Lucky Josh part 10

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Back in the kitchen, Josh saw Vanessa setting the table humming happily.
“You’re in a good mood” Josh said walking to the stove.
“The best” she replied, focused on her task “I’m sleeping over tonight.”
“Sleeping?” Josh joked at her.
Vanessa turned and her smile was kind and happy “maybe not sleeping all the time.”
“Good for you” he smiled back and finished the last preparations for the dinner.
“Too bad you’re a man otherwise I’d stolen you from Cam” she said looking at him.
Josh turned and smiled at her “thank you for that compliment, it means a lot to me that you approve of Cam and me.”
Vanessa grinned and replied “Yeah I guess that’s what I mean but mind you, next Wednesday, I’ll be expecting some quality servicing from you, Cam told me everything and I want the full service, maybe even not just the oral one.”
Blinking twice, Josh smiled and nodded saying “as you wish.”
I really need to make a schedule for everything he thought or else I am going to screw myself to an early grave.
Figuring it would be a happy death at least he called everybody to the kitchen.

Everybody enjoyed the dinner Josh had prepared and he was complimented more than once.
Megan expressed her surprise at Lindsey, who normally found meat to be, in her terms, yucky, as she attacked the steak with vigor.
During the meal, Josh was teased more than once by Cam and a few others under the table.
Grinning he let nothing on and was pleased to see so many happy faces around him.
After dinner, everybody went their own way with Josh and Danni taking their coffee to the pool area, sitting down at the bar.
“Well” Danni said “you never seize to amaze Josh” after a few moments.
He smiled and let his eyes flow over her fine figure.
“That was a great dinner and a fun group, it has been a while since I felt so relaxed and welcome” she continued leaning towards him, showing her cleavage off.
“You are always welcome here Danni, you know that” Josh teased her.
“I do, but experiencing it is something else and you have formed a rather special group of people around you, all very accepting and understanding.”
“I feel at home with them, almost as welcome as you have made me feel.”
Danni sipped her coffee and smiled when some cream ended up on her nose.
Leaning closer, Josh licked the cream away and gave her a soft kiss.
“I feel close and safe with you as well Danni” he said, sitting back.
“Safe” she repeated softly “yes I suppose so, I feel safe with you, free to be myself.”

She was silent for a while, sipping her coffee and looking out to the sea.
Josh sat in silence with her, just enjoying her company.
“This is wonderful, you’re wonderful” Danni said after almost half an hour.
“No demands, no pressure, just your company.”
She reached for his hand and held it gently asking “can we go inside, somewhere private?”
“Follow me” Josh said and stood up holding her hand, leading the way inside.
A few minutes later they arrived at the still mostly packed recreation room.
All the exercise equipment, pool table and plasma tv were still packed.
The big couch near the fireplace however was already unpacked and assembled.
He led her to it and told her to sit down while he lit up the fireplace.
It was a fake fireplace but a really good one so when he fired it up, it gave the right mood.
“I’ll be right back” Josh said and left the room.
Josh got a bottle of red wine, a pair of glasses and a big blanket before heading back.
Back in the room, he turned the lights low so the fireplace gave a warm light and sat down next to Danni, throwing the blanket over both of them.
Smiling she removed her shoes and snuggled close to him.
“Perfect” she said and rested her head against his chest, his arm around her shoulder.
Within minutes she was sound asleep, her face looking at peace.
Josh smiled at her and relaxed with his feet on the small table, sipping his wine.

Danni slept for several hours and Josh had dozed of a few times as well when her telephone rang.
Josh quickly answered it, hoping not to wake Danni.
“Danni Morgan’s phone, who may I say is calling?”
“Josh, that you?” Burt said on the other side of the line.
“Hey Burt and yes it is.”
“Is Danni there? I need her for a moment.”
“She’s sleeping, is it urgent?” Josh asked, looking at her peaceful sleeping form.
“Sleeping? You either wore her down or she felt really relaxed then.”
“I think she was just really tired, she fell asleep next to me on the couch after coffee.”
“Hmm, let her sleep then, could you do me a favor than?”
“What you need?” Josh asked wondering why Burt needed his help.
“I am with three girls at the moment so I can’t leave but I need someone to bail a girl out quickly.”
“Who and where?” Josh asked getting his phone out.
“I’ll know in a few minutes but the station where she’s being held is close to your home.”
“I think I know where it is” Josh said “I saw a police station on my way to the mall.”
“Thanks Josh, I owe you one” Burt said and hung up.

