Making Me His

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I was a straight man when I first met my boyfriend. At least that’s what I say, he says that it was obvious to him and others that I wasn’t, that I was so obviously a closet case.

It’s our only disagreement, and that only because he allows me to disagree with him. In all other things I must agree.

So yes, there you are, I am a gay man totally submissive to my boyfriend, especially, oh especially sexually.

So how did all this start, if, as I say, I was straight.

Well I guess the usual way, drink. Tim and I met on a night out of mutual friends and we all had way too much to drink. I was a long way form home, but near Tim’s at 3am or so, so he said I could crash at his.

And then you know, we’re drunk, talking about sex, he puts on some porn and it’s kinky stuff, with women fucking their boyfriends with strap-ons. And I got the horn, particularly as one really sexy olive skinned, brown–eyed girl got her man to suck her fake phallus, giving him lots of dirty chat as he does it.

And Tim said: “You like that huh, that gets you horny?” I was a bit embarrassed and mumbled something about, “well, you know, I’ve never tried that, but it looks like fun..”

Tim knew I didn’t have a girlfriend, but he scooted up close and said: “well why don’t you try the real thing?” and unzipped his trousers. I could see a very big soft coil of cock in his pants.

“No, I don’t want to, I’m not gay.”

“I know, just pretend I’m the girl in the video. Listen, just try it. I won’t tell anyone.”

Well, I was surprised, but I thought what the hell.. Never tried it, never wanted to, but I’m not getting any, haven’t for a while, and experiences is what it’s all about. Actually I might not have thought that, but whatever, I found myself, putting the head of Tim’s cock in my mouth.

And, you know what? It was fine. Didn’t smell, didn’t taste of anything, just felt very smooth and surprisingly big. Slowly tentatively I started to move my head up and down and suck gently on the head.

Tim moaned: “Oh that’s nice. Give it a little lick.”

Well that was okay; I didn’t want to kiss it though. That would suggest, I don’t know, some sort of desire in me for this.

I was just experimenting. So I licked it, I sucked it, and to give my aching mouth a break I winked it a little while. After just a few minutes Tim’s breathing changed got ragged and he started to thrust his pelvis at me, I changed the rhythm of my head and knew he was about to cum.

Well I wasn’t having him cum in my mouth so just before he did I took his sock out of my mouth and winked it quickly so escort rus he came on my chest.

Wow, that was a feeling. I’d been with girls before and they’d come with me, but to make someone shoot sperm like that. It felt…sexy. Powerful. Quite arousing.

Time, once he had recovered, was sleepy, but offered to wank me off.

” No it’s okay, thanks. I’m okay. I was just experimenting there, you don’t need to do anything for me.”

Sucking a guy off was okay, nothing much really, a bit uncomfortable in the mouth, but nothing special. Getting him to make me cum seemed too gay for me.

With that Tim went off and got me sheets and a duvet; he went off to his bed and I camped down on the sofa.

I slept badly. Because, actually I was aroused. But I dismissed it and eventually dozed off.

But I woke very early still horny. I’d like to suck Tim’s cock again, maybe let him cum in my mouth..

So I went to his bedroom and lift the sheet and slowly started to nuzzle at his cock. He stirred and came round as I took it into my mouth.

I said: “Sorry, I just wanted to try it again.”

“Mmm, you liked it didn’t you.”

I made a face to suggest I could take it or leave it..I was just finishing off an experiment.

Tim reached out a hand and stroked my chest and brushed one of my nipples, which are so sensitive and go direct to my cock. I moaned lightly.

That seemed to wake him up: “Oh you like that do you, getting turned on?” and he gently run a thumbnail over my left nipple.

God that was good. I tried to keep his cock in my mouth as my eyes rolled back and I moaned.

Tim got me to lie on his bed, still sucking his cock and he fondled my nipples and body and started to gently stroke my hardening cock.

“Oh, you like that don’t you, you little cocksucker.” God that word felt like a jolt it felt so arousing. And my reaction made it clear I liked it.

Tim carried on: “Oh yes, you’re a good cocksucker, you were born to be a cocksucker.”

God I was excited, I increased my rhythm trying to concentrate as arousal form Tim’s words and his attentions to my nipples and cocks brought me to the edge of orgasm.

Tim said: “Stop sucking.” I did.

He winked me harder and faster and said: “Tell me what you are cocksucker.”

Totally in the throes of arousal I said: “I’m a cocksuck ahhhh” as I got to the last syllable I cried out as a huge orgasm washed through me and my cum spurted feet from my cock.

God it was good, one of the best cums I’d had in months.

Tim smiled. “Yes you are, now take escort sıhhiye a second.. and get back to it, cocksucker.”

