Love Eternal

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The sun was beginning to set as Arial stirred, and awakened. Her thirst nagging at her insides. A vampire her age did not have to drink as much blood to sustain their self as a young one does. She omly needs at least one small feeding a night.

Arial is 655 years old, though to human eyes she looks only about a very alluring 38. She has long very dark brown hair almost black. She is about 5′ 8″, with very perky 36 C cup breasts. She has an athletic medium build. Her eyes after her feedings are green, but when she needs to feed they turn a very come to me alluring bright green.

She slid off her bed with cool black satin sheets, and went over to her huge walk in closet. Her house is as some would say in the middle of nowhere, but is very modern. She owns about 100 acres which is mostly wooded, but in almost the middle of it all is a well groomed 5 acres of house gardens and yard. She is very wealthy accumulating her fortune over her long lifetime which helped her buy a couple of corporations, and is run by very trusted long time vampire business partners. About 50 years ago, she decided to let others run things for her, and just enjoy the riches her business brings her. It also helps hide her “age” problem. She stays in the shadows so to speak.

She looks at her many outfits, and decides on a white sleeveless pantsuit that fits her curves very nicely. She often wore this outfit in the summertime to the bar that she frequents looking for her late night dinner. She always go to this very classy business bar in the city that all the big wigs go to. She loves the professional atmosphere rather than a noisy club filled with loud chaos.

Arial has always been a lesbian, though in her times before being turned into a vampire you would have been stoned to death for such a thing. She kept it quiet, and was married off at a young age, though after only six months her husband died of small pox, and in the middle of the night to took to her freedom. She was discovered by the woman that turned her years later hiding in her barn in the middle of nowhere. The woman’s name was Lily. She also was a lesbian, and was a vampire. She took Arial under her wing, and let her live there to keep things done while she slept. She told Arial what she was a few weeks after she was staying there, and surprisingly it did not frighten her, but intrigued her. Lily knew she was to young and naive to fully understand what it meant to live as a vampire, so she waited a few years. Arial then decided to wait a little longer to be sure it was what she wanted.

They lived as lovers, and when Arial was ready, Lily turned her. Lily guided her for the first year of her vampire life, and made sure she was ready to be on her own before she let her leave. Although Arial did not really want to, Lily knew that she had to discover the world as a vampire on her own, so they parted ways and every once in a while Lily would visit Arial to check on her. Lily never had to casino oyna look her up since she was her mistress, the one who turned her, they were bound by blood. A sixth sense would always lead her to where Arial was.

Arial put on her outfit and chose a pair of sexy white high heels and called for the limousine to be brought around. She got in and was on her way to the bar. When she got there there were several men sitting at tables discussing the business of the day then she noticed over in the corner sitting alone a beautiful red headed woman with what looked like a pina coloda in her hand.

Arial smiled her seductive smile and walked toward her. “Is anyone sitting here” she asked the woman.

“No, please sit down” she replied.

“My name is Arial its nice to meet you.”

The woman replied, “My name is Katrina, nice to meet you as well.”

They chatted a while, and it turns out that Katrina is employed at one of Arial’s corporations as head of advertising.

Katrina was so pleased to meet her “boss”, and could not get over how stunning she looked. Katrina in her college years had a few sexual relationships with some of her girlfriends, but none of them lasted very long. When she graduated she decided to pursue her career first and then find someone. With a one night stand here and there she never had a relationship with anyone, but looking at Arial, those stirrings and tinglings started up again.

Arial could sense that Kat, as she told her to call her, was sexually charged, and knew that this was going to be an easy “dinner”. She then grew bold, and asked her if she would like to come home with her,have another drink, and talk some more in which Kat excitedly said yes.

Arial let Kat lead the way out of the room, and she watch her walk from behind very much enjoying the sway of her sexy walk. Kat was dressed in a button up white silk blouse with a tight skirt that came up about three inches above her knees. Her Long red hair seemed to flow behind her as she sached out the door. They entered the limousine, and was off.

When they arrived Arial asked what kind of drink she wanted and she replied with “Rum and pineapple if you have it”, which she did. She keeps her liquor cabinet well stocked for such occasions. Unlike all the stories vampires do occasionally eat, and also drink other things than blood, but to survive they must have blood. They can also walk in daylight, though it weakens them a bit. Arial most always waits until sunset to go out, though sometimes with her business she has to make an appearance, but that is only once in a while.

They sit on the huge plush couch and chat and as the minutes pass Kat is turned on more and more. Sensing this Arial makes a move. First with just a hand on Kat’s thigh then when she doesn’t pull back moves further up until she is almost touching her outer pussy lips. She can feel the heat the is pulsating off of it. She then leans in and lightly kisses canlı casino her lips, and with that Kat kisses her back. Arial lets her tongue slip out and caress Kat’s lips, and she parts them to let Arial’s tongue in. Their tongues dance around each other playfully. They kiss with such a passion that Kat lets a moan out.

