Mannequin Mommy

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Summary: Son and mom fall for each other in an unorthodox way.

Note 1: This is a Valentine’s Day Contest Story 2015 so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to readinghypnosis for the idea suggestion.

Note 3: Thanks to Robert, Wayne and goamz86.

Mannequin Mommy

Amanda looked in the mirror and sighed. Although only forty-one and still in amazing shape, she could see the first wrinkles of aging. Watching an infomercial on television about an anti-aging crème, she ordered some, desperate to keep the vibrant youthful look that had always kept her employable.

A professional model since her teen years, she had been told her whole life how beautiful she was, but age was not her friend and she hadn’t felt beautiful of late.

Since hitting forty, the kryptonite age for models, the gigs had slowed down considerably and although she had always been financially secure for both herself and her son, she was determined to get him a good trust fund for college and thus needed to keep working.

Amanda and her son, Kevin, eighteen and in his senior year (he started a year late because they were travelling throughout Europe at the time he should have started kindergarten), were very close. They had always only had each other, as her deadbeat boyfriend (and his absentee father) walked out before Kevin was born.

Although Amanda was beautiful, she had not been in a relationship in years, having been betrayed over and over by men who went to bed with ‘a model’ and woke up with her. Instead, the only man she cared about was her son.

Just when things were beginning to look grim, she got a job at an upscale store that used living mannequins. They were very insistent on preserving the illusion and mannequins moving or flinching or reacting to customers is a big no-no.

Having modelled and posed for years, Amanda assumed that the job wouldn’t be overly difficult, having worked with some very demanding and intense photographers. Yet, over the first week, she really struggled to not react slightly when customers moved close to her, made faces and especially when men made lewd comments toward her. Amanda was still a very beautiful woman, with firm long legs, blonde hair, blue eyes, a tight ass and small, 32B breasts that were still firm and amazing looking with the right push-up bra, and thus was admired by boys and men.

The manager threatened her to either do it completely right or he would have to replace her. Having been replaced by younger models for many jobs in the past couple of years, she was determined to keep the job and prove him wrong.

That night, during dinner, Amanda explained her problem to her son.

Kevin suggested, “You should practice at home.”

“That’s a great idea,” Amanda nodded.

Kevin, who had spent his whole life around models, and still saw his mother as the most beautiful woman in the world, explained, “The key is to get used to being touched or ogled.”

“I know,” Amanda agreed, “I usually don’t care what anyone says to me, or if some creepy guy is checking me out, but I feel so helpless when I’m not allowed to move. I feel completely vulnerable.”

“Let’s finish eating and then I’ll help you practice,” Kevin offered, liking the idea of touching his mother.

“Sure, what have I got to lose?” Amanda agreed.

“Your job,” he quipped, loving to tease his mom.

“Brat,” she laughed, her son always able to cheer her up.

Once dinner was done, Amanda posed in a similar position as she did at work, dressed in a 1950’s poodle skirt, as part of that week’s ‘decades’ theme.

Kevin moved her arms and legs a bit, poked her on the side and made funny faces at her. She struggled a bit, especially when she was poked in the side, but overall did better.

That night, Kevin masturbated while thinking of fucking his mother like he usually did, but this time the scenario changed as he imagined moving her into positions in which he wanted to fuck her.

The next day Amanda did better at work and thus began a daily routine of mannequin practice.

Every night they spent about fifteen minutes practicing, each day Kevin spending a little longer touching his mother, even tickling her, during which Amanda really struggled with maintaining her composure. Each evening, Kevin stroked himself with taboo fantasies of incest imagining making love to his mother.

The following week Amanda came home Sunday with her outfit for Monday. She walked in front of the television and froze wearing a tennis outfit with a very short skirt while holding a tennis racket.

Kevin’s cock instantly hardened at the sight of his mother in such a sexy outfit. He stood up and pulled the racket out of her hands, the television show no longer interesting. Although a struggle, Amanda stayed in position. He treated her like a live anadolu yakası escort Barbie doll moving her head, arms, and legs, being more aggressive than he had in the past. Then, getting slightly more adventurous, he ran his hands down her perfectly toned legs. Although he loved everything about her: her blonde hair, exotic green eyes, dazzling smile, great ass, perky breasts and overall great personality, it was her legs, whether bare and tanned or in any style of hosiery (thigh highs, pantyhose, fishnets, garter and stocking) that really turned him on.

