Love , Comfort Act 02

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Big Tits

Poor Amanda. All dressed up and no place to go. She emerges from the bathroom ready for Act II of their night of sexual high jinx dressed in a purple corset that shows off her tremendous tits to the Nth degree.

She also stuck with her decision to wear the black stockings along with a pair of slutty 5 inch spike heels. Before she emerges from the bathroom she checks herself in the mirror and pronounces you are one hot Mommy Ms. Amanda.

But alas much to her chagrin she would be coming on stage without an audience to entertain in her slutty little outfit. Left alone after she disappears into the bathroom Jimmy becomes worried that he really did do something wrong. These worries, along with a fair amount of guilt from the sexual experiences he just enjoyed with his mom, causes him to flee her room.

Amanda finds the bedroom empty except for a small piece of white stationery that he left on the bed. She crosses the room, picks up the piece of paper and reads it.


Sorry for my mess. I guess I got carried away. Anyways I think I can sleep now so I went back to my room. See you in the morning.



The note is simple and to the point and so is her reaction. Amanda crumbles up the piece of stationery and lets it fly across the room. She is angry at herself for that teasing little comment that had apparently caused him to bolt from her bedroom.

But maybe more than angry, she is deeply disappointed that she is not going to get her son’s big, young 18 year old cock of his into her pussy tonight. Bottom line – there would be no Act II. Not tonight anyway.

Things get no better the next morning. Jimmy is quiet during breakfast while Amanda, now sober and nursing a vicious hangover, feels a fair amount of guilt for seducing her son the previous night. But the guilt is nothing compared to the distress she feels at him for abandoning her.

Her response is actually a bit immature. Instead of taking her son by the hand and talking things out, she responds by being equally quiet with him and maybe just a little bit cold. This sadly only drives Jimmy further to the conclusion that he did something wrong last night.

Now, unfortunately, there is a current of tension between mother and son because of their wicked night of sexual adventures. Even more regrettable, the tension does not ease with time, but, instead, only grows more acute.

Amanda responds to the strain in their relationship by becoming extremely conservative around him in both manners and dress. No more flirting, no more prancing around the house showing off her hot body in sexy string bikinis, no more cuddling sessions in front of the television, but most disappointingly of all is how Jimmy seemed not to notice. Or perhaps even worse- not to care.

He appears, in her mind’s eye, cold and distant. Yes, they are still polite to each other sure enough, but beyond that . . . nothing. As for Jimmy’s little sleeping problem? It is all but cured.

He sleeps like a baby provided he does one thing before falling to sleep. He tries to fight what he needs to do to relax and get a peaceful night’s sleep, but the night terrors from the war return in full force if does not succumb to the guilty pleasure that bedevils him.

It takes him less than a week to realize the solution which in the end turns out to be rather simple. He remembers fondly, very fondly, the love and comfort she provided him that night thus causing him to get a tremendous erection. From there the rest is simple. He whacks off dreaming about “Mommy”. Then, and only then, is he able to slip off to sleep peacefully.

If only he had known of just what was happening down the hallway in his mother’s bedroom things, both naughty and beautiful in nature, might have happened sooner. But what Jimmy did not know, what he had no way of knowing, what he would have never suspected in a million years, was happening down the hallway every night in his mom’s bedroom.

Amanda was also masturbating herself to sleep every night using a large flesh colored 8 inch dildo to simulate her son’s equally large cock. Her dreams of being with Jimmy bounced between soft and sugary, shameless and sensual, then back. She still secretly harbored the idea that she would be the one to take his virginity. It was an idea that had taken hold of her heart and would simply not let go.

Although both would have been loath to admit it out loud, especially Jimmy, beneath the icy coldness that had developed between mother and son ran a red hot current of sexual tension that was fueled every night by their mutual, but separate and lonely, masturbating sessions about each other.

The budding sexual tension between them would only need a spark to explode into a red hot fury of reckless and immoral sexual passion or, if things turned bad, a level of sexual frustration for the two of them that would lead to self-loathing and guilt driven hatred.

