Lover Man

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Another night and Jonathan is working late again. I should be used to it by now. It seems since we got married, he has given up all pretense of being into me. When he told me “If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense”. I thought he was just being clever and hip. Dammit, I didn’t know he was serious to this extent!

So here I am, curled up in front of a 48″ plasma screen TV, draped in diamonds and silk, and bored as hell. Instead of eating the filet mignon that Rosalita prepared for us, me and Ben & Jerry’s are having a love-in. By the time I hit the bottom of the carton, I have no clue what movie I am watching and still have that empty feeling inside.

I flip off the TV and head to my room. I figure I might as well do some reading until I finally fall off to sleep. As I walk into the entrance of our room, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I notice that even though I still look the same as I did a year ago, I feel so different.

I thought that being married to Jonathan would be a dream. He wanted to take care of me and ease my worries. He was so handsome and all the women thought he was such a great catch.

I thought it wouldn’t matter that when he touched me, I didn’t feel anything. I thought that even though we only had sex in the gay man position (me on my stomach, not moving), I would be okay. I thought that even though he colored his grey hairs more than he made love, I would get bursa escort used to it.

Fuck…I am definitely NOT used it.

I miss being touched by a man and feeling it up and down my spine. I miss being kissed, I mean, really kissed, and hearing bells go off in my head. I miss being taken by a man like he meant it. I really miss sex up against the wall in crazy places and someone who bites my neck and manhandles me just a little during sex.

After thinking about everything that I am missing, I am agitated. I figure a nice warm bath will get me back to normal.

Once the hot water and bubbles are at the top of the Jacuzzi, I slide on in. I have a little Jill Scott playing in the back ground, grounding me once again. But, once I relax in the tub, once again, I am thinking about what I left behind.

Before I know it, I am imagining my fantasy guy coming through the double doors of the bathroom. He has a cigar in his mouth, slowing drawing on it as he watches me. I love the fact that he is watching me with such intensity. For him, I slowly caress my breasts, making them slick with bubbles and soap. I take my time to make sure he can tell that I am aroused by him.

I watch him smile, just a little, as he stubs out his cigar. He slowly walks toward me, undoing his tie. I start to say something, anything to him. With just a look, he silences me. As he continues his strip tease for me, I unconsciously bursa escort bayan lean forward. I want to see more.

By the time he reaches the side of the Jacuzzi, he has shed all of his clothes and he is a god. Tall and muscular with dark piercing eyes, I tingle in anticipation. His chest and abs are so defined, I can’t watch to take my tongue along each and every ridge. His dick was jumping with each step toward me. Now that he is up close, I can see a clear drop of pre-cum clinging to his fat head.

He climbs into the tub with me, his body sliding against mine. He pulls me up into a deep kiss. I can feel his hands gripping me firmly against him. He starts to give sexy little bites down the side of my neck. To get a better angle, he grabs my hair and pulls my head back. I feel like I am about to cum right then.

My hands start to explore the muscled plains of his back. I can feel his muscles rippling under my touch. I bring my hands around to caress his nipples just a little. I hear him give a ragged sigh. Before I can get my hands any further down, he yanks me up onto the side of the tub. My back is against the cold marble, somehow my legs have wrapped themselves around his neck. I can feel his hot breath against thighs. My body tenses up at the first touch.

Then, as the sexy little licks start to take over me, my body relaxes. I start to shiver and shake against him as lovingly takes escort bursa me with his tongue. I can hear my screams vibrating off the cool walls of the bathroom. I feel like my control is all gone. I can’t sit up. I can’t lay back. I can’t get away. I can’t take it anymore. He grabs my thighs and pulls my puss closer into his mouth, giving me more.

Just when I think I am going to have to scream for mercy so that he will stop for a moment, he raises up and is inside me. He feels so big inside of me. I can feel my walls stretching to accommodate his size. My breasts, full and slick, rub against his chest. My nipples are so hard they are hurting as they rub against him.

He gives me a minute to get used to his size, but then he is on the move. The water is splashing against us as we ride against each other. My nails dig into his back as he fucks me deep. He starts to nibble and bite my neck again. I wrap my legs around him and try to pull him deeper inside of me. I start to cum hard when he pulls my hair back once again and shoots his hot jizz inside me.

As my body rocks in pleasure, I hear “What the fuck…” from the double doors. Jonathan has decided to make an appearance at home.

My fantasy guy disappears into oblivion. I am still shaking from such an intense encounter. I am pissed that I was interrupted. I hope he makes another appearance soon.

Unfortunately for me, Jonathan has other ideas. “Hey babe, looks like you have did all the foreplay for me. Dry off and get on the bed on your stomach. I want to get one off before I hit the sack.”

Too much more of this and I may have to make the fantasy guy a reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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