Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 02

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I got back from Fi’s house, my mind still swimming with the mornings events. I grabbed myself a cup of tea and sent a text to my Wendi to ask if she was due back any time this morning or was she going to pick the kids up before she came back. As usual, the gossip was more gripping than home life and she would be at her mother’s house for the day.

I busied myself around the house with the usual chores, loading the dishwasher with the breakfast crocks and cleaning the surface top, but all the time the image of Fi’s eyes looking up at me while sucking on my cock is running around in my mind.

I took a nice relaxing bath letting the memories wash over me before the wife and kids got back from school and started some food for their supper. Wendi walked in with the usual tired look on her face as she hauled in the kids bags from the car and the boys ran upstairs to play.

She walked into the kitchen and asked, “what’s got into you today, I can’t get you anywhere near that stove normally.”

“You seemed a little tired this morning, so I thought you may appreciate a little help,” I said.

“Well, thank you,” she continued with a little surprised yet appreciative tone in her voice.

“No problem, just kick your shoes off and settle in front of the TV while I sort you out a cup of tea,” I said.

Wendi thanked me again and planted a kiss on my cheek before scooting off to settle on the couch leaving me a little shocked as that was the first real show of affection that she had thrown my way in a long while.

We had a cheerful evening meal and after doing the homework with the boys I took them to bed and read them a story until they settled down for the night.

I came back downstairs and Wendi was relaxed in front of the TV with her second glass of wine and I also found a glass poured for me, which never happens. As I settled onto the other end of the sofa, Wendi proceeded to remove her bra as usual from under her top and through the sleeve, which was always amazing to watch. Her ‘D’ cup breast were released and as always looked amazing outlined under her top, especially as the action of removing her bra usually stiffened her nipples a little.

We had a pleasant evening together chatting about old times and it wasn’t too long before the subject turned to our sex life. Wendi made it clear that she also missed being intimate, but she felt that if we went down that road that I would assume that she wanted to get back together. I explained that I understood that we were way past the point of return in our marriage and we continued to discuss it for another hour back and forth.

We settled on the fact that although we both wanted it, it would probably lead to far too much complication in our current situation. Wendi decided to call it a night, stood up and took her glass into the kitchen and returned to give me my usual goodnight peck on the cheek.

As she leaned in to kiss me I placed my hand right hand on her left cheek and stopped ataşehir escort her a few inches from my face and looked deep into her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” she said

“Absolutely nothing,” I whispered as I gently pulled her lips to mine gave her a long, gentle kiss that seemed to last forever.

As it ended and with her eyes still closed she whispered, “we can’t,” but I cut her short by pulling her lips back to mine and increased the strength and passion of the kiss. By this time we were lost in each other, so I moved my hands to her hips and moved her so that she dropped onto my lap while keeping our passionate embrace intact.

As the kiss became more and more intense I moved my left arm to support her as I moved my right hand under her top. Wendi gave out a gasp as I slowly moved my hand across her now stiff nipple and cupped her breast in my hand and gently squeezed. As I continued to work on her breast, I moved my oral attention down to her neck, which I knew was the one thing that drove her wild more than anything else. Her breathing got faster and heavier as I nibbled away at her neck and she started to let out a moan as I moved my hand down from her breast and rested it on the inside of her thigh with the side of my hand resting against her crotch.

“Take me to bed, NOW!” she gasped out with absolute urgency, “I need you to fuck me now,” she continued as she got up and made her way up the stairs. I followed quickly behind her, it had been months since I had got my hands on her wonderful body and there was no way that I was going to let this chance pass me by.

As she walked up the stairs in front of me I was watching her amazing ass, which was one of the first things that attracted me to her and was still the one thing that would give me and instant hard-on by just looking at it, especially when in a nice pair of tight jeans like now.

We got into the bedroom and she pulled off her top straight away, throwing it across the room and as she stopped in her tracks to do this I moved in behind her, placed my arms around her waist and moved my lips to her neck again. As I started to kiss her neck, her head fell back against my shoulder and her legs started to go from beneath her, so I tightened my grip to keep her there. Wendi was moaning from the kisses and moved her left hand down to rub my now hard as rock cock over my trousers.

I span her round and planted a hard passionate kiss on her lips, moved my right hand down to cup her ass, but with my middle finger just teasing her pussy through the denim. She almost squealed as I moved my mouth down to take her nipple in my mouth and flicked my tongue across it before taking and sucking on her tit like a hungry baby.

“Oh god, please fuck me now, I want you so bad,” she said increasing her hold on the outline of my cock.

“I’m not going to make it that easy babe, I want to hear you cum first,” I said as I lay her back onto the edge of the bed.

