that included paying attention to what you was saying. It was so obvious to me that mom had no interest in you or what you spoke about when at home. I wanted to be different. I wanted to share things with you and to learn more about you, your work and what made you happy. I guess I did a great deal of growing up in the first few months after mom left.

I have to finish this note for today my sweet father. I must do my homework. I promised you I would not ever neglect my school work no matter what and I am going to keep that promise to you my lover! I will keep on getting good grades in school, Daddy, as much for you as for me. I know it makes you proud when your little girl comes home with good grades.


The day after I found my panties in you top drawer was a Sunday. You may not remember, but you had to go to your office for what you said was a few hours to tie up all the parts of the project into a final workable model. It promised to be a hot day, and I wasn’t enthusiastic about going outside. I decided to spend some fun time on my computer. Both you and mommy, as the parents of a teenage daughter, had always kept a close watch on what I did on the computer. Since mom left you slacked off or maybe you felt I was old enough to use the computer without your placing blocks on some websites.

I visited my Facebook account and updated a few things for a while, but something kept nagging at me, so I decided to go to your desktop computer to see what I could find. I felt an unexplained urge to see what I could find on your computer. I wondered if you went to porn sites to look at hot women or if you downloaded any photos of couples making out. Boy, did you surprise me daddy!

I learned a great deal about computers and operating systems from my two semesters of computer and computer logic course. I looked at your beşiktaş escort history file, surprised to see you never cleared it. The history went back for several months. I first found a website you visited many times that featured erotic fiction. I didn’t think anything was out of order from that. After all, my father is also a man with sexual needs. Since you had not gone out on a single date since mom left, I could understand why you might like to read a dirty story once in a while. This by itself wasn’t necessarily something bad.

After that night at Jean’s I had gone to a few stories site myself and pleasured my pussy while reading stories about people fucking each other. What I did find as rather shocking was the nature and content of the stories you chose to download. In all, I found there were over a dozen stories in the file, and every single one featured incest between fathers and their daughters.

Daddy, I trembled from top to bottom as I started looking at some of the stories you had downloaded. I could feel my face get flushed from a wave of heat. Most of the stories were well-written, and all of them were extremely graphic. I could feel the moisture building between my legs as I read each story.

The more I read the hotter and wetter I got. I tried several times to shut your computer down and get up from the desk. It was as if I had fallen into a trance like state. I could not pull myself away from the stories. Several times I realized I was rubbing my pussy through my shorts, and one time I even clutched my breasts and rolled my stiffening nipples before I realized what I was doing.

I thought, God help me, Daddy. This was SO wrong! What kind of sicko was I? But then I thought if I was a sicko then you must also be one as well. I had to face up to the fact that there was no denying it any more. I was getting turned on by the erotic fantasy of fathers making love with their daughters in general, and in particular, the idea of making love with you Daddy. I started to cry when I came to the full understanding and realization of what I wanted, what I now desired.

After finishing reading every story that had been downloaded, I began to search for some evidence that you maybe were fantasizing about me in particular. It didn’t take long to find it. You were not too original with how you tried to hide your private things on your desktop.

It didn’t take long for me to find a folder you titled, “Dad’s Stuff.” When I tried to open it I discovered you had it password-protected. That raised my suspicions and I started trying a number of different passwords in an effort to see what you were hiding in your computer. My hands shook as I typed each failed password. I tried obvious words like your first name, Anthony, then your middle name, then sex, incest, before thinking of word combinations. They all failed. I came up with a few ideas and tried dadlove, lovedaddy, Marcia, Marcialove, Ilovemarcia, daughterlove. I almost quit, then typed in Daddylovesmarcia and suddenly the folder opened.

I all but fell out of the chair when I realized that I had stumbled upon the deepest, darkest secret desires you had for me. Daddy, I cried with joy when I saw what you had collected in that folder. You made me so happy and so proud that you wanted me. I have to find a way to let you know I feel the same way; that I want you too. I have to figure out how I can get you to seduce me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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