Lucy and Jason

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Jason was trying to focus on his work, but it was a losing battle. He knew that in less than an hour his Aunt Lucy would be arriving for her month-long stay while his parents flew to their summer home in the south of France. It was not as though he needed any adult supervision, he was, after all, attending graduate school, and was going to be graduating with his MBA after completing his final few courses in the fall term, but his parents were the worrying kind and had asked his aunt if she would stay at the house while they were away. Jason was not about to complain for many reasons, not the least of which being that Lucy was closer to his own age than his mother, and she was the coolest person he knew. She was also his best friend.

At twenty-two years of age Jason was anything but immature. He had reached his full height of just below six feet, and was looked as though he could walk onto any sports team and be a star, though he preferred working out in the gym rather than team sports. Violence was not something that appealed to the young man. Like his father, he had sandy brown hair and brown eyes, a welcome contrast to his mother’s blue eyes.

His mother’s parents had been quite young when their first daughter, his mother, had been born. Lisa had been a planned pregnancy and had been everything that the deeply religious family could have hoped for as they raised her through adolescence. Then, as Lisa reached her eighteenth birthday, her 37-year-old mother made a startling discovery: she was pregnant. It was something that came as a shock to the older couple, but Lucy had been born happy and healthy; what more could they have asked for? As much as Lisa liked the idea of having a baby sister around, she had already discovered the joys of being a fully-grown woman, and was anxious to get on with the things that a young adult did with her life, and her body.

Lisa had begun dating Jack when she was still seventeen, before Lucy had been born, and the two were married when she turned nineteen, just after Lucy had celebrated her first birthday. She was already a few months pregnant as she walked down the aisle, unabashedly dressed in virginal white, knowing that her father would have put a bullet through the middle of Jack’s eyes if he had found out that this strapping young man had deflowered his precious daughter. Her father had been extremely old fashioned and the thought of his daughter rutting around with some boy (it really didn’t matter that she and Jack had been engaged, they were having premarital sex, which was a sin) was inconceivable to the aging conservative.

It was hard enough on the older man to cope with the fact that he once again had an infant daughter to contend with, a little girl that would be growing up in a modern world full of wicked temptations, full of boys, the Internet, porn, and horrible diseases that might attack her delicate womanly parts. It made him crazy just thinking about it, making his heart beat a terrible tattoo as he considered the life his little girl would have to navigate before she reached adulthood.

For a brief instant after the wedding of his first daughter the older man had a horrible image of his infant daughter walking down the aisle, of his innocent Lucy in the grips of some monstrous beast on her wedding night, being ravaged, her maidenhead being shredded beneath some massive disembodied cock as it pummeled into her with relentless force. He found he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t get the horrible scene from his sight as his imagination kept churning the images, expanding the scene as he watched this young woman cry out in passion as her virginity was stolen on her wedding night. More than that, however, her father watched as this spectral groom did unspeakable things to his daughter, thrusting into her with what could only be described as a weapon—it was far too long, to large, to thick, to be attached to anything other than … he gasped as a blood vessel in his brain finally erupted from the blood pressure that had been going higher and higher as the images played out before his eyes.

When Lisa’s mother found him in the morning it appeared that her husband had passed away from a simple stroke. It was tragic, and everyone mourned, but that had also been how his father had died. With her other daughter having just been married, Lisa’s mother put all her focus into raising the young Lucy.


Some people marry for love, some for lust; Lisa had been raised to be quite practical. She had also done everything in her power to separate herself from the stifling conservatism that her parents had espoused while she had been growing up. Lisa could never be described as a ‘free spirit’ but, at the same time, she harbored a wild side. It was something that made her deeply attracted to the man she had chosen to be her husband. Her parents had raised her to understand that love was important, but it wasn’t the most important thing. There was no question in her mind that she had loved Jack, but she was probably more in love with the idea beşiktaş escort of being in love than anything else. Oh, she had loved him enough to let him have her cherry, and it had been a wonderful experience, but she had known, from the beginning, that he was also a good catch. That was, after all, more important, wasn’t it? She and her friends had discussed things like this when they talked about guys. They’d talk about the things the guys would try and do to them behind the bleachers in the football field, how they would try and cop a feel while they were making out, or innocently slip a hand up their skirt while sitting in the dark of the movie theatre.

