Lucky Cable Guy Ch. 03

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The Tuesday following the party I found myself hanging out with Melanie and Sara, both of whom had the day off from work. Sara had called me and asked if I wanted to drive her and Melanie to the mall, which didn’t seem like the most fun idea possible, but I agreed.

“We’ll do some shopping and get some lunch,” Sara said on the phone.

“Sounds fine to me,” I said. “As long as you guys try on a couple of bathing suits for me.”

Sara laughed and agreed. I picked them up at Sara’s parent’s house and we headed to the mall, Sara riding shotgun and Melanie behind her. They were both dressed in tantalizing spring fashion. They both wore short skirts and tight shirts that framed their breasts nicely. I thought I might have been able to lose a roll of quarters in Melanie’s cleavage.

We drove and talked and laughed about the party mainly. They were both gone when I woke up that Sunday morning, so I hadn’t had any time to gauge their next-morning reactions.

“I can’t believe how good you fuck, Jason,” Sara said. “And Matt’s cock was so huge, no offense.”

“Yeah,” Melanie added.

“No offense taken,” I said. “The dude’s got a big dick. I’m still happy with mine.”

“Yours is really nice,” Sara said, reaching down to stroke my cock through my pants while I drove.

“You should suck his cock while he’s driving,” Melanie piped in from the backseat. “Then I can suck it on the way back.”

“He’s already hard,” Sara said. “So what do you think, Jason? Do you want me to suck your cock for you?”

“Well, I’m definitely not going to say no,” I said, with a chuckle.

“I might, if you ask me too,” Sara said with a wry smile.

“Yeah,” Melanie said. “I think you should have to beg for it, actually.”

“So?” Sara said with her eyebrows arched.

I laughed and paid attention to the road. We were probably twenty minutes from the mall, leaving plenty of time for Sara to suck my cock before we parked the car. But they seriously wanted me to beg?

“Will you suck my cock?” I asked, timidly.

“I don’t think he really wants it, Sara,” Melanie chided.

“I know! You’d think he’d be more eager to get his cock sucked,” Sara said as if I was not in the car.

“So?” Melanie said.

I wasn’t sure what they were trying to get me to do, but I realized that it would be hot as hell to go through the tollbooth with Sara sucking my cock and I was rock-hard already from thinking about it. There was no doubt in my mind that they’d leave me hanging, to try hiding a hard-on while we walked around the mall.

“Will you please suck my cock for me, Sara?” I said as meekly as I thought I could muster.

“Of course I will, Jason,” she said with a giggle, and Melanie laughed.

Sara unzipped my pants and pulled my raging hard cock out, stroking my shaft and licking a little drop of pre-cum from the tip. I tried to keep the car on the road as her lips closed around the head of my cock and she started sucking me, taking a little more of me into her mouth with every stroke. I moaned aloud and heard a moan from the back seat and glanced back just long enough to realize that Melanie’s skirt was hiked up and she was fingering her clit while she watched. There was no sign of her panties, but I didn’t have time for a more thorough inspection because my car was headed toward the median strip again.

Sara’s mouth came off my cock with a pop as I adjusted our course. “Hey, watch where you’re going stud. If you get us crashed, there’s no way I’ll let you cum in my mouth.”

She immediately returned to sucking hungrily on my cock. I heard Melanie moan again loader and for a second I thought I could smell her pussy, but it might have been Sara’s. Or my imagination. The last five miles before the toll booth felt like fifty, with the pleasure screaming through my body from where Sara was sucking my cock. I fumbled for a dollar as the toll came closer. Sara didn’t let up for an instant, and I didn’t want her to. I put down the window and held out the dollar and just let it go without stopping. I heard the woman in the tollbooth yell something just as my balls churned and I started spurting cum into Sara’s mouth. She swallowed every drop that she could and licked up and swallowed what spilled out and dribbled down my cock.

Just before she finally sat up I realized that I definitely did smell pussy. I looked back and saw Melanie shaking with her orgasm, her pussy was wide open and dripping wet and practically begging for a hard fucking. I made a mental note to make sure I got a chance to fuck her pussy some time later in the day. I didn’t come completely down from my orgasmic high until we pulled into the mall parking lot.

“As soon as we get a chance,” Sara said as she climbed out of the car, “you’re going to suck my pussy for me.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said with a mocking salute. Truth was I couldn’t wait. In the sexual pandemonium of the party, I actually had missed out on eating pussy for the most part, and I meant to make up for it today.