Amanda felt a chill go up her spine and a tingle down below at the intimate touch of her son, but credited it to the incredible lack of intimate contact in recent years.

Kevin didn’t want this to end, but also didn’t want to seem like a pervert, and thus ended the sly touching of his mother.

They continued practising every night and Amanda began to both look forward to her playtime with her son and to get sexually excited by his touch. At first she found the practice time a fun activity to do with her son, something out of the ordinary and different. Yet as time progressed, it began to be strangely erotic in a taboo but innocent way. She enjoyed his soft, firm hands on her body, a sudden reminder of the intimacy she had long forgotten existed. She began to make it a game by every night posing when he came home from school, always in a different outfit, the one she was to wear the next day at work.

One day she dressed in camping gear, another day in tight running shorts, another time in a beautiful cocktail dress, another day as a maid. Each day Kevin tested his mother, each day he got rock hard and each day his touches became just slightly more intimate, always trying to push the boundary just slightly, wondering how far his mother would really let him go. Never touching her breasts or vagina, but each day moving closer and closer to the forbidden area.

As much as Kevin was tempted, he was an eighteen year old boy after all. Amanda was getting more and more confused. Why did she like her son’s touch so much? Why did she look forward to these imitate moments? Why was she craving his touch? Why was she having dreams that ended up with her having sex with her son? She continued to blame it on her lengthy dry spell, but every day the temptation seemed to grow inside her more and more. ‘Is incest really such a bad thing?’ she pondered to herself after the most recent touching where his fingers were teasingly close to her damp pussy.

Every night without fail, Kevin shot his load imagining making love to his mannequin mother. Even though he still didn’t think there was a chance of anything more than the playful touching sessions…he was beginning to wonder if the possibility did exist.

Meanwhile, as the days went on, Amanda could no longer deny it. The past few days her son’s touch had been undeniably turning her on, making her wet and desperate for more. His soft hands gently caressing her shoulders, slithering ever so slowly down her legs and gliding teasingly close to her long neglected private parts was driving her mad with insatiable desire, creating a fire that she couldn’t extinguish no matter how hard she tried with moral logic and motherly responsibility. The last two days she had pleasured herself in her room with her small vibrator wishing it was bigger and more powerful, and each time as she reached climax her son’s face inexplicably popped into her head. She had considered stopping the unique mother-son bonding experience knowing it was causing these taboo dreams, fantasies and feelings, but it really had helped with her job and she didn’t merely enjoy the time with Kevin, it was her daily highlight.

So instead of quitting, like a mother should do, she began to pose in sexier outfits, in hotter positions and scenarios, deciding to create fantasies for both of them…not sure she was willing to cross the line, but enjoying the attention she was getting from a man, albeit her son.

On Saturday, she suggested they go for a swim in the backyard pool. Kevin didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary as they often spent the weekend lounging in and around the pool. Even though it was late January, in San Diego every day was a great day for a swim.

When Kevin came out of the house, he saw his mother standing there, lotion in her hand, in a beautiful two piece bikini that didn’t remotely hide her breasts and really showcased her legs. Kevin instantly had a tent in his trunks, one he couldn’t hide.

Amanda saw the impact of her pose and outfit on her son and broke into a smile, before quickly returning to her stoic position in anticipation of her son’s hands on her.

Kevin, seeing this as a beautiful opportunity to push the boundaries a bit, walked over to her and for the first time since doing this, talked during the playtime. “I think you need to be protected from the sun.” Kevin laughed at the accidental pun as he took the lotion ataşehir escort out of his mother’s hands, just as Amanda had hoped he would.

Kevin poured the lotion liberally into his hands and slowly coated his mother’s body from head to toe. He started with the back of her neck, shoulders and arms. His touch was purposefully sly and gentle, wanting to enjoy every second of it, yet also hoping somehow, someway through his touch his mother would see him not as a son, but as a man.

