Maggie – Part 2 – The Cattleman

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Maggie – Part 2 – The Cattleman
Maggie sat upright in bed. Her body was soaked in sweat. Sure it was hot sleeping in their trailer’s tiny bedroom, in the heat of early June, but it was more than the heat. She lifted her old nightshirt and felt at her crotch. It was drenched in cum. She was embarrassed and shocked at her feelings over what had happened in the barn last Saturday, yet she still dreamed of it. For her to have felt so much pleasure, enjoy it so much, just wasn’t right. She had snapped out of her dream just as she was ready to scream out again, both from orgasmic ecstasy and disbelief in what she was feeling. Emmitt had lured her to the barn again and this time he’d been on top, pounding away, and she loved it. Just as her orgasm began, the guilt, the shame, and the humiliation rose up. Oh my God, what if my momma caught me. How could she have let her daddy fuck her and it felt so, so good.

Exhausted, she laid back in bed. Looking over at her lil’ sister, Molly, sound asleep and just one year younger at 12, she then glanced at the clock. 4:28AM. Momma would be up in a few minutes to go to work at the tire factory in Hazard. Maggie, Molly and their lil’ brother Earl would have to do chores with their daddy on the farm. Their farm was a small 36 acres at the end of a dead-end road, deep in a hollow in the backwoods south of Hazard, KY. Her daddy, Emmitt, a hateful old bastard with a short temper had worked in the coal mines until a collapse at the mine had injured his back. He’d been on permanent disability for the last 4 years, and stayed home with the k**s while momma, Betty, worked at the tire factory five days, and sometimes six, a week. Emmitt was hard on them. You worked and worked hard on the farm. You did what he said, or you’d catch a backhand upside your head. He’d be waking them up in a couple hours to get to work. Maggie drifted back to sleep.

Emmitt watched as Betty went down the steps to the old Impala, cranked it, and headed down the dirt road. With nothing but fans, the trailer was hot as hell so he was clad in just his old, stained, thin white boxers. No frills for anybody in this household! He walked down the hall and couldn’t get the thought of he and Maggie together in the barn last week. His cock was already stiffening when he banged open the girls bedroom door. “Y’all get your ass up. We got work to do. Earn your damn keep! Maggie, get your work clothes on. We are gonna work in the garden afore it gets too damn hot, and then Travis is coming to take them two calves to the market around 11.” Both girls jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Walking back to the front of the trailer, Emmitt jerked the covers off of Earl, still asleep on the sofa. “Get up boy!” He flopped down at the kitchen table then watched as the girls exited the bathroom and headed back to get dressed for the day. “Goddamn that girl is turning into a fine woman” he thought to himself as he watched Maggie go down the hall. He rubbed at his boxers, “easy boy.”

A few minutes later the girls came back down the hall to the kitchen, and yes, Maggie was dressed in Emmitt’s designated “work clothes”. Emmitt had bitched about her wearing her good school clothes when helping him so he’d put together an outfit for her to wear. Her “work clothes” consisted of a hand-me-down pair of her momma’s cutoff jean shorts, 2-3 sizes too big, held up with a belt made of baler-twine. On top was a worn out, thin, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hand-me-down, wife-beater tank-top that Emmitt had given her to wear. He’d cut the bottom six inches off so she could wear it loose, or tie it up on one side so it wouldn’t hang. Either way, her tits were always just one slip from being seen. Five minutes of sweating and the thin top was damn near see-through. Just like she knew her daddy liked it, and she liked his attention. It was the only love he showed her.

“This damn trailer’s a mess. Molly you clean this place up, top to bottom. Earl, you help her and when y’all are done, I want you both to walk to the end of the road and get the paper and mail.” Emmitt didn’t like the k**s walking alone by ol’ lady Woodson’s house at the end of the road. She had two grown boys, Luther and Oscar, both not right in the head, and Emmitt didn’t trust them. “Y’all look out for ‘em Woodson boys and run if’n you see ‘em. And don’t come up to the barn while we’re fooling with them calves. You hear me?” They both nodded. “Come on Maggie, let’s go.”