We chatted and joked while the girls shopped. Occasionally they’d bakırköy escort head into a fitting room to try on whichever pair of jeans or skirt, and I remained patiently outside, imagining them getting naked and fantasizing about the pair eating out each other’s pussies again. I had to be careful a couple of times to try to think about baseball, or else the whole mall would have seen the tent in my pants.

After two or three stores, Sara and Melanie were looking at bathing suits in one of the virtually identical department stores.

“So when are we going to have another party?” Melanie asked me.

“You mean like last Saturday?” I asked.

Sara rolled her eyes. “Yes like last Saturday, dumb-ass,” she said and laughed.

“Yeah, a fuck-party or whatever you want to call it,” Melanie said.

I looked around to see if anyone was within earshot, but neither of the girls seemed to care.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I wasn’t really sure if anyone would be up for a sequel.”

“Well, I’m in,” Sara said, and Melanie echoed. “I’m sure Tina and Stacy and Matt would be up for it. And Jack and Ryan obviously had a good time.”

“True,” I agreed. “I guess I’ll give Tina a call and we can make plans. Do you two know anyone else who might like to come?”

“Who doesn’t like to cum?” Melanie said with a wicked smile.

“Touché,” I said. “Do you know anyone else crazy enough for another orgy?”

“I might be able to find someone,” Sara said. “Why? Are getting bored of us?”

“Hell, no,” I said. “I just think it would be fun to bring a few more people. We’ve had eight, why not twelve?”

“I think my parents might like it,” Melanie said.

Sara and I both stared at her, wide-eyed.

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked. “Nope,” Melanie said. “Not kidding. My parents are freaks. I’ve seen them fuck a bunch of times. Once they even had a fuck-party with two other couples when they thought I was at Sara’s house.”

“She’s not making it up,” Sara said. “I saw it too. It was actually really hot. Her dad has a really nice cock.”

“Oh my god, you are serious,” I said. “But I bet you won’t be able to talk them into coming if you’re there too.”

“We’ll see,” Melanie said. “If you want me to try to invite them, I will. I think they would both get a kick out of fucking some people our age.”

“I have to be honest with you,” I said. “I’ve seen your mom in a bathing suit and I wouldn’t mind seeing her naked. She looks awesome for her age.”

“So does her dad,” Sara added. “Like I said. Really nice cock.”

By this time we had made it to a fitting room and I took my post outside as before. After several minutes, I heard Sara calling.

“Jason, get in here quick!” she called, and I looked around quickly. Seeing no one in this part of the store, I ducked in and found her looking out from around a changing-booth door. I slipped in and she shut the door. They were both standing there naked, and my cock immediately responded by pushing out against the front of my pants.

“It’s time, buddy,” Melanie said as she sat down on the bench, legs spread.

“You’d better suck our pussies good and fast, Jason,” Sara said, joining Melanie on the bench.

I wasted no time and knelt in front of Sara, dipping my tongue into her pussy to taste her wet hole. I fingered her clit while a fucked her pussy with my tongue. She humped her pussy against my face as I sucked her, and she started cumming after only a minute or so. Her body tensed and quivered as she came and she muffled a scream with her arm.

I quickly moved over to Melanie’s eagerly waiting pussy. In only slightly more time, she was cumming hard against my face as I sucked her delicious cunt. Sara kissed her to muffle her cries of pleasure as I licked up her cum.

“Thanks,” Sara said before kissing me, tasting her mixture of both of their pussies on my tongue. “Now get the fuck out of the women’s dressing room you pervert!”

I laughed, but stopped to kiss Melanie, slipping my tongue into her mouth so she could have a taste, too. I waited outside, but I could hear them talking as they got dressed.

“Your tits look great in that suit,” Melanie said.

“Thanks” Sara said. “Yours look great in anything.”

They laughed and chatted while they did tried things on.

“So do you really think my dad has a nice cock,” Melanie said quietly.

There was a long pause.

“You’re kidding!” Melanie’s voice carried.

Another pause.

“Oh my God!” Melanie again.

“It was so much fun!” Sarah finally said something loud enough for me to hear. My imagination was running wild, but I didn’t really have any idea what they were talking about.

“So,” I said when they exited the fitting room in their own clothes. “How are things?”

They knew I wanted to know what they were talking about.

“We’ll tell you later,” Sara said. “Let’s go get some lunch.”

During lunch, I got a phone call from Stacy.

“Hi!” I said after I figured out it was her. başakşehir escort “What’s up?”

“Tina and I were just talking and we decided that we definitely need to have another party,” she said.

“Like Saturday?” I asked, with a wink for Sara and Melanie.