Amanda loved how soft and tender her son’s touch was. Part of her wanted to just give in to her growing desires and kiss him, yet knowing that incest was wrong and she was the mother, she resisted even as her pussy burned for attention.

Kevin moved his hands between the beautiful crevice between his mom’s breasts, his fingers dangerously close to the breasts he suckled on all those years ago. The temptation to go further was almost unbearable, but his respect for his mother overrode his own fantasies, instead testing the boundaries by moving teasingly close to her taboo parts.

Amanda couldn’t think straight. She wanted him to cup her breasts, suck on her erect nipples, give her the long resisted pleasure she barely remembered.

Kevin could see his mother’s erect nipples through the thin bikini fabric and felt confident his touch was turning her on as much as it was him. Yet, not wanting to linger too long in one spot, he continued moving lower, spreading the on her toned belly, hips and back.

Disappointment rushed through Amanda as he moved away from her breasts, even though she did love the feel of his hands all over her, especially her hips.

Kevin knelt in front of her, his face directly in front of his mom’s vagina. He wondered if she was shaved…was she wet…was he really having the impact on her that he thought he was?

Again as Amanda looked at her son below her, she was tempted to grab his head and pull him into her wet pussy. She knew he stared at her often, assumed she was likely a fantasy of his, having read online about many theories that all sons want to fuck their moms, but would he actually be willing to be more than a son; would a gentleman like Kevin fuck her hard like she wanted it? In reality, it was obvious to her, he was the only person she loved; the only one she could truly trust…why not do the only thing left that would show him she loved him unconditionally. He was her everything and the idea that he could be more than just a son…he could also be a lover was both appealing and, yet, terrifying.

Kevin felt his mouth water, the idea of tugging the skimpy bikini down and tasting her spinning in his head. He had to keep reminding himself she was his mother, even though, of course, he knew she was and that was what made the temptation even greater…his mother always having been his greatest stroke fantasy. Every girl he dated he compared to his mother and none, no matter how pretty, how sexy, could remotely live up to the woman he already loved…his mother.

After applying lotion to his mother’s thighs, his fingers so close to her pussy, he slowly, like a snail, moved down his mother’s legs, generously adding lotion to every inch of her toned legs all the way to her perfectly manicured feet.

Done, Kevin stood up and began moving her in a few different positions. He wanted to just bend her over, wanted to see her firm ass in that position, something he often imagined, but he resisted the temptation, reluctantly keeping it appropriate even as his cock begged for major inappropriateness.

Amanda’s pussy was on fire. She desperately wanted him to touch her pussy and, if not, to be alone so she could touch it herself. Yet, the reality was she was helpless to deal with her lust at the moment, completely at the mercy of the hands of her sexy, but tentative son.

Eventually Kevin, deciding he was about to burst if he kept touching her, ended the sexual tension as he picked her up and tossed her into the pool before diving in himself. Both of them knew something was changing, yet both of them were unsure how to deal with the changing unspeakable relationship.

That afternoon Amanda went shopping and bought a couple new toys for the bedroom, her sexual appetite not being quenched by her tiny vibrator. A ten inch dildo, an eight inch vibrator with a dozen speeds and a massage wand were all things she looked forward to experimenting with to keep her sexually satiated and also to keep her from walking into her son’s room and raping him…although she was pretty confident he would love it.

Each day Amanda posed in a new outfit, each day Kevin’s touches grew more and more intimate, and each day both of them pleasured themselves with fantasies of crossing the line that was blurring more and more every day.

As much as Kevin was getting more aggressive with his touching, Amanda was getting more seductive in her attire choices and scenarios:

-She lounged in the hot tub wearing avcılar escort a sexy one-piece.

-She sat on a running washing machine barely able to not come while her son moved her around oblivious to the impact of the vibrations of the machine on her pussy.

-She posed in all white lingerie: bra, garter, stockings and thong that had Kevin near eruption at first sight, her legs looking sexy as hell in the silk stockings. Kevin, of course, spent even longer touching her legs, the feeling of the silk a major turn-on.