Maggie was a hard worker and Emmitt was proud. At 13, she knew everything she needed to know about gardening. He paused from hoeing and watched as she bent, picking the buds off the tomato plants. Leaning over exposed the underside of her tits and they were getting bigger every day. She squatted down and worked her way around the plant, exposing her light brown bush beneath her baggy jean shorts as she did. Emmitt could feel his manhood rising but knew it won’t right what he’d done. He was a hateful ol’ bastard but he knew fucking his own daughter won’t right. Still he watched, smiling, and his cock grew harder.

“What now daddy?” asked Maggie, snapping Emmitt from his fantasy. She stood and stretched her back.

“Let’s take a break and get some water.” Emmitt turned and headed to the barn.

“Oh shit”, thought Maggie, this is how it started last week thinking back to Emmitt taking her virginity on a hay-bale in the barn. She could see the bulge in his overalls as he turned and grabbed the hose. They drank from the hose then sat down to rest. It was 9:30 and they’d already been working for two hours.

“We’ll go get them bull calves up in jus’ a few. I want to get them watered up good before Travis gets here. The more they drink, the heavier they’ll be when they weigh them at the market. Money is tight, Maggie, so we gotta get every dolla’ we can for ‘em.”

Twenty minutes later they were heading down to the pasture to bring the steers back to the barn. Emmitt had 6-7 cows and sold off some of their calves each year to make some money. He had two bull calves that were big enough to sell, and big enough to start humping on the cows, so he wanted them gone. Maggie worked with the cattle all the time and they would literally eat out of her hand. She took a bucket of grain and had the whole herd headed to the barn in no time.

“Now don’t step on my bare feet boys or I’ll smack you,” she said laughingly to the calves. Once back at the barn they separated them out, leaving the two calves in the pen to load on the trailer. Maggie filled up the water trough then sprayed the dirt and cow shit off her bare feet, and took a few gulps. She couldn’t help but spill water onto her shirt as it ran down her chin. Enough water to stiffen her nipples and make her shirt sheer again.

Emmitt and Maggie stood as they heard canlı casino siteleri the pickup and the trailer coming up the rough dirt road. Travis was a local cattle farmer and hauled cattle to the market for the locals, as a side job. He was in his 30s, married and had a nice big farm. He swung his truck wide, then backed the cattle trailer up to the edge of the pen. Emmitt went to the truck, but Maggie, being shy, stayed back at the barn. She heard them exchanging hellos then start haggling on the price to take the calves to the market.

“Goddamn Travis, if I pay you that much I won’t make shit off them calves.”

“Have you seen the gas prices, Emmitt? Don’t get all bent outta shape, we’ll work something out,” replied Travis.

Maggie walked over and went to the trailer to drop the tailgate.

“Well, good morning, Maggie. I ain’t seen you in a while. You sure are growin’ up.” Travis’s eyes worked their way up and down Maggie’s body. Her tank-top was still damp and it was no problem making out her big brown areolas and stiff nipples. Emmitt watched as Travis straightened the crotch of his jeans. His eyes were locked on Maggie as she herded the two calves onto the trailer. She bent over to secure the bottom latch and Travis was shocked to see her tits hanging down and her light brown bush starring back at him.

“Now get on in the barn while Travis and me talk business.” She sauntered to the barn and flopped down on a hay-bale. She watched as her daddy, with his back to the barn, talked to Travis, animatedly waving his arms. She could feel Travis’ eyes on her and he made her feel naked.

“Come on in the barn and get some water, Travis.”

Emmitt held the hose for Travis as he drank, then turned to Maggie. She stood, and took two sips then Emmitt “accidently” hit her chest with the flow from the hose. She jumped back exposing her soaked see-through t-shirt.
“Now why’d you do that, daddy? I’m soaked!” she questioned. But deep down inside she knew her daddy was up to something. Emmitt’s mind was clicking.

“Maggie, crawl up in the loft there and get a bunch of that loose hay to put in the trailer for the calves.” Rising up, she stepped past Travis and started up the ladder. Travis, right beside the ladder, looked straight up her baggy jeans as she climbed. Watching her tight, hairy pussy climb the rungs, Travis couldn’t resist. He reached in his jeans, straightened his rock-hard cock, looked over at Emmitt and nodded, “You got a deal” he whispered. Travis turned and started up the ladder, with Emmitt right behind.

