Lucy Ch. 02 (Corrected)

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This version has been edited.

Proofread by Ton8ty. Thank you for all the effort and hard work.


Lucy looked at Vince sitting across from her in the limo and smiled. “You’re just as handsome as ever, Vince.”

Vince smiled and yet squirmed under her stare; he had always loved her eyes. His cock was hard and throbbing inside his briefs as he gazed at her body and hard nipples. He cleared his throat, “I always thought of you as beautiful Lucy. I just wish I had asked you out sooner. Maybe none of this would have happened.”

Lucy thought for a moment, “I think it would have happened anyway, Brenda being who she was and how she was brought up. With her family’s money, she always got what she wanted.”

Vince nodded in agreement, “But why me? I wasn’t rich and didn’t come from a rich family either. Her family has always despised me and threw their wealth in my face for years.”

“But you were handsome, intelligent and, more than anything else, showed an interest in me, that’s all she needed,” said Lucy. “My guess is that Brenda couldn’t stand her plain, fat roommate being asked out by a handsome guy.” There was a moment of silence.

“Let’s change the subject. We can speculate all we want, but we can’t change the past. I should let you know that I still plan on having sex with your son and tonight will not change that. I promised him and I’ve never gone back on my word to anyone,” Lucy said, staring intently at Vince.

Vince stared back at Lucy after her statement. “I thought we agreed that I was replacing my son and …” he said before Lucy cut him off.

“We agreed for tonight Vince, not for tomorrow. Do you find me so repulsive that you don’t think I could give your son pleasure also?” she asked, laughing quietly. Vince once again squirmed under her stare, his cock begging for release. He had to remember that she was no longer the quiet and helpful Lucy of his memories, but someone completely different now.

“Let me ask you then,” she continued when he didn’t answer, “If you had been propositioned by a sexy woman when you were nineteen, would you have turned it down?”

Vince felt his cock press and throb with even greater urgency now, the bulge quite obvious in his dress pants. “No, I guess I wouldn’t have, but you’ve got to remember he’s my son and I love him dearly. He’s the only good thing that’s come out of my marriage.”

“And I understand that Vince, but do you believe I would hurt him? I don’t think he’s a virgin, not the way he came on to me,” and she smiled again at her next thought, “Would you care to join us and make it a double?”

Vince’s eyes grew wide and his eyebrows shot up at her question. He felt his pre-cum soaking the top of his briefs. “You’re nothing but a whore then …” he started to lash out at Lucy, but was once again interrupted before he could finish.

“I told you that outside the building Vince. I’m an escort; if you wish to call me slut, whore, hooker or prostitute, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve been called those names before and probably a few you never heard of, but it is what I am.”

Lucy’s voice became low and provocative, “I think the idea excites you very much though, both of the Edwards’ men using my body for their sexual gratification in all sort of different positions.” She smiled seductively into his eyes; she could tell that it did.

Vince closed his eyes, seeing images that she described flash through his mind, gave a low groan and threw himself on the seat next to her. He grabbed her roughly and gave her a forceful kiss ravishing her mouth while his hand slid inside her dress, exposing and squeezing a firm breast and hard nipple.

Lucy’s hand reached out, unzipped his pants, reached inside and removed his straining cock. Vince groaned at her touch and thrust his hips forward automatically; it was enough for her to break his hold. She went down on his cock, engulfing him fully, sucking him hard and fast. Vince grabbed her head and forced it violently down onto his hard, swollen member while thrusting deeply into her hot mouth. It didn’t take long before he shot his load of cum into her throat and mouth. She swallowed it all, gently milking his cock until he was drained. He finally released her head and then watched as she kissed the sensitive head before replacing his penis and zipping him back up.

Lucy straightened up and smiled at him, “Feel better now?”

Vince moved back to the seat across from Lucy again so he could once again look at her face and into her eyes without twisting. “Yes, you’re good,” he said, not sure what else he could say.

“Yes I am,” she smiled knowingly, “that’s why I’m paid well for my services. I can choose to say no to any offer I wish. I’ve put most of my money in investments which allow me to live in the lifestyle that I do.”

Lucy looked into Vince’s eyes for a few moments. “If you don’t want to spend the night with me Vince, it won’t hurt my feelings. The choice will always be yours. I’ve never forced myself on anyone.”