Taking both phones he wrote a small note for Danni and made sure she was comfortable.
Walking as quietly as he could he left the room and made his way upstairs, getting Angela’s car keys and papers and changing into a suit.
When he passed their room, he could hear them having a great time.
Smiling he went outside, checked his wallet for ID and his credit card and started the car.
Although without license to drive, he had enough lessons to feel secure enough to drive over there, punching police station in the navigator.
The drive over was quick, this late there was little traffic and Josh was lucky with the lights.
Parking in front of the station, Josh walked in hoping that Burt would call soon with the identity of the girl he needed to post bail for.
A man was getting his eyes rinsed by a medic and Josh thought he looked familiar.
When he got closer he recognized the man, it was the same guy that had assaulted Melody.
Looking around him, he tried to spot her, figuring she would be the girl needing bail.
“Can I help you?” a stern woman’s voice asked him.

Turning around he saw a huge woman towering over him, he just passed her shoulder in height.
Her figure was good and everything was in great proportion, she was just a size bigger.
“Wow” Josh said with a smile “you can but I might get arrested just for asking.”
She looked at him surprised and then laughed loudly, startling some of her colleagues.
“Okay” she said, wiping a tear of laughter “seriously, what can I do for you?”
“I need to post bail for Melody Hunter” Josh said smiling, glad that melody had put her full name in his phone.
“Ah, okay, follow me” the big police woman said and walked to a counter.
“You know what she’s in for?”
“No, but if it’s related to that piece of crap getting his eyes done than I can guess.”
That stopped the woman and she turned to face him again.
“It is” she said, looking at Josh with trained police eyes.
Josh felt small under her stare and imagined her naked to keep his cool.
“Hmm, anyway” she continued after Josh didn’t break under her stare “bail is set at ten thousand dollar for use of an illegal chemical agent.”
“No problem” Josh said and asked “what’s the bail for aggravated assault and stalking?”
“You need a judge for that, why do you ask, you’re a lawyer, you should know better than me.”
“Lawyer?”Josh said surprised “what makes you say that?”
“The suit, your presence and self assured attitude” she replied getting the form she needed.
“Well I am not, I am a friend of Melody and even if I was a lawyer, how many do you know with a sense of humor?”
She looked curiously at Josh and said “None.”
“I’ll need your card and ID” she said but her demeanor was kinder now.

Josh handed them over and she copied the needed data, looking twice when she saw his passport, checking his immigration stamp.
“J stands for?” she asked printing out the forms.
“Josh” he heard another officer saying and looked up surprised to see Lisa in uniform walking towards them.
“Lisa?” Josh said surprised “I didn’t know you were a police officer.”
“Besides being a kick ass key board player in a metal band? Yes I am.”
“And we call ourselves cops Josh, you are being too polite again” Lisa joked and looked at the papers.
“Bailing out a woman Josh, when will you stop being such a hero for us girls?” she grinned.
“A moment please” the big cop said and walked a bit back with Lisa, whispering.
A minute later Lisa came back and asked “Josh, I need you to tell me what you know of this woman in relation to that man” pointing to the guy from the party.
Josh told them exactly what had happened at the party, leaving out the call girl part.
The big cop laughed again when he was finished and took his hand shaking it.
“Well done kid, my name is Kendra and I am pleased to meet you, Mr. half a million.”
Josh gave Lisa a foul mock stare and was about to sign the papers for the bail when Kendra took them and tore them up.
“No need for bail this time, I’ll let her go with a warning and you tell her to get pepper spray instead of mace okay?”
“I will” he replied smiling “and I am pleased to have met you as well Kendra.”
“Yeah well, you are okay in my book Josh, few enough decent men around as it is.”
With that, she turned and got back to her work, leaving Lisa with Josh.
“I’ll get her for you but before I do, is it true?” Lisa asked with hopeless romantic eyes.
“If you are referring to my proposing to Cam then yes, she accepted” he said grinning.
“Congratulations Josh, I am sure you’ll make her very happy.”
“I plan to” he replied smiling like a fool.
“We’ll talk more on Wednesday” Lisa whispered and went back to get Melody out of her cell.

