Making New Friends

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I’m new in town because of a job transfer and haven’t met a lot of new people yet so when Stan, a guy I work with, invited me to go out drinking with him and some of his buddies I jumped at the chance.

So, the following weekend we met at a club after dinner. And when the other guys showed up we got our table and some beers. We noticed that the place was kinda quite with just a couple of guys drinking and watching the game on the big screen. But since it was ladies night it didn’t take long for the chicks to start arriving. Pretty soon the dance floor was covered with hot bodies as the music and alcohol had lowered everyone’s inhibitions. Some of the guys in our group began pairing off with flirtatious young women and since my friend was married and I didn’t know anyone yet, we were left alone. We watched the others having fun with the women but after a while we got bored and Stan suggested we head back to his place to check out his awesome new hot tub.

When we arrived at his house we found his much younger wife watching the tv. She is a very attractive woman with an amazing body that is worthy of any girly magazine centerfold. She was wearing tight shorts and a low cut tee shirt that shows some ample cleavage. Stan introduced me to his wife, Ashley, who greeted me with a friendly smile and offered me an adult beverage. She then turned the tv off and headed to the kitchen to get the drinks. When she walked her hips swayed gracefully back and forth and I noted to myself how lucky Stan was to witness this rhythmical motion on a daily basis.

She joined us out on the deck a few minutes later and after I helped Stan uncover the new tub she suggested that we all get in and do whiskey shots. They didn’t mind if I just wore my boxer briefs since I didn’t bring my swimsuit. Before long we were in the hot tub drinking shots and loosening up a bit and laughing and joking around.

Now Ashley’s new bikini is really sexy but it is also a bit too small. The top is two triangles that leaves a lot of breast flesh exposed. The fabric is so thin that the outline of her quarter size nipples were clearly visible.

Ashley is not shy and Stan can tell I’m looking at her tits…okay, ogling. And we are laughing at each other’s dirty jokes and splashing around. Stan starts to get a bit rough and wrestling around with his wife and making her big boobs bounce around. Then he sort of grabs her and pulls her onto his lap and, as she struggles to get away, he “accidentally ” pulls at her bra strap and one of her boobs slips out and into our view. She doesn’t notice right away and when she does, she takes her time putting it back in making sure that we get a nice long look. She laughs and says,

“Alright, now that you guys know what my tit looks like…! ”

Ashley takes an extra long time in straightening out her top…almost fondling herself as we watch her adjust and re-adjust her top and running her hands all over her sweet tits, sort of massaging them for us.

“Damn honey” exclaimed Stan. “Give us a show why dontcha?!” She lets out a seductive laugh and shakes her melons back and forth vigorously to our grateful cheering. pendik escort

Then I mention how sweet his wife’s body is and he agrees and tells me how she likes it when guys notice her.

“It makes her feel all sexy.” He explained. “She also likes it when someone massages her body after a long day at work.” Then, with her still in his lap, he begins to rub her shoulders and down her arms and up to her neck.

Then, after another stiff shot of booze, Ashley tilts her head back and folds her arms over her head and says, “I’m starting to get really buzzed, you guys!” Then Stan moved his hands down to her stomach and ribs…then he stares at my face to make sure I’m watching as he teasingly moves his hands up onto her tits. While cupping the lower part of her sweet breasts in his palms, he squeezes them firmly. Then she lets out a moan…”mmm.” as she allows his hands to slide under her bra and he begins massaging her milky flesh and rolling her erect nipples with his fingers under the thin fabric.

Then Ashley warned, “Stan! We have a guest!” and with a giggle she added. “He might be offended if you play with me in front of him.”

Stan replies with a knowing smile, “You don’t mind, do ya, Jim?”

“I don’t mind at all, if you don’t mind.” I stammered.

Then Ashley slowly placed her hands on either side of Stan’s face, and looked lovingly into his eyes. A look that spoke of a trust and loyalty that they both felt surrounding them. And she sweetly placed her lips on his. And he kissed her in return in such a way as to reassure her that his heart would always belong to her.

Then he continued to fondle her sexy tits and it isn’t long before her bra cups are pushed to the side and I’m watching as she allows him to manhandle her fully exposed tits in front of me.

She turns her body in his lap to face him and puts her arm around his neck and lifts one of her boobs to his mouth. She groans lustfully as his lips and tongue start to tease and pull at her very hard nipple.

Ashley is getting really turned on and starts grinding herself into his bulging swim trunks. Then I watch in disbelief as she pulls off his trunks, grabs his rigid bone and strokes it up and down while I stare in amazement! Then she looks right at me, goes underwater and starts to suck his hard cock. He looks at me and tells me it’s okay if I want to grind my own bulging shorts into her sweet ass. So she points her sweet ass at me and I begin to fondle her butt through her bikini. Grinding myself between her delicious cheeks. She squeals in delight as she pushes back on me, raises up and sticks her tits into Stan’s mouth as I continue to feel up her sweet round ass.

Then she asks him if it’s okay if she jacks both of us off. He agrees that it would be very hot watching her do just that. So he stands up and I can see his wife’s tits bounce around as she is gets ready to stroke our long hard cocks. Ashley takes my dick in her hand and jacks it up and down a few times to get a feel for it. Then she has both our dicks in her hands stroking us with true lust in her eyes.