All of it seemed like innocent fun, until one of those exploring fingers got too close to home. Lisa had always been extremely careful about anything related to sex, but Jack was different. When she saw him, his handsome features and strong hands, she saw someone that might make her change her mind. Jack was not only good looking, he was extremely intelligent and came from a good family. As her father had been fond of saying, Jack came from good stock. It was more than that though, and Lisa could tell: Jack was going to go places in life, and she wanted to go with him. Even more importantly, though she would have never said anything about this to her father—even if he had not died on her wedding night—Jack had something that would make any woman swoon: he had been given a rare gift, a marvelous, delightful penis that made her wet just thinking about what he was able to do to her during their lovemaking sessions.

As soon as she and Jack started spending time together it was obvious to the two of them that their feelings were mutual. Jack saw in the young woman a kindred spirit, a spirit he wanted to possess, a woman he wanted to know in every conceivable way. Lisa, while she had felt a strong attraction to Jack, also saw a way out of the life she had been living. She recognized that Jack was an ambitious man, a man who would make a name for himself; he was a man who knew what he wanted, and if that included her, that was fine. More than anything, however, it was Jack’s manhood that Lisa had fallen in love with.

When they had first made love, she had been afraid that Jack would hurt her, that his immense organ would rip her apart as it tore into her untouched inner sanctum. As much as she wanted to feel him inside her, as much as she wanted to become a woman, leaving the world of schoolgirl innocence behind her, Lisa did not want to be in pain. Her friends, the ones who had already lost their cherries, had told her that it would hurt—there would always be some pain—that was inevitable when the hymen was penetrated for the first time, but her real fear was not the small trickle of blood that would issue forth from her virginal pussy but rather the stretching she would experience from the rigid rod that would be entering her.

She had never actually seen Jack’s hardness, but she had felt it, clothed, beneath his pants while they were sitting in the movies. It had taken her breath away when her hand slid across the length of his erection, sliding down the leg of his trousers as his hand slid up her skirt. He had placed his jacket over their laps, in case anyone might have seen what they were doing, but they had been safe in the darkened theater. Even so, the feel of that thick snake had shocked the young woman, filling her mind with images of her innards being ripped asunder as her future lover pounded his tool into her waiting orifice, relentless in his pursuit of pleasure.

Once Lisa had felt Jack’s erection she knew it was only a matter of time before she saw it, before she touched its nakedness, before she allowed it to touch her, to enter her, to fill her with what she wanted the most.

In truth, Lisa had been jealous of her mother and her pregnancy with Lucy. Her mother had maintained her youthful appearance and being pregnant made her look even better. She had that glow that made pregnant women seem so desirable. When Lisa saw how much her mother was enjoying her unexpected pregnancy, even the thought of raising a second infant child as her first daughter was ready to leave home, she began feeling the desire to have her own child growing within her womb. Jack, she knew, was the ideal choice with whom she could fulfill that desire.

On the night that Lisa allowed Jack to finally have her she made only one request of her boyfriend, “I won’t ask you to wear a condom, but if you get me pregnant, you’ll have to marry me, okay?”

He took one look at his girlfriend, dropped to his knee, and proposed to her on the spot. “I’ll buy you a ring next week,” he promised, after she said yes, wiping tears from her eyes. They celebrated by making love more tenderly than she had ever thought possible. Yes, there was pain, yes, there was even some blood, but there was also a sense of release that Lisa could hardly articulate. It was beyond anything she could have imagined.