Arial moves her hand in further up Kat’s dress and feels her pussy through her panties. Kat moans louder as she does so Arial reaches behind her and unzips her skirt. Kat lifts up a bit so she can pull it off of her, as she does she also lets her fingers drag her panties down with it. She then unbuttons her blouse and undoes her bra then kneads her breast and tweaks her nipples which makes Kat yell out “oh yes!”

Arial rises and pulls her top over her head. Kat unbuttons her pants, and pulls them down showing she was wearing no panties. Arial’s mound is shaved bare which Kat smiles at. Kat lets her blouse and bra slide off as Arial pulls her close. They kiss again, then Kat breaks the kiss and kisses down Arial’s neck at the same time she is caressing and pulling on her nipples. Arial is so turned on that she lays Kat down on the couch, and gets on top of her and kisses her again. She moves down to her breasts, and carefully kisses her nipples and flicks them with her tongue. Kat in turn arches her back and moans.

Arial kisses on down her stomach and stop at her mound. She smells Kat’s sweet nectar starting to flow from her pussy. Arial’s hunger grows intensely with this smell. She lets her tongue dart out and lick Kat’s slit which makes her say “Oh baby!” She then finds her clit and lashes it with her tongue and sucks it into her mouth. This sends Kat into a frenzy. She is pushing into Arial’s mouth so she licks harder and faster, then pushes two fingers into her and pumps slowly all the while Kat is bucking and panting. “Harder and faster baby, i am almost there!” Kat says. She obeys and pumps faster and harder adding one more finger into her and sucking on her clit, in a matter of moments Kat screams out “I am Cumming!!!” Her body tenses and bucks at the same time and this is Arial’s opportunity to feed. She knows Kat will not feel it with the orgasm so she keeps pumping in and out with her fingers and bites into her inner thigh at the same time. This makes Kat’s orgasm even more intense. Arial has a tight hold on her while she is bucking and only takes a small amount of blood. Then licks the wounds her teeth made and it instantly seals it up. The wounds heal in a matter of hours thanks to her saliva, it has a healing enzyme in it.

With her dinner now taken, she can now be satisfied by Kat for dessert. As Kat recovers from her intense release she pulls Arial close to her and kisses her. “That was the most powerful orgasm i have ever had!” says Kat. Arial smiles and says, “I am glad I could please you so well.”

Kat smiles and rolls over onto Arial. She kisses her passionately. She moves down to her kaçak casino neck, and lightly kisses it all over. She moves her hands to her breasts kneading them, and pinches her nipples. Arial arches her back, and moans leading Kat on. Kat then moves down, and kisses one breast while still rolling the other nipple in her fingers. She flicks the nipple, and sucks on it then moves on to the other one to do the same. She then takes one hand and slips her fingers into her pussy. She is already so wet that her fingers slide easily up and down. Her fingers find her clit already out of its hood and swollen as much as it can be. Arial moves her pussy up into her hand as Kat pushes a finger into her. She pumps in and out a few times then kisses down her belly.

Kat moves down in between Arial legs, and places her legs on to her shoulders. She slide her arms under her legs and wraps her arms around them. She plunges into her pussy with wild intensity. She kisses,licks, and sucks on her clit which makes Arial moan, and yell “YES, BABY, YES!” Kat pumps three fingers into Arial slowly while using her thumb to tease her clit. She then uses her free hand to play with her breast and nipple. Arial begins to buck harder. Kat pumps faster but Arial say “Stay slow baby, i want to ride this as long as i can” So she slows down but presses harder. After a few minutes Arial tells Kat to go faster that she is on the verge. So Kat speeds up. Arial digs her nails into Kat’s back which make her squeal a bit, then screams out “OH YESSSSS!!!!” Kat slows down her fingers, and lets Arial ride it out. When she finally stops bucking she pulls her fingers out, and kisses her mound gently and lovingly then moves up, and gives Arial a passionate kiss. They lay there for a while then Kat notices that daylight is beginning to show. Arial tells her to stay and sleep with her so they get up weakly, and retire to the bedroom

Kat is the first to wake, and just stares at Arial with a loving smile. After about an hour Arial stirs so Kat gently kisser her all the way awake. Arial smiles at her and says “Good Morning, well Evening.”

Which makes Kat smile and say “Yes we slept for 12 hours, you really wore me out I guess.” Arial smiles knowing that Kat slept for so long because she fed off of her.

After a while Kat says she need to go because she has to work the next day and needs to get things done. So they rise and get dressed. Arial invites her back over for the weekend, and she accepts. They quickly become the best of friends and lovers, and after a few weeks Arial, like her mistress. tells Kat what she really is.

Kat is taken back for a minute, but she is in love with Arial. She knows she can’t live without her now. So like Arial, she lived with her until she decided she wanted to become like her, then Arial turned her. Arial told her she didn’t have to stay with her after, but Kat told her she would never leave her side for all eternity, and Arial knew that she would never be alone again, for their love was eternal.

Now when they need to feed, they find their prey, and bring her back home. They have a threesome, but never ever for more than one night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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