A few minutes later Melody walked besides Josh out of the station.
Her eyes were red from crying and she hadn’t canlı bahis said anything yet, Josh wasn’t sure she’d even recognized him.
He led her to the car and buckled her seat belt, walking around when Danni’s phone went off.
“Hey Burt, I have her in the car now, no bail needed, the charge dropped with a warning.”
It remained silent for a moment before a very quiet Burt asked “How did you do that?”
Josh explained what happened and told him about Lisa and the band.
Again it was quiet for a moment and Josh waited for Burt to respond.
“You walk a blessed path Josh” Burt finally said “and I am proud to walk with you.”
Red headed he thanked Burt for the compliment and asked “Is that Bushido or Taoist?”
“Something like that, but it’s more of a Burtisme” he laughed at the other side.
“I’ll take Melody home with me, is there anybody else that needs to be contacted?”
“I’ll take care of that Josh and thanks again sport, I owe you big time.”
With that last statement Burt hung up and Josh sat down next to Melody, starting the car.

The drive back was even quicker, going away from the center.
They were almost there when Melody started crying again and Josh quickly parked.
“Melody, look at me, you are safe” Josh said holding her hand.
He talked for a little while longer until she finally looked at him saying “Josh?”
“Yeah it’s me, you’re safe now, I am taking you to my home”
“Danni’s there and no one else knows you’re with me, well, besides Burt.”
“You came for me? You bailed me out?” she said between her sobs.
“Burt called for Danni but she was asleep so I came for you and the charges were dropped so don’t you worry about that okay?”
“He came for me again Josh, he followed me from my home” she cried, angry tears rolling down her face.
“I know” Josh said “let’s get you safe first okay, then we’ll talk.”
He drove the last bit silently, casting a glance every now and then on Melody.
When they finally arrived, she was asleep in the passenger seat.
She must be exhausted he thought and opened the front door before lifting her out of the car and brought her to his room.
Melody didn’t wake when Josh lay her down on his bed, removing most of her clothes he covered her under his blanket and kissed her on her fore head, wishing her a good night.
Quietly he closed his door behind him and taped a note on the door saying “do not disturb, Melody is sleeping, call me when she is awake, Josh.”

Back in the recreation room, Josh found Danni still asleep.
He sat down next to her and looked at her sleeping face, restful and relaxed.
The phones he put on the table, just in case and finished his glass of wine.
Taking of his shoes, he heard a noise coming from the pool and something that sounded like giggling.
Josh walked up to the glass door and looked at the pool, seeing four naked women playing around.
Smiling he sat down on the floor and watched Megan and Cam have fun with Lindsey and Vanessa, the soft pool light showing less than Josh would have liked.
The play was definitely sexual in nature and more than a few kisses were given.
Josh felt himself grow hard when he saw Megan go down on Cam and Vanessa kissing with Lindsey.
“Beautiful sight isn’t it?” Danni whispered behind him.
“This is what I meant Josh, when I talked about the special people you gathered.”
“Look at them, enjoying each other freely and with glee and fun, that is all you my love.”
Josh smiled at Danni when she sat down next to him, covering them both beneath the blanket.
“How do you feel?” he asked her, his arm moving over her shoulders.
“Happy” she said laying her head on his shoulder “and content, just being here with you is nice.”
“Hey” she exclaimed when her head touched his shoulder “when did you change?”
“While you slept, I had to take care of an errant, nothing you need to worry about just now, tomorrow is soon enough.”
She looked at him, considered asking what he wasn’t telling her but decided to trust him.
“Okay” she said and sat back again.

They both resumed their view of the women enjoying each other.
When Megan showed Lindsey how to fist Cam and Vanessa, Josh really needed to adjust his cock in his pants.
Danni grinned and said “does it make you horny watching women play with each other?”
“Yes, it does, especially if I know them intimately.”
Danni’s hand went to his cock and when she couldn’t undo his pants, she moved under the blanket and used both hands.
A second later his cock was free and he felt her breath on his cockhead.
“You keep watching and telling me what they are doing, in detail” she said from beneath the blanket.
Her lips then slowly pressed themselves around his cock, taking him in her mouth agonizingly slow, her tongue wet and teasing him in all the right places.
“Oh god” he said when she was halfway “Lindsey is being eaten by Megan, sitting on her face and the little one is fisting both Cam and Vanessa, who are kissing.”
“They are playing with their tits, their legs spread so wide” Josh moaned loudly again under the teasing care of Danni’s mouth “her arm is almost to the elbow in them, god that is so hot to watch.”
Danni took extra care of his cockhead with her tongue, licking it with long thick laps.
She lingered every time neat his peephole, pressing her tongue in and around it.
“They are moving closer, to the hot tub now, Vanessa is starting it up, god she’s hot, her nipples are huge and she has a big tattoo on her lower back, a tribal tramp stamp” Josh groaned.
“I’m getting one soon” Danni said, releasing is cock for a moment.
“Oh that is so hot, where?” Josh asked, sticking his head under the blanket.
“Just above my sweet and wet love canal” she grinned, turning for a kiss.
“Can they see us from the hot tub?”
“They could if we were closer to the slide door and a bit more in the light, why?” Josh asked.
“I’m feeling naughty, the thought of them seeing us makes me so horny” she breathed heavily.
She got up, straightened her dress before taking it off.