Finally, that pendik escort spark was provided in the form of a pretty young girl named Vicky. She was 16 years old and lived across the street. Jimmy had been dating her for a few weeks now much to Amanda’s extreme displeasure.

But it was more than simple displeasure that drove Amanda to her decision to melt the icy tension between mother and son. It was pure and simple jealousy. She loved Jimmy deeply, fervently even, and until now, never knew how very possessive over him she might be. Vicky brought that possessiveness and jealousy up to a fever pitch.

The only good thing about Jimmy dating Vicky, as opposed to some other pretty young girl, is Amanda was sure she had a bit of time if she still wanted to fulfill her dream of being the one to take her son’s virginity.

Vicky’s parents were strict. Vicky was raised to be a “good girl” and indeed that is what she was. Jimmy, of course, is still naive about sex himself so she had no worries he was going to push her into going all the way anytime soon.

But just to be safe, Amanda went out of her way to explain to Jimmy since he was nineteen now and she was only 16 that if he did go to bed with her he could be charged with statutory rape even if Vicky was willing. Amanda presumed if Vicky’s parents found out that Jimmy had sexual relations with their daughter that would be the case.

What happened next Amanda told herself she only did to protect Jimmy from making a move too quickly on the beautiful young Vicky and finding himself either with a broken heart by being rejected, or in a whole heap of legal trouble if her parents found out.

Amanda, soon after Jimmy and Vicky started dating, embarks on a campaign to seduce her son. It was a simple campaign of sorts. She, just as in year’s past, proceeds to show off her tremendous body once more to him in a wide variety of daring and sexy outfits. She jumps at every chance to be so very, very nice to him while flirting outrageously.

The showing off, the flirting causes Jimmy’s late night masturbating sessions to become extremely intense. He finally is forced to admit that his fondest wish is to turn fantasy into reality. But this is partially offset for the very strong feelings he has towards Vicky.

Time passes. Jimmy continues to go on dates with Vicky as Amanda’s jealousy grows. Jimmy’s lustful sexual cravings for his mom swells, especially as Vicky is not hinting she has any desire to give up the almighty pussy. Things are about to explode.

It’s Vicky’s 17th birthday. Her parents have graciously allowed her to celebrate by going to an all ages dance club with Jimmy as her date and Amanda as their escort for the evening.

Amanda assures Vicky’s mom, who she has a nodding acquaintance with that she will watch over the “kids” and make sure they do not get into any trouble. To further reassure her, Amanda informs Vicky’s mom that her good friend Misty is the club manager and that the club is above board and not some sleazy joint that caters to the delinquency of minors. All they would be doing at the club is dancing while drinking nothing stronger than club soda.

The plan is to meet at the club around 8pm. Vicky is getting dropped off by her parents after they have a dinner of their own to celebrate her birthday.

Amanda went out of her way to assure Vicky’s mom that she would watch over the kids and not let them get into any sort of trouble; however, trouble was exactly what Amanda was hoping for. Vicky, she suspected, was not as innocent as she appeared.

She further imagined that when her son’s girlfriend shows up at the club she will be wearing something rather enticing to show off her young, rapidly developing body. It would not surprise Amanda one bit if upon being let out of her cage for the evening, young Ms. Vicky becomes quite the flirt with practically all the boys at the club, except, hopefully, Jimmy.

This would play out perfectly into Amanda’s hands as the quite sensitive Jimmy would be deeply hurt by seeing his girlfriend flirting with other guys. Fortunately for him he would have his beautiful mom at hand to ease his jealous heart. At least this was what Amanda envisioned for the coming evening.

With this prospect firmly in mind, Amanda goes all out in getting ready for the big night. She spends an hour doing the lovely tresses of her dark brown hair up just perfectly, while also taking the time to apply her make up with equally meticulous care.

Her choice of an outfit border on making her look like a high priced call girl. One that was hanging out trolling for clients in a high class bar. Amanda dresses in her sluttiest little mini skirt.

It is both short and tight in the extreme. To complement her outfit, she added an extra snug white blouse that she casually left the top three buttons undone making it abundantly clear she was not wearing a silivri escort bra underneath.

