Lunch With Dave

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Hmmm… So. You want to know what’s put this smile on my face and brought out this inner glow around me? If you really want to know, I’ll tell you then. I had lunch with a friend that I’ve known for a few years now, and joyfully got so much more than anyone could have planned for… But I want to tell you as if it’s happening again so I can feel it as I remember it – it was wonderful. I hope you don’t think me crude – this was anything but… Good – I’ll share it with you… I could not stop the muscles in my face from turning to a huge grin that stirred the glow to an almost visible light.

Dave and I have known each other for a few years now, like I said. We’ve talked about everything under the sun, we’ve solved the world’s problems, we’ve become comfortable in our friendship and our differences. We’ve even made love a few times – so we both knew we were passionate people separately and together. But I don’t think either one of expected… Remembering made my body tingle, my heart start to beat a little faster and my mouth water.

Let me tell you a little bit about Dave before I go on with the story. Dave is a manly man with both inner and outer strength that doesn’t necessarily attract attention except to those he wishes to see it. He is disciplined – military style and very much a gentleman. When he moves his body, he has a lithe grace that flows so naturally that he looks like he and the earth enjoy being in contact with each other. He is comfortable in his body and the land is comfortable with his body moving on it. He is a man who has made agreements with his environment and both have kept up their part and become friends. He is intelligent, quick witted and has a gentle humor that protects a will of steel. He is generous and caring.

As you can see, I’m not exactly a youthful model stereotype. I am an older woman with more salt than pepper and a woman’s body – I think Starbuck’s calls it – “Grandee.” So when Dave made it obvious that he was interested in me, I was – well… curious, you might say. I mean, I’m attractive and intelligent and have many good qualities and all that, but generally men don’t make women over 50 their first choice, so to speak. So I was surprised and delighted when Dave directed his attention to me. Not only that – to tell the truth – my whole body reacted to him – to his hard body – so different from mine – to his suppleness – to his masculinity – to his strength and self discipline and the way he focused in on me. Right from the very beginning he knew how to “be” with another person… Anyway…

Dave called me and asked if I wanted to meet him for lunch. We decided to picnic in the mountains. The air feels warm and crisp and clean and the bright sunshine lights up the incredibly blue sky this time of the year. The scent of spring is in the air and it’s intoxicating. Our plans are to eat at one of the numerous, private picnic tables along Helen Hunt Falls Road. I am at the table first, sit to save it and wait for Dave. I have box lunches for us to eat.

As it happens, our cars end up parked for privacy, one parallel to the picnic table – close enough to lean on if we want to and the other is angled so no one can see us from the road. Someone can, however, easily see this pendik escort table is taken from the road so it’s not likely that anyone will come up this drive. I feel a gentle warm breeze blowing and the sound of the brook gurgles in rhythm to the forest sounds. Vehicles zoom by on the road below – this whole road is a favorite of lovers looking for privacy in the glowing sun and delicate forest.

I watch as Dave gets out of his car. He’s already taken his working clothes off and changed into outdoor clothes and his shoulder muscles, arms and hands tease me with their masculine hardness tensing under his shirt. When he walks towards me, his hiker’s legs and feet pad the ground in noiseless, sure steps like a strolling mountain lion. Then he focuses his attention on me, drawing me to him with his eyes. The gentle wind around us carries the scent of desire, both our nostrils flare and the tension begins.

Dave has blankets, one for the seat of the table one for the table and our lunches. We start to make small talk – “How’s work?” “How’s the writing coming along?” … all the while, the magic in his eyes makes me want to touch him… touch him all over. He looks deep inside me, finds my inner passion spot with every move and every gesture and fans the fire that has obviously kindled there. I do not have the discipline that he has and I reach to touch his hand. He smiles a teasing smile and reaches to accommodate my passion. I think he is delighted that he is the only one that can ignite me in 20 seconds or less. We can already feel the heat between us; smell the primal pull. I move to his side of the table – the lunches can wait.

We both sit down on the covered bench and begin to kiss… deeper. I reach for him, his hands are moving on my body, my neck. He gently squeezes my breast, flicks my nipples gently with his fingertips and watches as my breast swell and my nipples prune, harden and get erect. When he touches me it’s like rain in the desert.

I feel his manhood beginning to swell, I open a few buttons on his shirt, I move my hands to his nipples, gently squeeze. I can’t help it – I gently nip at his tiny nipples, lift his shirt as he lifts my blouse, we pull the other blanket over us. He nudges me to lean back on the car, and takes my breast in his mouth, my hand goes to his crotch and my other hand feels his strong back responding to the passion in his body. He moves his hand down my leg and begins to move up my dress as he continues to suck gently flicking his tongue, gently pulling and sucking on my hard nipple.

As his hand moves up my skirt, he discovers I have no underwear on, kisses me again – passionately – and strokes my soft, short hairs. He stokes the hair and the labia slit waiting for that little button of pleasure to erect. I can’t stand it – he has shorts on with wide legs – I fondle his balls gently and massage them, then move my hand up his shaft- down – up again… to his balls, his groin, up his shaft. I move to pull the shorts down and get a good grip on him.

He finds my little button, but before he start rubbing it, he dips into my wet well and brings out the moisture, spreads the outer lips and deposits the wet, gets a better feel of the button and starts maltepe escort rubbing – dipping his finger in, bringing out the liquid, massaging the button – several more times before focusing on the little button that stands at attention for him.