Completely naked she stood in the light of the fireplace, her ebony skin looking even darker in the twilight glow.
“You are so beautiful” Josh said gazing at her fine figure and smiled when she held her big breasts up, licking her nipples one after the other.
“That is so sexy” he moaned, playing with his cock.
“I agree” she said, licking her lips, looking at his hand on his cock.
“Your cock has such nice skin texture and is a perfect size for me to play with, with my mouth and tongue” Danni said pulling him to his feet “and my hands.”
Danni walked to the sliding door and looked at the women near the hot tub.
They were still waiting for the tub to be filled and passed the time with kisses and other fun things.
“Stand here” she said and place Josh in front of the door, facing the hot tub.
Pressing her body close to his back, she wrapped one arm around his lower chest and the other found its way to his cock.
Josh saw his faint reflection in the glass, the suit looked great on him but the hand on his free cock felt better he thought and shifted his focus to the tub area.
The girls were all in the tub now, relaxing by the looks of it.
Slowly Danni started to jack him front behind, both of them looking at the girls in the tub.

Vanessa sighed in contentment as the hot water relaxed her excited body.
Lindsey and Megan sat together, Lindsey leaning against Megan’s shoulder and only Cam looked a bit bored.
“Perhaps Josh and Danni would like to join us?” she asked the others.
“Ask them if you like” Megan said “but if they’re busy, I suggest you wait a bit, let her have some fun.”
Nodding, Cam left the tub and walked towards the towel rack to dry herself.
Rubbing her hair semi dry she spotted movement nearby and when she looked up to see, she saw Josh and Danni near the sliding door of the recreation room.
Danni was masturbating Josh in full view and Cam grinned, walking towards the door.

“We’ve got a viewer” Danni said when Cam sat down in front of the door on her towel.
Josh opened his eyes and smiled at Cam who spread her legs wide so he got a good view of her pussy and started to play with herself.
She looked up to see his face and smiled when she saw him looking at her.
Luridly she liked her lips, sucked slowly on her fingers and fake moaned when she put several fingers in her cunt.
“Oh god, Danni, you’ve got to see this” Josh moaned under Danni’s careful jacking.
Danni moved a little to the side and saw Cam sitting in front of them, playing with herself in a most sexy way.
“Damn Josh, she’s hot” Danni exclaimed giving Cam a big grin and a thumbs up.
“Yeah, so are you” Josh said and kissed her now she was a bit closer.
Cam sat on her knees, her hand busy between her legs and she opened her mouth close to Josh’s cock on the other side of the glass, her tongue running around her lips, waiting for him to come.
Danni increased speed when she saw what the small Latino was doing and started to whisper in Josh’s ear “come for me baby, shoot your bitch’s mouth full of your cum, make me proud you dirty boy, that’s it baby, moan for me, I want to feel your cock squirm in my hand, that’s it, that’s it baby, you like this baby, shoot for me, blast it all out, I am going to make you come so hard baby boy, you’ll scream my name.”
Her dirty talk and Cam’s show made Josh cry out and he shouted “Oh Fuck, Danni.”
Danni jacked him all the way through, aiming at Cam, his cum blasting against the glass.
Cam almost came from the show in front of her, keeping her fingers busy she pretended to lick his cum from the glass.
Out of breath, Josh smiled at Cam, recovering from his intense orgasm.
Danni watched Cam, sat down in front of her and pressed her tits against the glass, rubbing Josh’s cum all over them.
Cam watched Danni flatten her tits and rubbing them through bahis siteleri Josh’s cum, the sight pushing her over the edge and she came hard, her juices almost spraying against the glass.

