making of cindy

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making of cindy
part 2

It has been 30 minutes , i cant see the road and really dont care , on my knees , in the cute white panty sucking daddy bbc

He stop and i tought i was home, looking up at him getting a cute white necklace on me with glittering fake diamond

”lets go baby boy, daddy have so many surprises”

looking around trying to figure out where we are

in the middle of a wood in total pitch black

”where are we daddy?”

”its one of the surprise”

getting a leash from his pocket


”shhhh i dont want to loose you little pet”

”lets go , get on your knees, i said get on your knees”

pushing me down
his voice deep and more dominant than when i suck him in his truck

in panty ass up walking like a pet in the dark

pull by my new older black friend who i had been sucking for free lift to school every morning for a week

falling into the joy of sucking a big hot black cock in secret

we got to a lake house, i got pull inside always crawling on all 4 behind him

he started a nice fire in the living room and got a massage table out

i was pull on the table my little white panty removed

”time to make you all smooth like a little girl”

my leash attach to the table keeping me down

he got a bottle and soap me up, walking around me his big cock up trying to catch it with my mouth when he got close

”you are going to be such a cute little girl”

leaving me all in soap on the table for a while
turning up tv and looking at the screen listening to a girl voice tell me i should become a good girl for daddy

i was listening to the tv looking at cute boy dress up like little girl

”now lets go in the shower and rinse all the soap”

pulling me by the leash into the shower, leash tied to the shower

i was on my knees licking his bbc , sucking him feeling so horny watching the sissy training hypno

i wanted to be a cute sissy for him so much

my body started to feel so smooth and hairless the Nair foam burning a bit on my skin

”you are so cute all smooth like that”

”you feel good dont you, no more hair, good girl are always smooth and smelling good ”

getting a flower scent shower gel on me, making my skin even smoother after getting Nair foam treatment

i felt so small , so smooth his big hands rubbing me in the gel

sucking on his powerfull black cock letting him do whatever he want with me

i got out on all 4 like a pet

getting dry up by my owner

controlling all of me , pulling bet siteleri me by the leash to the living room

he had so many cute lingery in the box he brought me

he made me try one kit and parade, getting his cock in my mouth feeling sexy before asking to see me try another one

”its all yours now, be a good girl and show daddy you are liking your new cloth”

i got naked and put on the blueue pretty short transparent dress

not aware i was being filmed by 3 camera in all angle capturing my sissification by the black daddy, who hunt for cute white boy

lots of trophy clips in his computer , little pets he had hunt down just like me

”you are a very good girl”

”iam going to call you cindy”

”come here cindy, i love that cute dress”

on all 4 crawling to the bbc

strocking and sucking

daddy rubbing me like a little doll

”you are so cute, go slow with that hungry mouth baby, i love to see you suck on it like if its a lolipop”

”ohhhhhh yes yes like that look at me while you eat daddy big candy ”

”you are very good cindy, i love you little girl”

”ohhhh my god stay there stay there all in”

”look at me cindy, look at me , yes hello baby girl, im all in that pussy mouth now”

”cute face stay like that, this is daddy new home now”

holding my neck on his bbc all in my little mouth and throat, looking up at him , my face rub like a pretty lil girl

”good girl, stay like this, yes baby girl this is my place, my cock sleeve”

”ohhh no no you stay down , you need to start listening cindy, back on it, get my cock in ”

”yes here down baby all in, this is my cock new house, let it in”

”yesssss thats it,good girl , let it stay there , very very good girl, ass up , get that ass up , yes like this now move like a good girl , mouth open back like you would get fuck”

”ohhhhh my god baby you move so well, yesss swing , i love to watch ur ass move like that”

”you learn so quick, you like to back off your lil ass like that”

”here let me help you , you want cock in there so much i bet”

bend over me his cock in my mouth rubbing my lil hole

spitting down on it

fingering my hole open , moaning his cock deep in my throat

”ohhhhh yes moan little slut, you love how daddy finger you open”

”you want to get fuck by my big black cock , in that pretty cunt”

he reach at the table and open the drawer

”since you like cock so much”

plugging the suction cup big black cock

helping me pinbahis giriş back on it, the tip in me pushing me back on it

”now, swing again baby girl, thats what yo u wanted ”

open up from both side

enable to get either out

help swinging back and forth

the tv open the sound of sissy porn filling me ears

-your a good girl now, you love daddy bbc, you want daddy to fuck you all the time, you are a sissy, a good sissy white gurl for daddy real cock