She looks in the mirror for one final appraisal. She smiles. The cleavage she is exposing under her new blouse is nothing short of devastating. Surely poor Jimmy will find it hard, very hard, to keep his eyes off his mother’s tits, she muses to herself as she heads out of the bathroom.

Jimmy feels he is the luckiest guy at the club as he is in the company of two extremely attractive ladies both dressed to kill. Vicky had pulled the age old trick of swapping outfits in the bathroom. The conservative jeans and sweater she wore to dinner with her parents had been replaced at the club by a tight mini skirt and a cute little crop top.

Jimmy, for his part, is dressed somewhat casual wearing a nice powder blue dress shirt along with a pair of new Levi’s. Both his mother and Vicky comment on how handsome he looks, but on a somewhat ominous note maybe, Jimmy felt the compliment from his mother was the only sincere one of the two.

It was Amanda’s idea to have the three of them dance together just after getting settled into a booth at the club. Jimmy, escorted by his mom and girlfriend, dances to the fast paced music as best he can. He is not much of a dancer, a fact that his mom does not seem to mind, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for his girlfriend.

Vicky, shortly after the song starts, makes a couple teasing comments about Jimmy’s lack of rhythm and soon disappears into the myriad of gyrating bodies on the dance floor.

Amanda seizes the moment and is determined not to lose a second in reassuring her son. She is not going anywhere! Boldly, she reaches out and snatches both of his hands in hers as they dance. Jimmy smiles at his mom, warmed by this clinging gesture.

His heart is warmed even more when she leans in close to him and whispers, “Don’t worry hon, I’m not going anywhere . . . unlike that stupid little girlfriend of yours.”

As the fast dance progresses Jimmy finds it extremely difficult to keep his eyes off his mom’s big bouncing boobs trapped inside the tight confines of her exceptionally tight fitting blouse as she happily bounded around the dance floor still holding onto his hands tight.

The throbbing, pulsating music, the flickering multi- colored lights, all add to the memorizing effect of watching his gorgeous mom shake and sensuously writhe her body to the lively pounding music.

When the music decelerates from fast to slow Amanda immediately takes control of the situation not letting her son escape. She gathers him into her arms as the lights dim and the music turns soft and romantic.

They dance, embracing each other tight in silence, as Amanda rests her arms on his shoulders. In her six inch high heels she towers over Jimmy much to his delight as it gives him a lovely view of those delectable big tits of hers.

She plays with his hair as they dance, twisting it this way and that way sending tiny chills up and down his spine. Her arms coil around him tight drawing him into a tight embrace before she lowers her mouth to his ear, “I missed this so much. Being close to you like this.”

“Yeah me too,” he responds happily. But alas, it’s a fleeting happiness marred by the fact he is distracted by the disappearance of his girlfriend.

Amanda spots her first and immediately senses victory is within her grasp. She makes a quick decision to show her son just what his girlfriend really thinks of him even though doing so will hurt his feelings.

After all I will be here to sooth any hurt feelings she muses with an inner smile thrilled that things thus far are going perfect.

“You are a handsome young man in your own right so don’t worry about that.” She nods her chin across the dance floor and over to the right. Vicky is wrapped in the arms of a tall muscular looking guy with movie star good looks. They are leaning against the wall in a semi dark corner and seem rather chummy.

“Right Mom I have nothing to worry about compared to him. He is a hunk and I might as well be a little kid in comparison.”

Amanda nestles her mouth in close to his ear, her heart beating rapidly as this was her grand opening. “There are advantages to being a little kid you know.”

“Really . . . such as?”

“For one thing, little kids get cuddled and kissed by their mommies. That is not so bad huh?” she purrs to him quietly before moving her lips down to his.

On the dark dance floor their lips find each other. They kiss- slow and easy- both remembering that fateful night when she provided him with so much love and comfort. Over and over again they exchange loving kisses during the balance of the song.

Short, sweet, shy kisses, as they both seem to be testing the waters. They dare not let their kisses linger for fear of what might happen right there on the dance floor.

The pleasing şirinevler escort little kisses, along with the sensation of his Mom’s big, soft pillowy breasts pushing against his chest causes Jimmy to become stiff down there. He tries to back away hoping his mother does not notice, but she reels him back closer still crushing him against her.