“Yes, like Saturday, dumb-ass!” Stacy said and I laughed with her. “Except this time you need to invite someone new, and we’ll bring someone new with us.”

“Is more than one person okay?” I asked.

“Definitely,” she said.

“So when’s a good night?”

“How about Saturday?”

“Sounds good to me. We’ll see you guys there.” I hung up the phone.

Sara clapped. “I can’t wait! And I really hope your parents come,” she said to Melanie.

Melanie blushed.

“Ok, so what was that all about in the fitting room?” I asked.

“You ate our pussies for us,” Sara said.

“No, I mean after. When Melanie said `Oh my God!'” I said.

“Sara has already fucked my parents,” Melanie said, finally.

“What?” I asked eyes wide.

“Yeah,” Sara said. “I was staying over Mel’s one night and I got up to pee and sort of walked in on Paul and Mindy fucking in the living room.”

“And so you just stripped and jumped on top?” I asked incredulously.

“Not exactly,” Sara said. “Her dad was eating her mom’s pussy, but she was on top, so I just snuck over and started sucking his cock. He was surprised but he didn’t let Mindy know and I sucked him off until he came in my mouth. He’s the only man I’ve ever seen who cums more than you do.”

“And what happened when Mrs. M. realized you were there?” I wanted as many details as possible.

“At first she was just so surprised she almost screamed,” Sara said. “But then she helped me take my clothes off and sucked my pussy. I must have cum like five times before she stopped, and then they put me on my hands and knees on the floor and Paul fucked me while I ate Mindy’s pussy.”

Melanie was quiet through the story.

“And what do you think about this, Mel?” I asked.

“It’s a little weird, but it’s really cool at the same time,” she said. “I mean, I’ve seen my parents fuck a few times, and I’m sort of a little bit jealous that Sara got to join in. But I’m happy for her, because it sounds like it was really fun.”

“You definitely need to get them to come to the party,” I said.

“I’ll talk them into it,” Sara said. “I’m supposed to go over on Friday when Mel’s at work to fuck them again.”

“I think I’m going to ditch work so I can watch,” Melanie said.

“Do you think I could come to?” I asked. “I’m not doing anything on Friday. It’ll be like a preview for Saturday.”

“I don’t know,” Sara said. “I’ll find out though. Do you just want to watch, or do you want to join in?”

“Either,” I said. “Both.”

“Ok, I’ll ask,” Sara said.

“What about me?” Melanie asked. “They are my parents, after all. Don’t I get a say?”

“Of course you do,” Sara said. “I won’t stop you from jumping in. You know your pussy tastes a lot like your mom’s?”

“Really?” Melanie said.

“Definitely,” Sara said.

“In that case, I definitely want to be there,” I said. “Or at least you need to get them to come to the party.”

“I’m almost positive they will,” Sara said. “And I’ll definitely let you know if you can come along on Friday. Another cock will make things that much more fun.”

The thought of fucking Melanie’s mom was driving my cock into another erection. And the thought of Melanie jumping in made it that much more exciting. My cock stayed hard for the duration of our time at the mall, and Melanie somehow managed to make me cum just as we were going through the same toll in the opposite direction.

When I told Ryan and Jack that we were putting on a sequel to Saturday night’s festivities, they were both completely on board. I also told them that I was working on getting more people there this time, but didn’t mention who. Melanie’s parents plus whoever Tina and Stacy and Matt brought along would make for a very interesting time.

I went to bed that night and masturbated, thinking about Sara’s story of fucking Melanie’s parents, and imagined myself into the action.

The next morning Tina called.

“I think you should come over and fuck,” was all she said before hanging up the phone.

I hurried through a shower and got to her house as fast as I could. She opened the door in her underwear and hurried me in. On the couch, Stacy was riding Matt’s cock and another woman I didn’t know sitting beside them, playing with Stacy’s tits and fucking herself with a vibrator.

“Jason, this is Mary,” Tina said, as she unclasped her bra, freeing her gorgeous breasts. “Mary, this is Jason. The cable guy with the nice cock.”

Mary was probably in her early thirties and nicely curved. She had large breasts that sagged only slightly and her pussy was shaved completely bald. Her long blonde hair was worked into one very large braid that snaked over her shoulder and between her tits, almost bayrampaşa escort down to where she was working the vibrator over her clit. Her pussy lips pouted open and wet with her juices.

I hadn’t noticed Tina trying to get my pants off until my cock was in her mouth. I thought for a minute that I had seen her suck her boyfriend’s cock only one time, but I hadn’t actually seen the two of them fuck. I didn’t spend much time thinking about it, because she quickly had my cock at full attention.