Danni turned to Josh and said “Get naked love, quickly” looking at his still hard cock.
Josh quickly undressed and watched Cam open the door, get in and suck on Danni’s breasts, licking his cum from them.
Danni moaned loudly when Cam bit her nipples and cried “Josh, I need you in me, quick.”
“Can I stay and play?” Cam asked Danni, holding Danni’s tits tightly together and playing with her nipples.
“If you do as I tell you, you can” a sultry voiced Danni answered.
Cam agreed and started to lick her nipples again, massaging the big breasts.
“Oh Cam, that is nice” Danni moaned and held her head tight against her breast.
Josh was naked now, standing next to Danni and going for her free nipple.
“Yes” she cried when they both sucked her nipples “that’s what I want, both your focus on me, pleasure me, make me scream your names in my orgasms.”
Both looked at each other, nipple in mouth and smiled, their hands coming together for a moment and love and understanding flowed between Josh and Cam.
“You keep busy with her tits” Josh whispered to Cam ”while I fuck her from behind.”
Cam nodded and grabbed the tit Josh had and massaged it hard, pinching her nipple when she got there.

Josh had Danni stand at an angle in front of the door, her hands against the glass with arms stretched and her legs wide.
Moving down beneath her, Cam resumed her work on the now hanging huge tits.
She saw Josh’s cock slowly slide into Danni and couldn’t help herself, using a free hand to masturbate at the sight of his pale cock entering that dark pussy.
“Oh yeah” Danni sighed as Josh pushed his cock in her hot wet cunt “give it to me baby.”
She felt his hands getting a good grip on her hips and shortly after he pulled his cock out, very slowly, almost passing her labia with the tip of his cock.
She waited for his trust deep in her and when he finally did, she gasped in pleasure when he went in slow again at a high upwards angle.
Every inch deeper, she felt his cockhead in her, teasing and pleasing her, moving at an almost upward angle.
“Oh yeah faster Josh, make my tits bounce” Danni whispered.
“You rather have it fast and hard Danni my love?” Josh asked in a teasing tone.
“Yes” she almost hissed, her cunt starting to leak her juices so excited was she.
Josh moved out slowly again until he was barely in her and then rammed with all his strength back in her, his hands pulling her hips towards him as he trust his cock in as hard and as deep as he could, as fast as he could.
Danni cried out and started her litany of profanity, enticing both Cam and Josh, urging them on.
“Pinch my nipples, harder, yeah, that’s it you luscious bitch, harder Josh, fuck that pussy, don’t tickle it, ram it in, oh yeah, like that, keep it up, oh nice yeah, rub my clit, rub it harder make me beg for more you pussies, can’t take a real woman can you, oh yeah …”
She kept it up all the way until her orgasm, she was silent for a second and then yelled “oh my god”, squirting her cum past Josh’s cock and losing control of her bladder, pissing wildly all over him.
Josh kept on fucking her, getting her warm piss all over his legs, her cunt so lubricated and lose, that he rammed her cervix every time.

Cam pulled Danni’s face down and pressed her lips hard on her mouth, her tongue forcing its way in and seeking hers.
Responding to the kiss, Danni kissed back fiercely, her gasps disappearing in Cam’s mouth.
She had come really hard and even though she was extremely wet, she began to feel her cunt getting too sensitive for this onslaught.
Then she noticed she had been pissing on him and couldn’t help but laugh.
Cam kept Danni’s smiling face between her hands and kept her tongue occupied through the laughter, grinning herself as well.
Josh was not only wet with the piss and juices of Danni, he was sweating a bit as well, giving him a soft glow in the mood light.
“Oh stop, stop, stop” Danni screamed in Cam’s mouth, her cunt almost hurting from the sensations Josh was ramming into it,
“Okay, on your hands and knees then” Josh simply said and helped her get on her knees, Cam moving to the side with Josh.
Opening her butt cheeks, he positioned his cockhead at her asshole and gently but with force pushed his cock in.
“Oh shit” Danni moaned with glee and she saw that the three other women were watching them.
“Damn you are tight Danni love” Josh said when he finally was in deep enough.
“Want it tighter?” Cam asked close to Danni’s ear.
“If you are planning what I think you are, hell yes” Danni almost spat in delight.
“Sec Josh” Cam said and licked his nipple before rubbing her hand in Danni’s slit, causing her to shudder and moan.
Once it was wet enough, she made a point with all her fingers and opened up Danni’s pussy lips with her free hand, Josh standing above and in front of her.
Slowly Cam moved her hand into Danni’s cunt until her wrist almost disappeared between Danni’s swollen lips.
Josh felt Cam’s hand with his cock and his passage getting even tighter.
“Holy shit” Danni whimpered “that’s a first for me, have been sandwiched before, never fisted and butt fucked.”
After they all settled into position, Josh slowly pulled out and rammed it back in, setting a pace straight away with Cam twisting her arm, halfway in Danni’s cunt.
Danni just screamed silently, her mouth open and eyes wide as she was violated in the most exquisite way, three sets of eyes focused on her from the hot tub.
Josh really pounded her ass and quickly the tightness with his arousal made his climax come close so he panted heavily to Danni “Want me to shoot your ass full of my delicious cum?”
“NO” Danni screamed “let your wife take in her mouth, DON”T swallow Cam, DON”T.”