Finally the song comes to an end and he tells her he has to go to the bathroom. Really it was just an excuse for him to relax . . . down there. Amanda understands as much and is secretly delighted.

As he crosses the club on his return trip from the bathroom, Jimmy still harbors hope that Vicky will be back at the booth waiting for him with his mom. This hope is promptly dashed on the hard rocks of reality though as he spies her across the dance floor sitting with Mr. Hunk and a couple of his friends at another booth. She seems to be the center of attention.

He takes a couple steps towards the booth as jealous anger fills his young heart. He is not sure of what he will do or say, but he feels he must make a statement of some sort.

Fortunately, before he can reach the booth his mother swoops in out of the semi- darkness and saves him. She grips his arm firmly and, despite his protests, steers him away from Vicky.

“Trust me hon, that would not have ended well,” she hisses in his ear. Secretly, he is relieved as deep down inside he understands his mom is most likely spot on correct in her assessment of the situation.

The two of them slide back into the booth together with Jimmy pouting a bit. Amanda quickly seizes on his hurt feelings and whispers quiet terms of endearment in his ear until that hurt little pouty look on his face disappears replaced by a smile.

“Forget about her hon, you have me,” she says tussling his hair playfully before she adds with a wink, “All of me if you want.”

Jimmy sigh deeply and allows her to snuggle next to him. His heart is filled with joy from his mom’s gentle musings of love, but maybe more importantly from those big, bra-less tits so proudly on display under her tight blouse. His eyes kept flickering to them helplessly.

The next time a slow song plays, Amanda quickly drags a reluctant Jimmy to the dance floor. His reluctance fades away fast though when he finds her snug in his arms.

As they sway to the music he detects with a note of disappointment something that surprises him-his mom has discreetly buttoned up her blouse almost to the top. Sadly, it appears her mood to show off has passed.

His curiosity piqued he decides to ask why she is suddenly being so shy. “Mom I . . . ahh, noticed you are not like . . . showing off so much anymore.” He flicks his fingers across the extra three buttons that are now securely fastened so she would understand exactly what he is talking about.

“Are you disappointed?” she answers relieved that he both notices and has the courage to ask about it her newly buttoned up blouse. It is all part of her grand scheme of seduction.

Jimmie knows his mother wants him to say yes, but his mood is playful and curious, mainly due to the determination he feels not to let that little vamp Vicky ruin his night. He decides to tease her a bit curious as to what her response might be.

“No not at all. Just curious that is all as to why all of a sudden you seem so shy.”

She gives him a pensive look before responding, “Well you are telling half the truth anyway. I believe you are curious that much is true, but I can’t believe you aren’t at least a little disappointed to see your mom’s blouse buttoned all the way to the top.”

“OK, yes, maybe I am. So what!” He again flicks at the buttons as they circle the dance floor holding each other close on the crowded dance floor. “So tell me why did you button them up?”

She draws him in even closer, saying nothing, instead letting him wonder if she will answer. Finally, she decides to tell him a little something that might bring them closer to the truth, if only he takes the bait.

“Well I presumed you really were not paying much attention anyway. You were too busy trying to keep an eye on your pretty little girl friend. I mean I just figured . . .”

She looks away while letting her voice trial off away feigning sadness.

He takes the bait and demands quietly for her to finish her thoughts.

Now it is Amanda’s turn to sigh deeply before finishing her thought praying that it has the desired effect on him. “You were so focused with your attentions on that cute little ass of Vicky’s in her tight little mini skirt that your Mom showing off her big tits did not interest you so much anymore and besides . . . I probably look foolish.”

Just hearing his mom say those two simple words – big tits – sends chills racing up and down his spine.

Amanda’s sad smile fades to a deep frown as she continues to make her confession. “I mean I am not so young anymore and my breasts are getting old and flabby, just like the rest of me. So why bother to show them off?”

Jimmy would have thought she was teasing if not for the seriously sad expression on her face. In fact, she looked to be nearly in tears as the slow song ends. A second slow dance number starts up enabling them to continue their conversation without interruption.

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