“Now, to get back to where pendik escort we left off, how would you feel about having sex with Daniel and me together? It would give you the peace of mind that I’m not out to hurt your son; that was never my intention,” said Lucy. “My only intention of coming to this reunion was to flaunt my beauty and wealth in the faces of those who had hurt and humiliated me.”

Vince was silent for a few moments, contemplating her question. He smiled and then gave a short laugh.

“You’ve thought of something amusing?” she asked, smiling questioningly.

“Yes,” said Vince. “The perfect revenge against Bren; both the men in her life turn away from her for the one woman she’s hated all these years.”

Vince’s face turned serious, “She doesn’t know it yet, but I’ve already started divorce proceedings. I just couldn’t take being with her anymore and she can just return to her family.”

A touch of sadness filled his eyes and voice, “I always figured that Daniel would probably take her side and go with her, but now you might be just what it takes for him to come with me instead.” He then looked at her intently. “Would you be willing? I’ve never used anyone before Lucy, never even thought of doing anything like that, but would you be willing to help me draw Daniel to my side?” He felt ashamed for asking her such a thing. “I know he loves his mother, but you just might be the edge for him to cross over.”

Lucy could feel the love that Vince had for his son. She smiled at his suggestion and gave a light laugh herself, thinking that it was an even more perfect revenge. “Okay Vince; let me call Daniel once we get to the hotel and arrange for him to come out tomorrow after the game. There’s a second bedroom in the penthouse if you want to go back to your room and gather your belongings. It’s only a suggestion and your choice,” she said.

Vince looked up and Lucy could see the hope in his eyes, “I’ll take the choice Lucy. I don’t want to spend any more time with that bitch and …” and she cut off his statement again.

“You should know that I’m also having sex with the hotel manager and promised to do him tomorrow evening,” she smiled.

“How much are you charging him?” he quipped.

“Nothing, I’m on vacation,” she said as she smiled sweetly at his face. “I like sex Vince just like most people; it doesn’t always have to be about money.”

“I’m sorry Lucy,” Vince blushed and sighed. He resigned himself that she was not going to be his exclusively. “Do you want me to leave while you’re doing him? Go to the bar or something?”

“I don’t think you need to leave. I don’t see why I can’t do you both,” and she smiled again.

Vince’s cock started to get hard again thinking about it. “I’ll stay then.”

“I’ll inform him of the change of plan, then. If he wishes to back out, then that will be his choice,” said Lucy.

The limo pulled up to the hotel and stopped. The chauffeur opened the door for Lucy and Vince. Vince stepped out and offered Lucy his hand, helped her get out and then offered his arm to escort her. She smiled and accepted. They entered the hotel.

Lucy turned to Vince when they entered. “Why don’t you go to your room and pack, meet me at the penthouse and I’ll just speak with the manager before heading up. No one here knows who I am or what I do; they just know I’m rich.”

Vince nodded in agreement and understanding, kissed her lightly on the lips and then left for the elevator. Lucy crossed over to the attendant at the front desk. “I wish to speak with Mr. Matthews, if he’s still here please. Tell him it’s Miss Brown.” She waited for a moment and Ernest appeared. He smiled and invited her into his office.

“No, that won’t be necessary. I think we can have a private conversation if we just step over next to the pillar.” She turned to the attendant, “I will be having a guest stay with me for the duration of my stay, a Mr. Vincent Edwards. Any charges for room service or anything else he requires are to be charged to my statement. I’ll need an additional key card to give him, please.” The attendant reached for a box and handed Lucy an additional card for the penthouse.

Lucy walked away to the large pillar and Ernest joined her, but he was just a bit disappointed by her statement that she had a guest. Once she was sure of their privacy, she turned and smiled at the man. Looking into his eyes, she saw his disappointment and then lightly caressed his face.

“I’m glad you were still here,” she said, feeling and seeing his sexual excitement. “Don’t be disappointed Ernest, he will be staying in the guest room and, although we will be having sex, that doesn’t exclude our arrangement for tomorrow.”

His eyes stared into hers upon hearing her words and his cock immediately started to get hard. Ernest smiled and his eyes darted around quickly to make sure that no one was watching. He took her hand to his lips, kissing first her palm and then her wrist and gave a whispered moan showing her his interest. “I had some paperwork that I needed to do. It gives me maltepe escort great pleasure to see you again.”

Lucy continued, “In fact, if it wouldn’t bother you, he wishes to join us. How would you feel about that?”