I rotate my hand round the tip of his shaft, then down his shaft pretty rhythmically, but he doesn’t want to get off yet. He stays seated and has me sit on the table. I draw the blanket up close so there is a little more privacy. “Move out to the edge,” he whispers, “Move out to the edge.” He grabs my cheeks gently with his strong hands and helps me scoot to the edge of the table.

I am in front of him… legs wide open with my skirt covering me from the view of anybody else but him. He looks and smells and touches and he smiles his pleasure. He moves his face in and licks and sucks gently and tastes and just as I am about to cum, he slides his finger in slowly, gently – in and out – I pop once… twice, he watches the expression on my face. He can see that for me, there is nowhere but here, no time but now, no one but him. I motion him back, he leans against the car, I slide off the table slowly on to him – rock hard, fully erect.

Careful at first, but passion takes me over, I begin to plunge down, he fills me to the top. I squeeze and pull up, plunge down, contract and shudder and squeeze up, plunge down, pull up, squeeze, he can’t stand it anymore. He’s breathing heavy, the smell of spring takes both of us out of time, he spurts. The first time, he cums hard, he feels me ripple deep inside again, and again as my body bunches up covering both of us in the blanket.

He hasn’t lost his erection – the heat is firing up again and again he can’t stop. He pushes from the bottom, I plunge from the top, he has his fingers on my erect button, it slides smoothly because it is so wet, so very wet. I bite gently on his nipples and shoulder – my hands clench his back. His manhood is hard, erect, full, he is in me all the way as he feel me shudder inside – wetness, swell, tighten and squeeze, pull up, tighten, push and pull and suck in again – he grabs my ass, pulls me down, shoves up, thrusts up again and again – he stops, and when he cums it feels like his balls are moving into his body – it doesn’t hurt – it adds to his pleasure – I am squeezing inside trying to suck every bit of his juice into me. We pause suspended, breathing together, shudders still cracking the electricity in our bodies.

He has his arms wrapped around me and I around him, with him in still me, me straddling his lap, my head on his shoulder, my hair a frantic mess, the blanket, too warm, around both of us. Our breathing slows. “Are you ready for lunch now,” he asks? … As he moves to slide out, he feels I’m not ready for him to get out – I begin cuming again, my insides ripple and suck him into me further, but he’s semi-soft – how can that be?

I begin moving – almost convulsing, pushing up on him, sucking him in, loosening and pulling, I grab the cheeks of his ass. He moves his leg over the bench and helps me to lay down and positions himself so he can use his arms on the car and the table to hold his body up from mine. He looks down into my face, grins. I move my head kartal escort up to suck and bite on his nipples, I bury my face in his chest, how I love his smell and feel, as my legs push my bottom off the blanket to make him go in as deep as he will go – my neck arches back and he sees my face in ecstasy again, my mouth open, moaning – it looks like lights are flashing on and off in my half-closed eyes.

My insides swell and the friction gets hot, I squeeze and bunch up, my head to his chest – he feels me contract and hot liquid again. He’s already started to rise again – my enthusiasm encourages him. We get untangled and switch places. He’s on his back, my hands on his chest, straddling his hard body … moving up and down the full length of him. I move up carefully, tightly and plunge down, all the way, I move up and plunge down again, and again and again, my insides begin to squeeze again, I ripple, and the whole forest seems to sway with the joy, the air crackles with electricity and everywhere there is the pulsing of life.

I lower my chest to his but my bottom keeps moving, my insides continue to ripple. I put my forehead on his forehead, he grabs my ass and pulls me down on him, he moves to the rhythm, up, harder and harder, I push down faster and faster – we explode together but continue to convulse.

We lay silent, touching, breathing together for a few moments. When our breathing slows I move off him still straddling the bench and he sits up grinning. We move closer so our bodies are touching and we stroke each other. I gently push him down on the bench. I take a towelette and gently wipe him off. I scoot back a little.

I put my face in his crotch, my tongue in the crevice of his groin – gently bite and suck flicking my tongue, my hand sliding up and down his shaft, I lick his balls, taking them gently into my mouth one at a time. I start licking and sucking at the bottom of his penis and move my way up, as I move up he begins to rise to the occasion, I rotate around, licking as I go.

My hands and mouth move on him, licking, sucking, sliding up and down. I put my fingers in-between his balls and lift up gently. I lick my way down and put a lubricated finger cot on my finger. I lick and suck and move my hand on his belly, leg and balls and as I go from rapidly licking his head, sucking it in, licking the tension ridge faster, working his shaft with one hand, my other hand is slipping down his balls and with the lubricated finger cot. I rim his anus, gently, lightly, around, in the center, slight pressure, round and round – hand working his shaft, mouth sucking his head, tongue vibrating the ridge, round and round.

He knows I don’t particularly like for a man to cum in my mouth and he is always considerate – What am I doing? He won’t to be able to stop – He tries to hold back – He begins to arch his back. He whisper thickly, “I’m cuming – I can’t stop” – I don’t move away, I continue to suck while I move my tongue on the tension spot and move my hand up and down faster, tighter and tighter. I give a gentle nibble on the tension spot. He moans and spasms, he cums with an intensity that leaves him silent and spent. I continue to suck and lick gently and he feels the crazy sensations continue to tingle him inside and out. I stop and gently rub his chest and legs and watch him return to this time and place.

We rinse our mouths out; wipe our hands and bodies with some handi-wipes – Now it’s time to eat that box lunch.

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