Then, with her fist still stroking my maltepe escort rigid tool she leans over and starts sucking Stan’s dick again. While she is bobbing up and down on his bone he removes her top and tosses it aside. Then he tells her that he wants to watch my dick slide into her mouth. So, after a suspenseful moment she leans toward me and brushes the head of my dick on her lips. Licking the shaft to make it all slick. Then she lets just the head slip in between her lips as she stares back at Stan to make sure he can see my cockhead in her mouth. I push a little and more of my dick disappears into her mouth.

With Ashley’s mouth around my hard cock and her ass pointing up he gets behind her and start rubbing his big dick head into the crotch of her bikini. He says he can’t take it anymore and slips her bottoms off and inserts his throbbing hard-on into her dripping pussy and begins pumping it in and out of her while she continues to let me fuck her mouth.

He tells me how tight his wife’s hot pussy is and how he loves fucking her while she’s sucking me off. He tells me that he wants me to feel up her big jugs while she sits on his lap with his hard dick inside her hot pussy.

So she repositions herself in his lap. She is facing me, sitting up in his lap, his dick pumping in and out of her hot slit with her legs spread wide open. That’s when I notice that her completely shaved pussy is so fucking pretty! I begin massaging her firm young breasts, pinching lightly at her erect nipples. She grabs my stiff cock and pulls me toward her.

“See if you can climb up a little bit and fuck my tits.” She says with a shaky voice.

Soon I’m sliding my cock between those juicy melons in a rhythm that matches her husbands thrusts into her wet hole. Her breathing quickens as she feels her first orgasm approaching…then I don’t believe my ears when she says, with a very shaky voice to her husband.

“Honey, is it okay if I let him rub his cockhead on my clit while you fuck my brains out?” He grunts his approval as he is intent on drilling her as deeply as he can.

As he fucks her with an even tempo she guides my rigid tool toward her swollen clit and begins to rotate her hips around lewdly while pressing my cockhead onto her dripping clit.

“Damn!” I exclaim to them. “This is unbelievable!”

Then I move my hands down and begin massaging her swollen clit. Then I ask Stan if it would be okay if I lick her pretty little pussy.

“Oh yeah!” He replied and he pulls his throbbing tool out of her and we help her sit on the edge of the tub. She leans back on her elbows and watches me push her legs apart. “Isn’t Ashley’s sweet pussy gorgeous?” He comments. Then Stan urges me on, “Go ahead Jim, let me see you lick her! I wanna watch as you lick Ashley’s pussy!” So, as instructed, I put my lips on her wet slit and begin running my tongue up and down between her dripping inner pussy lips while my finger rubs her clit and she is overcome by another orgasm as she lets out several loud gasps.

Stan strokes his cock as he watches me drive his wife wild with my fingers sliding in and out of her kartal escort hungry pussy.

Then Stan gets between her legs and starts sucking on her pussy too. I move to her big tits and begin massaging them deeply. Her face is wrapped in an expression of extreme arousal as the two of us drive her to the precipice of sexual pleasure.

“Oh god! Will somebody please fuck me!!” She exclaims urgently.

So she sits back on Stan’s lap and starts bouncing on his rigid fuck tool again, only this time she is controlling the tempo.

They pause for a moment and shift her position as if to get better balance. The he returns to the tempo of thrusting his cock into her. She grabs my dick again and with a dirty little grin on her face, she guides my cock back to her pussy…only now I feel my head enter her wet pussylips. It is then that I notice that her husbands cock is now buried deep in ass. She starts to grind her hot pussy on my bone and says to her husband,

“Stan honey, I’m ready to feel his big cock inside me now!”

My dick is already halfway inside her hot slit when his panting voice lets out another grunt of approval.

Soon she has both our hard cocks pumping into her in alternate rhythm and she begins to yell quite loudly. “FUCK ME! FUUCK ME!! FUUUCKK MEE!!!” And it doesn’t take long for her to be crushed by another hard orgasm as we mercilessly pound her dirty little holes into submission.

Then Stan gets up and bends her over the edge of the hot tub and I watch as he begins to fuck her doggie style. Then he grins at me and says, “Watch this!” And he starts slamming his dick into her!

It makes her gasp loudly at each impact as his nuts slap against her clitoris. He then backs away and says to me, “Okay now you try”

So, as instructed, I ease my cock into his wife’s now sloppy wet pussy hole and start driving my erect tool rapidly into her pussy until I hear her gasping with pleasure at each powerful thrust of my rock hard fuck pole.

“That’s it, fuck her! Fuck my sweet little kitten!” He says. “You love it, right baby? You love having two big cocks fucking your tight little pussy, dontcha!” She grunts in agreement as I feel my own orgasm start to mount. He must’ve sensed it too because he said, “Go ahead and cum in her tight little pussy! Go ahead and shoot your load deep inside my sweet wife’s hot little cunt!”

So that’s all it took as I felt my head swell up and thick jets of cum began to explode from the end of my cock into her dripping gash. I kept thrusting over and over as my cum continued to spurt into her.

Finally, I withdrew my semi hard dick with strings of gooey cum stretching between us. Then Stan got behind her again and began to slam his thick fuck tool into her. He fucked her in front of me, with violent thrusts that made her cry out with each powerful stroke.

At last, while she was swept away by her final and hardest orgasm, he shot his own load of hot cum deep inside her sopping wet fuck hole!

Afterward, we laid in the water exhausted. The jets of the hot tub massaging our spent muscles. We agreed that the night turned out to be really fun and exciting and that we should make plans to do it again soon. I can’t wait to meet a girl to make our threesome a nice foursome. A girl who would be open to share this special relationship.

…but that will be another story for another day.

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