Maggie turned, surprised to see them up in the loft. She could see the bulge in Travis’s jeans, then looking at her dad, he said “Now Maggie, I told you how poor we was and I need your help, baby. Travis here is willing to haul them calves for half-price if you can do him like you did me last week. So I want you to fuck him, OK?”

“Daddy, no, please, no”, she pleaded. She knew it was hopeless. She always had to do what her daddy said.

Travis stepped towards her, pulling off his t-shirt. He leaned down, pulled off his cowboy boots, then unbuckled and dropped his jeans. Maggie’s eye widened when he pulled off his boxers and his throbbing cock sprung loose. It didn’t look any longer than her daddy’s but it was sooo big around. Her little pussy just couldn’t handle that!

“Get on your knees, Maggie” her daddy instructed. She knew what she had to do. She dropped to her knees.

Travis canlı poker oyna took another step forward and Maggie took his cock in her hand. She licked the bottom of his cock, from his balls to the head, then made circles around the head. The skin was so soft and smooth. She could feel his cock throbbing as she squeezed his head into her mouth. It was all she could do to get her mouth around it. It felt like she was shoving a soda can into her mouth. She was enjoying the taste of Travis’s cock and it began to make her moist. Suddenly she felt hands on her waist, pulling her up ‘til she was bent over 90 degrees. She kept sucking, forcing Travis’s cock deeper into her mouth. Emmitt reached around and undid the baler twine belt and her shorts fell around her ankles. He lifted one of her feet out and spread her legs apart. Maggie sucked harder and Travis’s moaning only excited her more. Emmitt unlatched his overalls, they fell to the floor, and he kicked them into the hay.

Travis leaned back against the wall of hay and watched as Emmitt dropped to his knees behind his daughter. Maggie jumped, and moaned, as Emmitt leaned in, spread her ass cheeks, and ran his tongue slowly over her asshole. He slowly rimmed around it then pushed his tongue inside. Maggie groaned. As her pleasure magnified, she sucked Travis’s cock even harder, faster and deeper into her throat. As Emmitt lapped at her pussy, running his tongue in and out, Maggie could take no more. She pulled off of Travis’s cock, screaming as her whole body shook. Her pussy erupted, covering her daddy’s face in her creamy juices. She gasped as Emmitt stood, jerking her around. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head to his cock. She took it willingly and began to vigorously suck.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her hip, and a swift tap out of her left leg to spread her legs further apart. Travis stepped forward and slid his cock down the crack of her ass until he felt her pulsating cunt lips. Slowly moving the head up and down, he parted her labia, placed both hands on her hips and, with one quick thrust, shoved in all of his manhood. Maggie’s scream was muffled by her daddy’s cock. Even as wet as she was, his fat cock hurt so much. She gagged as Travis’s pounding forced Emmitt’s cock deeper into her throat. Travis pulled back hard, then forward again, his balls banging against her thighs. Her cunt was relaxing as Travis stretched it on every stroke and it started to bring her pleasure instead of pain. Emmitt and Travis were timed perfectly. With each thrust of Travis’s cock into her dripping love hole, Emmitt’s cock bottomed out in her throat. They would rock back and simultaneously slam into her again.

Finally, Maggie could take no more. Her body convulsed as she was overcome by her orgasm. It was all that was needed to make her daddy cum and he filled her throat with his salty seed. She tried hard to swallow but there was simply too much, and it sprayed out the sides of her mouth as she gaged and choked. Her cunt clamped down on Travis’s cock and he never felt such pleasure. His manhood erupted and he shot three long thick globs of cum deep inside. He clawed her hips and held her tight against him until the last drop of cum had filled her cunt. Maggie’s knees gave way and she collapsed to the floor of the loft. Travis was spent and he fell back against the hay, his cock still dripped their juices.

Emmitt remained standing as the blood slowly withdrew from his cock. He looked down admiringly as his oldest daughter finalized her orgasm in the hay. Glancing over at Travis, they smiled when their eyes met, then they both watched at Maggie’s body jerked one last time. Never had any of the three experienced anything like this.

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