When beylikdüzü escort Jack’s first business became successful, Lisa had known she had chosen well. He was not only a good husband and provider, he was a good father to their only son, Jason. That was more important than anything to Lisa. She knew how difficult it was for her younger sister to be growing up without their father and wanted to make sure that Jason never lacked for anything. As soon as the young family had made enough money from Jack’s burgeoning business empire, a chain of grocery stores that were expanding along the east coast, the young couple bought a house for her mother and sister a few streets over so the two of them could be closer to the young family. Lucy became a fixture at the Bane household, spending more time with Lisa and Jason while Jack attended to his growing empire.

Since the two kids were only about a year apart in age, they were always close, even going to the same schools as they were kids. It was a family joke, however, for Jason to call Lucy his “Aunt”, even though they were practically the same age. By the time the two were in high school though, that had been dispensed with, though Jason’s parents still referred to her as his Aunt Lucy, if only around the house, and only playfully.

That had not changed the fact that Lisa was Lucy’s big sister. She still felt a certain responsibility toward her young sister, especially as she watched the young girl begin developing into a beautiful young woman. Knowing how scared she had been of her own first sexual encounter, and how wonderful it had turned out, Lisa was intent on ensuring that Lucy was more prepared than she had been when her younger sister eventually chose to give away her virginity. Even though she was busy with raising her own son, whenever she had the chance she would take the time to have private talks with her little sister, especially when she hit puberty and her body began to blossom.

Lucy cherished the times she and her sister spent together, but she especially loved the discussions they had about sex. These were discussions that she had never had with Patricia, her mother. As much as she would have loved to have had such open discussions about sex and sexuality with her mother, she was from a generation that could not cope with the idea of her daughter giving into the wanton lusts of her flesh. At least, that was how Lisa thought of her mother. Her mother had, in fact, been a child of the 60s, but where others of that era had found the times liberating, Patricia had been raised in an extremely conservative household and had married a man who had thought that sex was for making babies. Lisa had never known that she had been conceived on her parent’s wedding night, though she might have guessed as much by the fact that her birthday was nearly nine months to the day after their wedding anniversary. Her little sister, it had turned out, was the result of her father having had too much to drink one evening, and her mother having had the odd idea that, at her age, nothing could happen if he just slid it in for a bit of a look around.

She had been wrong. Patricia had not been trying to get pregnant, but it had happened. It had only been the second time her husband had been inside her, and each time had resulted in a pregnancy. Other than that, as attractive as she was, Patricia had never given much thought to pleasuring herself. Her conservative background had made anything having to do with sex seem so dirty that the idea of self-pleasure was simply inconceivable. On the few occasions that she had touched herself, always by accident while taking a shower, she had jerked her hand away from that private place.

It was dirty. Not something that nice women did to themselves. Certainly not something that a married, respectable woman would do. Certainly not something that a mother would do.

There was, after all, more to life to sex; more to life than pleasure.

When her husband died, the night of her daughter’s wedding, Patricia silently closed the door to the possibilities of her experiencing sexual pleasure from another man. It was certainly not something she would discuss with her daughter, even though she seemed much happier in her marriage than she had ever been.

Lisa spared no details when she told her younger sister about what she had to look forward to when she eventually found herself with a man, a man who loved her, she was quick to add. She even used visual aids to help the young girl understand what she had to look forward to, calling up some of her favorite sites online to let the young teen see what a man’s erection would look like, and what different men looked like without their clothes on.

That was when their talks turned to Jack and his penis. Lisa was, at first, reluctant to give her sister too much information about her husband’s package, but her sense of pride in her husband was such that she couldn’t help herself. Before long, beyoğlu escort Lisa was telling her baby sister everything, including the fact that her husband’s penis was nearly as thick as her forearm, and almost ten inches long.