I undid kadıköy escort bayan the button and zip on her jeans, pulled them off her legs and let them drop to the floor. I threw off my top and trousers and left them on the floor where I stood. I moved her legs so that her knees were up and parted enough so that I could see her already damp panties and I had easy access to her thighs. I moved my head down between her legs and started kissing Wendi’s thighs a few inches away from her pussy, which started her panting heavily. I moved between each thigh gently brushing against her panties with my chin, which caused her to gasp a little with anticipation and giving me an enticing smell of her juices. After a little teasing I moved my mouth over her mound and gave her pussy a gentle suck through her panties making her cry out “for fuck’s sake, oh god, please stop teasing.”

“I haven’t finished with you yet,” I said as I stood up again, pulling her panties off as I went. I moved my head back between her legs and again I ran my tongue over the inside of her thighs right next to her pussy making her take a sharp breath in. I moved my tongue down to the bottom of her pussy and flicked my tongue over the area between her ass and slit which started her moaning hard. After a few seconds I moved my tongue slowly up the crack of her pussy opening it up as I moved until I got to the top and moved my tongue over her clit making her moan so loud I thought she would explode there and then.

“NOW, DO IT NOW, OH GOD DO IT NOW!!!” she commanded.

I moved my mouth over her clit and sucked to create a little pressure and then started to flick my tongue directly over it. Wendi stared to squirm hard, almost grinding her pussy into my face and grabbed the linen on the bed so tightly I thought she would rip it. It was no more than thirty seconds before I felt her body start to shake and I could feel her pussy muscles going into spasm, “Martin yes, Argh yes, fuck yes, oh fucking hell, oooooohhhhhh yes!” I hadn’t felt Wendi cum like that in a long, long time and it was an amazing sight.

“Fuck yeah, oh I really needed that, I have missed you doing that to me so much,” Wendi said as she came down from her explosion. “I need to feel you inside me, please fuck me now.”

“Hmmm, I have been hard at work here, I think that it is your turn to do some work,” I said.

As Wendi moved herself further onto the bed I removed my underwear and lay on the bed on my back with my cock proudly standing ready for some action of his own. “I think that I will rest back here and let you do the work, huh?” As I said that, Wendi wrapped her hand around my shaft and squeezed it almost like testing fruit for ripeness. “Hmmm, I think I can work with this,” she said with a little sexy grin across her face. She threw her leg over me and straddled my cock, laying it flat against my stomach as she did so. She placed her now soaking pussy over my dick and started to slowly move back and escort maltepe forth along the shaft, but just short of far enough for me to penetrate. “You’re not the only one that can tease, let’s see how you like it!”

As she picked up the pace a little I closed my eyes and couldn’t help myself letting out a low moan. A pussy wank feels so good, especially when a pussy is this wet so that there is just enough friction for pleasure, but not enough to make you cum too fast. She worked on me until she had me panting like a tired dog, then she slowed right the way down, moving her pussy into position so that the tip of my cock could just slip inside.

Wendi slowly slipped my cock into her warm, wet hole until the full length was buried inside and she let out a gasp as she moved into position to do what she does so well. She leaned over me placing her hands on the headboard behind, giving me a fantastic view of her amazing tits and easy access to her nipples by just raising my head slightly. I cupped her right tit in my hand and moved my mouth over her nipples as she started to move her hips and fuck my cock. She started slowly, moving her hips in an almost circular motion, but also raising and dropping just enough to create a fantastic sensation in the tip of my dick. As she picked up the pace I couldn’t keep my fix on her nipple as I was now breathing so hard, while Wendi closed her eyes and bit her lip as her own grinding was teasing her clit again.

“Now it is my turn to make you cum,” Wendi said as she started to grind away at my cock like a woman possessed causing me such ecstatic feelings that I could hardly catch my breath.

I just managed to gasp out defiantly, “I wanna hear you cum again first.”

She started to grind harder and harder and we could both feel ourselves building towards the ultimate release. “c’mon, give it to me now,” she cried as I shouted “Oh baby, I’m gonna cum.”

I felt Wendi’s pussy muscles tighten as the orgasm started to take a hold over her body and as they tightened it caused my cock to explode like a firework. Wendi’s pussy quivered as my cock was pumping her full of my load, I couldn’t control it, my mind was spinning through the joy of orgasm. Wendi collapsed on my chest as the spasms started to fade away after the initial intense shock of release.

As she rolled off my chest and lay to my right, wendi said, “I forgot just how good that was, I am literally fucked.”

“Baby, that was better than I have felt in a long time,” I replied with my cock still jerking from the after effects.

“If we can get through this without any complications, this could be a regular thing you know,” she said, shocking me a little. “Look babe, it’s was just sex, we both needed it and we did it. Simple as that!” I fired back.

“Hmmm, looks like we could be fuck buddies then,” she giggled to herself.

“Hey, you want to use my body for your sexual satisfaction, who am I to argue,” I chuckled back to her.

I got out of the bed and put my underwear and top back on, “look, we both enjoyed ourselves and if it happens again ten great, but no pressure either way.”

“We will have to wait and see then won’t we!” Wendi said as I walked out of the room…

To be continued…

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