Maid , Master Ch. 01

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Dawn was breaking over the Hollow Hall estate as Lisa busied herself with preparing for the day ahead. It was going to be a long, busy day for her, but she was looking forward to it greatly. She flitted through the semi-dark corridors in her white nightgown, entering rooms and leaving instructions for the cooks, groundskeeper and other staff. Usually she was more personally attentive to the day-to-day running of the estate, but today was special, and the staff and estate could look after itself for one day. She left instructions with the head butler that Master John was not to be disturbed under any circumstances and to accept no callers until the following day.

She had been planning today for weeks now and now she was excited at her careful planning was going to come to fruition. She heard the first calls of birdsong outside and looked at the ever-lightening dark blue sky out of the drawing room windows. Having completed her rounds of the house, she returned to her room quietly. Her room adjoined Master John’s, but they had shared his bed for 20 years now and she smiled at herself in the mirror as she remembered her as a young girl, resisting Master John’s advances until he had taken her.

She brushed her thick brown hair and thought of the years they had spent together, how their roles had changed, and became lovers. He had wanted her for his wife but his family forbade it, his anger at the idea that he should marry some loveless socialite more concerned with balls and coaches and expenses shocked them, and his insistence that he should marry for love, marry the woman who truly çankaya escort loved him with all her body and mind as he did her, split the family apart; he disowned them and took her away to live here in the beauty of Hollow Hall.

Unable to marry, they had found a better life for themselves as lovers. They both had dreamed of a pure uninhibited love, of exploring all the pleasures and desires they could together, and it was here that they fulfilled those dreams. There was not a secret held from each other, no fantasy unknown or unexplored, such was the strength of their bond.

Lisa raised the white nightgown slowly over her body, revealing her ankles and calves, the gown moved further up along the length of her thighs and stomach, revealing her creamy white breasts and the pink curves of her nipples, over her neck and head. She stepped into the tin bath, and standing upright she washed her body with her hands. She loved washing herself with her hands, to feel them run over her legs and thighs, stomach and over her breasts, the soap clinging to her with the foam slowly falling down her wet naked body. Her hands moved between her legs and she felt the smooth entrances to her holes; Master John had asked she keep her cunny smooth and shaven after the first time she had presented herself to him that way. She remembered it well, lying naked on his bed telling him she had a surprise for him and then opening her thighs wide apart to show him the smooth curves of her pussy. The thought made Lisa clean her arse-crack and cunny harder and she pushed her soapy fingers escort çankaya in both holes, twisting them and cleaning them thoroughly. Usually she would have kept her soapy hands between her legs and rubbed her clit, and sometimes grab the hairbrush from her dressing-table to satisfy her desire with the long thick handle. But not today. Today she knew she had to keep to her plans, and that her thirst and desires would be quenched thoroughly throughout the day – she planned to have them both ebbing and flowing on a sea of love and pleasure.

Lisa stepped out of the bath and dried herself quickly and thoroughly. Her maid’s uniform was on the bed, the standard black dress with white lace trim, but this one was special. Despite Mrs Willow’s disapproving looks when Lisa asked for the modifications to be made, the village seamstress had adjusted the dress to Lisa’s precise instructions. She smiled – she wouldn’t be needing to wear her bloomers today, not that she did when she was with her Master, but she couldn’t be so bold as to work with the other staff that way. Just the dress was needed, so she slipped it over the round curves of her pale shoulders, and down her body. No need for shoes today either, she thought as she sat down at her dressing table.

After running the brush through her hair, she added a little rouge to her cheeks – she never bothered with eye makeup as Master John had told her there was no need: her blue eyes already attracted and held the attention. Standing up, Lisa straightened her dress and the white lace tiara on her hair – she giggled. çankaya escort bayan It had been so long since she had to wear one. With a goose-feather duster in hand, she posed in the mirror. She loved how the dress looked, the lowered front showed her creamy chest and cleavage as she bent slightly forward, her breasts fully visible and her nipples dark. Standing upright the shortened length of the hem almost showed the lower curves of her bum, with the hem just below her pussy. Lisa stood on tiptoe and the hem rose high above her hip, making her bottom half completely exposed. She grinned as she turned her back to the mirror and looked at her shoulders and upper back. She bent forward slowly, the full curves of her cheeks tantalisingly exposed as the hem rode up her lower back.

Master John loved her full body, loved kissing her ankles and her thick calves and thighs he had spent so many pleasurable hours between, lovingly sucking and kissing them; he loved her full arse, he couldn’t get enough biting and sucking on her cheeks, playfully grabbing handfuls as he did – he complained of not having a bigger mouth to be able to gorge himself more on her cheeks and thighs. He loved seeing her body and she loved showing it to him, exciting him always and she always tried to find new ways of presenting herself to him when she wanted to show herself off. She knew this uniform was the perfect way to give herself to him today; she felt so horny in anticipation and at how desirable she looked, she loved how sexy and available she looked for her Master and she knew it would keep him aroused and ready to please her for hours.

It was time! Maid Lisa opened her door and stepped down the hall to the next room, turned the brass handle and opened the heavy oak door slowly, avoiding the creaking hinges that would surely awake Master John – she alone wanted to wake him this morning.

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