Making Mary

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Making Mary
what would you like first or should Howard decide 14:46
go deep into your lurid imagination 14:47
I no u like the clamps 14:48
I want u into it it is your pleasure make it great 14:49
you understand? 14:49
I want my pussy stretched out, I think that I might want to try some anal penetration, I would love to be able to deepthroat a 10 inch cock without gagging, I might want to see what another female is like, maybe become airtight with all big cock and feed all of the cum to Howard 14:52
you r my kind of sexy woman 14:59
deep throat is fine but a good tongue makes it superb stick it in the pee hole oohwe 15:00
What do you want to do first? we will take things slow and build the excitement 15:01
do you want Howard to decide? 15:02
he is shaking his head Yes 15:15
Howard – Mary my slut, I want for you to try golden showers while taking it up your ass 15:17
Please 15:18
your real nasty 15:18
is that ok with Mary? 15:19
A first anal fuck is enuff small steps to develop a true slut 15:21
Mary – Yes, treat my like a cheap whore 15:25
Howard get her ass ready for me Stan let her suck and tease that tool 15:26
you will beg for a facial from Stan 15:27
Howard starts licking Marys asshole and probing inside her ass with 1 finger then increased to 2 15:42
you like Mary? 15:44
new sensation for you 15:45
u like? 15:46
answer me slut 15:47
Howard have her suck your fingers and taste her asshole 15:49
good for a nasty lady 15:50
Mary – Stan, splash my face and tits with your hot cum. Fuck my ass hard 15:54
I ease in slowly 15:55
you moan and shudder 16:06
Oh yes, more, deeper, harder 16:08
Mary you like it so far I push güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in deeper 16:08
you moan again 16:09
Mary u want more 16:31
Yes yes yes, Harold, lick James cock as he fucks my ass. Stan, shove your whole cock deep in my throat 16:32
Got to run, chat soon. 16:33
PM me when you r a delite ciao for now :sunglasses: 16:37
Aug 31
good morning sexy 09:19
how r u 10:50
may we continue? 10:52
Howard likes seeing you in sexual action 11:08
Yes, I would love to continue but won’t have much time today. Very busy. Howard is over the moon with this. 11:11
got a little time for a warm up? 11:11
What do you have in mind 11:12
Howard likes to see you be a cum hungry slut and show your submissiveness 11:14
Very much so 11:15
are you horney for me 11:16
you want Howard to se how slutty you are? 11:17
God yes sir. My bald, wet cunt is flowing my juice for you and Stan. Plus, I would love to piss in Howards mouth 11:18
I am wondering how much sluttyer I can be 11:19
Very and I love it Howard is such a wimp but he is still hard 11:20
May I piss in my husband’s mouth while I suck your cock? 11:20
fine not my scene but Howard likes to be humiliated and is erect again 11:22
you no what sets him off he is a natural cuck lucky you! 11:23
How much dirtier can you make me to humiliate and turn on my husband? 11:23
Suck my cock after I fuck your hot tite asshole 11:24
With pleasure 11:24
you like the taste of your ass? 11:26
you look so sexy and hot 11:26
Howard loves me doing that, and that is what my master has asked me to do 11:27
Hqward is jacking like mad but it is like beating a dean bets10 horse Hendoes not have the stamina to completely please you 11:27
you want to please me? 11:28
His cock is useless to me now 11:28
Do I own youi? 11:28
Yes master, I will please you 11:28
It’s James, bitch 11:29
Yes, you own my cheating holes 11:29
what do you want now? 11:29
Sorry James, I am owned by James 11:30
How much sluttyer can you make me James? 11:30
you crave my cum? you r my classy cumslut 11:30
beg me to fuck your ass deep 11:31
Yes, I crave Anything you want to do 11:31
Please, James, fuck my slut ass hard and deep 11:32
I want to satisfy your deep desires go where you have seldom been 11:32
I enter your ass you moan and shake so tite 11:32
I want you to force me to eat pussy 11:33
my friend Elena is on her way she is a bi cunt sucker par excelence 11:34
God I love the feeling of your big cock in my ass. Give it to me 11:35
here it goes slow and very deep 11:35
you are moaning and screaming for more you r so turned on hotter than hell 11:37
How much of a dirty girl is Elina? Will you make me eat her cunt? 11:37
Very 3 hole slut and bi she wants your clit to suck 11:38
Yeeeesssss, fuck my tight ass 11:38
I do as Elena sucks your swollen clit 11:38
Will you please force me James 11:38
Howard wants that, the pathetic pussy 11:39
you shake all over I push your head to her pussy 11:39
Howard beams 11:40
See Howard, this is for you. Mmfmfmf, I love the taste 11:41
you r so hot and super nasty Howard is shot and limp but wants you to be dirtier and nasty 11:42
And I want to be as dirty and nasty as you can make me 11:43
Elana says mobilbahis eat me you bitch James whores do what they are asked to do 11:44
your body is glistening with sexual sweat 11:45
Mary sticks her tongue deep in Elana’s sloppy cunt and enjoys every second 11:45
Omfg, I am such a slutty cunt whore. 11:46
you r what you really want to be you r free with me 11:48
what do u want now? 11:49
Yes, and it feels so liberating 11:50
Sorry, but have to run. Thank you so much. 11:50
PM me to continue you hottie 11:51
:sunglasses: :smiling_imp: :blush: 11:51
Just stopped in for a second. I will let you know when I have time 13:32
thanx 13:36
:sunglasses: 20:23
Sep 1
let’s connecy yoday Pm me please 09:29
let’s connect 09:39
Howard wants me to give you your erotic sexual treatment and get you going 09:42
I know you r hot to trot your sexual skilz!! 10:04
Sep 2
good morning Mary 07:40
how r u and Howard this morning? 07:44
you there? 07:46
I am good, just about to leave for work 07:46
Have a great day 07:46
you too 07:47
let’s connect later 07:47
Sep 3
HI :sunglasses: 08:36
I have a couple that wants to meet you. Interesting situation She is 51 but very athletic marathoner, swimmer ,jazz dancer her mate is 22 he rescued his neighbor from an abuse relationship he broke her nose and beat her up. He “got mugged ” and wound up with a broken nose,wrist .leg and foot he is very sucessful as an electrician and has a great cabin by the lake, He has what we sometimes refer to as a needledick; Long and slender perfect fit for your hot ass. I want us to meet as his cabin;ditch Howard will be simple he is on a business trip Lets connect soon 08:45
from my lurid mind 12:08
Sorry sir. Very busy for the next couple of weeks. I am let you know when I get time again. Very much enjoyed it so far. 22:49
OK stay well and sexy 07:52
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