Danni locked eyes with Megan who was leaning over the tub, looking at the spectacle with Vanessa and Lindsey.
A quick movement with her head motioned them over and quickly they responded, running wet and naked towards them.
“Oh yeah Cam, twist it, twist it, oh yeah I’m coming again” Danni screamed as Josh plowed in her for the last time, taking his cock out and forcing it in Cam’s mouth.
Cam almost choked, so hard did Josh penetrate her mouth, his warm and wet cock deep in.
She could feel his cock starting to expand and got ready for his cum, her hand still tormenting Danni.
Weakened, Danni rested on her elbows, her head looking up to smile at Megan who was closest.
They all saw Josh remove his cock from her ass, red and angry from the tightness and pushing it into Cam’s mouth.
Head thrown back Josh moaned hard as he felt his cock shoot all his cum in his loving girlfriend’s mouth, her free hand jacking him for more when he was done.
Cam removed her hand from Danni’s cunt with a loud plop and suddenly saw her audience.
Her mouth full of cum, she tried to smile but couldn’t without leaking it.
Danni got up slowly and sat next to Cam saying “share him with me my love.”
Moving her head closer, Cam kissed Danni and shared his cum with her.
Vanessa opened the door saying softly “I almost came just from watching, I am so horny right now I can’t believe it.”
Josh smiled at the other women and leaned back against the couch, his cock soft and spend.
Danni broke the kiss and stood up, kissing Megan and sharing her part of the cum with her.
The two big breasted women held each other closely as they kissed passionately, cum dripping from the sides of their mouths.
Vanessa looked at them and then let her gaze fall on Cam “you got some left?”
Cam nodded and Vanessa helped her up, kissing Cam deeply, seeking Josh’s cum with her tongue. The taste wasn’t all that bad she thought as she got deeper into the kiss.
Lindsey looked at the two couples and felt left out until she saw Josh sitting on the floor, his legs spread and eyes closed.
Quickly she moved between his legs and started to suck on his soft cock, licking the sperm that was still there.

When Megan and Danni broke their kiss they both grinned at Lindsey, sucking on Josh’s soft cock with a passion.
Josh smiled lazily at Danni and Megan, still embracing each other like long lost lovers.
His gaze moved to his beloved Cam and Vanessa who were still deep in their cum drenched kiss before settling on the small head bobbing up and down on his cock.
He looked at Megan again, a questioning look and she shrugged and smiled telling him that she was fine with it.
Josh lifted Lindsey’s head up saying “thanks but I need a moment please, to recover a bit.”
Lindsey looked disappointed, wanting to have his cock in her mouth still but settled for a good kiss, sitting up against Josh and kissing him.
When Josh replied to the kiss but made no other move, she took first his left hand and brought it to her small tit, followed by his right hand which she positioned on her small and wet cunt.
She sat down on his hand and Josh started to play with her slit, teasing her clit and rubbing her lips, sticking a finger in her cunt for extra fun.
It didn’t take Lindsey very long to come and she gave a high pitched cry when she came, riding his hand.
Megan lifted her up, smiling at Josh and mouthing “thank you” before taking Lindsey with her to bed.
“Night all and thanks” she said before walking upstairs.
“We’ll be going as well” Cam said and crawled on all fours to Josh, kissing his cock and then his lips “later boyfriend.”
She got up, gave Danni a hug and looked at Vanessa who stared at Josh.
Vanessa blinked and looked at Cam smiling like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
Slowly and uncertain, she followed the route Cam had take, only she briefly took Josh’s cock in her mouth, licking it before giving him a real kiss.
“Not bad, for a man” bahis şirketleri she grinned and got up, giving Danni a really good kiss too.
They both said goodnight and left, leaving Josh and Danni alone again.