-Then she pushed the envelope even further sauntering in late one evening wearing a Catwoman outfit, knowing full well that her son loved Batman and particularly the original Catwoman: Julie Newmar, whom he met once on a shoot she was at when he was younger. This was the day that Kevin, without a doubt, knew his mother was enjoying this…enjoying the intimate moments with him…but did teasing him and enjoying it mean she was willing to cross the line? Kevin was both horny and confused and wanting to know if he should push it further.

During these teasing days, Kevin indeed did get more aggressive. He began to tell her to freeze randomly throughout the day while she was cooking or doing housework. He started getting bolder as well, building confidence by inferring his mother’s outfit choices were a hint of her desire. He began to slyly move his hands over her chest, never stopping but definitely crossing a line, and even began kissing her arms, neck and ear.

For Amanda her neck was her trigger button and her knees gave out every time her neck was touched by his lips.

Kevin, of course, noticed that his mother not only moved every time he kissed her neck, but her whole neck would go red. This was an advantage he planned to keep working on in his attempt to eventually sleep with his mom.

Amanda, her hunger to somehow make this relationship sexual growing with every day, every touch, considered a more blunt approach. As her son was definitely getting more aggressive, but still not going for the sexual jugular, she created a conversation to push the situation further.

Dressed in a ridiculously sexy cheerleader outfit, wearing pigtails, and standing up with her arms in the air with Pom Poms in her hands, she posed in his bedroom, another not so subtle hint of her intentions.

Kevin gasped when he walked into his bedroom and saw his mother in the outfit. Like all teenage boys, cheerleaders are like kryptonite. His cock immediately got hard and he tried to slyly adjust himself, but his mother noticed.

Amanda couldn’t help but smile at seeing her impact on her son, sensing the intimate end was close.

“Kevin, I almost got fired today,” Amanda lied, her boss now actually very happy with her performance, while remaining stoic.

“Really, why?” Kevin asked, surprised, knowing she was very good at the job now, his cock begging to be released from its fabric prison.

“Well, a few perverts are slyly touching my vagina and making me moan,” she admitted, “plus, my nipples get hard so easily when touched sexually.”

Kevin, sensing another naughty opportunity, asked, as he walked in front of her, “So you need to be able to be molested and not react?”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Do you want me to help you with this?” Kevin asked.

“Please,” she agreed, watching as her son’s hands went to her breasts. Unlike before when he slowly moved his hands over them, this time he cupped them.

Kevin couldn’t believe he was being allowed to feel his mother’s breasts, breasts he had fantasized about forever. He wanted to suck on her nipples, but instead gave a firm squeeze before moving behind her and slowly putting his hand on her back and guiding her forward to finally bend her over like he had wanted to since day one of this crazy mannequin play time.

Amanda, having given so many hints, was hoping he would take those hints and just flip up the skimpy skirt, tug down her thong and bury his cock in her pussy; but instead he slowly moved his hand over her ass, squeezing it firmly. Amanda barely held in a moan, the anticipation of more fogging her head.

Kevin pondered just asking her, ‘Do you want me to fuck you?’, but his shy, conservative demeanour rejected the lustful arrogant male persona that just wasn’t him. Instead, he moved his hand nervously between his mother’s legs and to her crotch for the first time. To his surprise, as his fingers touched her pussy, he felt wetness.

Amanda couldn’t help it, she moaned loudly, her growing lust to be with her son only enhancing the pleasure. Shame briefly cascaded through her at allowing her son to touch her pussy, yet lust overpowered the shame as she instead wiggled slightly against his fingers.

Kevin acknowledged, “You definitely do need to work on this.”

“I knooooow,” Amanda whimpered, wishing he would slide his fingers beneath the thin fabric and finger fuck her.

His fingers lingered a few seconds before he suggested, “I think all this weekend I will test you.”

“Okay,” she agreed, feeling a sudden emptiness as his fingers moved away.

“Unfortunately, I am meeting up with Ryan tonight,” Kevin reluctantly said, looking at the clock and realizing he was going to be late, annoyed he had already made plans. “Actually, I’m going to be late.”

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