Tina took my cock out of her mouth. “Mary, do you want some?”

Mary just nodded, and Tina pulled me over by my cock to the couch. Mary reached out and grabbed my throbbing cock and I climbed onto the couch to get my cock to her mouth. Tina knelt on the floor and started slurping on Mary’s pussy just as Mary deftly made my entire cock disappear into her mouth and down her throat in one lightning move. Her nose pressed against my stomach and she held me there for a moment, transfixed. Eventually she started moving up and down on my shaft, increasing speed until she was fucking me with her mouth.

Meanwhile, Matt began to cum and Stacy jumped off him and grasped his enormous cock and pointed it at her mouth. His cum shot out in long spurts into her mouth and he shook and jerked with his orgasm. I looked down to see Mary, eye’s wide, somehow screaming onto my cock as Tina brought her to orgasm and I suddenly lost control and my balls stated pumping my cum down Mary’s throat.

After I caught my breath, I looked around the room and smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Mary,” I said. Mary had traded places with Tina, who was writhing with pleasure at Mary’s tongue in her pussy.

Mary nodded without taking her mouth off of Tina’s pussy. I sat back to recover and watch. Matt and Stacy were entwined on the floor, sucking each other. Somehow Matt’s cock was hard again already. I leaned over and took Tina’s nipple into my mouth, teasing and sucking while Mary sucked her pussy.

“Stacy?” Tina asked between ragged breaths. “Do you mind if I suck my boyfriends cock for a while?”

I chuckled along with them and got up so Matt could take the same position over Tina that I had taken over Mary. Tina eagerly sucked his cock, taking all she could of him into her mouth. Mary continued to suck her pussy and the three of them fell into a rhythm. I decided to join Stacy on the floor. She spread her legs to meet me and I drove my cock into her soaking wet pussy in one smooth stroke. Stacy cried out at the sudden penetration of my cock inside her.

“Yes!” she cried. “Fuck me!”

I rolled us over and she rode me while I cupped her tits and pinched her nipples. Every time she came down, she drove my cock deeper into her pussy. I looked back to the couch, where Matt was just beginning to slide his cock into Tina’s pussy. Mary mad her way to me and hovered above my face, presenting me with her soaking wet pussy. I darted my tongue inside her and she cried out along with Stacy, both of them riding me. The taste and smell of Mary’s pussy flowed over me and I abandoned myself to fucking.

I don’t know how long Stacy rode my cock or how long I sucked Mary’s pussy, but at some point, after I heard Tina and Matt scream together as they came, Stacy pulled herself off my cock and knelt to suck it. Mary’s pussy was all I could see so I continued to suck it and felt her start to cum just before I did. I felt the familiar sensation in my balls as I started to cum just as Mary collapsed on the floor beside me. I was spurting cum as hard as I ever had, but it wasn’t into Stacy’s mouth. Matt was sucking my cock as hard and as deftly as Tina or Stacy ever had and he was swallowing every spurt of cum I shot out. I jerked up into nearly sitting position but Tina pushed me back down.

“Just relax,” she said. “Doesn’t it feel great?”

It did feel great. I had just cum into another man’s mouth and it had been great. Matt’s mouth came off my cock with an audible pop and he smiled.

“Yum,” he said. “You were right about his cum, babe. Tasty.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I didn’t say anything. All I could really do was gasp for air in the wake of an incredible orgasm. I had seen Stacy and Tina eat each other’s pussies. Same with Sara and Melanie. That wasn’t much different from Matt sucking my cock. I decided I was not going to freak out.

We ate lunch, all of us naked. Tina would occasionally tug on my cock or Matt’s or run a hand over Mary’s breast. We all teased each other and talked and laughed.

“So,” Tina said. “About the party Saturday. Have you found anyone else to bring?”

“I’m still working on it,” I said. “I’ll know by Friday.”

“They told me all about it,” Mary said. “And I’ll definitely be there. Me and my husband.”

“Sounds good to me,” Matt said. “But I have to get to work. You guys think you can have fun without me?”

“We’ll think of something,” Mary said.

Matt kissed Tina and headed for the shower.

“So, Cable Guy,” Mary said. “Are you going to fuck me sometime today, or do I have to wait till Saturday?”

I bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her pussy and her ass until we were both screaming and thrashing and cumming. The four of us spent most of the afternoon sucking and fucking each other until we could barely stand. I fell asleep while it was still bright and sunny outside and napped on the couch with Stacy.

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