When I had recovered my breath I went back to his cock. I was a bit reluctant, because I’d cum, and my arousal was spent, and this felt a bit embarrassing, but fair is fair.

And Tim lay back and as he called me cocksucker I got into it and pretty soon he was holding me head as he thrust into my mouth and came into it.

I took it, as he said I should, but discreetly spat out his sperm into a tissue. We looked at each other.

I was pleased to have pleased him. But embarrassed as well.

“Listen,” I said, “I don’t make a habit of this, I’m not sure what this is. But..”

“It’s okay, it’s a one-off. We won’t mention it again. And of course I won’t tell anyone.”

So we said our goodbyes, with a manly handshake. And I kind of tried to forget about it all.

Except about a week later my phone rang. It was Tim|: Hi Al, listen I wondered if you fancied coming round and hanging out..” Yes, that would be great” I said immediately “when?”

“Oh I don’t know, anytime really.”

“Well I’m free tonight”, I said, I’ll be finished in about half an hour, I can be at yours in an hour, hour and a quarter?”

“Oh okay, yeah, that’s be great.” Said Tim.

Later he said that was hen he knew I wanted to suck his cock again.

So when I went round we said hi, and Tim said “Do you want a beer?” He took one form the fridge and went to sit down on the sofa, and unzipped his fly adding: “or would you rather this?” as he pulled his large cock out of his pants.

And I don’t know what was happening to me. I hadn’t expected this, I hadn’t been thinking about sucking his cock, but now it was there. I couldn’t resist.

I walked over to him on the sofa, and knelt down. Looking into his eyes I smiled as I took the head of that beautiful penis into my mouth. “Oh yes, take it cocksucker, ” Tim said, reaching out for my nipple.

As I sucked Tim was noticeably cruder in his language: “Oh you like cock don’t you, you little slut? You little bitch.”

And I was loving it, my cock was really hard in my pants and I was gobbling on his cock with an urgency I’d never felt, an urgency and desire that increased with every verbal assault: “Suck my cock you little whore, you little faggot bitch.”

I didn’t care, I wasn’t gay but it was so exciting to be called these names and as Tim came close to cumming I sucked harder and I knew I was going to swallow his cum. I loved being a cocksucking slut.

Afterwards we went escort sincan to a bar nearby. We drank and chatted and got on really well. Tim was funny and charming and I loved talking to him.

I noticed after a while that most of the couples in the bar were same-sex. Mainly men but some female couples as well.

“Is this a gay bar?” I asked.

“Well, kinda, yeah ” said Tim, “it’s not exclusively gay, they let folks like you in, but you have to be comfortable with gays and no hassle.

“Mind, after this evening, maybe you’ll fit right in.”

“No, I don’t think so” I said: “I like it with you but I’m just messing about really.”

“Hmm” said Tim, looking at me.

Towards the end of the evening it got darker in the bar and couples were starting to dance together, and some were kissing and fondling in corners and booths. My discomfort was obvious but Tim moved close to me, too close really but I couldn’t push him away.

He whispered in my ear: “Why don’t you come back with me, and I’ll let you suck my cock again.”

I don’t know why, but I didn’t need asking again: “Oh yes please” I gasped, suddenly overtaken by desire.

We went back to Tim’s where he kissed me, the first time he’d ever done that. I was spellbound by desire as I kissed him back as he started to undress me.

As we were both naked, I fell to my knees and was just about to start sucking his cock when Tim grabbed my hair painfully: “Stop there bitch” he said.

“Do you want my cock?”

“Oh god yes, more than anything.”

“Beg for it” “Please Tim, let me suck your cock, I love sucking your cock. I want to be your cocksucker.”

“Well you can’t. Not right now. Sit down.”

Bemused, and very frustrated I sat down, while Tim stood above me. He had something to say, while I could barely take my eyes of his cock.

He explained he was dominant; he liked me sucking his cock but could only really be sexually fulfilled by being in control. He said he knew I was submissive and reeled out some of his favourite words for me. MY gasps of desire, he said proved I wanted to be dominated.

He gave me an ultimatum. If I wanted his cock he would be my sexual master. He could call me when he wanted and I would come to serve him, and I must do anything he asks. He said he wouldn’t hurt me badly, pain was not his thing, and he had no wish to destroy my family or work, so it would be a secret thing, but whenever he wanted, I must give myself to him.

I was so aroused, so wanting him I agreed. Even then he made me think about it, but yes, I was willing if it meant I could suck his cock again.

But he said: “No. Come back here in two days time, at 7.30pm if you want it. If you’re here then, then I’ll know you want to be my bitch, and I will own you.” And he made me dress and sent me home, but he knew and I knew I’d be back there in two days time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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