Josh groaned a bit when he stood up, his muscles cold from the floor.
Danni couldn’t resist and smiled saying “old man.”
Laughing they went to the pool shower to get cleaned up, removing the remnants of their previous love making session.
With care, they washed each other, exploring each other’s body in a casual and tender way.
Josh kissed each of her nipples, feeling the hard texture of her skin with his lips.
“You are such a beautiful woman” Josh whispered “I could explore and enjoy you forever.”
“The only thing greater than your beauty is your heart, you are such a sweet woman Danni.”
Danni closed her eyes and pulled him close, kissing him softly on his cheek.
Her emotions were running rampant in her mind, she felt his love for her and wondered how to respond or even deal with all that she was feeling right now.
Wanted, desired and loved together with safe and secure and finally so welcome, she felt welcome in his life, not for what she offered but for who she was.
“Can we sit and talk so more Josh?” she said quietly, holding him closer for a moment before releasing her embrace.
“Sure, I’ll get us some towels” Josh said and ran off to get them.

Dried and covered by a blanket they sat on the couch again, naked beneath this time.
Their glasses had been filled again and they had toasted to their friendship.
Danni couldn’t stop looking at Josh and felt like a schoolgirl falling in love all over again.
Josh had seen her look and smiled at her, pulling her into his arms and said “penny for your thoughts love.”
Danni nestled against his chest and replied “What are your feelings for me Josh?”
“I love you” he simple stated.
Having a hard time controlling her emotions, Danni covered them by nestling even deeper, giving her some time to answer.
“How do you love me?” she whispered, happy that he did but afraid at the same time for his answer.
“I love you like I love Cam, I love you for the woman that you are, the person you are, your kindness and heart and let’s not forget your fine body, would be lying if I left that out.”
“You love me like Cam?” she asked emotionally, her voice breaking up.
“Yes I do, why are you so surprised?” Josh asked gently.
“I don’t know” she softly said.
Josh kissed the top of her held and held her close, feeling her tears fall on his hip.
“Why do you think I knew exactly what you needed? There is a connection between us, just like I have with Cam that just is, I don’t question it, I accept it and act on it.”
“Perhaps that is why everything went so fast between us, but I don’t care, I know that I can be good for you and that you are good for me, either as a friend, lover or partner, whatever you need Danni, if I can I will give it to you, free, without restraint or demand” Josh finished softly.
Holding back more tears, Danni couldn’t recall any time in her life she felt so happy.
Here was a young man, half her age telling her how special she was and meant every word of it with all his heart, accepting her for who and what she was, not caring about her color or work, simply because he loved her, just like that.
“You are kind and wise beyond your years Josh” Danni spoke a little more at ease.
“Thank you.”
“Tell me you love my dark skin” she asked.
“I love your beautiful ebony skin, the deep color, the scent and the soft feeling of it.”
“Tell me that you love my body” Danni asked moving up a bit.
“Oh, I love your kind face, your perfect figure with strong hips and beautiful ass, your big tits and wonderful nipples and your welcoming pussy, your soft lips and piercing eyes, it is an amazing package your body and I love every inch of it.”
“Tell me what you want from me” she asked sitting down in his lap, facing him.
“I want your friendship and love.”
“Tell me what you want to do to me” Danni whispered, her face close to his.
“I want to make you happy” Josh said just as softly before kissing her.
The kiss was slow and gentle, almost chaste even.
“I love you” Danni whispered “ you are the first man I ever said it to and really meant it.”
“I love you too Danni” Josh answered tenderly.