Ernest smiled, but Lucy could see his uneasiness. He wasn’t sure; he’d never had sex with another man present before, but just the fact she was still willing to have sex with him again was enough. “That’ll be fine with me. What time?” he said, his strained yet controlled voice laced with lust.

“Come to the penthouse about nine tomorrow evening. I can’t wait to feel that cock of yours plowing my ass,” she whispered and lightly kissed his cheek.

Ernest squeezed her hand a little tighter and wished it were tonight, but she made it clear that tonight her interest would be with her guest. “I’ll stay here then when I get off work to ensure that I’ll be on time.” He kissed the back of her hand and then returned to his office to try to and get himself under control.

Lucy made her way to the elevator. When it opened at the penthouse, Vince was waiting for her, holding his suitcase. She handed him the spare card and told him it was his to use. He opened the door and stood aside for her to enter. She walked down the small hallway, into the living room area and crossed to the phone.

“Why don’t you get settled in the guest room and I’ll give Daniel a call?” she said. She picked up the phone and held it out to Vince. “I assume you know his number,” and she waited while Vince dialed it and handed the phone back to her. He left afterwards to unpack.

Daniel was spitting mad when coach came over to his apartment. Damn he wanted her and wanted her badly. He had already jacked off twice thinking of her hot body, voice and the words they had spoken. He was pissed off with his coach, his parents and the damn college. When the phone rang, he answered it with a snarl, “What?!”

“Daniel, this is Lucy. Is that any way to answer a phone?” she asked sweetly.

Daniel blushed even though there was no one to see him, “I-I’m sorry Lucy. I didn’t mean to yell at you. I’m just put out about tonight and …;” she cut him off.

“Daniel, don’t worry about it. I want you to play well in the game tomorrow, too. I can understand your coach’s point of view. I don’t wish for you to be too tired and then to play poorly; that would let me down as well as your team. I just called to ask if you’d like to join me tomorrow after the game?”

“Yes!” Daniel blurted.

Lucy smiled at his enthusiasm. “When does the game end?”

“It’s a morning game so it’ll probably end around one thirty or two o’clock. Where are you staying?” he asked.

“I’m at the West Imperial; just go to the penthouse. I think we’ll have a few things to discuss before we have sex, though,” Lucy said.

Daniel had a perplexed look on his face, “Things?”

“Yes, but we won’t go into that now. I just wanted to let you know what happened at the reception after you left. It seems we caught your mother in a lie and now she hates me even more than ever,” said Lucy.

“Like I told you earlier, that’s their problem and not mine,” Daniel said.

“The lie we caught her in involves your father and myself. I am letting you know that he’s left her. He’s my guest and will be using the guest room here. Neither of us is happy about how she ruined our lives, but I feel you’re adult enough to know the truth and make that decision for yourself. I’m telling you this because I suspect she will call you,” and Lucy sighed heavily for affect, “and probably tell another lie to compound the first.”

Daniel was stunned by her words. “Thank you for telling me, Lucy. I’ll be prepared for her call.”

“By the way, I’m responsible about your coach and all. I’m truly sorry because I really didn’t think about how it would affect your game. When your father asked me what you meant when you said that you would see me later, I told the truth, that it was for sex. Your mother got real mad at me as you can imagine. If you want to hate me too, Daniel, I’m sorry.” Lucy waited for his answer.

“No, I don’t hate you, Lucy. I guess I can see where they’re both coming from. I just really, really wanted you and I’m frustrated that we aren’t together tonight,” said Daniel.

“I think your father showed so much love and caring for you, Daniel. He’s so proud of you and just wanted what was best for you and I agreed with his decision. He also knows about us having sex tomorrow and is okay with it,” and Lucy laughed lightly, “He even said he wouldn’t have turned it down at nineteen either.”

‘Wow’, thought Daniel and gave a little laugh, feeling better too, ‘Dad knows and it’s okay. God, can it get any better’. “I’m going to work real hard to win that game tomorrow. The sooner its over with, the sooner I can get there and be with you, Lucy.” Daniel let his mind drift a bit, thinking over the situation.

There was a long pause and then Lucy asked, “Daniel, are you okay?”

“Yeah, just trying to think about what to say to Mother when she kartal escort calls.”

“May I ask a question, Daniel?”

“Sure, Lucy,” he said.