Lucy was aghast at the idea of something so massive sliding inside her sister, a woman who could hardly be considered tall. Lisa only stood about five-foot-five, and only wore heels on rare occasions. On top of that she had a small frame, though her body was perfectly well proportioned. As many years as separated the two sisters, they were quite similar, though Lucy was taking after her mother and was a bit shorter than Lisa. When she finished growing she ended up at just an inch over five-foot in height, but, like her sister, her body was perfectly proportioned. Both women had silky blonde hair and sultry blue eyes.

Lisa did her best to provide Lucy what she had never had growing up, including the material things that she had missed. Both she and Jack had agreed that, since they could afford it, they would make sure that her little sister would have the same advantages that their son had, as though she was the daughter they’d never had. Seeing the trepidation on her little sister’s face at the idea of such a massive thing intruding inside her she decided to help her, to train her as it were. When Lucy turned seventeen Lisa bought her a special present, a secret gift that would be kept just between the two sisters.

To Lucy’s shock, and joy, her older sister had given her a 10-inch dildo.

“Now,” Lisa had said, in great seriousness, “you can’t try and shove it inside all at once …”

Lucy had nearly fainted at the thought of having the massive rubber phallus filling her virgin pussy. At the same time, holding it in her hands was making her feel things that she had only felt while her sister had shown her the explicit pictures and videos that they had watched while talking about Uncle Jack. As exciting as that had been, as aroused as she had felt then, the young woman had never allowed herself to think about her uncle as anything other than her sister’s husband. She loved him, but he had always been like a father to her, not anything more.

There was, on the other hand, another boy who had caught her eye, a boy who also happened to remind her a great deal of her uncle.

As she held the pliant rubber dildo in her hands, allowing herself to slowly stroke its length from the tip to its rubber testicles, Lucy imagined she was holding her nephew’s erection in her hands, stroking him, teasing him as her pussy twitched in anticipation of future pleasures. She had discovered her nephew’s condition, if you could call it that, the previous summer while their family was vacationing at the lake. It had all been perfectly innocent, at least, that was what she told herself. They had taken a canoe out to a small island, in the middle of the lake, for an afternoon picnic. It was something they had done dozens of times over the previous summers and nobody thought anything about it when the two teens announced their plans that morning.

Lisa packed their picnic basket and Lucy made sure they had blankets to sit on and plenty of sunscreen and anything else they might need for an enjoyable afternoon.

“Have fun you two,” Lisa called as the canoe slipped into the lake. “Be safe,” she chided, as she always did when her son and little sister left her sight. She was rewarded by a wave of the paddle by her confident son and a cheerful wave from Lucy as she helped him steer the canoe toward their island destination near the center of the small lake.

After lunch they decided to take a swim in the warm water of the lake, and were lying on the blankets, enjoying the sun. They had decided to set up their picnic area on the far side of the island, the side opposite the shore facing their family on the lakeshore, under the shade of a large maple tree. It was a lovely, warm day and the two teens were enjoying their time alone.

“So,” Lucy said, turning to Jason as he laid on his back, his eyes closed, enjoying the warm breeze, “have you been seeing anyone?” She knew the answer, but was in a teasing mood.

Jason opened his eyes, shifting his position, “No,” he grunted, glancing at Lucy. “You should know better. When would I have the time?”

“Well,” she exhaled, “you could always try …”

“Try what?” He looked at her suspiciously.

Lucy smiled and began telling Jason about what her sister had told her about sex, including the videos and galleries she had been showing her online. Jason was shocked that his own mother would have been showing Lucy porn, but then thought about it and realized that she would have probably discovered it on her own. It wasn’t as though grandma would have had ‘the talk’ with his aunt. His mother had confided in him that, as far as she knew, his grandmother had been with one man, and only twice at that. While he had never been with a woman—at least, not yet—he could not imagine being married to an attractive woman (it was hard to admit that his grandmother was attractive, but she bore a striking resemblance to his mother, who looked a great deal like Lucy) and not wanting to make love to her whenever possible. In fact, the thought of it was beginning to give him that all too familiar feeling between his legs as the blood began to engorge his manhood.

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