His hands were softly gliding up and down her back, feeling her smooth skin.
He felt her Goosebumps when he said that he loved her and smiled softly.
“What do you need right now from me Danni? You can ask for anything.”
“You already have given me so much Josh, what more could I want?”
“Although” she continued with a naughty smile “a nice hard cock in my wet cunt would be nice.”
Danni kissed him quickly and slid down between his legs, her mouth on his flaccid cock before he could react.
Her soft lips took his balls in her mouth one by one and sucked on them before moving to his cock and swallowing it whole.
She enjoyed playing with his small but growing cock in her mouth, her tongue exploring every part of it until it reached her throat in size, his moans pleasing her.
With an abundance of saliva left on his cock she removed her mouth and climbed back in his lap, sitting high up so she could maneuver his cock to her entrance before sitting down.
“I want this to last so warn me if you come close okay?” she asked with an open face.
“Okay” Josh said and leaned back, allowing her to ride him with greater ease.
Danni placed her hand on his shoulders and with delicate movements started to grind her pussy on his cock.
Small movements forwards and backwards, gyrating a little and moving up and down only a few inches, she subjected herself and Josh to all possible sensations, but just a taste of it, always soft and slow, as sensual as she could.
Despite the slow pace, it didn’t take low for them to work up a sweat, their breath ragged.
The soft moaning from both of them aroused them even more but no words were spoken anymore, they knew what they wanted from each other and did their best to give it.
Every time one of them came close to a climax, they stopped for a little while, their eyes on each other, waiting for the moment to pass to continue, lust burning in their eyes.
Nearly three quarters of an hour later, their muscles tired and near cramping, their bodies covered in sweat did they release together.
Their orgasm was silent and massive, only their heavy breathing betrayed their pleasure and the intensity of it.
Both felt each other’s orgasm, Josh her pulsing cunt muscles on his cock and Danni the pulsing of his cum shooting cock.
Several minutes they simply sat, enjoying the feeling of their closeness, riding the last waves of their mutual climax.
When Danni finally moved of his cock, Josh almost felt like a piece of himself went away.
Danni felt similar, she missed the contact between them immediately.
Josh pulled her as close as he could, his wet cock rubbing against her legs, seeking her essence.
The smile that graced Danni’s lips told him all and both sought the best position to be as close together as possible.
Within minutes they both fell asleep, contend and happy.

The early morning sun gently caressed the worn out lovers, bringing warmth to the chilly morning.
Josh smelled her presence before he truly became aware of her, his mind still slumbering.
Stifling a yawn, he opened his eyes and tried to stretch without waking Danni.
Her body draped over him, a content smile on her face she breathed softly.
Relaxing in their embrace, Josh wiped some hairs out of her face and pulled her up a bit.
Still asleep, Danni made herself more comfortable in her new position, pinning Josh even more to the couch, her leg over his legs and her arm across his chest.
Josh smiled and caressed her body while he thought back to last night.
Her breathing quickened just a bit after a while and he felt her nipples get hard against his skin.
He considered continuing but decided to let her wake when she did and not by his actions.
Less than a minute later she whispered with her eyes still closed “why did you stop? It is a very nice way to wake up you know, a lovers touch.”
“Morning beautiful” he answered and kissed her fore head.
“Morning gorgeous” she smiled back at him, her eyes opening slowly.
“I didn’t want to wake you just yet” he answered her question.
“But now that you are awake, care for some coffee?”
“I’d love some” Danni said, slowly and sensually removing herself from his body.
“If you keep that up, coffee will have to wait” he smiled and got a robe, walking to the kitchen.
Vanessa was already busy in the kitchen, dressed for her interview with his dad later this morning.
He smiled when her saw her in a skirt suit, an austere grey with a soft red blouse.
“Good look for you” he said, coming to stand next to her at the coffee machine.
“Thanks” she said trying to get the machine working.
“Allow me” Josh offered and quickly set the machine to the correct setting.
“Any last tips?” Vanessa asked while Josh made coffee.
“Be yourself, don’t overreach and just say that you’ll work hard and be honest, he’ll expect you to curb his enthusiasm from time to time and don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know.”
The scent of freshly ground beans accompanied the noise of the grinder as Josh activated the coffeemaker.
Placing a mug, Josh made his regular coffee, one for each.
Giving the first to Vanessa she sipped the hot brew and almost choked saying “My god, I think you did something wrong, this tasted like double strong Espresso.”
Josh raised an eyebrow, looked at the settings and then took a sip from the second mug.
“Tastes normal to me” he said confused to Vanessa who was adding lots of milk to it.
“If that one is for Danni” Vanessa said “then add sugar and milk, lots of it.”
Trusting her judgment, Josh did as she said.
“Wish me luck” Vanessa smiled at him from the counter as he left.
“Good luck” he grinned at her, knowing full well that she would be hired.

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