“Well first, I want you to put yourselves in our place, your Dad and me. How would you feel if someone lied and hurt you badly and then turned around and intentionally ruined your and your girlfriend’s life out of arrogance and deceit?” She paused to let her words sink in. “I know that your dad and I were poor, but there had been genuine feelings between us,” Lucy said.

Daniel thought over her words. “Yeah, I see what you mean. My mother and grandparents have always been that way. My dad always seemed more grounded in the real world.”

“I think I’m handling it better than your Dad,” said Lucy. “He’s pretty torn up about it and, I guess, other things your mother has done to him. That’s why I offered my guest room and he accepted. The question is Daniel, how do you feel about the fact that I’m going to have sex with you as well as your father?”

Daniel was quiet while he thought. He was trying to place himself in his Dad’s position. He knew that his parent’s marriage wasn’t a good one and he knew his mother had affairs all the time; he didn’t know of his father’s but had suspected. Maybe Lucy was the best thing to have happened; the air could finally clear and his parents could get on with their own lives and have a chance to be happy now.

“Daniel?” Lucy asked as the silence drew out.

“Yeah, I’m still here. I was just thinking. I’m okay with it, Lucy. I think he deserves some happiness after all he’s been through. If they make me choose between them, I’ll choose my father.” ‘And you too,’ he thought.

“Then I’ll say goodnight, Daniel, and will look forward to being with you tomorrow,” said Lucy.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can get cut loose. Goodnight, Lucy.” Daniel hung up the phone and then unplugged it; he was angry and had no intention of speaking with his mother. He got ready for bed to be well rested for the game and for Lucy.

Lucy hung up the phone and smiled; she could smell Vince’s cologne, knew that he was in the room and had heard her conversation with his son. She didn’t turn around or move, “Daniel said that if he has to make a choice, then he’ll choose you, Vince, over his mother,” she said. “He loves you very much and me having sex with you is fine with him; he wants you to be happy.” She then slowly turned around to look at Vince.

Vince was stunned as he listened to Lucy’s conversation with his son, but couldn’t bring it upon himself to interrupt or leave, so he just listened. She even took the blame upon herself for the coach. What she said after she hung up hit him hard and tears streamed down his face. So many emotions were playing inside of him right now, but relief and love were in the foremost. His son wanted him over his mother and was alright about him having sex with Lucy. He felt like a great weight had been taken off his shoulders.

Lucy smiled at Vince, “I think you need a drink, and I wouldn’t mind one myself.”

Her words sliced into his thoughts, “I’ll make them. What will you have?”

“There should be some scotch there that I specified; I’ll take mine neat,” and she crossed over to the couch to sit down.

“That sounds good to me, I’m a scotch drinker myself,” said Vince as he crossed over to the bar.

Lucy smiled when he gave out a whistle and he looked at her. “I’m almost afraid to open this Lucy. This is the most expensive Glenlevit there is!” he exclaimed.

“Yes, and it goes down smooth. We both need some right now, Vince,” she said.

Vince opened the bottle, poured them each a double and came over to the couch. He handed a glass to her and watched as she sipped a small amount, letting it lie in her mouth, savoring the flavor before swallowing. “You have excellent taste,” he commented.

“I wanted to thank you for being truthful with my son,” said Vince, taking a swallow of the fine scotch and then looking at her.

“I don’t know any other way to be, Vince. Lies are too hard to remember, but the truth is always there,” Lucy remarked.

Vince nodded his head in agreement, “Still, it means a lot to me. Especially knowing he chooses me over his mother and her money … that he loves me and knows that I love him,” then he smiled and gave a little laugh.

Lucy tilted her head a little, looking at him and waiting for him to continue.

“Lucy, I really wish you had come to a reunion earlier than this!” he said.

“Oh, Vince,” and she laughed, “Fate has a way of working these things out. What’s meant to be, will be.” She laid her glass down on the table and looked into Vince’s eyes, “Let’s go into the bedroom; the drinks will be here afterwards. I think you’ve kept me waiting long enough, don’t you agree?” She held out her hand to him.

Vince laid his drink down on the table also, took Lucy’s hand and stood, pulling her up against his body. He wasn’t as rushed now as he had been in the limo and his fingers traced the smoothness of her skin, smelling a scent of rose, and then kissed her deeply letting his tongue explore the recesses of her mouth. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes, both lovers breathing excitedly and smiling. He took her hand and led her into the bedroom; she pulled down the covers.

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