-you like gus black cocks in your mouth so much, show him you want to be a good little girl

-daddy black cock is so tasty you want to suck it all the time

-in cute girly cloth, mouth on daddy cock like a good girl every day

-you need it, its so big, your lil cock belong in cute panty serving daddy big black cock

bouncing back getting stretch sucking daddy cock

”you are getting ready for daddy cock baby girl?”

nodding ass bouncing on the toy mouth around him

getting so used to being cindy

i was soon help on the table facing the tv

daddy big fat cock head pushing on my pink pussy

looking at sissies worshipping cocks on screen , my lil ass opening on daddy thrust

no one was around to ear him ask me to moan like a girl

”dont be shy no one for a mile, your already moaning ;ole a slut cindy, try with a sexy voice for me”

a cock getting in me with more lube

”ahhhhhh daddy”

”oh yes like that, never talk to me again without that cute high pitch voice ok ”

”im serious , talk to me with that voice and i wont fuck you hard to make you sound like one”

he made me speak about loving his bbc ass up slowly stretching me up adding more lube
taking care of his lil girl

”you so cute , you like this i can tell”

”you have such a small cock , you prefer mine in your pussy ”

”yes daddyyyyy”

”thats my girl”

”omg baby your too tight i m gonna cum”

”ohhhhh fuckkkkk all in your small pink pussy hole aaaaaahhhhhh take it cindy, take it cindy , yes yesssss ahhhhh fuck., that some nice tight pussy”

”oh wow your so full, i can slide in and out so easy in your cunt little girl”

”i think i mat have made you a real pussy, ahhhh my god , turn like that hold your legs for daddy sissy slut, im not done you feel way too good on my cock, you gonna keep holding ur legs and look at me making you into a real girl now ”

kissing me like a girl , fucking my cum hole deep bouncing down on the couch under his assault

”no no wait, here online bahis hold you legs slut, up and spread”

deep again to much i loose control of my legs again

slap slap slap

daddy hitting my ass

”hold your legs cindy”

walking to the living table drawer getting tape out

”you wont listen, daddy is sorry, you need to listen better”

tying my hands on my legs

ass up on the side of the couch

”like this, look,. its not easy , you offer up like this or you get tied up doing it ‘

and he fuck me hard and deep

”like that like that, yes its ok moan like a girl , i told you , you didnt listen , now you look at me **** your cunt all night ”

i beg him to be gettle like before, slamming in me fast and deep

”shut the fuck up slut, you better listen next time”

i look at him fucking me hard and angry calling me bad names, not the cute pretty names he used too

”iiiimmmm sorry daddy im so sorry”’

”i dont care , you gonna learn slut, thats all you are, a slut , you listem or get ****”

ass fucking me so hard

making me look at him helpless and begging , crying like a little sissy under a real cock

legs up and spread fucked with no care about me

in and out fast like he wanted to destroy me

”pllllleeeaasse dadddy daddy ohhhh pleeeasseeee”

he never stop , the room filling with me using a baby voice to plead
wanting to sound cute and make him be gentle

”ohhh thank you daddy thannn guullppp”’

”you talk too much , stop crying , like this take the cock”

pitting the suction cup toy in my mouth i didnt see him reach for it on the wall

my eyes crting as he tape my head with it it

and put me doggy tied ass a dildo in my throat drooling all around the table

”so much quieter , you sound so stupid , i had to stop you”

”you take my cock all night, i told you , you should have listen”

”now live with your choice”

”next time think before not keeping ur legs up like told”

i watch myself get fuck all night, becoming a fuck hole , loaded with 4 loads

until i was release and went to sleep with him

he wait for me to lay down

”you cant make a mess in my bed, here lift your legs”

and i did legs up a pullup diaper slide on my ass and lil cock

”princess frozen will make sure my girl dont put cum all around”

looking down at my frozen princess diaper from disney

daddy laying down cuddling me on his big chest spooning me

feeling so small in his arm , his big hand rubbing my ass , the diaper feelig so smooth , the cum getting out of me all absorbed making me feel wet

”you are my little girl , im sorry for earlier, i wont do it again my princess”

”im gonna be a good girl daddy”

kissing my neck

”good night cindy”

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